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Telling the stories of those who lived centuries before us, I’ll bring you the tales of 16th century England.

Telling the stories of those who lived centuries before us, I’ll bring you the tales of 16th century England.


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Telling the stories of those who lived centuries before us, I’ll bring you the tales of 16th century England.




Last Daughter of York, Boleyn Men, and Margaret Douglas

Welcome to episode 112! On today's show I chat with best-selling author and historian Nicola Cornick on the subject of her upcoming book, The Last Daughter of York. Nicola and I chat about the princes in the Tower, Francis Lovell and his wife Anne and so much more. Then, on Ask the Expert, Steph asks Dr. Lauren Mackay your questions on the Boleyn men - George and Thomas. Lastly on A Brief History I tell you all about Lady Margaret Douglas, the daughter of Henry VIII's sister Margaret. Nicola...


Thomas Cromwell, Boleyn Women, and Elizabeth I

Welcome to episode 111! We have another barn burner for you today: Tracy Borman returns to the show for a fourth visit, and this time we focus our chat on the man, the myth, the legend, Thomas Cromwell. Then on Ask the Expert, Elizabeth Norton returns to answer your questions about the Boleyn Women, and lastly I’ll tell you a story about the final 1000 days of Elizabeth I’s reign. Dr. Tracy Borman - Thomas Cromwell: 0:00 - 38:06 Dr. Elizabeth Norton - The Boleyn Women: 38:06 - 57:58 A Brief...


The Black Prince, Royal Witches, and Anne Parr

Hello and welcome back to the show, I’m your host, Rebecca Larson, and this is episode #110! I’m so excited to share this episode with you because we cover some really fun subjects, and chat with some new friends, too. First, Dr. Michael Jones and I discuss the Black Prince (Edward of Woodstock) and his connection to Henry VIII...then Steph asks author Gemma Hollman your listener submitted questions on royal witches and witchcraft. Lastly, I give you A Brief History on Anne Parr, to wrap up...


Juana of Castile, Charles Brandon, and Two Elizabeths

Welcome to episode 109, I’m your host, Rebecca Larson. On today’s show we have some really fun topics to discuss. First, I welcome back my good friend, and historian Heather R. Darsie to chat about Juana of Castile. On Ask the Expert we have author Tony Riches on to answer YOUR questions on Charles Brandon. Lastly, I give you a brief history on two Elizabeth’s who experienced domestic violence in Tudor England and how they survived it. Heather R. Darsie - Juana of Castile: 0:00 -...


Jane Seymour, Mary I and Kateryn Parr

On this episode I chat with author Adrienne Dillard on the subjects of her newest book, Jane Seymour and Margery Horsman. Then, on Ask the Expert, Steph asks author Anthony Ruggiero YOUR questions on Queen Mary I. Lastly, I tell you the ghastly tale of the desecration of Kateryn Parr's body. Adrienne Dillard - Jane Seymour & Margery Horsman: 0:00 - 25:00 IF I MADE YOU CHOOSE: 25:00 - 33:13 Anthony Ruggiero: 33:14 - 52:46 A Brief History: 52:47 - 1:08 -- Show Notes:...


Anne Boleyn, Henry VII and William Parr

On this episode Dr. Sarah Morris joins me and we discuss the state of mind of Anne Boleyn at the end of her life, and then historian Nathen Amin returns and answers the questions you submitted on the subject of King Henry VII. Lastly, we discuss the amazingly complicated love life of William Parr. Dr. Sarah Morris/Anne Boleyn: 0:00 - 44:48 IF I MADE YOU CHOOSE: 44:50 - 48:31 Nathen Amin: 48:31 - 1:16 A Brief History: 1:16: - 1:31 -- Credits: Written by: Rebecca Larson & Lissa Bryan Voiced...


Maria de Salinas, Shakespeare and Lady Catherine Grey

On this episode I chat with Dr. Wendy J Dunn on the subject of her new book, Maria de Salinas. Then Shakespeare historian Cassidy Cash is back as the expert to answer the Shakespeare questions YOU submitted, and lastly Steph does a beautiful job giving us a brief history on Lady Catherine Grey. You don’t want to miss a moment of this show. Wendy J Dunn: 0:00 - 36:00 IF I MADE YOU CHOOSE: 36:00 - 40:12 Cassidy Cash: 40:12 - 1:05:28 A Brief History: 1:04:28 - 1:12:47 Show Notes at...


Matthew Lewis Talks Princes in the Tower

Who Killed the Princes in the Tower? The age-old question, isn’t it? It’s a mystery that has been left unsolved for centuries. On today’s show I welcome back author and historian Matthew Lewis to chat on the subject. And to make it even more fun, I asked you what your theories are, and what stories they had heard. -- Credits: Written by: Rebecca Larson Voiced by: Rebecca Larson and Matthew Lewis Produced by: Rebecca Larson Imaging by: Troy Larson Music Credits: Pavana alla veneziana...


Scandals: Elizabeth's Ladies, Katheryn Howard and Robert Dudley

Welcome to episode 104! We have another fantastic episode for you today...the unintended theme for this episode is SCANDALS! First I chat with speaker, writer and podcast host Carol Ann Lloyd about Elizabeth’s women and how many of them married in secret. Then historian Gareth Russell returns for Ask the Expert with Stephanie where she asks him (the questions you submitted) about Queen Katheryn Howard- fifth wife of Henry VIII. Lastly, one of the most scandalous members of Elizabethan...


Queen Consorts, the Grey Sisters and Lady Cromwell

When we began planning episode 103, I don't think we imagined that it would be a themed episode. This episode we were fortunate enough to have both Elizabeth Norton and Leanda de Lisle on to talk about women, or women near the throne. Elizabeth chats with me about queen consorts (oh the fun!), and Leanda is asked YOUR submitted questions on the Grey sisters. Then I teach you a bit about Elizabeth Seymour (sister to Queen Jane) in A Brief History. And, as a treat to all listeners, everyone...


Wars of the Roses, Katherine of Aragon and Bess of Hardwick

The Wars of the Roses, or the Cousins Wars, were one of the most deadly and tumultuous times in English history, resulting in the death of many nobles. Today, Rachael Dickzen and I talk about some of the key players of the time: Henry VI, Edward IV, the Kingmaker, and Richard, Duke of York. We also discuss the women of the Wars of the Roses, including Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort and Margaret of Anjou. We take a look at the family tree of Edward III and how that affected history,...


Howards, Seymours & Sir William Sharington

Welcome to episode 101! This episode we have Dr Kirsten Claiden-Yardley here to chat about the Howard family, but in particular the 2nd Duke of Norfolk. Then, team member Steph asks me about the Seymour family in this installment of Ask the Expert. That's where I answer your social media supplied questions about my favorite family. Lastly, Steph steps in and also handles A Brief History this episode - you won't even notice it's not me. A special thanks to Steph, by the way...this episode...


All-Star Guest List

I wanted to do something HUGE for episode 100 - so I decided to invite back some of my previous guests, as well as some new ones to have a little fun with me. Tracy Borman, Matthew Lewis, Leanda de Lisle, Gareth Russell, Nathen Amin, Julie Montagu, Margaret George, Estelle Paranque, and more! Each person was asked the same three questions, and only one was given in advance. Unfortunately, due to the number of interviews, I was unable to give you the full, unedited version of their answers....


NEW SEASON: Tracy Borman, Jane Boleyn & Lady Anne Clifford

Welcome to episode 99! In this episode, I chat with Tracy Borman about her new book and about the reign of James I of England. Adrienne Dillard then answers all YOUR questions on Jane Boleyn. Lastly, I tell you all about an amazing woman called Lady Anne Clifford. *My Patreon patrons receive exclusive access to Tracy's full answers during "If I Made You Choose". See Show Notes for all the Details Credits: Written by: Rebecca Larson & Steph Stohrer Voiced by: Rebecca Larson, Dr. Tracy...


NEW SEASON: Mary Howard, Margaret Beaufort & Jane the Fool

Welcome to the second episode of the new season and new format - this is actually episode #98. In this episode I interview Dr. Nikki Clark about Mary Howard, Duchess of Richmond, and then for the 'Ask the Expert' segment, Dr Nicola Tallis returns to answer your listener -submitted questions about Margaret Beaufort, and then I give you 'A Brief History' on Jane the Fool. -- *See separate post for the bonus material mentioned in the episode* See Show Notes for all the Details Credits: Written...


NEW SEASON: Alison Weir, Matthew Lewis and a Madwoman

Welcome to the new season!! I wanted to start of the new season with a bang, and so I was able to line up best-selling author and historian Alison Weir. Alison stops by to chat about Katheryn Howard, the Tudors....and of course we talk about Thomas Seymour. The second segment of the show is called 'Ask the Expert'. This segment is for my listeners to be able to submit their questions to a historian on a specific subject. This episode my expert is historian/author Matthew Lewis and he answers...


A Lady, A Queen, and a Murderess

Welcome to the new format test for the podcast. The new season is about to begin and I wanted to test out my new ideas. In this episode, I talk with Julie Montagu, Viscountess Hinchingbrooke about the amazing Mapperton Estates...I also talk to historian Heather R Darsie in our 'Ask the Expert' segment (she answers listener questions about Anne of Cleves), and lastly I tell you the story of one well-known Tudor murderer (hint: it's a woman). See Show Notes for all the...


The Other Lady; Jane Seymour (Supplemental)

Since I am technically in my off-season, I put together this shorter episode to keep you learning about the Tudors over the summer months. A special shout out to Matthew Lewis for doing the male parts for me - it was great fun to put this one together! -- Written by: Rebecca Larson Voiced by: Rebecca Larson & Matthew Lewis Produced by: Rebecca Larson Imaging by: Troy Larson Music Credits:Music from https://filmmusic.io"Folk Round" by Kevin MacLeod (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)


Tower Warden on Anne Boleyn

On this final episode of the 2019/2020 season, I welcomed back Tara Ball to discuss the execution and burial of Anne Boleyn. Tara is a Warden of the White Tower, and has a fascination with Anne Boleyn. Her occupation and passion are able to collide every day she goes to work. *Note: My regular season runs September-May. In the months of June, July and August I am preparing for the next season, BUT I may throw in some supplemental ones - so stayed tuned! -- Please see my show notes including...


Historian Rebecca Larson Talks Thomas Seymour

Welcome to the show - I’m Rebecca Larson, host of the Tudors Dynasty Podcast, and today’s episode is a bit different from previous episodes as this time I am the guest. I was recently asked by Rosie, the host of the History, eh? Podcast to come on and talk about Thomas Seymour - how could I refuse an invitation like that!? So...for those of you who have been following my journey with Thomas Seymour, I hope you enjoy this episode. Please, please, check out Rosie's podcast. Search for...