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History of the United States Podcast 53: Ratifying the Constitution Part 2

Hello! This installment of the podcast takes us through the ratification battle over the US constitution, well at least part of it. The remainder of those state debates will be up with the next cast! Enjoy and thanks for listening!


History of the United States Podcast Episode 52: Ratification part 1

Hello! Welcome in and welcome back! The Constitution has been drafted! Now comes the hard part: convincing the citizenry of the United States this is the best option going forward. Though we all know the outcome, it was by far a certainty in 1787. In this episode we look at some of the key Antifederalist … Continue reading →


History of the United States Podcast Episode 51: The Constitutional Convention Part 2

Hello and welcome in, welcome back! In this episode we further discuss the creation of the US Constitution. Everyone didn’t get what they wanted, but what we got was an interesting proposal of a new government. It would take some convincing to make it the law of the land.


History of the United States Podcast Episode 50! The Constitutional Convention Part 1

Well, I didn’t mean to take the entire summer and fall off, but here we are! In this episode we look at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 and the introduction of Madison’s Virginia Plan. I’d also like to thank everyone who has listened and subscribed to the podcast. Thanks for listening! 50 episodes! Can you … Continue reading →


History of the United States Episode 49: Shays Rebellion

Hello! Welcome in and welcome back! In this podcast we talk about the final days of the Articles of Confederation. One episode that galvanized opinion among the elites of the United States was a popular rebellion in Massachusetts, Shays Rebellion. After that, getting people from most of the thirteen states to come together was far … Continue reading →


The History of the United States Episode 48: The Articles of Confederation

Hello! The holidays came and went and so did my time to work on the podcast. But we are back and better than ever! In this episode we talk about that strange time when there was no US Constitution, just this thing called the Articles of Confederation. It seemed like a good idea at the … Continue reading →


The History of the United States Podcast: Episode 47 The Treaty of Paris

Here we are! It didn’t even take a month to get another one in the can! So, we finally get to the end of the American Revolution with the official peace treaty of 1783. Franklin, Jay and Adams do the best they can for their new country and by the time the sausage gets made, … Continue reading →


History of the United States Podcast Episode 46: Post-Revolution

Took a little while to get this one put together, but I like how it turned out. In this cast, some of the ramifications of the revolution are discussed. We take a look at women, African-Americans, Native Americans and quite a few other folks as well for good measure. The overarching theme of this cast: … Continue reading →


The History of the United States Podcast Episode 45: 1781 The World Turned Upside Down

It’s been far too long, but it is a big deal, 1781, so I wanted to get it right. Here we are, the traditional end of the war. The Battle of Yorktown, or was it much of a battle? A naval battle; a siege, for sure, but not much of a classic eighteenth century battle. … Continue reading →


The History of the United States Episode 44: 1780

So here we are in 1780! The war turns south and doesn’t exactly go well for the Americans. Even more troubling for the Americans one of their greatest heroes turns against the cause. If a hero from the Battle of Saratoga decides to go back Great Britain, what does that say about the cause as … Continue reading →


The History of the United States Podcast Episode 43: 1779

I misspoke at the intro to this one, misidentifying it as episode 44. Nope, 43. We take a look this time at the shift to the south, the fighting out west and the international character of the American side of things, especially in the officer corps. It’s a bit shorter than normal, but 1780 promises … Continue reading →


History of the United States Podcast Episode 42: 1778

Hello all! Looking at the calendar, I got this one in a bit sooner than others in recent times. I’ll keep working on it. In this episode, we go from Valley Forge, through the Battle of Monmouth and out to the west with George Rogers Clark. Some new players are involved and some old ones … Continue reading →


The History of the United States Podcast Episode 41: The End of 1777

In today’s cast we cover Washington’s worst defeat, the impact of Saratoga and a new form of government. All neat and tidy in 20 minutes! podcast-41-output


The History of The United States Podcast Episode 40: 1777 Part One

Don’t look now, but there is a new podcast coming your way! This time through I discuss the happenings of 1777 through October. I also discuss the long delay and perhaps having a remedy for such things. We get to the battle of Saratoga, women in the Revolution and Washington’s New Jersey second half. Not … Continue reading →