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Murder is a crime of many victims. It affects not only the murdered, but also those who loved them. The Murder in My Family tells the effects of murder from the perspective of the family members of the victims and shows how they, too, are victims in this terrible crime.

Murder is a crime of many victims. It affects not only the murdered, but also those who loved them. The Murder in My Family tells the effects of murder from the perspective of the family members of the victims and shows how they, too, are victims in this terrible crime.
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Murder is a crime of many victims. It affects not only the murdered, but also those who loved them. The Murder in My Family tells the effects of murder from the perspective of the family members of the victims and shows how they, too, are victims in this terrible crime.




Special Preview of the Parcast Network podcast, Hostage

While you wait for new episodes of The Murder in My Family to return later in March, enjoy this special preview of the Parcast Network podcast, Hostage. In this preview, you'll hear a segment of the 2-part episode about American Hero, John McCain's hostage ordeal. You can find and subscribe to Hostage where ever you listen to podcasts. To learn more about Hostage, be sure to visit the show's homepage


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Scott Sampson

26-year old Scott Sampson was stabbed to death outside of a Portland, Maine store in November, 1990. Scott left behind two young sons that missed out on full lives with together with their Father. Scott's killer has never been identified. Scott's oldest son, Shawn discusses life without his father, and the up-hill battle to get justice for his dad. - If you have information about the murder of Scott Sampson, please contact the Portland, ME Police Dept at (207)874-8479 Please visit the...


Madelyn DeFilippi

In episode 29 of The Murder in My Family, we explore the case of 27 year-old Madelyn DeFilippii, a school teacher, and the wife of a doctor, who was brutally stabbed to death in her Queens, NY home on February 13th, 1973 while her 4 month-old son Joe slept in his crib. Madelyn's case is still unsolved. Joe joins me to discuss the puzzling case, and how his Mother's murder led to an alternate life for him. If you have information about this case, please contact the Queens, NY Detective...


Introduction to 3 Men And A Mystery, an investigative and interactive true crime podcast

This special preview episode (Episode Zero, Meet the 3 Men) is for my brand new true crime podcast, 3 Men And A Mystery which I co-host along with John Lordan, and Gray Hughes. 3 Men And A Mystery is an investigative and interactive podcast that delves into a mystery over several episodes, and combines Youtube videos to help the listener feel as if they are at the crime scene investigating the mysteries we cover. In season 1, we are covering the 1999 murders of 17 year-olds, J.B. Beasley,...


Gabriella LaMorie

Episode 28 of The Murder in My Family covers the case of 2 year-old Gabriella LaMorie, who died in 2018 in Lake Havasu City, AZ at the hands of her parents through neglect, malnutrition, and possible abuse. Gabriella's Aunt Britney discusses the case, and how little Gabrielle's death has splintered her family as they try to make sense of something so senseless. To learn more about Gabriella's case, please visit her Facebook page This week's sponsor is Better Help


Branden Roth

In this episode of The Murder in My Family, we discuss the case of 24 year-old Branden Roth, a Pima County, AZ resident who was beaten and strangled to death in 2017. Branden left behind a newborn son who he never got to meet. Branden's mom Carrie discusses Branden's case, and the aftermath.


Kathy Blair

Beloved choir director, Kathy Blair was murdered in her Austin, TX home in December, 2014 by a burglar. Police followed the clues in the case to the right suspects. It took 3 trials, and 4 years for Kathy's family to finally get justice. Kathy's sister, Kirsten discusses that long process.


Sydney Land

21 year-old Sydney Land was shot to death alongside her boyfriend in Las Vegas in October, 2016. Despite a suspect in the case, there have been no arrests. Sydney's mom, Connie, discusses Sydney's case as well as the troubling circumstances surrounding it.


Jack L. Robinson

65 year old recent retiree, and Military Veteran, Jack L. Robinson was stabbed to death in Columbia, SC in August, 1996. Despite multiple people witnessing the attack on Jack, his case remains unsolved. His Daughter Tammy discusses her Father's puzzling case, and her efforts to see it solved.


Donna Jean Awcock

This episode is about Donna Jean Awcock, a 17 year-old girl who was beaten, raped, and strangled in London, Ontario Canada in October, 1983 after a night of babysitting. Her case remains unsolved. Donna's sister Tammy is the guest in this episode, and she discusses her sister's case, and her efforts to see it solved. Please support this podcast by completing this brief survey


Katelynn Gonzalez-Hamilton

Katelynn Gonzalez-Hamilton was just two and a half months old when she was beaten to death in California in 2003. This sad and heartbreaking case may be difficult to listen to, but to not remember the Katelynns of the world, does them a disservice. The man that killed this beautiful baby had the very real chance of getting out of prison after only 15 years. Katelynn's Mom Jessica is the guest in this episode, and she shares details of Katelynn's short life, and tragic death.


Cheryl Lynn Tunnell-Springfield

Early on Christmas morning, 1980, a 21 year-old Fort Worth, TX mother, Cheryl Lynn Tunnell-Springfield, was savagely beaten and strangled. Her nude body was discarded under the Christmas tree while her young son slept in a bedroom only feet away. After 38 years, the case remains unsolved, although police and Cheryl's sister Jan believe that they know who the killer is. Jan discusses her efforts to get justice for her sister, and the promise she made while sitting alongside Cheryl's casket 38...


Introducing Assassinations

In this commercial-free episode, catch a special preview of the new podcast, Assassinations from the Parcast Network. Included is part 1 of the JFK assassination.


Julianne Stallman

In this episode, we discuss the unsolved 1994 murder of Mother & Grandmother, Julianne Stallman in Butte,MT. She was stabbed to death in her home. Her Daughter Jennifer discusses the murder, and the aftermath


Lindy Sue Biechler

In December of 1975, 19 year old Lindy Sue Biechler was stabbed to death in her Lancaster County, PA apartment after weeks of telling family and friends that she felt like she was being stalked. As the one year anniversary of Lindy's murder approached, her head stone was vandalized, and a taunting letter from someone claiming to be her killer was mailed to police. The cold case remains unsolved. Lindy's Brother Mike discusses Lindy's murder, and the aftermath


Deborah Sue Agnew Williamson

In August of 1975, 18 year old Deborah Sue Agnew Williamson was savagely stabbed to death outside of her Lubbock,TX home less than 3 months after getting married. The mystery of who murdered the young bride is still unsolved and cold. Debbie's sister Liz discusses the case and her efforts to see the case solved after 4 decades The Facebook page for Deborah The Cold case organization Support the show.


Jody Lecornu

Jody Lecornu was shot to death in Baltimore, MD on a cold March night as she sat alone in her car in the dark. Despite eyewitnesses, surveillance video, and other clues, the killer has not been found. Jody's murder was especially tough on her identical twin sister, Jenny. She discusses the loss of her sister and her efforts to find the killer. Support the show.


April Marie Tinsley

8 Year-Old April Marie Tinsley was abducted, raped, and murdered in Fort Wayne, IN in 1988. For years after the murder, the Fort Wayne community was taunted by the killer through disturbing notes and letters in which he threatened to kill again. It took 30 years, but this case was finally solved, and the monster that killed April was unmasked. In this episode, April's Mom Janet discusses the long journey to justice in April's case One of this week's sponsors is Hello Fresh! And Hello Fresh...


Nancy Jo Canode

Mother of three, 39 Year old Nancy Jo Canode was murdered in her Florida condo in 1981. Was the killer a random stranger, or someone closer to home? Nancy's case was featured on the show, Cold Justice Support the show.