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The Conspirators is a bi-weekly podcast about the strangest and most disturbing true stories from history.

The Conspirators is a bi-weekly podcast about the strangest and most disturbing true stories from history.
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The Conspirators is a bi-weekly podcast about the strangest and most disturbing true stories from history.






Ep. 97 - The Death of an American Goddess, Part 1

In 1962, one of Hollywood's biggest stars died tragically. Officially, Marilyn Monroe's cause of death was listed as an apparent suicide. But ever since then, questions have been raised by investigators looking into the case. Was Marilyn Monroe really murdered? And was her death to cover up one of the biggest political scandals in history? Patreon: Notes:


Ep. 96 - The Kurim Case

In 2007, a man living in the tiny Czech Republic town of Kurim set up a video baby monitor in his infant son's room. But what he saw on the monitor was something altogether different. Something horrible. This would be the beginning of one of the strangest and most disturbing stories you've ever heard. Warning: this episode contains graphic descriptions of child abuse Notes:...


Introducing One Plus One

Every great collaboration is a love story. It’s intense. Passionate. Along the way, there are flashes of love, hate, pride, ego, ambition, and brilliance. This is One Plus One, the show about the spark that drives two original thinkers to ultimate success. We’ll unearth the stories of Paul McCartney & John Lennon, Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera, Beyonce & Jay-Z, Shaq & Kobe, and many more, and learn what it is about their chemistry that led them to greatness. Subscribe to One Plus One today at...


Ep. 95 - The Remains

Mummies have been found all over the world for centuries. It turns out there's a lot more to mummies than you've seen in monster movies. Hear the stories of the strange journey of an old west outlaw, the tragic death of a B-Movie queen, the mummified remains of a little girl who won't rest, and many more. Patreon: Notes:


Ep. 94 - The Harbinger

Between 1966 to 1967, strange things were happening in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. People throughout the region began reporting sightings of all sorts of paranormal phenomena, including a large, winged creature which would become legendary around the world. The Mothman. Patreon: Notes: Music: Dexter Britain, The...


Ep. 93 - The Butcher of Paris

In 1944, police made a gruesome discovery inside a Paris townhouse, a mass collection of dismembered body parts being burned in a furnace. This would lead them to a massive manhunt for a vicious serial killer named Marcel Petiot, who operated freely during the World War II Nazi occupation. Patreon: Notes:


Ep. 92 - The Smell of Death

In February, 1994, a 34-year-old cancer patient named Gloria Ramirez was rushed into the Riverside General emergency room having difficulty breathing. Soon after, more than a dozen nurses, doctors and patients began passing out from toxic fumes that allegedly came from the woman's body. But what really caused this bizarre incident? Can science explain it? Or was it all part of a deeper conspiracy that people tried desperately to cover up? Patreon:...


Ep. 91 - The Christmas Conspirators

In this special Christmas episode, I present eight short holiday themed tales. Listen as I tell you the strange story of an astronaut's UFO encounter, the tragic tale of a Christmas card that was never sent, of bizarre Christmas traditions from around the world, and many more. Notes:


Ep. 90 - The Dead of Winter

One of the most tragic and disturbing stories from American history has to be that of the Donner Party. But the story of the ill-fated journey by the group of settlers is one that has been twisted and exaggerated over time. In this episode I tell you the story of what really happened, and try to dispel some of the myths. Sponsor: Sudio Headphones Use coupon code CONSPIRATOR at checkout to receive 15% off your order. You'll also receive free shipping and if you order...


Ep. 89 - The Hatchet

In 1892, one of the most infamous murders ever occurred in American history in Fall River, Massachusetts. Someone brutally murdered Andrew and Abby Borden with a hatchet. To this day most everyone believes it was their daughter Lizzie Borden who did it. But did she? Hear the true story behind the gruesome children's rhyme. Sponsor: Sudio Headphones Use coupon code CONSPIRATOR at checkout to receive 15% off your order. You'll also receive free shipping and if you...


Ep. 88 - The Bad Trip

In this episode I tell you the strange history of the drug LSD, from it's origins involving a deadly fungus that may have caused a bizarre dancing plague in 1518, all the way up until the CIA began experimenting with it in their top secret program known as Project MK-Ultra. Did the CIA really murder one of its own scientists? And how does the man's death tie into a bizarre outbreak of mass hallucinations in a tiny French village. Notes:


Ep. 87 - The House of the Devil

In this episode I tell you about the history of Satanism. Hear about Anton LaVey and the origins of the Church of Satan, and how it relates to the notorious death of a famous starlet, as well as a brutal murder in rural Georgia. Patreon: Notes:


Ep. 86 - The Ghost Trials

Ghosts and the law don't seem like two things that go together. But throughout history there have been several instances where the two intersect. In this episode we tell you about several ghosts that solved their own murders, about the only legally haunted house in the United States and the time when testimony from a ghost was used in court. Notes:


Ep. 85 - The Skeptic

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, spiritualism was all the rage across America. People across the country regularly visited so-called psychic mediums to communicate with ghosts. But in 1874, an ardent skeptic of the paranormal heard about a pair of brothers from Vermont, who claimed to be able to conjure the spirits of the dead on their rural farm. What happened next would change that skeptic's life forever. Notes:...


Ep. 84 - The Other Assassin

In this episode I tell you about the lives of two men, John Wilkes Booth, the man who shot Abraham Lincoln, and Boston Corbett, the man who shot Booth. Or did he? Stories persist over the years that the man Boston Corbett shot was not really John Wilkes Booth, and that Booth lived on for decades after. Notes:


Ep. 83 - The King of the Mountain

In 1979, a four person Cessna crashed on the frozen peak of a California mountain. One of those people on board was a remarkable 11 year old boy named Norman Ollestad, Jr., and he would be pushed to the limits as he attempted to climb down the mountain alone. Notes: Music: Dexter Britain, The Tea...


Ep. 82 - The Mesmerists

Hypnotism is a controversial subject that has been around in one form or another since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Under hypnosis, a person becomes susceptible to suggestion. But just how far can you compel a person under hypnosis to go? For centuries, hypnosis has been tied to a number of murders and suspicious deaths. In this episode, we'll discuss some of these incidents, including one that may involve one of the most famous assassinations in American history. Patreon:...


Ep. 81 - The Blood Countess

Countess Elizabeth Bathory is considered by many historians to be the most prolific female serial killer in history. Stories persist of the vicious torture and brutal murder of hundreds of young girls in 16th century Hungary. But was she really guilty, or was she the victim of a conspiracy of wealthy and powerful people out to get her? Notes:


Ep. 80 - The Deathless

During the 18th century there lived a mysterious man known as The Count of Saint Germain. He was a master musician, artist, linguist and alchemist...and some people say he was immortal. Patreon: Notes:


Ep. 79 - The Guilty

In July, 1954, a young Ohio woman named Marilyn Sheppard was brutally murdered in her home. Her husband Dr. Sam Sheppard was tried and convicted for her murder, but did he do it? Patreon: Notes:,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch...