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This is an audio sketchbook promoting the work of artist J R Shepherd and the world of botanical art.

This is an audio sketchbook promoting the work of artist J R Shepherd and the world of botanical art.


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This is an audio sketchbook promoting the work of artist J R Shepherd and the world of botanical art.






Episode 19: In conversation with Hanna Varga during The Great Pause of 2020

This week I am in conversation with artist Hanna Varga on her life's passion for working with nature and her journey as an artist and mother. Originally part of the art practice 'Ashleaf', Hanna has recently embarked on a new path alongside her art practice as a foundrywoman and sculptress, setting up a new artist network called Dialogues with Nature. This venture has been something Hanna has wanted to do for a long time and she's put an extraordinary amount of work towards it. Now, during...


Episode 18: The Sounds of Egypt and Day 18 of "Slow Down"

In this podcast I bring you the sounds of Cairo, when I visited the city in my search for the blue waterlily of the Nile, January this year. I then take you to Spain, where I talk about my current paintings and what life is like under lock down in my Andalucian studio, 1000m high on the edges of a National Park. I decided to place a couple of sounds beyond the 'play out tune' to take you back to life 'with people' at the end. A place where we gather for folk festivals in pubs and bars. Life...


Episode 17: Jessica Shepherd's talk at Space Mountain Art Music Festival, Spain

This is a live recording made of my talk at the Space Mountain International Art Festival in Spain. The event is the brainchild of musician and record producer Martin Glover (AKA Youth / Dragonfly Records) and was curated this year by Lisa Azarmi of Ravenous Butterflies fame. Set in the beautiful Lecrin Valley in Andalucia at the Space Mountain Recording Studio, this festival showcases the work of artists, authors and musicians and features live music and international DJs alongside...


Episode 16: Ian Rutter in conversation with Jessica Shepherd

Here I talk with presenter and artist Ian Rutter about a unique course I'll be teaching with Granada Concierge in Southern Spain next year. Ian launched Granada Concierge with his partner Andrew shortly after moving to Spain. Almost as soon as they arrived in Andalucia, they knew that they wanted to share their love of the area with visitors who wanted to immerse themselves in the culture and landscapes of this sensually rich part of Southern Spain. As part of their creative courses...


Episode 15: Blue Flower - Switzerland, Spain and Ireland

In this episode, I talk about my new studio and how working in isolation affects our sense of time. I consider ideas of time and how as painters we have to think about space and time in ways that many might not. I touch on Hockney, but of course one cannot forget the Cubists and early Scandinavian painters who also played with space-time. I am no expert and am merely skirting around a subject that has only just begun to grab my attention as I delve further into blue and what it means in...


Episode 14: In conversation with painter Jenny Coker

This week, I am joined by painter Jenny Coker who talks about her work and how she works with different papers and paints from her studio in the North Island of New Zealand. This interview was recorded back in July 2018 just before everything went a bit nuts on the run-up to Blue Flower: The Antipodes so apologies for it taking so long to publish. Born in New Zealand Jenny is well known for her beautiful, sensual paintings of plants and flowers in watercolour and for her more traditional...


Episode 13: Blue Flower - Tasmania

In this episode, I produce a solo show discussing my time in Tasmania. After spending an incredible two months in Australia and New Zealand I made the decision to extend my stay and go back to Tasmania to paint the orchids on the land they grew from. Something told me to go back. The time I spent there was incredibly deep and meaningful. It was both the hardest thing I had ever done and the most rewarding. This recording discusses my experiences not only with the land, but with a new...


Episode 12: Blue Flower - Australia

In this episode, Jess shares with you the sounds she heard in her first month of being in Australia. The episode begins with the birds she could hear last October on her birthday in a remote part of Gippsland where she stayed for a few days off grid near the sea. As the soundscape moves, we are taken on a journey from Gippsland to Northern Tasmania where we can hear some of the sounds from the heath where Jess began her search for blue sun orchids. There is some commentary which was recorded...


Episode 11: Blue Flower - New Zealand

In this episode, Jessica Shepherd takes you through the soundscapes of Wellington, Moana and Auckland in New Zealand. This recording documents the second half of Jess' Australasian tour for Blue Flower. The New Zealand trip began with Jess finding one of the last flowering Chatham Forget Me Not's in Otari Botanical Garden, Wellington with botanical painter Sue Wickison and ended with her finding an open blue Sun Orchid in Auckland Cemetery with illustrator Sandra Morris and botanist Ewen...


Episode 10: Sounds of the Tarkine, Tasmania

In this episode, Jessica Shepherd takes you through the forests and the heathland of the Tarkine in Tasmania without commentary. Jess flew out to Tasmania on the 1st November 2018 from Melbourne by a little propeller plane in search for the elusive blue Sun Orchid. A severe weather warning had just been issued and the trip was almost cancelled. However Jess made the decision to travel regardless, as for her, the challenging weather was part of the tale and journey. Sun orchids only open in...


Episode 9: In Conversation with Turkish botanical illustrator Işik Güner

This week, I am joined by botanical illustrator Işik Güner who tells us all about her work from her studio in Turkey. Işik is well known for her extraordinarily accurate depictions of plants in watercolour and for her passion for plant conversation. She worked extensively on Plants from the Woods and Forests of Chile, is art editor for the Flora of Turkey, has paintings in the Transylvania Florilegium, held an exhibition to promote the conservation of the Orchids of China in China and...


Episode 8: In Conversation with Australian botanical artist Heidi Willis

This week, I get to catch up with botanical artist Heidi Willis to hear about all of her latest projects and travelling adventures. Today, Heidi discusses what it is to be a professional painter and illustrator in the 21st Century and how our work affects the choices we have to make in life Heidi is well known for traveling extensively in her search for inspiring remote habitats and teaches globally. Heidi Willis is an entirely self-taught Natural History watercolour artist. Her reputation...


Episode 7: In Conversation with four times RHS gold medalist Julia Trickey

This week, I get to catch up with botanical artist Julia Trickey to hear about all of her latest projects including her latest publishing venture with Two Rivers Press. Julia also talks about the times she has shown at the RHS and how after winning so many medals she now has a demo stand at Royal Horticultural Society's Botanical Art Show which is open between July 11th and 12th 2018. For the first five minutes, we are taken on a journey across Sussex to the magical gardens of Great Dixter....


Episode 6: In search of the Blue Meconopsis and Bloom in the Park 2018

This fortnight I am joined by botanical artist Elaine Moore-Mackey who has been one of the organisers for this year's Bloom in the Park which is open until June 16th 2018. My interview with Elaine is at about 13 minutes into the recording if you want to fast forward. The episode begins with my trip to Scotland as I travel up north in search of Blue Meconopsis flowers for my latest project 'Blue Flower'. I start speaking at about 4 minutes in. The sounds are of my journey up to Perthshire and...


Episode 5: World Botanical Art Day Special with botanical painter Billy Showell

Today I am joined by botanical artist Billy Showell who has just been elected as the new President of the Society of Botanical Artists (SBA). We talk about Billy's painting, the SBA's upcoming exhibitions and what to expect at the Art Workers Guild in London for Botanical Art Worldwide Day. The market recordings at the start and end were recorded by me last weekend when I was at the Columbia Road Flower Market in East London continuing my search for Blue flowers. IMAGE: Billy Showell...


Episode 4: World Botanical Art Day Special with botanical illustrator Lucy Smith

Today I am joined by botanical illustrator Lucy Smith to talk about her work at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and what we can expect for Botanical Art Worldwide Day. The bird recordings are the notorious parakeets which live in Kew Gardens and were recorded by me in 2016. We had numerous technical problems so apologies for the quality of the recording towards the end. After quite a bit of editing, I think we made it through! IMAGE: Lucy Smith © n.b. The 18th May 2018 is Botanical Art...


Episode 3: World Botanical Art Day Special with natural science illustrator Sarah Morrish

Today I am joined with botanical artist Sarah Morrish to talk about her work with Gaynor Dickeson for the Association of British Botanical Artists. The 18th May 2018 is Botanical Art Worldwide Day; a groundbreaking event which sees botanical artists, organizations, and institutions collaborating together simultaneously worldwide. In the interview Sarah mentions that other countries slideshows may be available on the Botanical Art Worldwide website. Unfortunately, this will not now be...


Episode 2: In conversation with botanical art collector Dr. Shirley Sherwood

This week I am in conversation with British botanist, botanical art collector and author Dr. Shirley Sherwood on her life's passion for plants in pictures. Having dedicated 27 years of her life to travelling extensively and amassing an astonishing collection of contemporary botanical paintings from artists around the world, Dr. Shirley Sherwood is rightly described as the driving force behind the revival of interest we are seeing today in botanical art.


Episode 1: In conversation with botanical artist Denise Ramsay

This fortnight I am in conversation with watercolour artist Denise Ramsay. Denise is well known for painting large, exquisite flowers with precision and finesse. If you want to follow Denise's work, you can follow her on Instagram.