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Episode 188: Remember Traditional Children's Shows? Me Neither

More Remember when children's television had a fairly traditional message? Me neither, at least not in the last decade. Everyone's a princess, and the "princes" are all bad guys. It hasn't always been this way, and there is at least one modern film that bucks this trend. I discuss modern children's entertainment in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.


Episode 187: What Can We Learn From 1876?

More Nationalism presents a real problem in American politics. The razor thing majorities in federal elections means that half the population will use the power of government to abuse the other half of the population. Winner take all and elections have consequences. The founding generation designed a system that could prevent this, but the nationalists on both the Left and the Right have destroyed the...


Episode 186: Trump's Hamiltonian Confederate America?

More Donald Trump is a Confederate and Alexander Hamilton invented America. I learned both last week while sorting through my email. Several people sent me a piece from the Guardian that claims Trump is nothing more than a reincarnation of the Confederacy while Prager U. published a short video on how we live in Hamilton's America. News flash: you can't have both, or can you? I take on how these two...


Episode 185: 2018 Thinking Locally and Acting Locally Election Recap

More Did you survive the most important election of our lifetime? I thought that was two years ago, or perhaps ten years ago. Regardless, one thing is certain: big government was going to win no matter which party controlled the general government. But what about thinking locally and acting locally? There were interesting elections and ballot measures at the state and local level across the United...


Episode 184: What is American Nationalism?

More Nationalism has become the new political pejorative. According to such geniuses like Alyssa Milano and Sarah Silverman, nationalism equals Nazi. And the young minds of mush believe it. This is a strange development but par for the course in the age of social media. If they'll eat Tide Pods....Regardless, what is American nationalism and what does that term really mean? I discuss the issue in this...


Episode 183: Citizenship and the 14th Amendment

More Donald Trump is the most important political figure of the early 21st century. No one else has been able to turn the political discussion on a dime like Trump, and that discussion quickly turned to immigration and the 14th Amendment on October 30, just days after everyone was talking about political violence. Not anymore. But can Trump end birthright citizenship with an executive order, and is...


Episode 182: Federal Police Power?

More Does the general government have the authority to get involved in the horrible mass murder in PA? Short answer: No. Had the founding generation thought otherwise, the Constitution would not have been ratified. There are countless examples from the early federal period that point to opposition to federal overreach, but Americans today have become accustomed to it, so we accept it without asking any...


Episode 181: Progressive Neo-Confederates

More Hillary Clinton tweeted that the progressives need to start using the States to protect their citizens. Sounds a lot like nullification. Is Hillary a closet "neo-confederate?" The progressives have become more interested in real federalism since Trump won the 2016 election. Their dedication may be fleeting, but this provides a "think locally, act locally" teachable moment for The Brion McClanahan...


Episode 180: The Real Motivation Behind Confederate Monuments

More We've all been told by the "actual historians" that Confederate monuments were erected to perpetuate "white supremacy." Unfortunately for these "actual historians," they have no evidence. In fact, the primary documents point to an entirely different conclusion. The Oak Woods monument in Chicago proves the point. I discuss that monument and its dedication ceremony in this episode of The Brion...


Episode 179: Is the Electoral College Racist?

More The progressives want to kill the Electoral College. This isn't really new, but why is the bizarre part. They say it is a vestige of slavery. This is one of the more idiotic positions in a list of idiotic positions. The Electoral College had nothing to do with slavery, nor is it "racist." I discuss in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.


Episode 178: Repeal the 13th Amendment?

More Kanye West stirred the pot recently with his visit to the White House and an earlier social media post calling for the "repeal of the 13th Amendment." The progressives haven't been this upset with an African-American visiting the White House since Booker T. Washington dined with Teddy Roosvelt in the early 20th century, nor have they been so hot under the collar about an amendment since the ERA went...


Episode 177: Downton Abbey and Tradition

More I find tradition to be a fascinating topic, and no modern show better explores the subject than the British hit Downton Abbey. There are so many areas to discuss--paternalism, class, economics, manners, sport--that a quick podcast does not do it justice, but I wanted to whet your appetite and get you to binge watch like I did over the summer. You won't regret it.


Episode 176: Andrew Jackson

More Should we admire Andrew Jackson? Brad Birzer of Hillsdale College says yes, and I generally agree. I have written two chapters on Jackson, once in my Politically Incorrect Guide to Real American Heroes, and once in my 9 Presidents Who Screwed Up America. Brad has done a service to Jackson's reputation and his book is worth your time to read. I cover Jackson and Birzer's fine work in this episode of...


Episode 175: Would Repealing the 17th Amendment Save Federalism?

More I have argued that repealing the 17th Amendment would be a step in the right direction for restoring federalism in America, but would it be sufficient? Some "conservatives" stop there, thinking that once the 17th is gone, the States would wrest control of the government from the bureaucrats and bring some sanity to Washington. There may be some truth to this, but more would need to be done,...


Episode 174: A republican President

More What did the founding generation want and expect from the executive branch? Did they desire an elected king? And did Americans following that generation think the American presidency should have the powers of a monarch? The answer is unequivocally no. The Congress was designed to be the most powerful branch in the federal city. The president could execute the laws, but Congress controlled both the...


Episode 173: Webster and Calhoun vs. Trump and McCain

More John McCain's death and Donald Trump's subsequent snub have sparked a moderate debate over how to properly remember a political adversary. I believe no one did this better than Daniel Webster after John C. Calhoun's death in 1850, but of course the circumstances were different as was the character and legacy of the men in question. I discuss the issue in both contemporary and historical terms in...


Episode 172: The Idea of the South?

More Time Magazine thought it was necessary to produce a "Southern Issue." What does this mean? Is the South still the "other" in American society? Has it always been so? Is there an "idea" of the South that is different from the "real South?" Time seems to think so. I discuss their "Southern Issue" in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.


Episode 171: State Independency

More A listener sent me an email the other day (I do read them) about an argument he had with his father-in-law concerning the meaning of union, the American political structure, and the founding period. Now, I don't encourage listeners to get into heated debates with family due to my podcast, but I wanted to respond to his questions because this issue is at the heart of American federalism. I briefly...


Episode 170: The Next Civil War

More Will there be another "civil war" and what would it look like? Are Americans so different today that this is a real possibility? Harry Crocker thinks so, and I tend to agree if we continue down the path of nationalism, top down, one-size fits all policies, and Cultural Marxism. The only real solution is to "think locally, and act locally." I discuss Crocker's American Spectator piece and all the...


Episode 169: Secession and Reconciliation

More Mainstream academics are beginning to pay attention to the issues of secession and "treason." Did Southerners commit treason when they seceded from the Union in 1860-61? Did Northern leaders violate civil liberties during the War? Most importantly, how did Americans, North and South, view these issues in the immediate aftermath of the War? And was "reconciliation" a bad thing? Two mainstream...