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You're the WORST!

Serious nightmare material right here. Warning! This episode is not for the squeamish! In this shocking (and supersized) episode, we profile three of the most abhorrent members of the History Hall of Shame: Hitler's uber-quack personal physician/drug pusher; the putrid, ravenous 18th century freak/accidental secret agent Tarrare; and the murderous proto-Dracula Elizabeth Bathory. If you have the stomach to listen to all 79 minutes of this episode, you’ll need to take a shower afterwards....


Welcome Back, Blame-O-Meter

The Bar Stool Historian returns, along with their blame-assigning technological marvel, the Blame-O-Meter 5000! In this episode. we measure how much the phrase "Read my lips, no new taxes..." was to blame for George H. W. Bush's re-election failure. Plus, Tim recalls his personal experiences of growing up in the bad-old days of crime-ridden NYC. WHAT WE’RE DRINKING MacKinlay’s Shackleton Blended Malt Scotch Whisky Sierra Nevada Hop Bullet Double IPA WHAT WE’RE WATCHING To get a sense...


Night Wolves and Metal Noses

John, Ed, and Tim have pulled together another grab bag of historical curiosities, with a pinch of current events tossed in for good measure. Episode highlights include: Plus, our first nomination for a "Dexty" award, in honor of this podcast's patron saint, Lord Timothy Dexter. Is there any kind of unifying theme for these topics? Hmm...maybe. WHAT WE'RE DRINKING New Glarus Fat Squirrel Ale (Wisconsin only) Bell's Winter White "Belgian Inspired" Wheat Ale Macallan 15-year Triple Cask...


Getting Into the Colonial Spirit(s)

Ed, John (suffering from a miserable cold), and Tim (hobbled by influenza), dive into the instructive and wildly entertaining book, Colonial Spirits: A Toast to Our Drunken History, and chat to its equally instructive and entertaining creators, author Steven Grasse and illustrator Michael Allen. Colonial Spirits: A Toast to Our Drunken History Other highlights include: - A dizzying treatment of Ben Franklin's "Drinker's Dictionary." - How to make Cock Ale in the original 18th century...


Eleventh Hour Episode

Veteran's Day Parade, 11/11/2016, New York City - Photo by Tim We pulled our microphones together at the last minute to deliver this Veteran's Day episode of The Bar Stool Historian. Topics include: Get your tissues for this one. World War I memorial at East 67th and 5th Ave, Manhattan - 11/11/2016 - Photo by John


October (no, wait...November) Surprise

The great early 19th-century American eccentric, "Lord" Timothy Dexter strolls his demesne pondering a 108 year-old curse. With an election just a couple days away, we're off to the races with presidential candidates of and other overachieving eccentrics. Topics include: And as promised in the show...we give you Lord Dexter's grand "palace", bedecked with statues of other great men. WHAT WE'RE READING Check out "Lord" Timothy Dexter's completely insane autobiography (of sorts) "A Pickle...


Forty (Not "Fourty")

John, Tim and Ed kick off Bar Stool Season 2 with a celebration of our 40th birthdays. Join us as we explore (and in Tim’s case, severely criticize) the mystical number 40 and its special place in history. Topics include: WD-40(As you'd expect, the whole number 40 theme completely breaks down in a few points in the show. Wild tangents aplenty!) WHAT WE'RE DRINKING: Lagavulin 16 Brooklyn Defender IPA Sam Adams Scotch Ale Goose Island Winter Ale


"Pretium Iustum Est!"

THE POUNDS, SHILLINGS, AND SIXPENCE OF THE PAST, DRAGGED KICKING AND SCREAMING INTO THE PRESENT. Welcome to a Bar Stool Historian time travel road trip, as we visit the bucolic fictional village of Crittling Stubbs-On-Skirdenback about 600 years ago. What transpired was a full-fledged live game show where contestants guess the price of everyday medieval objects in modern-day dollars: Pretium Iustum Est! (Google-translate that title here!) How we got here is really due to Ed having a little...


Ep. #4: Blame-O-Meter

SCORING BLAME-WORTHINESS THROUGHOUT HISTORY Wild accusations and historical libel get hurled around in this installment of Bar Stool Historian! With the help of the Blame-O-Meter, an advanced piece of technology sent from the future, we assign blame through history. In doing so we discover: How “history’s greatest monster” ruined sweatersWhy no one can write a proper letter.Perfectionists are terrible.The dark secret of Ed’s ancestry!...and much, much more! STUFF TO GAPE AT Click for...


Post-Valentine's Day Special Mini-Episode

PUTTING 17TH CENTURY PICK-UP LINES TO THE TEST Inspired by a post in one of our favorite sites, Ask the Past, we tapped into the treasure trove that is John Gough's 1684 book, The Academy of Complements (see below for its full, glorious title), and tried out some his suggestions for complimenting ladies on our unsuspecting spouses. With the censor's bleep button at the ready, we recorded their actual unfiltered responses for your amusement. We hope you appreciate this special Valentine's...


Ep. #3: "In-Bred & Bog-Buttered"

Leopold I and Margarita Teresa. Holy Roman Emperor & Empress. Husband and Wife. First Cousins. Uncle and Niece! (Ewww...) Genetic time bomb. Kids love their rancid butter! Themes, schmemes! In this “news n’ reviews” episode, we’re delivering an hour-long grab bag of historical curios, grotesqueries, and dubious culinary delights.... Thrill to the sound of 90 year-old Confederate veterans sounding the old rebel yell. Get a case of positional vertigo from tracing the zig-zagging family...


Ep. #2: "Wouldn't It Be Lice?"

Albrecht Durer's illustration of a syphilitic man in a 1496 broadsheet. Diseases that changed the course of history. After weeks of Ebola dominating the headlines, we thought it appropriate to look at some of history's most civilization-altering diseases. John spins a yarn about how wild fornication in the streets of Naples just might have foiled a French king's plans to launch a crusade to the Holy Land in 1495. Tim tells the nightmarish tale of when the "Grandaddy of all Diseases"...


Ep. #1: "Hooked on a Schlieffen"

John, Tim, and Ed travel back in time to the fateful days of 1914, with the help of Barbara Tuchman's masterful The Guns of August. How well does this book fare a half-century after its publication? Does it retain the power to surprise (or even shock) the modern reader? What lessons can we apply to our own times? And why does the very mention of Erich Ludendorff make Tim burst out in song? For the answers to these and other burning questions, pour yourself a glass of Bell's Mars, Bringer of...