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24: I Love Paris In The Springtime (s03e05-10)

Vikings season 3, episodes 5-10 Season 3, episodes 5-10 - Rosanna and Nikki end their coverage of season 3 by watching the remaining episodes. They realize that Aethelwulf is the "English Floki", wonder when Ragnar decided to fake his own death, equally dislike Erlendur and the Parisians, and think that Ecbert was in love with Athelstan. Rosanna and Nikki each have Top 3s. Nikki gives information on the real historical figures behind the characters. In these episodes of The History...


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23: Your Cheatin' Heart (s03e04)

Vikings season 3, episode 4: "Scarred" Rosanna and Nikki decide Einar is the George Castanza of Hedeby, tally up evidence pointing to Harbard=god, decide victorious and drunken Vikings throw high school parties, and Nikki struggles w/the English language. Rosanna's Top 3 is R-rated. In this episode of The History Channel's TV series Vikings, Floki continues to be pissed about hanging with the Christians, Baby Cow invites an interesting ally to Hedeby, Siggy saves the Lothbrok boys from...


22: When A Stranger Calls (s03e03)

Vikings season 3, episode 3: "Warrior's Fate" Rosanna and Nikki think Ragnar overreacts and that England makes Floki grumpy, worry Rollo has dissociative identity disorder, hope Hel offers Valhalla field trips, think Aethelwulf is getting sexier, discuss the cost of magic, and name Rosanna "Seer of Something Cheeky". Rosanna's Top 3 is Dark Foreshadowing. In this episode of The History Channel's TV series Vikings, Helga, Siggy, and Aslaug tend to Harbard's injury and listen to his tales...


21: What Dreams May Come (s03e02)

Vikings season 3, episode 2: "The Wanderer" Rosanna and Nikki reach maximum slow-mo capacity, think Torstein is a Weasley twin, name Burgred "Mouthbreather", discuss the rule of threes in this episode, wonder what the heck the writers are doing with Rollo, and Rosanna tells a really bad virginity joke. Rosanna's Top 3 is for lovers. In this episode of The History Channel's TV series Vikings, Torstein needs an ER, Applestand plays middle-school note passer, Judith confesses a crush, and...


20: Masters of War (s03e01)

Vikings season 3, episode 1: "Mercenary" Back from hiatus with a new season, Rosanna and Nikki don't miss Horik, deem Kalf "Baby Cow", love Ecbert's boyish crush on Lagertha, and think Applestand and Ragnar are adorable. Rosanna's Top 3 gives a between-seasons update. In this episode of The History Channel's TV series Vikings, Ragnar and crew return to Wessex and learn that they must fight for Kwenthrith after all, Floki struggles with contentment, Rollo relishes a break from Siggy, and...


19: Another One Bites The Dust (s02e10)

Vikings season 2, episode 10: "The Lord's Prayer" In the season 2 finale, Rosanna and Nikki split the episode into two parts with commentary after each. In part 1, they think Horik is full of it, know Floki would be Suspect #1 if Athelstan turned up dead, are glad Torstein didn't die like King Joffrey, and think Porunn put Bjorn in an impossible situation. In part 2, they're so happy Torstein is alive, think Horik deserved a blood eagle, and wonder about the protocol for announcing a new...


18: We Aren't The Champions (s02e09)

Vikings season 2, episode 9: "The Choice" Rosanna and Nikki crown Ragnar the King of Sass, realize Athelstan wants an open relationship with religion, agree that Horik is a raging idiot, name Bjorn Ironman, love the Ragnar/Applestand/Ecbert love triangle, and Nikki forgets that Game of Thrones is fictional. Rosanna's Top 3 are times she was wrong. In this episode of The History Channel's TV series Vikings, thanks to Horik's impatience, the Vikings find themselves at a distinct...


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16: Cruel Intentions (s02e07)

Season 2, episode 7: "Blood Eagle" - Rosanna and Nikki were grossed out, try to say "Lagertha" backwards, think more Viking women should be pregnant, and agree that Ragnar doesn't understand women. Rosanna's Top 3 are some rare lighter moments. In this episode of The History Channel's TV series Vikings, Horik convinces Ragnar to stay the execution of Borg, Helga gets a mixed reaction when giving Floki some interesting news, Ecbert and Ælla form an alliance, a mysterious earl responds to...


15: Burning Down The House (s02e06)

Season 2, episode 6: "Unforgiven" - Rosanna and Nikki take issue with Applestand's claim that Vikings have no art, discuss doppelgängers, Rosanna titles her autobiography, and the sisters sing a little 90s hip hop and picture Bjorn as a Disney prince with terrible pickup lines. Rosanna's Top 3 are characters she worried about. In this episode of The History Channel's TV series Vikings, King Horik proves himself to be the least reliable person in the world when he tells Ragnar that he wants...


14: Everybody Loves Lagertha (s02e05)

Season 2, episode 5: "Answers in Blood" - Rosanna and Nikki think Applestand needs therapy, love that Rollo is starstruck at Lagertha's reappearance, classify Ragnar as a Millennial, want Lagertha to be their Patronus, and appreciate everyone's honesty. Rosanna's Top 3 is all praise for Queen Lagertha. In this episode of The History Channel's TV series Vikings, Team Lothbrok is back together again for a reunion tour as they battle The Borg's men to regain Kattagat and force their retreat....


11: Let's Do The Time Warp Again (s02e02)

Season 2, episode 2: "Invasion" - Rosanna and Nikki designate Floki the class clown, sort Aslaug into Slytherin, wonder if Ragnar is a secret rapist, and believe Rollo thinks he's the protaganist. Rosanna's Top 3 are significant developments. In this episode of The History Channel's TV series Vikings, 4 years have passed, Lagertha is nowhere to be seen, Ragnar and Aslaug are raising their sons, Horik forces Ragnar to break truce with Borg, the raiding party sails to England and Athelstan...


9: It's The End Of The World As We Know It (s01e09)

Season 1, episode 9: "All Change" - Rosanna and Nikki do bad pirate accents and apologize to squirrels, think being a seer would be depressing, and think Lagertha needs a girls' night. Rosanna's Top 3 were inevitable events. In this episode of The History Channel's TV series Vikings, Ragnar visits Jarl Borg on behalf of King Horik, and Rollo shows his true colors. Back in Kattegat, Gyda, Thyri, Athelstan, and many other villagers catch a deadly disease. While Lagertha visits the Seer in...


6: Goodbye Earl (s01e06)

Season 1, episode 6: "Burial of the Dead" - Rosanna and Nikki discuss the impracticality of the Earl's free-flowing hair, Nikki's childhood lisp, wonder if Rollo is a sociopath or a bastard, and are glad the slave doesn't have sex with the dead Earl. Rosanna's Top 3 is deaths of which she approved. In this episode of The History Channel's TV series Vikings, Earl Haraldson accepts Ragnar's duel challenge and Ragnar is the victor, Lagertha reveals she is pregnant and Rollo proposes marriage...


2: Why Rollo Is The Worst (s01e02)

Season 1, episode 2: "Wrath of the Northmen" - Rosanna and Nikki discuss Viking librarians, what to call a "she-earl", and how to poop on a ship. Rosanna's Top 3 is all about murder. In this episode of The History Channel's TV series Vikings, Ragnar, Rollo, and Floki gather volunteers and sail West against the Earl's command. After an intense storm, the Vikings land in England, kill a bunch of monks, and Ragnar makes a new friend/slave. NOTE: This episode includes a discussion about the...


1: The Thing Is The Thing (s01e01)

Season 1, episode 1: "Rites of Passage" - Rosanna and Nikki discuss Raven Gandalf, mysterious Viking lore, and ridiculous hairstyles, plus Rosanna's Top 3 production notes. In this episode of The History Channel's TV series Vikings, we meet Ragnar Lothbrok and his family, learn that Earl Haraldson does not want the Vikings to sail West, and find out that Ragnar has had a ship built and is going West anyway. | Mentioned/quoted: Vikings season 1 - | New Zealand hiring...