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The Kingstonian – Darryl Lim – Leading the Band

Darryl began playing in a pipe band in Singapore when he was 12. Now living in Ottawa, and some 25 years later, he continues to be passionate about pipe bands. When Kingston’s Rob Roy Pipe Band went to New York to participate in the Tartan Day Parade, the Band invited Darryl to join them as its Drum Major. What does a Drum Major do? This episode will answer that question, and then some. Music in this episode: Rob Roy Pipe Band playing a medley, recorded in New York City – “Orange & Blue” /...


The Kingstonian – Rob Roy in NYC – Marching down 6th Avenue

A different approach to the show this time round – the Rob Roy Pipes & Drums along with the Highland Dancers were down in New York City April 6th to participate in the Tartan Day Parade. Tune in for their music recorded there, along with highlights from our guests, Leslie May-Stewart & James Vandeven. Music in this episode, all performed by the Rob Roy Pipe Band, recorded live in New York City: “Bonnie Dundee/The Glendaruel Highlanders”; “Green Hills of Tyrol”; “Wee Michael’s March”; “Iain &...


The Kingstonian – Mike Bell – Primary Health Care for All

Our guest in this episode is MIKE BELL, C.E.O. of Kingston Community Health Centres. We talk about the full range of services offered, under one roof, at their facility in the north end. Physicians, dentists, therapists; Programs such as ‘Early On’ or ‘Pathways to Education’; and more – all administered from one location. Music in this episode: “Small Motors” / Fred Eaglesmith / LP – “Balin”


The Kingstonian – Chief Antje McNeely – Continuing the Tradition

ANTJE McNEELY is the first woman appointed Chief of the Kingston Police Force since its inception in 1841. In this episode, our conversation focuses on her 33-year history with the KPF and the partnerships she and her team are forging in the community. Music in this episode: “Music in my Mother’s House” / She Sings! / Recorded Live


The Kingstonian – “Rewind” – The Band Bringing Back Memories

PAUL OLMSTEAD is the lead singer and bass player for REWIND. He sits down for a conversation about the band, its history and the fun they have playing all those great songs at different clubs around Kingston. Music in this episode: “Carry Me” / Rewind / LP – n/a


The Kingstonian – Daniel Woolf … on Alfred Bader

ALFRED BADER was an important contributor to the growth of Queen’s University but there are likely many in the City who may not know his story. To help us with that, we chat with DANIEL WOOLF, Principal & Vice-Chancellor of Queen’s Music in this episode: “Round Midnight” / Thelonius Monk / LP – “Les grands pianistes jazz”


The Kingstonian – Chantal Thompson – Always Finding ‘Joyy’ in New ‘Directions’

Another in our profiles of some of the women in town who love to create their own music, and share it with us. CHANTAL THOMPSON sits down for a conversation with Dave Cunningham on THE KINGSTONIAN. Music in this episode: “Stars” / Chantal Thompson / LP – “Sirens & Stars”


The Kingstonian – Vinnie Rebelo – Loves this City!

Whenever you hear the name, you think of someone who is always promoting the City. VINNIE REBELO has spent most of his life in the hospitality industry. These days, he helps promote and manage the Kingston Pen Tours. This episode was recorded inside the historic institution. Music in this episode: “Hold Back the River” / Miss Emily / LP – “In Between”


The Kingstonian – Vanessa Head – “Head over Heels” in love with a song

A conversation with VANESSA HEAD, a lady with a passion for singing – all styles – with a band or as part of a duo. She also shares a Prince song, accompanied by her “Head over Heels” partner, Kevin Head. Music in this episode – “Nothing compares to you” – Vanessa Head – Recorded live


The Kingstonian – Jimmy Hassan – Diversity, just like an ‘All-Dressed’ Pizza

Turning the tables on the host of Cogeco’s ” Community Voices “… Local restaurateur, JIMMY HASSAN joins Dave Cunningham for a conversation about his journey from Pakistan to Canada, and why he believes so strongly in bringing people together! Music in this episode: “Get Here” / Brenda Russell / LP “Get Here”


The Kingstonian – Peter Watts – Remembering a sportscaster who left a legacy

Peter Watts grew up in Kingston and started his broadcast career at CFRC. Among his accomplishments, he was one of the first six on-air reporters hired by TSN. Peter passed away in January and in this episode we reminisce with his brother, Paul, about his career and his influence on those he worked with. Music in this episode: “Never Let Go” / Josh Groban / LP – “Live at the Greek”


The Kingstonian – Glenn Vollebregt – “Learning is Lifelong”

This episode features a conversation Dave Cunningham had with the President & CEO of St. Lawrence College, Glenn Vollebregt. Music in this episode: “Windy & Warm / Tommy Emmanuel / LP – “A Tribute to John D. Loudermilk”


The Kingstonian – Hugh Mackenzie – Helping make Kingston “THE” place to visit

This time round, a conversation with Hugh Mackenzie, passionate about promoting Kingston to the world! In this episode: “River” / Joni Mitchell / LP “Blue”


The Kingston – Ryan Hanes – Pickleball … all the rage for all ages!

Ryan Hanes, President of the Kingston Pickleball Club, explains the appeal of this new sport and how fast it has grown in Kingston and just about everywhere else. In this episode, “One More Colour” / The Rheostatics / LP “Introducing Happiness”


The Kingstonian – Don Amos – Working to keep Seniors busy

On this installment, we speak with Don Amos, Executive Director of the Seniors Centre. At one time concerned about being able to make use of all the space in their first location, the Centre has expanded to three more facilities – and another coming in 2020! All types of programs, activities, and trips to keep our Seniors busy. Music in this episode: “The Boys in the Bright White Sportscar” / Trooper / LP – Hits from 10 Albums


The Kingstonian – Nouras Kabouch – Year 1 in a Whole New World

This episode features a conversation with a ‘newer’ KINGSTONIAN – one who arrived here as a refugee Jan 30th, 2018, from Syria. Our guest is NOURAS KABOUCH and his journey from Damascus to Kingston. Music in this episode: “Ya Mal Alsham” / Sabah Fakhry


The Kingstonian – Ian Arthur – From the culinary arts to political theatre

Ian Arthur, the M.P.P. for Kingston & the Islands is our guest in this episode. We talk about his transition from the kitchen at Chez Piggy to the Legislature in Toronto. We also deal with his passion for dealing with the impact of climate change. Music in this episode: “Josie” / The Glorious Sons / LP “Young Beauties & Fools”


The Kingstonian – John Armitage – Working to build a better community

This episode features a conversation with John Armitage – a man who has been at the forefront of building homes in the Kingston area for over 40 years. At the same time, John has devoted a great deal of volunteer time to various groups, including the Queen’s Rowing Team. We talk about it all. Music in this episode: “Viva La Vida” / Coldplay / LP – Viva La Vida


The Kingstonian – Len Matiowsky – Singing for the fun of it!

Len has been singing most of his life and now directs his passion to building, promoting, and singing with the Kingston Townsmen Chorus and the Perpetual Emotion Quartet. This episode first aired during the 2018 Christmas Break. Music performed in this episode: “Halleluia” / Perpetual Emotion Quartet & She Sings Chorus/ Recorded live “The Secret of Christmas” / Kingston Townsmen Chorus, Limestone City Voices & Greater Kingston Chorus / Recorded Live


Rick Flanagan – Playing in The Big Phat Horn Band

Rick Flanagan is a man passionate about rock & roll, rhythm & blues, and a big horn band. After spending five years in Memphis, playing with some of the best, he returned to Kingston and formed The Big Phat Horn Band – and they have been entertaining folks ever since! Music played in this episode: Chicago / “Does anybody really know what time it is?” / LP – Chicago IX – Chicago’s Greatest Hits ’69 – ’74 Best of