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Murder is a crime of many victims. It affects not only the murdered, but also those who loved them. The Murder in My Family tells the effects of murder from the perspective of the family members of the victims and shows how they, too, are victims in this terrible crime.

Murder is a crime of many victims. It affects not only the murdered, but also those who loved them. The Murder in My Family tells the effects of murder from the perspective of the family members of the victims and shows how they, too, are victims in this terrible crime.
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Murder is a crime of many victims. It affects not only the murdered, but also those who loved them. The Murder in My Family tells the effects of murder from the perspective of the family members of the victims and shows how they, too, are victims in this terrible crime.




Lindy Sue Biechler

In December of 1975, 19 year old Lindy Sue Biechler was stabbed to death in her Lancaster, PA apartment after weeks of telling family and friends that she felt like she was being stalked. As the one year anniversary of Lindy's murder approached, her head stone was vandalized, and a taunting letter from someone claiming to be her killer was mailed to police. The cold case remains unsolved. Lindy's Brother Mike discusses Lindy's murder, and the aftermath.


Deborah Sue Agnew Williamson

In August of 1975, 18 year old Deborah Sue Agnew Williamson was savagely stabbed to death outside of her Lubbock,TX home less than 3 months after getting married. The mystery of who murdered the young bride is still unsolved and cold. Debbie's sister Liz discusses the case and her efforts to see the case solved after 4 decades The Facebook page for Deborah The Cold case organization Support the show.


Jody Lecornu

Jody Lecornu was shot to death in Baltimore, MD on a cold March night as she sat alone in her car in the dark. Despite eyewitnesses, surveillance video, and other clues, the killer has not been found. Jody's murder was especially tough on her identical twin sister, Jenny. She discusses the loss of her sister and her efforts to find the killer. Support the show.


April Marie Tinsley

8 Year-Old April Marie Tinsley was abducted, raped, and murdered in Fort Wayne, IN in 1988. For years after the murder, the Fort Wayne community was taunted by the killer through disturbing notes and letters in which he threatened to kill again. It took 30 years, but this case was finally solved, and the monster that killed April was unmasked. In this episode, April's Mom Janet discusses the long journey to justice in April's case One of this week's sponsors is Hello Fresh! And Hello...


Nancy Jo Canode

Mother of three, 39 Year old Nancy Jo Canode was murdered in her Florida condo in 1981. Was the killer a random stranger, or someone closer to home? Nancy's case was featured on the show, Cold Justice Support the show.


Willanna Anita Dunn

On Memorial Day Weekend in 2016, Willianna Anita Dunn went missing from her Joplin, Missouri home. Almost immediately, her family knew something wasn't right. The case went from a missing persons case to a murder investigation and police quickly focused on a suspect who wasn't quite what he seemed. Anita's sister Mona discusses the case, and the aftermath. Support the show.


Kirsten Krasovec

In 2015, 30 year old Kirsten Krasovec of Reno, NV was murdered by her live-in boyfriend. Her murder was the culmination of extended abuse at the hands of her boyfriend, Hopefully, this episode will serve as a reminder to all of us just how serious, and common domestic violence is. Kirsten's mom, Lori discusses the cycle of abuse, the warning signs, and the aftermath of the murder. If you or someone you know needs help or support with a domestic violence related situation, please call...


Christine Gallegos

In 1985, Christine Gallegos was found stabbed, and shot to death in Salt Lake City, Utah. The murder devastated her family, and as they tried to make sense of what had happened, police discovered that Christine's murder was linked to other deaths in the area, and that she was possibly the victim of a serial killer. Support the show.


Deverrie Schiller

23 year old Deverrie Schiller left her California City home on June 24th to go to the store, and never came home. The next day, neighborhood children found her body in a park across the street from her home. Deverrie had been strangled to death, and her murder left Deverrie’s mom Debi devastated. The investigation into Deverrie’s murder has been hampered due to police department budget restrictions and lack of resources, and her case remains unsolved. Deverrie’s mom Debi discusses her...


True Crime Fan Club

While we are on break, check out this episode from our friends at True Crime Fan Club podcast. The episode is Murderous Ministers, part1. Support the show.


Impact Statement

Mike shares an episode of Impact Statement that tells the story of a domestic violence survivor. Support the show.


April Millsap

In July of 2014, in the village or Armada, Michigan, a 14 year old girl named April Millsap went out to walk her dog. She would never come home again. Her boyfriend received an odd text, and April's dog was found standing over April's nude and beaten body later that day only a mile from her home. April's Mother Jennifer, had gone out looking for her and happened upon the crime scene. April's killer would not slip away. Support the show.


Rachael Runyan

On August 26th, 1982 three year old Rachael Runyan was abducted from just outside of her Utah home in front of her brothers. Weeks after the abduction, Rachael’s body was found, and the investigation of her murder led to the unthinkable possibilities that her case was tied to either a snuff film, or to Satanic rituals. Despite a strong suspect in Rachael’s murder, the case remains unsolved. Rachael’s mother Elaine Runyan is the guest on this episode that marks the 36th anniversary of...


Danny King

In June of 1982, 20 year old Danny King of St Louis had everything going for him. He was a young man with a bright future, a good job, a young wife at home, and a 3 day old daughter. Then, in the early morning hours of June 18th of that year, his life ended on a highway under a mysterious set of circumstances. What initially appeared to be a single car accident, turned out to be a murder and 36 years later, it remains unsolved. Danny’s Brother Jim is a guest in this episode, and he’s still...


William Arleigh Walker

On August 2nd, 2008 in the small town of Moses Lake, Washington, a 69 year old man named William Arleigh Walker was killed by an explosion inside of his garage. Less than 24 hours later, a second man died in an explosion in his home across town, and the authorities soon discovered that both men had been killed by pipe bombs. With no known connections between the two men, investigators have been stumped as to who targeted the pair and why. William Walker’s Granddaughter Victoria is my guest...


Liberty German and Abigail Williams -The Delphi Murders

In February, 2017 two teenage girls vanished in the small town of Delphi Indiana while walking in an isolated and secluded area. The next day, the bodies of those girls Liberty German, and Abigail Williams were discovered by a search party. The teenagers had been murdered, and the discovery sparked a massive campaign on news and social media across the country to identify a suspect. Despite having a photo, and audio of the suspect, he has not been identified. Liberty’s grandparents Becky and...


Cheri Domingo and Greg Sanchez; The Golden State Killer

In July of 1981, the quiet town of Goleta in Santa Barbara County was rocked with the horrific murders of single mother, Cheri Domingo, and her boyfriend Greg Sanchez. Their murders would eventually be linked to a long line of brutal rapes and murders by an offender who would come to be known as the Golden State Killer. Cheri’s daughter Debbi Domingo discussed the aftermath of losing Cheri and Greg, and her long and winding road to a resolution in the...


Michael and Linda Holmes

The August, 1992 murders of Michael & Linda Holmes at their Indianapolis residence shocked their community. When the identity of their killer was determined, what followed was a painful, and troubling look into their family’s backstory. Their daughter Amy shares very personal and heartbreaking details surrounding the case ------------------------------------ Connect with us...


Lindsay Buziak

On February 2nd 2008, a 24 year old Canadian real estate agent named Lindsay Buziak was murdered while showing a property to prospective buyers. Police could not find or identify the mysterious clients, who presumably murdered Lindsay. What they did uncover was layer upon layer of mystery, intrigue, and suspicion. 10 years later, Lindsay’s Father Jeff Buziak is still searching for his Daughter’s Killers, and for the truth behind her murder. ------------------------------------ Connect...


Cathy Thomas - Colonial Parkway Murders

The 1986 murders of two women on a lonely and quiet stretch of road known as the Colonial Parkway, marks the beginning of a decades long mystery, and winds up being linked to several other victims. Decades later, the Brother of one of these women still continues to search for answers, and raise awareness of the case. ------------------------------------ Connect with us...