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The Classicist is the weekly podcast of Victor Davis Hanson, scholar, writer, farmer. Tune in each week to hear VDH's unique perspective on the issues of the day.


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The Classicist is the weekly podcast of Victor Davis Hanson, scholar, writer, farmer. Tune in each week to hear VDH's unique perspective on the issues of the day.




E228. VDH Q&A

On this, the final episode of The Classicist Podcast, Victor Davis Hansons answers listener questions on everything from farming to war movies to which books he’s always wanted to write but never gotten around to. Tune in for a jam-packed episode featuring VDH like you’ve never heard him before. It has been an honor to carry this show since its inception 6 years ago, and we are sorry to see it go... Source


E227. The Israelis, the Palestinians, and the Future of the Middle East

Victor Davis Hanson analyzes the recent conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians, how it reflects on the foreign policy of the Biden Administration, and what the consequences may be for the future of the Middle East. Source


E226. California, at Dusk

Victor Davis Hanson analyzes the decline of California — and a few hopeful signs that it may not be permanent. Source


E225. What Killed Higher Education?

Victor Davis Hanson explains how today’s campus radicalism is different to that of the 1960s, analyzes the factor that led to higher education’s decline, and provides a blueprint for what a more enlightened university might look like. Source


E224. The Woke Breaking Point

Amidst woke ideology’s takeover of elite institutions, a hopeful sign is emerging: a counterrevolutionary backlash amongst the American people. Source


E223. How Much More Can America Take?

Victor Davis Hanson analyzes the decay of America institutions — from politics and education to the military and law enforcement — and asks “at one point does America hit it’s breaking point”... Source


E222. Will the Great Awokening Succeed?

Victor Davis Hanson examines how ’The Great Awokening’ has morphed from a boutique obsession into a society-wide attack on meritocracy … and considers whether that is setting the state for a brutal backlash. Source


E221. Failures at Home, Dangers Abroad

In a wide-ranging conversation that covers voting rights, COVID, Immigration, foreign policy, and debt, Victor Davis Hanson looks at the perilous consequences of the Biden Administration. Source


E220. Racism By Any Other Name

Victor Davis Hanson examines the dramatic change in elite racial attitudes in recent years and issues a stern warning: there’s never been a bigger threat to America’s ability to hold together as a successful multiethnic society. Source


E219. Collision Course with China?

In the wake of the Biden Administration’s diplomatic fiasco with Beijing, Victor Davis Hanson looks at the trajectory of Chinese ambitions, the elements necessary for America to face down the threat, and what the future may hold if the tensions boil over into conflict. Source


E218. Print the Legend

Victor Davis Hanson looks at how many of the most important stories of the last several years — from the Russian collusion charges to the COVID epidemic to the Capital riot to the Biden Administration’s handling of immigration — have been distorted by progressives in government and media until the public can barely decipher the truth anymore. Source


E217. Post-Trump or Trump Redux?: The Future of the GOP

Victor Davis Hanson considers the Republican Party’s future as it deals with the long shadow cast by the presidency of Donald Trump. Should the GOP embrace a Trump comeback? Or should it attempt to find a new standard-bearer who can blend the Trump agenda with a different sensibility? And what’s the one issue to which VDH thinks the GOP hasn’t paid nearly enough attention? Tune in to find out. Source


E216. War and Peace — From Thucydides to Joe Biden

Victor Davis Hanson explores how military history can illuminate current foreign policy challenges, delineates which nations pose the greatest threats to the United States, explores the role that human rights should play in international affairs, looks at the changing shape of America’s alliances, and provides a reading list for future commanders-in-chief. Source


E215. Remembering Rush

Victor Davis Hanson diagnoses the biggest challenges facing America in the years ahead, from debt to immigration to Chinese aggression — and pauses for a special remembrance of his friend Rush Limbaugh. Source


E214. The Lidless Eye: How Progressivism Conquered American Institutions

In a sweeping new installment of The Classicist, Victor Davis Hanson looks at how the Left has moved from a countercultural movement in the 1960s to the commanding heights of American culture in the 2020s. Source


E213. Understanding Progressive Illiberalism

Victor Davis Hanson examines how progressivism has captured American institutions: everything from higher education to high finance, from tech to sports. Along the way, he explains what progressives’ cultural ascendance has revealed about their ideology, predicts what it means for the Right, and analyzes whether a backlash is imminent. Source


E212. The 1776 Commission and the Relearning of American History

Victor Davis Hanson explains the work of President Trump’s 1776 Commission (a body on which he served), describes the decline of history as an academic discipline, and explains why humility is an essential ingredient when judging figures from the past. Source


E211. The Unity Presidency Gets Divisive

Victor Davis Hanson analyzes how Joe Biden’s early policy moves contrast with his campaign-trail rhetoric, reflects on the last days of Donald Trump, and explains how a fractured Republican Party can move forward. Source


E210. Trump Agonistes

As the president spends his final days in office embattled, progressives in Congress, Silicon Valley, and the incoming administration seize on the opportunity to mount new offensives against the Right. Will conservative populism survive the onslaught? Victor Davis Hanson explores that question and others in the newest installment of The Classicist. Source


E209. An Exhausted Civilization

Victor Davis Hanson examines the confluence of trends — a contempt for American history; the decline of the rule of law; the intellectual rot of the academy; the rise of ingratitude and cultural contempt — that are weakening the foundations of American society. Source