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E15: Season Finale

The Season Finale of Tales form the Pit is here! Hops and LT reflect on the past month(s) of shows and share some insights learned during Season 1. Jump in and enjoy the show!


E14: Where Punk and Metal Meet

A day in the life of Songe Riddle. Songe takes us back to 2007 when he was living in London and attended Hellfest in France with his wife who was photographing the event.


E13: Stage monitor stage dive.

This week we chat with our buddy Matt about the evolution of "punk rock Matt", drinking Zombies, Janeane Garofalo, the concert celebrating the 10th anniversary of the book Our Band Could Be Your Life, and a boat load of other things. This ship is leaving the shore, so jump on!


E12: Your spark will turn into something alive.

The talented, passionate and enthusiastic Amanda Damron, from the Philly band GANG, is chatting with us on this episode. Amanda talks about the many influences throughout her life that ultimately lead her to pursue her passion and start a band. She was driven, she was determined and she did it! With the support of friends and family, Amanda and GANG achieved all 2 of the goals they set out to do. Check out her story which involves the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's; B-52's; and a bunch of intel into the...


E11: I like women who speak.

The music that captivates us is often an extention of oneself. In the 90s, that is exactly what Tori Amos was for our friend Sam. Who knew that a casual Saturday night watching SNL would blossom into a musical relationship for over 20 years? Tori Amos and many other ‘vocal brauds’ are raw and real. They speak, we listen. Now hear our friend Sam tell us why she likes “women who talk about stuff.”


E10: Speaking of festivals...

To know Janine, is to love Janine. She is constantly smiling and gives some of the greatest hugs around! She loves attending festivals and talks to us about a few of her favorite.


E09: Can't find a better man.

We are back and diving in with a Hops story from the 90s involving Pearl Jam and her Dad. Part biography and part eulogy, this one gets a little personal. Get ready to take a look behind the curtain on this week's Tales from the Pit.


E08: He doesn't look like a famous person.

There’s been a lot of talk about representation, in media especially. How does it affect a person to not have a figure to relate to? This week we talk to our friend Kevin about what it means to see someone like you, doing what you want to be doing.


E07: One of the lucky ones.

Meet Martha. An adorable human from Arizona who loves sad Indie Rock music, particularily any project that features Conor Oberst. To quote Martha, “if you are feeling sad and don’t know why… Conor is someone who can pick up on those nuances and explain the situation.” It’s always nice when someone gets you.


E06: Tangential jawns with Emily, Evan, and Dan.

Consider this how we do a clip show. It's outtakes from our recorded episodes with Emily, Evan, and Dan. We chat about closed venues, memory, and getting old. Oh, also Rainer Maria, Dillinger Escape Plan, Piebald, Candiria, and Kill the Man Who Questions.


E05: The kid from the firehall.

On this episode we talk to our friend Evan. He enjoys 90s dance music, riding in sad cars, U2 and most importantly a little band called Jimmy Eat World. He shares his stories of traveling near and far (mostly far) to see said band. For most of us, traveling to see bands is a adventure all on its own. For Evan, that adventure is slightly more complicated due to him having Cerebral Palsy. CP may have made being in the pit slightly challenging, but that never stopped him from enjoying what he...


E04: It's the people that make the place.

On this episode, our friend Dan takes us back in time through the wonderful world of the NYC hardcore scene in the mid-to-late 90s. The trip includes, but is not limited to, how Staten Island became populated, the madness that ‘was’ St Mark’s, proof that Coney Island High was a school for learning how to survive in less than stellar conditions, and that there is nothing better than a bacon, egg and cheese on a roll. So sit back, relax and enjoy the journey.


E03: This feels like never-ending.

Hops and LT reflect on and review the final 3 Dillinger Escape Plan shows at Terminal 5 in New York. That's right, after 20 years of melting faces they've called it quits, and we were there. We'll talk setlists, previous members, and overall tone of the nights. Pull up a chair, we'll get through this together.


E02: It's a marathon, not a sprint.

Hops and LT talk to their friend Emily about her most memorable live music experience: the Coheed and Cambria Neverender tour dates in New York. We each pick our favorite night from the 4-night run, and Hops gets frustrated by Night of the Living Dead.


E01: Fine, we'll go first.

Hops and LT talk about their own most memorable live music experiences: Dillinger Escape Plan at the Electric Factory in 2003, and Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings at the Apollo in 2007. We learn Hops is a dick, and things always have a way of coming together.