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What Just Happened? is a podcast about recent history. In each episode, host David Chang tackles current and often controversial topics head on, making sense of a nonsensical world.

What Just Happened? is a podcast about recent history. In each episode, host David Chang tackles current and often controversial topics head on, making sense of a nonsensical world.
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What Just Happened? is a podcast about recent history. In each episode, host David Chang tackles current and often controversial topics head on, making sense of a nonsensical world.




Why Feminism Will Win (Ep. 66)

This episode started as a bit of an accident, but led to something really great. Eugene was once asked (possibly by me!), "Do you consider yourself a feminist?" That question apparently led down a rabbit hole and ultimately to today's topic. And rather than having two dudes mansplaining feminism, we asked Professor Jennifer Lee Koh to join our conversation. In this episode, we talk about what feminism means to us, the underlying institution it's actually seeking to upend, and how feminism...


Adios, GOP? (Ep. 65)

In this second of our grab bag format, Eugene and David debate whether the Republican party has now officially become the party of white male nationalists. We also ask whether parents should be allowed to pick their child-to-be's gender, and whether new medical technologies like CRISPR or CAR-T “feel different." Finally, we reveal how we would spend $10,000 if we had to spend it on something fun. (Eugene is apparently shocked by David’s answer!) Next time, we’ll return to our normal format....


Body Mass, Bezels, & the Billy Graham Rule (Ep. 64)

In this episode, Eugene and I debate and discuss the so-called “Billy Graham” rule, a practice among some male evangelical Protestant leaders, where they avoid spending time alone with women to whom they are not married. On this Apple Events day, we also discuss what Sir Jony Ive’s departure means for the company, David has an old-man-on-the-lawn moment about “bezels,” and we catch up on how our diets are (or aren’t) going. As always, thanks for listening! Music: Scandinavianz — Around The...


Should You Buy $200 Jeans? (Ep. 63)

Let me say this upfront: For some of us, the idea of spending $200 on a single pair of jeans sounds outrageous, while for others, it’s a bargain. For most of my life, I fell squarely in the first camp. Clothing has always been a complicated and sensitive topic for me, for reasons I get into here. In this episode, I talk about why for me my $200 pair of jeans represents a step toward taking ownership of my apparel (perhaps for the first time). Eugene and I also discuss how we like to shop for...


Secrets of Being a Slytherin (Ep. 62)

Chances are, there's a Slytherin in your life. Slytherins are complicated, even to ourselves. Today we continue our journey through the Hogwarts School, this time discussing the Houses of Slytherin and Ravenclaw. David discusses what he got wrong about Slytherins and what he thinks they really care about, while Eugene stands up on behalf of Ravenclaws. As always, thanks for listening! Music: Trey B - Ambition (The Mighty Slytherin Theme) John Williams - The Knight Bus What I'm...


Which Hogwarts House Are You In? (Ep. 61)

Are you a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin? A few episodes back I talked about “channeling your inner Slytherin” and that got us thinking about the four houses of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In today’s episode, we talk about which house we think we belong in, the pros and cons of each house, and why sometimes your greatest strength can also be your greatest weakness. We hope we did right by Harry Potter fans out there. (More HP content to come!) As ever,...


The Way Out (Ep. 60)

Here’s the bad news: It’s going to get uglier. After the news of the past week, I’m bracing myself for an election that may be the most vicious, toxic, and racially charged in my lifetime. On the other hand, I believe there’s a way out. What I mean is, there’s one message that democrats can focus on, that I believe would lead to an effective and winning strategy. It all comes down to just two simple words. Thanks for listening! Music: Peyruis - Grapevine Scandinavianz -...


Why I’m Not a (traditional) Christian (Ep. 59)

I’m not gonna lie, this one is personal for me. When I think back to why I started this podcast, at least at a subconscious level, it was partly because I wanted to speak out about this very topic. Many of the issues dividing “progressive” versus “traditional” believes have to do with human sexuality and gender. But as someone who grew up in the church, I believe there’s an even more fundamental problem at the core of traditional Christianity. It’s a problem I’ve thought about and have had...


Humans > A.I.: How you can stay ahead of Artificial Intelligence (Ep. 58)

We like to keep things practical on this podcast. A while back (Ep. 31), I talked about why grit is one of the most important characteristics to teach your kids for success, more important than talent or luck. But no one is ever going to “out grit” a computer. As long as it has enough power and functionality, a machine will just keep on doing what it’s programmed to. So how can human beings stand a chance of out-competing neural networks, deep learning, and the rise of machines? In today’s...


Avengers: Endgame (Spoilers!) (Ep. 57)

If you've been listening to this podcast for a while, hopefully you know our movie reviews are unlike what you typically find online. With the speed of social media, I feel like the Avengers moment has already passed and the current buzz is all about Always Be My Maybe. (Side note: Who would have thought in the "Bill and Ted" days that Keanu Reeves would be such a fantastic Asian American meme?!?) In this episode, Eugene and I breakdown our thoughts of the latest MCU movie, why the Tony...


What We’ve Learned (or Wish We Knew): Relationships (Ep. 56)

Love isn’t always easy. Relationships take work. Sometimes the person in a relationship who needs to reflect on this most is the least likely to do that work. Eugene and I have both been married for several years. In that time, we’ve learned a few things about what what works for us and what doesn't. More often than not those lessons have come from past conflict and grief. In today’s episode, we get a little personal, as we share what we’ve learned or wish we had known about love and...


This is Why I Travel (Ep. 55)

After returning from a trip to Hong Kong and Seoul, Korea with my parents, I’ve come up with some answers to the question, “Why do you travel?” Although as you’ll hear, my version of an ideal travel vacation is not for everyone (morning commute anyone?). I also talk about how I managed to lose my glasses, weird things about Hong Kong and Seoul, and why Eugene needs to visit an Irish pub. This episode is meant as a follow up to Episode 52, The Essence of Place - Why We Travel. Check that one...


Am I A Good Writer? (The Hustle) (Ep. 54)

In my twenties, I had a quarter life crisis. I thought about quitting my job and switching careers. While today's episode isn’t about my quarter life crisis per se, it's about something unexpected (and harrowing) that happened along that journey. That incident, along with a few others, have over time helped me learn how to receive criticism, and provided moments of reflections about the “side hustle” I love. Thanks for listening! Music: Artificial.Music - Before I Forget IU - Through the...


Woke Eugene? (Ep. 53)

One of the things I’m most proud of about this podcast is that Eugene and I can have real, honest conversations about touchy issues, in a loving, respectful, and thoughtful manner. Along the way, questions will be asked – maybe even impolite ones – but asking questions is at the heart of progress and change. In this episode, Eugene challenges my understanding of privilege, we discuss the recent Captain Marvel ruckus, what “privileged” people are actually supposed to do about their...


The Essence of Place - Why We Travel (Ep. 52)

Why do we travel? What makes us spend our money to leave familiar surroundings, sit in an airplane, and trek into unknown places? As David prepares for a trip to Asia, we spend some time talking about our travel experiences, where we’d love to visit, and what drives us (or doesn’t) to pick up and go. David talks about how he’s trying to change from a “travel scrooge” to a fearless(ish) wanderer, and Eugene reveals the one form of travel he would never, ever do. Thanks for...


Icebreaker: The $350,000 Car Dividing the Auto Industry (Ep. 51)

I’ve been sick for the past few weeks. When I’m sick I find I want to turn off my brain, meaning no news, books, podcasts, etc. But for some reason, I find watching videos about cars to be strangely relaxing. This is probably because I’m otherwise so removed from cars and the car industry. For me, it’s like the equivalent of the Food Network or HGTV. In this podcast extra, I ask Eugene for his thoughts about the one car that appears to be dividing auto journalists and car enthusiasts more...


Dad (Ep. 50)

Eugene and I often talk about what it means to be a second generation Asian American. But, at least in my world, I don’t often hear directly from the first generation—the wave of immigrants that came to the United States in large numbers starting in the late 1960s—about their own experiences. Because of language barriers, cultural barriers, and an overall generation gap, the voices of the immigrant generation are often silenced. For our 50th episode of the podcast, we have the pleasure of...


Good Men (Ep. 49)

Even in the modern age, culture tells us that real men are brave, courageous, strong, and — when necessary — protectors. And yet, healthy masculinity also means men embracing our feelings, being sensitive, kind, and tender. In this episode, David and Eugene discuss healthy versus toxic masculinity, why some traditionalists seem so resistant to change, and ultimately what it means to be a good man. Thanks for listening! Alexandra Robbins, “A Frat Boy and a Gentleman,” ...


How to Lose Weight (and Keep It Off!) (Ep. 48)

David and Eugene have had very different journeys to weight loss. As kids, David shopped at the “huskies” section of boy’s apparel, while skinny Eugene sometimes quite literally “forgot to eat.” In this episode, we share our personal experiences with managing weight, discuss why stress and lack of sleep are often at the heart of our weight issues, and get VERY practical with tips, tricks, and habits that ACTUALLY work for us. Thanks for listening! Music: Ikson – Do It BTOB – Call Me What...


Mary Poppins Returns (Spoilers!) (Ep. 47)

NOTE: This is not a normal movie review. Instead in typical WJH fashion, David questions whether there may be a sinister theme lurking behind the effervescent and radiant Mary Poppins sequel, while Eugene questions David’s mode of movie watching (and sanity!). Thanks for listening! What I'm Reading: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rmGsRHNFLGW3CdbXndnnS8CeCmw0qavfTwCuiSzmGEY/edit https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/34364?sort=date_added SUBSCRIBE, RATE, and REVIEW What Just...