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International Day of Happiness - How to Be Happier!

International Day of Happiness - How to Be Happier! March 20 is International Happiness Day. In this episode, you'll learn how this special holiday came to be and how it literally unites the world in the goal of increasing happiness around the globe. Each year the United Nations publishes their survey of international happiness for each world nation. The United States ranks 16th in the world with an average of 6.88 out of 10. This year's U.S. score is the lowest since the United Nations...


National Compliment Day

Today’s featured holiday is,. National Compliment Day... Show Notes Where did this special day get it’s start? National Compliment Day is celebrating it’s 20th birthday this year. We have two ladies from New Hampshire to thank for this holiday. In 1998 Kathy Chamberlin of Hopkinton, New Hampshire and Debby Hoffman of Concord, New Hampshire created National Compliment Day to promote kindness and civility. It’s been the subject of news stories, radio and TV reports, and acknowledgement by...


National Hobby Month

National Hobby Month - Ep22 - Show Notes Today’s featured holiday is,. National Hobby Month… In a 2015 post entitled, “Six Reasons to Get a Hobby”, published in “Psychology Today”, Jaime L. Kurtz, Ph.D., an Associate Professor of Psychology at James Madison University, points to these six reasons to spend time pursuing a hobby: * Hobbies help you structure your time. * Hobbies promote flow. * Hobbies can foster new social connections. * Hobbies can make you interesting. * Hobbies can help...


National Hugging Day

National Hugging Day - Ep21 - Show Notes Today’s featured holiday is,. National Hugging Day! Unlike many of the 1,500 national holidays where the source of the holiday isn’t known, National Hugging Day had a definitive start date and identifiable person who started it. On March 29, 1986 Rev. Kevin Zaborney of Caro, Michigan created National Hugging Day. The original purpose of the celebration was to encourage family and friends to hug one another frequently. Rev. Zaborney cautions everyone...


National Disc Jockey Day! - Ep20

National Disc Jockey Day! - Ep20 - Show Notes Today’s featured holiday is,. National Disc Jockey Day.. Having been a musician in a rock band and a Disc Jockey for a teen club when I was in high school, I’ve always loved music and the showmanship that goes with it. Like a delicious dinner, the total music experience is enriched by a well done presentation. The idea that someone could play records on radio goes back to 1909 when a 16-year old Stockton, California engineering student named...


National Popcorn Day!

Show Notes for Ep19 -National Popcorn Day! Today’s featured holiday is,.. National Popcorn Day. Before reaching into the popcorn box to enjoy a tasty treat of popcorn, let’s have a look at the history of corn. According to a 2012 article in “National Geographic”, people in what is now Peru were producing various corn based foods to include what we now call popcorn 6,700 years ago. “Corn” in Old English refereed to the dominant grain grown in a specific region. The dominant grain grown in...


Winnie the Pooh Day

National Winnie the Pooh Day - Show Notes for January 18 - Ep18 Today’s featured holiday is National Winnie the Pooh Day. In 1926, British author Alan Alexander Milne, known as A. A. Milne, authored the children’s story that would bring joy to millions of children and adults over the coming decades. Winnie-the-Pooh is as beloved today as it was nearly a century ago when it was first published. A. A. Milne was born on January 18, 1882 in Hampstead, United Kingdom. Thus, we celebrate Winnie...


National Bootleggers Day

National Bootleggers Day - Ep17 - Show Notes Today’s featured holiday is,.National Bootlegger Day. We as a society have a love / hate relationship with alcohol. Descriptive terms range from “Nectar of the gods” to “Demon Rum”. So how did National Bootlegger’s Day come to be? January 17 is the birthday of famed criminal and bootlegger Al Capone, and Templeton Rye Whiskey. In the wake of Prohibition in the early 1920s, a number of residents of a small town in Iowa became outlaws. They...


National Religious Freedom Day - Ep16

Ep16 - National Religious Freedom Day - Show Notes Today’s featured holiday is, National Religious Freedom Day. The roots of RelIgious Freedom Day extend back to January 16, 1786, when the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom was signed into law. The statute was introduced by Thomas Jefferson. This Virginia law was the model for the Establishment Clause of the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution, that clause reads, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,...


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day - Ep15

Weird, Wacky, and Traditional Holidays - Ep15 Show Notes Today’s featured holiday is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! Let’s begin with a question asked by Dr. King: “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?” Dr. King. asked this question of everyone in the United States and beyond. We’ll return to this question in a moment, but let’s first explore how Dr. King’s birthday become a federal holiday despite fierce opposition by some of our elected...


National Vision Board Day - Ep13

Show Notes: National Vision Board Day - January 13 Today’s featured holiday is National Vision Board Day. This holiday came to be when the Registrar of “National Day Calendar” proclaimed that the second Saturday of every January would be National Vision Board Day. It’s hard to believe, but the film, “The Secret” was released nearly 12 years ago on March 26, 2006. One of the results of that blockbuster film was a huge increase in the popularity of the Vision Board as a way to engage the,...


National Pharmacist Day - Ep12

Ep 12 Show Notes: National Pharmacist Day Welcome to episode 12 of the Weird and Wacky Holidays Show”. I’m your host, Stephen Carter. Today’s featured holiday is National Pharmacist Day. Each year January 12 is set aside to honor the 293,000 men and women who are professional pharmacists. We normally associate pharmacists with retail stores such as CVS, Walmarts, supermarkets, and so forth. But licensed pharmacists also work in hospitals, medical and surgical clinics, nursing homes,...


National Human Trafficking Awareness Day - Ep11

Show Notes: National Human Trafficking Awareness Day - Ep11: Today’s featured holiday is, “National Human Trafficking Awareness Day”. In 2007, the United States Senate designated January 11th as “National Human Trafficking Awareness Day”. Human trafficking is a huge global scourge. Experts estimate there are 20 to 30 million people in slavery around the world. The U.S. State Department estimates there are 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders each year....


Houseplant Appreciation Day - How it Came to Be - Ep10

Houseplant Appreciation Day - Ep10 Show Notes: Today’s featured holiday, started by the Gardener’s Network, is, “Houseplant Appreciation Day”! The end of year holidays are behind us. Decorations are all back in their appointment storage containers and - if you observe Christmas and put up a real tree - the Christmas tree needles are all vacuumed up. Those decorations certainly made your home look festive, but things are looking a touch barren and sparse. What to do? How about sprucing your...


Law Enforcement Appreciation Day - Ep9

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day - Ep11 Shownotes Today’s featured holiday is, “National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day”! As a former police officer, trainer, and Chief of Police, this day is near and dear to my heart. Across the U.S. alone there are more than 800,000 sworn police officers serving communities large and small. When we add in federal, military, and special police, we have more than a million men and women working to protect us. In addition to sworn law enforcement...


Bubble Bath Day - Ep8

Ep8 - National Bubble Bath Day Today’s featured holiday is, “National Bubble Bath Day”! While the exact date when the bubble bath was born, we know it extends back to the 1930s. Bubble bath photos appeared with the marketing of a product called Dreft in 1933. A bubble bath scene was in the 1936 production of a play called, “The Woman. According the statistics site, “Statista”, the leading bath fragrance bubble bath brand is Dr. Teal’s Bath, followed by private label brands, Village Natural...


Say Something Nice Day - Ep7

National Say Something Nice Day - Ep7 Today’s featured holiday is National Say Something Nice Day! When I looked at the various holidays celebrated on January 7, none of them called to me as worthy candidates for you and I to celebrate. Those holidays are: Old Rock Day; National Bobblehead Day; and, National Tempura Day. When during meditation I asked my subconscious what should we celebrate, the answer came to me loud and clear: celebrate National Say Something Nice Day. Never mind there...


National Cuddle Up Day

Show Notes: National Cuddle Up Day - Ep6 Today’s featured holiday is National Cuddle Up Day! For those of us who live in the northern hemisphere, January typically is a cold, snowy month. Keeping with the cold weather, January is National Soup Month and National Hot Tea Month. So it’s no wonder someone came up with the idea for Cuddle Up Day. While there’s no reliable source to identify the genesis of this unofficial holiday, we know it’s a wonderful and worthy day to slow down and...


National Whipped Cream Day - Ep5

Show Notes: Episode 5 - January 5th - National Whipped Cream Day Welcome to episode 5 of the Weird and Wacky Holidays Show”. I’m your host, Stephen Carter. Today’s featured holiday is National Whipped Cream Day! Before tasting today’s special item on the menu, I would like to revisit an item I mentioned in an earlier episode. January is “National Blood Donor Month”. I encourage you to schedule a blood donation appointment to give the gift of life. Blood is always needed, but donations drop...


National Spaghetti Day - How It Came to Be Ep4

National Spaghetti Day - How it Came to Be: January 4th, Ep4 Welcome to episode 4 of the Weird, Wacky, and Traditional Holiday Show: How They Came to Be”. I’m your host, Stephen Carter. With each daily episode, we identify at least one of the official or unofficial holidays celebrated that day and explore how that day came to be. Today’s featured holiday is, well, I gave it away already, National Spaghetti Day! Here are a few fun facts about pasta in general and my favorite food in...