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Heritage Roundup 03: June 1

Heritage Roundup on June 1 A roundup of recent news from the heritage field: – Archeologists solve the mystery of a green, mummified baby hand attached to a not-so-mummified skeleton – How the biodiversity of sacred sites could help world conservation – A robot discovered the "holy grail of shipwrecks" containing billions of dollars in cargo – Tourist are fined for stealing ancient artifacts from Pompeii – A hiking trail in the Sinai Peninsula develops new tourism options in Egypt –...


Heritage Roundup 02: May 11

A roundup of recent news from the heritage field: – The FBI uses DNA to identify a mummy's head – The Metropolitan Museum of Art returns two statues to their countries of origin – Archaeologists find an unexpected Viking village in Dublin – Researchers uncover a 1,500-year-old massacre in Sweden – Evidence of the largest ancient child sacrifice in the world is discovered in Peru – Crumbling walls in a Tuscan town indicate larger problems for Italy's historic architecture —- LINKS AND...


Interview with Katerina Acuna

Throughout the world, Global Heritage Fund works with communities and partners to save the world’s most endangered historic places. In this interview, Katerina Acuna, Development Manager, highlights our recent campaign for a co-op in Dali Village. She also discusses her recent travels to our project sites sites in Rajasthan, India, and Patan, Nepal. Learn more about our work in Amer Fort, Rajasthan: Read about...


Heritage Roundup 01: April 26

A roundup of recent news from the heritage field: - World Heritage Day 2018 - Recently discovered artifacts and treasures in Indonesia and Greece - Recovery of a long-lost Chagall painting - The baguette as France's intangible heritage - Native American gathering in New Mexico - Stole antiquities in Tripoli - Foiled plot to destroy an ancient Iraqi citadel - Art conservation and the US Army - Sniffer dogs detect smuggled artifacts ---- LINKS AND RESOURCES Statement from our CEO on World...


Göbekli Tepe and Tourism

Topic 1: Göbekli Tepe The oldest place of worship ever discovered, Göbekli Tepe predates the Egyptian pyramids by 6,500 years. Peerless in architecture and artistry, this monument is a true wonder to behold. Called “Potbelly Hill” by locals for its gently sloping curves, Göbekli Tepe appears almost insignificant, a place of little prominence compared to any other mountain in its range. And yet, beneath the tawny earth of the mountaintop lies an astonishing discovery: a temple of monumental...