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Ohio V. The World: The one and only Ohio History Podcast! Hosted by Alex Hastie

Ohio V. The World: The one and only Ohio History Podcast! Hosted by Alex Hastie
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Ohio V. The World: The one and only Ohio History Podcast! Hosted by Alex Hastie






Ep. 15 LIVE!! "Ohio v. Punishment" (The Caning of Michael Fay)

Episode 15: “Ohio v. Punishment” (The Caning of Michael Fay) LIVE!!! It’s the Season Two finale and it’s our 1st live show. We chat with comedian Mark Lucas at the Columbus Podcast Festival live from the historic Garden Theatre. We’ll discuss the May 1994 caning of Michael Fay in Singapore for his alleged vandalism crimes. We analyze how this barbaric punishment of the 18 year-old Ohioan becomes an international diplomatic crisis. We try to figure out why the American public supported the...


Episode 14: Ohio v. Peace (Bosnian War/Dayton Peace Accords)

Episode 14: “Ohio v. Peace” (Dayton Peace Accords/Bosnian War) Alex tackles the complicated Bosnian War of the 1990s and the peace conference in Dayton, OH that finally brought war to an end in the former Yugoslavia. Alex is joined by OSU Professor of Eastern European history, Theodora Dragostinova, to break down how Ohio ended a war that cost the lives of over 100,000 people. We analyze the turbulent 20th century in the former Yugoslavia, ethnic cleansing and the Dayton Peace Accords at...


Episode 10: Ohio v. Slavery (Underground Railroad)

Episode 10: “Ohio v. Slavery” (the Underground Railroad). Alex looks at the central role of Ohio in the Underground Railroad and the abolition movement to defeat African American slavery and the Fugitive Slave Act in the mid-19th century. We interview Mary Oellerman of the Kelton House, a “station” on the UGRR, in Columbus. (www.keltonhouse.com). Alex travels to the College of Wooster to discuss the UGRR in Northeast Ohio with Hope Nelson, a senior history major at Alex’s alma mater. Learn...


Episode 13: Ohio v. Gold (Tommy Thompson/Gold Rush)

Alex interviews former Columbus Dispatch reporter Kathy Gray about Ohio's most famous treasure hunter, Tommy Thompson. We discuss how the California Gold Rush transformed America, the tragic sinking of the "Ship of Gold" the SS Central America in 1857 and Tommy Thompson's quest to find North America's largest sunken treasure. Alex and Kathy discuss the finding and recovery of the gold and the many investors who pay for Tommy's expeditions. We also look at the downward spiral of Tommy's...


Episode 12: "Ohio v the Nazis" (Jesse Owens)

Episode 12: Ohio v. the Nazis” (Jesse Owens) Alex interviews David Steigerwald, US history professor at The Ohio State University about the “Buckeye Bullet”, Jesse Owens. We look at the Owens’ family’s role in the Great Migration, the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, FDR, the near US boycott of the Games and Jesse’s 4 gold medals at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin. Email us at ohiovtheworld@gmail.com and don’t forget to rate/review the show on iTunes.