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Ohio V. The World: The one and only Ohio History Podcast! Hosted by Alex Hastie

Ohio V. The World: The one and only Ohio History Podcast! Hosted by Alex Hastie
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Ohio V. The World: The one and only Ohio History Podcast! Hosted by Alex Hastie






Season 3, Ep. 1: Ohio v. the Moon (Neil Armstrong)

Season 3, Episode 1: “Ohio v. the Moon” (Neil Armstrong). 3…2…1…liftoff to Season 3 of Ohio v. the World. We’re going on mankind’s greatest adventure from the Earth to the Moon with Wapakoneta, Ohio’s own, Neil Armstrong. Alex travels to Wapak to the Armstrong Air&Space Museum and hosts a roundtable discussion with 3 Armstrong experts. We discuss his early life in NW Ohio, his many near death experiences as an aviator/astronaut and the epic journey of Apollo 11. Kraig Noble, Brittany...


S2, Episode 2: Ohio v. the State Up North (The Toledo War)

Season 2, Episode 2: “Ohio v. the State Up North” (The Toledo War): It’s Michigan Week! Alex goes back to the 1830s to uncover the origins of the Michigan-Ohio rivalry. Alex interviews U of M grad and attorney Jon Sherk about how a mistake on an early map of the Northwest Territory set the table for a war between the states, the Toledo War. We see appearances by Robert E. Lee, President Andrew Jackson and the “Boy Governor” Stevens T. Mason of Michigan. O-H-I-O, it’s a border war!!


Season 2, Episode 1: Ohio v. the Bomb (Paul Tibbets)

Season 2, Episode 1: “Ohio v. the Bomb” (Paul Tibbets) WE’RE BACK!!! Season 2 starts with a bang…the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan on August 6, 1945. Alex and his guest, Bruce Carlson, the host of the awesome political history podcast “My History Can Beat Up Your Politics” discuss the mission of Col. Paul Tibbets of Columbus and the decision to drop the atom bomb on the Japanese Empire. We analyze the political realities and the state of the war in the Pacific in the summer of 1945...


Episode 15: "Ohio v Hollywood" (Jack Warner)

Episode 15: “Ohio v. Hollywood” (Jack Warner). In the Season 1 Finale, Alex sits down with rock star and amateur historian, Jerry DePizzo, of the band O.A.R to discuss his hometown of Youngstown, OH in the early 20th century and its native sons, the Warner Brothers. We discuss the WB’s role in changing the movies forever. Alex and Jerry look at the amazing career of Jack Warner, the golden age of American film and how Y-Town plays a role in the youth and adult life of one of the original...