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2.02 Rise Of The People (Comanche History)

At the height of their power, the Comanches ruled over lands stretching from Colorado to Oklahoma. Yet, this was not always the case. There was a time when the Horse Lords of the Southern Plains were neither horsemen nor plains dwellers. They were one in a sea of similar cultures and languages. In this episode, we talk about the beginnings of this iconic people. Patreon iTunes Spotify Youtube Instagram Bibliography


2.01 Interview With Mr. Carney Saupity (Comanche History)

We're finally kicking off the Comanches series with an interview with Mr. Carney Saupity, an expert with the Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center. Throughout the interview we discuss some of his own background. We then dive into an introduction to Comanche history, language, and culture. Bibliography Patreon Instagram Twitter


0.02 Loudoun And The Cherokee (Standalone)

Welcome to the American frontier, home to the native tribes of America. Here, the French and the British are duking it out for control of the North American continent. To help them in their struggle, the British enlist the help of the Cherokee, who are amongst the most fearsome warriors of the land. The relationship, however, almost immediately sours, leading to a new war on a new front! Instagram Twitter Donate $1 :)


0.01 Itter Castle (Standalone)

World War 2 is coming to a close. Hitler is gone, and the Nazi war machine cannot recover from its losses, but somewhere far from the action, an epic final battle will commence. An unlikely alliance between a gungho American captain and a renegade Wehrmacht officer will together make a last stand against defending the prisoners of Itter Castle against the Waffen-SS. Will this strange union survive the war, or will evil carry the day? Instagram Twitter Donate $1 :)





1.19 Carthago Delenda Est (History Of Carthage)

The Second Punic War is finally over, and Hannibal has been defeated by Scipio. Carthage is once again at the mercy of Rome. Still, the ancient city continues to survive, and more than that, it begins to thrive. For the first time in over a century, Carthage is able to focus on building its economy even surpassing Rome and spurring the anger of this great enemy. Might this be the true end? Will Carthage be destroyed? Sources Instagram Twitter Support The Show


1.18 Scipio Africanus (History Of Carthage)

Cannae is Hannibal's crowning achievement. In one fell swoop, Rome's greatest army has been utterly destroyed due to the genius of the Carthaginian general. And yet, outside of Italy, Carthage is struggling to keep up the momentum against Rome. Will the Romans succumb to a resurgent Carthage, or is this the beginning of the end? Sources Instagram Twitter Support The Show


1.17 A Can Of Sardines (History Of Carthage)

The Romans are reeling from their recent defeats. Since his arrival, Hannibal has proven to be an unstoppable force, and the Romans apparently are not an immovable object. Rome is given some rest from this thrashing through the astute leadership of the dictator Fabius Maximus. However, as soon as he steps down, the Romans fly headlong into battle against Hannibal. Will Hannibal defeat Rome once more, or can the Romans destroy their greatest enemy? Sources Instagram Twitter Support The...


1.16 Wrapping Up The Flanks (History Of Carthage)

Hannibal is finally in Italy, and no one was expecting it! First, he convinces the local Gauls, a group of tribes conquered by Rome, to join him in overthrowing their erstwhile masters. Then, Hannibal proceeds to lead his army from victory to victory as the Romans fail to mount a proper response. Hannibal is leading Carthage to new heights, and their enemies must find an answer to this threat! Sources Instagram Twitter Support The Show


1.15 The Long Walk (History Of Carthage)

Carthage and Rome are at war once again, but since no one is really ready, it'll be nearly a year before they fight their first battle. Still, that doesn't mean that Hannibal is sitting on his hands waiting for the Romans. No no, he has a plan. Hannibal usually has a plan. And what could that be? To surprise the Romans by marching over land and attacking where they least expect it! Sources Instagram Twitter Support The Show


1.14 Like Father Like Son (History Of Carthage)

Hannibal Barca, the man we have all been waiting for, is the new leader of Barcid Spain, and he has a bone to pick. The Romans continue to meddle in Carthaginian affairs even though the Carthaginians have kept their end the treaties that have been signed. All of this comes to a head at the city of Saguntum. Will crisis be averted or will a new war break out? Sources Join The Chat Group Support The Show


1.13 A Spanish Empire (History Of Carthage)

The Mercenary War is over. After a century of warfare, the Carthaginians have finally obtained a measure of peace. Hamilcar, however, has no intention of letting things sit. He believes that war will come again. So he decides to go west into the land of the first Phoenician colonies: Spain. Hamilcar believes that it is in Spain that Carthage's true salvation lies, and so it is there that he must rebuild the empire. Sources Join The Chat Group Support The Show


1.12 The War After The War (History Of Carthage)

The Carthaginians have failed to pay the men who fought for them and must now deal with a new enemy: their own army! The politician Hanno is the first to command the Carthaginians against the mercenaries, but he has utterly failed to defeat the rebels. So in his place, Hamilcar Barca, the last Sicilian commander, has been elevated as the overall commander. Will he defeat his former army? Or will Carthage be destroyed? Sources Join The Chat Group Support The Show


1.11 An Expensive Peace (History Of Carthage)

The war is over, and Carthage has lost. Rome is the new overlord of Sicily. The Carthaginians have to evacuate the island and pay a heavy war indemnity. This leads to an interesting problem for Carthage. For the first time ever, the Carthaginians have lost a war and still have a standing army that needs to be paid. Hamilcar has laid out a plan to smoothly pay the soldiers. It's now up to the city leaders to follow through. Sources Join The Chat Group Support The Show


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