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Hilarious fan podcast of the Ottawa Senators NHL team. Hosted by Kardinal, Canuck and Pan.

Hilarious fan podcast of the Ottawa Senators NHL team. Hosted by Kardinal, Canuck and Pan.


Ottawa, Canada


Hilarious fan podcast of the Ottawa Senators NHL team. Hosted by Kardinal, Canuck and Pan.






Season 8 Episode 11: A National Treasure Calls Up!

We’re blessed to be joined by Ian Mendes from TSN1200 yet again! The Sens keep on losing, but not by enough … (50% of the points!)


Season 8 Episode 10: Bruce Garrioch calls up!

Bruce Garrioch joins us as our first guest of 2020 and also for the first time ever! This is a fun episode as we review the season so far and talk about what brings us hope. Note: No groins were actually hit during the recording of this episode.


Season 8 Episode 9: The Tremendous Tank Week

This is a short episode! The Sens results were terrible which is pretty much done by design. Tank on!!!!


Season 8 Episode 8: 2020 Vision

It’s our last show of the decade! The Sens keep going to overtime which isn’t great for the tank, but the progress has been positive.


Season 8 Episode 7: Close More Schools

We’re back to analyze four games that we didn’t watch, but luckily we’re joined by Todd Van Allen!


Season 8 Episode 6: The Funnest Tank There Has Ever Been

We’re trying out some new tech to be able to record more frequently. The Sens games are fun & they’re keeping us entertained AND staying in the bottom 5 of the league. It’s a Win-win-lose-lose-lose-lose-lose.


Season 8 Episode 5: Back on the Tank

We’re back from three different “C” locations to talk about lots of things happening in the hockey world. The NHL has lost Cherry, Babcock and probably Peters in the last 30 days & it truly is showing positive change.


Season 8 Episode 4: The Kids Win Too Much

We’re back to cover things just like the snow outside has covered things here in the National Capital Region! Special thanks to Cub Carson for his Don Cherry impression at the end of the episode.


Season 8 Episode 3: A Minority of Wins in Ottawa

We’re back after a bad stretch by the Sens, but with lots of good stuff happening on the ice: Be sure to check out the forums at , email us at or call us and leave a message to be played on an upcoming show at 1-844-SCU-SENS


Season 8 Episode 2: The Kids Are All Gone?

The kids are sent down and the bank drafts are stale. We’re quickly back after the start of the season. We talk about the kids being sent back to the AHL and the new acquisition of Vladimir Namestnikov. We share our thoughts on this, rumours on the sale of the team & the contest winning Pan’s Bold Predition (TM) of the season. 5-2 Loss 4-1 Loss


Season 8 Episode 1: Less Frustrating

We kick off the 8th season our of Sens fan reaction podcast with a little talk on the new Ottawa LRT, Thomas Chabot, Colin White, Eugene Melynk, Fan Fest, pre-season games, and more! Be sure to check out the forums at , email us at or call us and leave a message to be played on an upcoming show at 1-844-SCU-SENS


Season 7 Episode 14: The Ottawa Maple Leafs

We’re back in the heat & we see ourselves surrounded with former Leafs players & personnel. We’re actually looking forward to this season. Arm your tanks & let’s get ready to roll!!!!


Season 7 Episode 13: Grow Together

We’re back to summarize the end of the worst season in Ottawa Senators history. Thank you to all of you who have stuck around with us through this train wreck and thank you to all of the guests who have joined us and to the Ottawa Senators organization for inviting us to the digital influencer program.


Season 7 Episode 12: Suite Sounds

We are back with our first-ever episode recorded at the Canadian Tire Centre during an Ottawa Senators game! With the Tampa Bay Lightning in town, we try our hand at recording while the game is on thanks to the Ottawa Senators graciously letting us use one of their 400-level suites. We were very thankful to have Jonathan Bodden, VP of Fundraising and Corporate Partner Relationships, of the Sens Foundation join us for an interview. That interview begins at the 29:14 (mm:ss)...


Season 7 Episode 11: Everything is an Opportunity

We’re finally back after a long stint on the IR. We’re joined briefly by Ian Mendes from TSN 1200 and talk about the current state of the rebuild that never needed to happen. Thank you for everything Mark Stone. Best of luck in Vegas.


Season 7 Episode 10: Slump Busters

We’re back and the Sens finally win!!! Knew we’d break that winless streak!!! Sens @ Ducks 2-1 win Sens @ Kings 4-1 win Sens @ Sharks 4-1 loss Avalanche @ Sens 5-2 win Sens @ Canes 4-1 win Sens @ Blues 3-2 loss


Season 7 Episode 9: Winless Woes

Canuck & Pan are back and we’re joined with Ian Mendes from TSN 1200 to talk about the goings on with the Sens for the first half of the season. Hopefully this episode will break the winless record, but who knows? Sens @ Devils: 5-2 loss Caps @ Sens 4-0 loss Sens @ Islanders 6-3 loss Caps @ Sens 3-2 loss Sens @ Blue Jackets 6-3 loss Canucks @ Sens 4-3 OT loss Wild @ Sens 4-3 loss Canes @ Sens 5-4 loss ...


Season 7 “Ask Me Anything” - Aimee Deziel, CMO - Part 2

In Part 2 of our "Ask Me Anything" session with Ottawa Senators marketing, we are joined by: Aimee Deziel, Chief Marketing Officer Janice Nicholson, Director of Digital Marketing We asked fan submitted questions which covered the topics of: Digital Presence, Communication, and Customer Service/Retention. #AskSensCMO


Season 7 Episode 8: The One Where Canuck says they've been quiet for 3 weeks

We’re finally back to cover the Sens in our standard podcast format. There’s been lots of games, lots of lawsuits & the penalty kill has improved dramatically. Sens @ Rangers 4-2 Loss Sens @Flyers 4-3 Win Rangers @ Sens 3-0 Win Sharks @ Sens 6-2 Win Sens @ Habs 5-2 loss Habs @ Sens 5-2 loss Penguins @ Sens 2-1 Win Bruins @ Sens 2-1 OTL Sens @ Preds 3-1 loss Sens @ Red Wings 4-2 Win Sens @ Habs 5-2 loss Preds @ Sens 4-3 OT Win


Season 7 "Ask Me Anything" - Aimee Deziel, CMO - Part 1

In Part One of our "Ask Me Anything" Session with Ottawa Senators marketing, we are joined by: Aimee Deziel,Emily KnightWe asked fan submitted questions which covered the following topics: Part 2 will be held next week and will cover different questions. #AskSensCMO