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Episode 37 The Tuskegee Experiment

This week's episode of the pcast blast covers the infamous US Public Health Service's terrible experiment on the unfortunate subjects of Macon county, Alabama. The Tuskegee experiment. Have fun listening to this sad story as I yell about how much bullshit this is.


Episode 36 The Stanford Prison Experiment

This week's episode is over the Stanford Prison Experiment from August of 1971. Learn how terrible human beings can be! Remember to rate and subscribe!


Prequel to June 2018

Hey guys, just your regular prequel epsiode for the upcoming month of June. Listen and enjoy! Remember to rate and subscribe!


Episode 35 Project Apollo

The culmination of space month on the knowledge from the couch podcast, today we talk about the Apollo program which took men to the moon and launched earth and mankind into a new era. Remember to rate and subscribe to the podcast! Thanks!


Episode 34 Project Gemini

On this week's episode of the KCP, Kyle talks about the oft forgotten about portion of the US space program, Project Gemini. One of the most successful forays into space with the biggest leap forward in technology and accomplishments, project Gemini has an interesting history all it's own. Remember to RATE THE SHOW AND SUBSCRIBE!


Episode 33 Project Mercury

We begin the May series of KCP episodes talking about the U.S. space program from the very beginning with Project Mercury. We didn't know how space would affect a person or how to even really effectively get someone above earth to orbit it for any amount of time. Learn how the U.S. started their journey to the moon in this week's episode of the show. Thanks for your support, hit the links to find the artists that contribute music to the show, and SUBSCRIBE AND RATE!


Prequel to May 2018

In this extrememly long-winded prequel episode (Kyle feels bad for not doing a real episode for the first week of May so he lengthened this one ), Kyle talks about how he feels, how it is doing the show on a weekly basis, and the future of the show including May which is space month. Let us know how you think the show is going and thanks so much for listening!


Season 2 Episode 12 Marie Cure (32)

Marie Curie is one of the most driven and intelligent women who has ever existed on earth and is responsible not only for the discovery of two new elements but is equally responsible for the usage of radiology in a medical sense. She's amazing, get all of that and more on this weeks KCP. Thanks for the support and thanks for listening.


Season 2 Episode 10 The Night Witches (30)

On the 10 episode of the second season of KCP, Kyle ventures across the iron curtain to talk about a group of ladies called the Night Witches. These brave Soviet women bombed some nazis like it was nothing for years and represent everything amazing about women on ladies' month on KCP. Thanks for listening, remember to subscribe, leave a review and rate the show. Also, tell your friends!


Season 2 Episode 9 Grace O'Malley (29)

Grace O'Malley is a fun story about a 16th century woman becoming a powerful pirate lass of the emerald isle. Remember to rate and subscribe and leave a review of the show!


Prequel Episode to April 2018

It's ladies' month in April on the KCP, as Kyle talks about what's in store for the show in the month of April as well as what's going on in his life. Listen to discover! Remember to rate and subscribe for everything you could ever need!


Season 2 Episode 8 The Anglo-Zanzibar War (28)

Welcome back to another amazing week of talking about historical stuff on the KCP. This week, Kyle delves very briefly into the Anglo-Zanzibar war that lasted a grand total of 38 minutes. This podcast is nearly as long as that entire war. Enjoy, and don't forget to rate and subscribe!


Season 2 Episode 7 The First Barbary War (27)

Welcome back, one and all, to ANOTHER edition of KCP where today, we will be discussing America's first big boy war engagement as a new nation with a bunch of god damn pirates in the Mediterranean. It's a fun one full of historical facts and random offshoots to other parts of history! Enjoy, rate, subscribe, do all that and thanks for listening!


Season 2 Episode 6 The Cod Wars (26)

On this exciting (not really) episode of the KCP, Kyle talks about a series of wars about fish. Cool, right? Remember to rate, subscribe, and leavea review! Thanks for listening. PS Check me out on the All Things Action videocast this week and next week!


Season 2 Episode 5 The Falklands War

Today on KCP, Kyle begins his series on odd and silly wars and covers one of the more odd and silly ones, the war in the Falkand Islands. Go on a useless journey to a pair of islands nobody really wanted to fight over today! Remember to RATE AND SUBSCRIBE! THANK YOU FOR LISTENING


Prequel Episode March 2018

Hey guys, here's a preview of what's coming up in March of 2018. I also talk at length about my love for history and how I think it's important. Thanks for listening, tell your friends about the show!


Season 2 Episode 4 The Murder of Emmett Till (24)

In the last episode on our series on Black History Month, we talk about the injustice and murder of Emmett Till in 1950s Mississippi. It's a heartwrenching story fit for true crime. Remember to rate us, subscribe, and leave a review!


Season 2 Episode 3 Onesimus and Smallpox (23)

Greetings fans of knowledge and welcome BACK to another week of the KCP. This week, following on in our Black History Month series of shows, we talk about Smallpox and the man who helped bring America to a more modern sense of treating the disease, a man named Onesimus. Thank you so much for your continued support! Hit the links to go to the soundcloud pages of the artists I use for my music. THANK YOU!


Season 2 Episode 2 Bessie Coleman (Episode 22)

Continuing our theme for black history month, Kyle talks about Bessie Coleman, an aviator who happens, also, to be the first African-American pilot ever. She has a cool story and is a cool woman. Please take a listen and consider subscribing, rating, and reviewing the show! Thank you for your continued support!


Season 2 Episode 1 Harlem Hellfighters (Episode 21)

In the season 2 premiere, Kyle talks about a regiment of first world war soldiers that made up the Harlem Hellfighters. Their bravery in combat is almost completely unheard of. Take this story and add it to your list of interesting stories in the realm of black history. This month's theme is interesting and important figures of black history. Please remember to rate the podcast and subscribe and tell your friends about it AND leave me a review, I'll read it on air! Thank you so much!