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Episode 10: Jac Jorgenson

Join Tom, David and their guest, historic reenactor Chase Day, as they uncover the story of Jac Jorgenson, and discuss the rich tradition of women in the military. See below for our gallery of remarkable female fighters, courtesy of Chase’s Facebook group Bob the Reenactor. John ‘Jac’ Jorgenson (or Jorgensen) moved to country Victoria in […]

Episode 9: The Cunning Woman

In an era when doctors were dangerous hacks, what alternative did you have to turn to? This episode explores the story of Mary Barrel, Australia’s first identified ‘cunning person’. A woman who practiced an ancient traditional craft of folk medicine. We’ll also explore the world of concealed marks and ritual hidden in historic homes. […]

Episode 8: A Time of Change

Over the last two hundred years, we’ve changed Victoria’s ecology beyond recognition. Each generation since White arrival has continued this rapid transformation, irreversibly altering the world once known intimately by Indigenous Australians. But this relationship has not been one-way. Each time we’ve driven change into the ecology, it has responded with unpredictable effects. It has […]

Episode 7: Buckley’s Chance

Emerging from the Victorian bush in 1835 after thirty-two years with the Wadawurrung people, William Buckley has never ceased surprising Australians. In this episode, hear how an illiterate escaped convict became a rare link between alien cultures. Buckley changed Victorian history forever, and even today his story can still offer us rare insight into pre-colonial Indigenous […]

Episode 6: Edward de Lacy Evans

What was it like to be trans in the 1800s? This episode explores the unique story of Edward. A biological woman, who lived for over thirty years in the colony of Victoria as a man. Their unnoticed and otherwise perfectly ordinary life comes completely unravelled after their dramatic public unmasking. Cast Benjamin […]

Episode 5: The Call of the Bunyip

If you grew up in Australia, you’re guaranteed to have heard something of the Bunyip. A mythical beast said to inhabit rivers and billabongs. Yet the features are hazy, and no one can agree how it looks. Despite the wide familiarity, few Australians would know the bizarre and wonderful Indigenous tale that lies behind it. […]

Episode 4: Ghost Hoaxing in the Goldfields

In this our fourth episode, we're looking into David's speciality - ghost hoaxing in Australia. Ghost hoaxing or 'playing the ghost' was an oddly popular 1800s prank for dressing up as a ghost and terrifying strangers.

Episode 3: Quacks, Opiates & Fake Cures

In this episode we find out why 1800s medicine was more likely to kill than cure and how the healthcare system worked pre-social welfare. We’ll call out the various quacks, crooks & kooks that made up the landscape of Goldfields medicine.

Episode 2: “All the mischief Ah Coon is capable of doing”

In which we look at life for the Chinese on the Goldfields

Episode 1: Affairs of the Spirit

In this, our first episode, we delve into the late 1800s fad for mediums, seances and contacting the dead; all part of social movement known as Spiritualism. Spiritualism was a weird cat, with ties to progressive social causes such as women's suffrage, an alternative version of heaven called Summerland, a fascination with cutting-edge technology of the day, and a lot of pseudo-science.