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Episode 168: How Can We Change the Supreme Court?

More I was asked on social media how I would alter the powers of the Supreme Court, the idea being that it should be the least powerful branch of the general government. This is a great question and one that I cover in part in my How Alexander Hamilton Screwed Up America. I discuss where the Court went wrong and one small thing Congress could do to make it better in this Episode of The Brion McClanahan...


Episode 167: "Think Small" is Catching On

More Think locally, act locally has been my podcast theme since its inception. It seems the idea is catching on. Even the normally neoconservative American Spectator published an article in June championing its merits. This would have been unthinkable just twenty years ago, maybe even ten years ago, but more Americans are coming around to the idea that not only is the central government too big, America...


Episode 166: The "Democratic-Socialist" Deception

More Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's victory in a New York Democratic primary has made her the recent media darling of the Left. It has also brought the term "democratic-socialist" to the fore. She can't define it. The media can't define it. Stupidity runs in packs. So I define it for you and explain why it is nothing more than communism dressed up to be "reasonable." You won't want to miss this episode.


Episode 165: Time's Founding Fathers

More Time Magazine produced a special issue on the Founding Fathers just in time for Independence Day. Great right? Wrong. This is the politically correct foil to my Politically Incorrect Guide to the Founding Fathers (and for the same price!). I go over what they got wrong and very wrong--and why you should buy my three books that cover the Founding generation--in this Episode of The Brion McClanahan...


Episode 164: Is Anti-Immigration Un-American?

More Some people would have you believe that being anti-immigration is not only un-American, it's a product of Nazi Germany. These same people insist that every effort to restrict American immigration has been based on race. Is this true? No. The role of the general government in immigration is, however, debatable. I discuss all of this in Episode 164 of The Brion McClanahan Show.


Episode 163: Lincoln and Trump

More Dinesh D'Souza will release another political documentary this summer. The topic? Lincoln, Trump and the "Death of a Nation." Lincoln worshipers firmly believe that he "saved America" during the War and if only we could have another Lincoln, America would be alright. This is problematic. I explain why in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.


Episode 162: Why the War Still Matters

More Why does the "War" still matter in 2018? This is a good question and one I seek to answer in my newest course for McClanahan Academy, "The War for Southern Independence." I give you the scoop on why the War was a transformational episode in American history and why everything that followed is current events.


Episode 161: Harry Truman

More Every politician seems to like Harry Truman these days. Conservative Inc. admires his stand on communism and the Left understands that without Truman FDR's "Second Bill of Rights" dream would never have gotten off the ground. When everyone likes someone, it's time to reconsider how "great" they are. Truman is by far one of the worst presidents in American history, and I explain why on this episode...


Episode 160: The Cold War

More I find the Cold War to be one of the most fascinating periods in American history. There are three distinctive epochs in the 250 years the United States has existed: The American War for Independence and the original federal republic (1776-1861), Lincolnian America and the quest for national greatness (1861-1945), and the Cold War (1945-present). Everything we do today and how we conceptualize the...


Episode 159: Jefferson and Missouri

More What did Jefferson mean when he wrote about the "fire bell in the night?" Most interpretations focus on slavery and the threats it posed to the stability of the Union, but this is reading history in reverse and it misses Jefferson's main point. The Union was in trouble because of the potential violation of the Constitution by those interested in political power. The Missouri Compromise represented...


Episode 158: Should Cities Be States?

More The city of Birmingham thinks it should be a State and is suing in FEDERAL court to determine if it can ignore State law. This would be a disaster for federalism and would produce all kinds of problems. I explain why in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.


Episode 157: Marbury v. Madison. Good or Bad?

More A listener generated episode. Was Marbury v. Madison a good or bad decision? What are the misconceptions of the case, and what did it mean for the future of American constitutionalism? Get the scoop on this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.


Episode 156: They Also Ran

More This is a listener generated episode. Keep sending your requests. If ______ candidate won ________ presidential election, what would have been different, or more importantly, did the wrong man win? Irving Stone wrote a breezy tome on this topic in the middle of the 20th century titled "They Also Ran." His book is popular history at its finest, but like any political history has its biases. I have...


Episode 155: What is American Liberty?

More Liberty minded Americans might be unaware that there are several different concepts of American liberty all born in the colonial period. This presents a problem when discussing current events and creates the climate of "incompatible things." I discuss liberty in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.


Episode 153: Why are my Professors Liberal?

More This is a question many people in Western countries ask today. Why are my college professors so liberal? It seems the academy is overrun with hippie has-beens and revolutionary wannabes. How did this happen? Some of it has to do with field and the rest with culture and hubris. I discuss in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.


Episode 152: The Disuniting of America

More Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. was a court historian of the court historians, the bridge between the Old Left and the New Left. He would also be attacked by the New Left of today for his views on "multiculturalism." His book "The Disuniting of America" is an interesting discussion of history, politics, and more importantly the myth of Lincolnian America. This book was highly influential when I was an...


Episode 151: Democracy?

More https://brionmcclanahan/com/support


Episode 149: Ranking the Presidents

More Presidents Day. The day dedicated to monarchy worship in America. It also provides an opportunity for every "presidential scholar" to dust off his or her "presidential rankings." 2018 is no different. Boise State produced a survey of "presidential scholars" that is not only laughable but exposes these people for the poor scholars they actually are, at least in regard to understanding the original...


Episode 148: The Tuckers of Virginia

More Very few people, even academics, know anything about the Tuckers of Virginia. This is unfortunate because they were a truly great American political family. I wrote about St. George Tucker in my How Alexander Hamilton Screwed Up America, but a few years back we dedicated a week to the Tuckers at the Abbeville Institute. St. George is perhaps the most important family member but his sons,...


Episode 147: Religion and America

More Was the United States founded as a "Christian nation?" David Barton will tell you so, and this has become a generally accepting talking point on the American right. But is it true? To be blunt, no, but not because Americans weren't predominantly Christian. They were, but America was never a "nation," and the Union was designed to handle the differences--political, economic, cultural,...