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In the Venn diagram of crafting, true crime, and morbid curiosity, you’ll find Bones & Bobbins digging through dusty old boxes in a curiosity shop parked right at the center.

In the Venn diagram of crafting, true crime, and morbid curiosity, you’ll find Bones & Bobbins digging through dusty old boxes in a curiosity shop parked right at the center.


Brooklyn, NY


In the Venn diagram of crafting, true crime, and morbid curiosity, you’ll find Bones & Bobbins digging through dusty old boxes in a curiosity shop parked right at the center.




8 - Titties & Teeth: Both Shiny

S03E08: Boobs and bling: the history of sports bras and custom grills. Two jock straps walk into a marathon with some pretty mind-blowing mouth jewelry. Show notes:


7 - Urban Spelunking We Will Go!

S03E07: Abandoned structures and Architectural Salvage. We don’t want to tell you how to live your lives, but maybe avoid that underground toilet bunker, okay? Show notes:


6 - When the Moon Hits Your Eye, Just Go With It

S03E06: The stories behind the names for full moons and how the moon does (or doesn’t) impact the human body. Did you know that a blue moon is actually a thing, and that blood moons really do exist? Connect with your inner (North American) moon witch and prepare to be both baffled and delighted by the names we’ve decided to call each month’s full moon. Then, switch to your front-facing camera and examine the science and the spooky behind the effects that the moon might have on your–and...


5 - You Don’t Have to Go Home, But You Can’t Play Here: Abandoned Places

S03E05: Abandoned Waterparks and Neverland Ranch. The heyday of bad-idea waterparks, when the kids were probably drunk and their 1980s parents decided to just roll the dice on safety, and the dark and over-the-top remnants of Neverland Ranch. (Content warning: We primarily focus on the actual structures and items inside, but do acknowledge the abuse. If that’s something you’d prefer to avoid, skip ahead to Haley’s story.) Show notes:...


Update: Welp. It Finally Happened.

Hello, creepy crafters! There won't be a new episode this week, because Natali came down with the covid. We decided that excitedly telling each other stories until midnight was probably not the most reasonable road to recovery, so we'll be back as soon as she's feeling up to it! (Probably next week!) Do I need to remind you not to run with scissors? And wear a mask, too. -Haley


4 - Dipping a Skull into Private Clubs, Fraternal Orders, and Secret Societies

S03E04: The Not Terribly Good Club of Great Britain and a fascinating look into the history of fraternities and sororities in the United States. Private clubs can be fraught with countless problematic behaviors, but our favorite find turned out to be charming, weird, and so successful that it ceased to exist. Meanwhile, back in the US, we learned that the story of the rise of fraternities is as old as the country itself. Show notes:...


3 - Stick a Pin in It

S03E03: Entomology (insect collecting) and the taxidermy of Walter Potter. Some people like academic displays with carefully labeled insects, some like kitten weddings. Who are we to judge? Show notes:


2 - Roses Are Red, Your Lips Are Blue

S03E02: The history of the valentine and the hypnotic love spell murderer, Dr. Carl Coppolino. From penning sweet nothings to vinegar valentines, Natali explains why the history of these cards is far more creative–and more grown up–than today’s grade school-geared counterparts. Then, like a rain cloud over your lovenest, Haley ruins everything with a story of hypnosis, heartbreak (in the literal and figurative sense), two states, two mistresses, and probably two murders. Show notes:...


1 - The Princesses Are Not Okay

S03E01: “Princess” Alice Roosevelt, the irrepressible eldest daughter of President Theodore Roosevelt, who was pretty much always up to no good, and Princess Alexandra of Bavaria, who was pretty much never up to no good, because she was quite sure that she’d swallowed an entire glass piano. Choose your anxiety adventure: Attend an unchaperoned ball with Emily Spinach (the snake who is either a boa constrictor or a garter snake; unclear), or believe, with absolute certainty, that something...


24 - All is Artificial, All is Brite

S02E24: The mind-blowing plot twists of WWII bomber pilot Si Spiegel (and his artificial Christmas trees), and the glittering nostalgia that is a box of Shiny Brite Ornaments In short, Mr. Spiegel basically WAS his own action movie. And I’m pretty sure Shiny Brite ornaments don’t need an introduction. Just picture a Christmas tree–they’re what’s on it. Show notes:


23 - From Mary Sachs to Coco Sucks

S02E23: Mary Sachs, the Merchant Princess of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and Coco Chanel, who was very good at both designing clothes and being a horrifyingly terrible person. Meet Mary Sachs, a single, immigrant woman who bought herself flowers and then built a department store empire that survived two world wars, and Coco Chanel (yes, that one), who is about two thousand percent more problematic and disappointing than we had imagined. Like, seriously, yikes. Show notes:...


22 - Certain Death & The Final Makeover

S02E22: Historical ways to confirm death and the art and science of modern embalming practices. It was really hard for people throughout history to tell exactly how dead the bodies of other people were, so some questionable decisions were made in the pursuit of confirmation. (Including one involving invisible ink and a very dramatic reveal!) But, now that we’re a bit better at making sure we’re not burying folks alive, that scientific enthusiasm and creative ingenuity is being applied to...


21.5 - Halloween Bonus: Trick or Treat, You Decide

A Halloween bonus episode featuring Natali and the girls. ("The girls" being Natali's delightful and witchy teen daughters, who came to Haley's rescue!) Once upon a Halloween week weary, a book deadline and a black cat shook things up dearly. So a witch grabbed her kids, all two, and lo chaos did ensue. Consider it a trick though meant as a treat, this episode comes with love and a bit un-neat. Show notes:


21 - The First Femmes of Forensics

S02E21: Kate Warne, the heroic first woman Pinkerton detective, and Pearl Tytell, handwriting detective and trailblazing forensic document examiner. When you need a tricky job done, you have to hire the best! As the first lady detective, Kate Warne’s work with the Pinkertons opened new investigative doors for the agency, helped foil a presidential assasination plot, and paved the way for the creation of the CIA. (We’re also told that she did a fabulous southern belle cosplay.) Pearl...


20 - Living Nightmares

S02E20: Slender Man and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Whether written at the dawn of a nation or crowd-sourced on the internet, all urban legends hold within them at least a tiny kernel of truth. Here’s what happens when those distorted stories stop being fiction and become real living nightmares. (Heads up: The first story involves violence against children. Listen at your own discretion.) Show notes:


19 - She Walks in Beauty Like a Fright?

S02E19: Mrs. Margaret Smith-Wilkinson, nicknamed the Countess of Monte Cristo, and Lady Jane Lewson, the possible real life inspiration for Miss Havisham. Come meet a hotel mogul turned high society con artist (who probably wasn’t a black widow), and the enigmatic walking fire hazard that might have inspired Dickens’ fictional jilted bride; two women whose actual lives are truly the stuff of fiction. Show notes:


18 - Wicked Stitches

S02E18: Woven spells, sewing magic, and the history of spinsters. Is there someone in your life who knits with glass needles, spins their own yarn, sews their own patterns, or dyes their own thread? Yes? Well, we strongly discourage getting on their bad side. You know, just in case they decide to throw that project into the fire. Show notes:


17 - Whoa, Mama!

S02E17: Personal Ghost Stories and Haley’s Haunted Mom. I mean, who doesn’t want to hear stories about a spooky local legend, a whispering apparition, a 1970s UFO, and Haley’s mom talking about the little girl ghost in her hall who looks just a bit too familiar? Show notes:


16 - Fashion and Function

S02E16: Sewing spacesuits and the science lab at the Eiffel Tower. Did you know that the Eiffel Tower doubles as art and science? It’s true! Also true: sewing a space suit is hard, and then your work gets shredded. Show notes:


15 - Make All the Bones About It

S02E15: Catacomb saints and the Sedlec Ossuary. Here for all of your bejeweled skeleton and fancy skull garland needs! Show notes: