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Episode 6 : 18th Century Harlots of London

While having issues researching a future episode, I binge-watched season one of Hulu's Harlots and I could not stop thinking about it. This episode does not discuss the show but it does discuss female sex workers of 18th century London. Where did these women come from and what caused them to be apart of the sex industry? Was it empowering or oppressive? All that and more in this episode of Undressed Historia. click here for show notes


Episode 5 : Ching Shih

Ching Shih was a pirate leader in early 19th century China. She is potentially the most successful pirate of all time; yet we know very little about her. Listen in this week as we go over Ching Shih's pirate career and discuss possibilities as to why we know more about what she did than who she was. Click here for show notes


Episode 4 : Joan of Arc (part two)

Join me this week as we wrap up our two part series on Joan of Arc. Her capture, trial, execution, and legacy are discussed. click here for show notes


Episode 3 : Joan of Arc (part one)

Joan of Arc without a doubt was an impressive young woman; what she accomplished between the ages of 17 to 19 was more than most do in a whole lifetime. She overcame barriers of sex and class in Medieval Europe, but that wasn't her goal. She believed she had a God-given mission to rid her beloved France of the English. Listen in as we go over the Maid's life and touch upon the circumstances that led to her death sentence. click here for show notes


Episode 2 : Cleopatra VII (part two)

This week's episode is part two and the conclusion on our series on Cleopatra VII. The death of Cleopatra brought life to the rumors about her, especially those about her love life. But what do we remember her for and why? Is that answer different from what we should remember her for? Click here for the show notes


Episode 1 : Cleopatra VII (part one)

Undressed Historia episode one, part one of two Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator was one of the most famous Pharaohs of Egypt; but is she remembered for what she actually accomplished or made infamous by Roman propaganda? Listen in to Undressed Historia's part one of two episodes that discusses the life and legend of Cleopatra. Click here for sources used and other show notes