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The Morning Bagger Episode 52 - TJ Oshie and The Warroad Brand

The Designated Co-Host, TJ Oshie is back on the show talking about his new apparel project, "Warroad". We also discuss the NHL giving Seattle a new team. Life as a fantasy football commissioner, getting bag skated and much more. promo code "Bagger30"


The Morning Bagger Episode 51 - Skillsy gets stood up

The Bag Chucker Boys are back and there is some tension between the duo. The fellas catch up on some NHL news over the last week including the St Louis Blues practice fight and a few questionable hits. Seattle gets an NHL team while Florida enjoys another "Dress like a seat night." The boys start to enjoy the perks of the podcast game with some love from our sponsors and answer some emails from the listeners. promo code- Bagger promo code- MorningBagger


The Morning Bagger Episode 50 - Millsy gets a haircut

In this episode of the Morning Bagger podcast, Millsy is rolling solo and discusses some news in the NHL over the last week. Including, William Nylander signing in Toronto, Dustin Byfuglien passes concussion protocol with a concussion. Erik Karlsson returns to Ottawa and gets a stunningly bad tribute video. Tyler Bertuzzi suspended two games for punching Matt Calvert from the bench. Seattle gets its NHL team and Ryan Reaves levels Tom Wilson with a big hit. Millsy gets a haircut in Germany...


The Morning Bagger Episode 49 - No Bucket Warm-ups

In this episode, The Bag Chucker Boys are back to discuss the Ron Hextall firing in Philly and which teams need new arenas or new arena locations. The crew talks about hazing in hockey and the experiences they've had with it. Is wearing no helmet in warm-ups the best part of playing in the NHL?


The Morning Bagger Episode 48 - Beer at McDonalds?

In this episode, Millsy is flying solo and recaps his Thanksgiving at the US Army base where he was told a couple classic German stories from his buddy, Potato. Another Biting incident in the NHL and a Tiger v Phil recap.


The Morning Bagger Episode 47 - Optional Bagger for Mace

The Bag Chucker boys are back from their California vacation to recap last Fridays, "Friday Morning Bagger." The crew talks about getting their first NHL paycheck. Some "Bag Chucker" gear is in the works. Once Mace bails for the day, Skillsy and Millsy take the reigns and bring it home with some rookie dinner talk and answer some emails from listeners.


The Morning Bagger Episode 46 - Friday Morning Bagger

On today's episode of The Morning Bagger, Millsy discusses whether action needs to be taken when a youth team loses 41-0. The DCH, TJ Oshie takes a couple hard hits that bring up suspension talk. Tom Wilsons 20 game suspension is reduced to 14 games which saves him some cash. Mike Babcock on bringing Auston Mathews on the road trip while he's still hurt. NHL GM's and calling out their players.


The Morning Bagger Episode 45 - Back in Bad Nauheim

In this episode, Millsy is flying solo with the Bag Chucker Boys out in California. Deutschland Cup pause means a week off out in Germany and Millsy takes a trip down memory lane with how he ended up there. He recaps his first season in 2013 and the recent reunion that the team had this past weekend in Bad Nauheim, Germany.


The Morning Bagger Episode 44 - Senators UBER Ride

In this episode of The Morning Bagger podcast, the boys talk all about the Ottawa Senators UBER fiasco. The Chicago Blackhawks fire head coach, Joel Quinneville. Brad Marchand chirps Colton Scissons for diving. Millsy gets his maple syrup delivered from Canada and starts planning his attack on the local waffle place. Jacksonville Jaguars, Jalen Ramsey goes to a hockey game. Skillsy answers a couple listener emails.


The Morning Bagger Episode 43 - Caps Bender with DH TJ Oshie

The DH (Designated Host), TJ Oshie is back to talk about the Washington Capitals Stanley Cup bender. From the moment the Caps walked off the ice in Vegas to the moment the boys jumped into the fountain.


The Morning Bagger Episode 42 - Ya Thirsty, Skillsy?

The Bag Chucker boys are back from Tampa where they were busy chaperoning some sponsors. New gambling bet suggestions are discussed. Is the Carolina Hurricanes celebration good or bad? How do the players feel about playing the special overseas games? The Predators mock the Vegas Golden Knight intro. Skillsy and Mace talk about their Waynes World costumes from Halloween. The boys answer some listener emails.


The Morning Bagger Episode 41 - Don't Renovate, Just Move

In this episode of The Morning Bagger, the Nashville Bag Chucker boys are back from Nashville to talk about Alex Chiasson getting his Stanley Cup ring from the Washington Capitals. The Boston Red Sox winning the World Series and how winning can define a career as compared to hockey. St Louis Blues coach Mike Yeo saying "My job should be in question." John Tortarella saying the NHL has become one "big hug fest" and there in no more hate. The NHL is going all in with gambling and the fellas...


The Morning Bagger Episode 40 - 6 games x 3 (repeat offender) + 2 for injury

In this episode, Millsy is flying solo with the Bag Chucker boys shooting promo videos in Nashville. The NHLPA's involvement in the Auston Watson and Tom Wilson suspension. The NJ Devils mixed in a bag skate this week. Ottawas, Mark Borowiecki suspended 1 game for elbowing. Vegas', Nate Schmidt with a new deal. A little breakdown of the Tiger vs Phil Thanksgiving golf match and the Fighting Sioux take on the Gophers in Las Vegas.


The Morning Bagger Episode 39 - $19.99 Bull Mask

The Bag Chucker boys are back from Canada and recap their trip up north. The fellas give their thoughts on the awesome Tim Hortons video with the hockey team from Kenya. Paul Kariya gets his number retired in Anaheim. A "fight" in the NBA makes headlines. Peter Laviolette breaks the internet with a bull mask on Hockey Night in Canada. Millsy is plotting to sneak syrup into a waffle place in Germany. The guys talk about some of their bag skate memories and answer some listener emails.


The Morning Bagger Episode 38 - Pre Flight Bagger

In this episode, The Morning Bagger crew gives their thoughts on the Mike Matheson and Charlie Mcavoy hits and how hitting is changing in the game. An old school tilt from Jamie Benn and Miles Wood bring the guys back to the old days of the NHL. Connor McDavid factors in on the first 9 goals of the season from the Edmonton Oilers. Will William Nylander make up the difference in his contract holdout if the Leafs win the Stanley Cup? What is it like when a guy shows up to training camp in such...


The Morning Bagger Episode 37 - Welcome aboard Hal Gill and Chris Mason

Chris Mason and Hal Gill join the podcast as co-hosts. The fellas introduce themselves to #BaggerNation and then touch on the origins of "Bag Chucking". The Predators hung some new banners which lit the internet on fire. Life on the road for former players, turned broadcasters and how they would deal with playing against Auston Mathews and Connor McDavid.


The Morning Bagger Episode 36 - German Sauna Recap

In this episode, Millsy recaps his day at the German sauna. The Chill Boys folks are giving away lots of great stuff. The Sabres are finally over .500! Whats wrong with the Vegas Golden Knights? Thoughts on the Carolina Hurricanes win celebration. Kuznetsov is throwing no look passes all over the place. Auston Mathews is toying with the NHL.


The Morning Bagger Episode 35 - German Sauna Prep

In this episode of The Morning Bagger podcast...The Buffalo Sabres havent been over .500 since January, 2013. The UFC post fight chaos. Mason Crosby misses 5 kicks for the Packers. Auston Mathews and Patrick Kane trade goal celebrations. Millsy reads a couple listener emails before heading to the German Sauna for the day.


The Morning Bagger Episode 34 - Tom Wilson gets 20 game suspension

In this episode of the Morning Bagger Podcast, Millsy gives his thoughts on the Tom Wilson 20 game suspension and the drama in Toronto surrounding the looming contract issues with the team. Parents in the crowd reactions to their kids first NHL milestones. Jack Eichel named captain of the Buffalo Sabres. A funny story from Anaheim with Ryan Getzlaf and Kieffer Sherwood. Info on how to donate to the cause to end Alzheimers put on by TJ...


The Morning Bagger Episode 33 - NHL Opening Night

NHL Opening night is finally here! In this episode, Millsy talks about opening night and how the teams opening up in Europe feel about it. Seattle looks to be all but secured as the 32nd NHL team. Vancouver Canucks ban Fortnite and other video games on the road. The predictions for the divisions and cup winner. How is the MLB so boring compared to the playoffs? Team USA Ryder Cup drama continues.