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The Morning Bagger Episode 20 - Swiss Rain Bucket

In this episode, Millsy recaps his weekend in Nashville. An exhibition game in the Swiss league turns ugly as they allow play to continue with a rain bucket on the ice. Brady Tkachuk signs up for a front row seat to the Ottawa Senators circus. Dylan Larkin signs a new deal in Detroit. Sully recalls when he pulled a muscle in his neck watching the Tampa Bay Lightning snap the puck around on the Power Play. The boys answer a couple listener emails to close out the show.


The Morning Bagger Episode 19 - Listener Emails part II

The boys talk about the passing of Stan Mikita. Millsy doesn’t understand why Golf cant be televised the entire day. Millsy prepares to head out on a road trip bagger to Nashville for his last fun of the summer. The fellas answer questions from the listener emails.


The Morning Bagger Episode 18 - Goldberg’s Mugshot and Listener Emails

Sully gets bagged on the way back from vacation but battles through the episode like a champ. The boys discuss Goldberg’s (Mighty Ducks) stunning mug shot. Ryan Kesler and Ryan Jonhansson face off in a twitter duel. The guys answer emails from the #RedEyeArmy


The Morning Bagger Episode 17 - #RedEyeArmy

Millsy thinks the conspiracy in Carolina is alive and well after the Jeff Skinner trade. The boys take on the Mark Stone arbitration and the embarrassing tweet sent out by the Sens AHL team. Gary Bettman wants the NHL to have a piece of the legalized gambling pie. Shane Doan will have his number retired by the Arizona Coyotes. Sully has some strong words on the new Phil Mickleson commercial.


The Morning Bagger Episode 16 - McDonalds Monopoly Scandal

The NHL is on to Millsy raising the cup and is out to delete all evidence that it ever happened. Tom Wilson resigns for a healthy 31 million. Would relegation work in the NHL? Is Conor McDavid going to get backlash from people for saying he’s going to the booze filled, Boots and Hearts festival? Zach Bogosian challenges twitter troll to workout challenge for season tickets. The boys address the McDonalds Monopoly scandal that is sending shockwaves around the world.


The Morning Bagger Episode 15 - Stanley Cup party recap

Millsy is battling again with the In-N-Out Burger crowd online. Millsy returns from TJ Oshies Stanley Cup party and relives it all. Brooks Orpik is a Washington Capital again. Nashville Predators, Auston Watson pleads no contest to domestic assault. Jarome Iginla retires from the NHL after 20 seasons. Sully breaks down Patrick Reed being a dick to a camera crew at a golf tournament for jingling spare change.


The Morning Bagger Episode 14 - $200,000 for speeding

Sasha Barkov gets pulled over for speeding in Finland and will be fined 6 figures. Brad gambles with the podcasts bank account in Tahoe. Brad is gearing up for his invite to the Stanley Cup party and Sully helps him prepare accordingly. The boys talk a little British Open golf news after a wild Sunday.


The Morning Bagger Episode 13 - $10 British Open rounds

The boys break down the lone goalie in Toronto thats carrying 2 nets in full pads down the streets. Sully dives into a couple superstitions and equipment rituals from some former teammates. A couple hockey winners from the ESPYS need some congrats. Pick up basketball game at an LA Fitness takes a turn for the worst. Tiger Woods and his autograph habits. The fellas end with a little British Open discussion about Millsy’s tweet from earlier in the day.


The Morning Bagger Episode 12 - Post Lake Tahoe

The boys give a few of their thoughts on the passing of Ray Emory. Millsy breaks down his time in Lake Tahoe at the American Century Championship. Topics include, another red eye flight, Karaoke with Rascal Flats, TJ Oshie’s beer dispensing helmet and hollow man on hole 17. Sully tells a classic Jeremy Roenick story. Millsy tries In-N-Out Burger for the first time and gives his unfiltered opinion.


The Morning Bagger Episode 11 - American Century Championship, Lake Tahoe

Millsy is on location in Lake Tahoe taking in the American Century Championship golf tournament. The boys talk about a couple noteworthy NHL contract extensions and moves. Whats the best thing you can get from the cart lady during your golf round? The fellas talk about a few classic stories they’ve seen on a golf course. Should Millsy go to Rascal Flats karaoke and the Pitbull concert out in Tahoe? Millsy takes the Morning Bagger bankroll to the tables. Is the next logical move to bring...


The Morning Bagger Episode 10 - Ovechkin over shadows World Cup

The boys try and figure out what kind of contest they want to run with Chill Boys. A listener announces he took a Vegas red eye and then slept in his car upon landing. Millsy announces he has another red eye flight on the horizon. Sully breaks down the Shea Weber contract and Jack Eichel changing numbers. The Humbolt Broncos announce a new coach. John Tavares doesn’t shotgun a beer with the boys. Is he a team player? Ovi takes the Stanley Cup to the World Cup of Soccer and over shadows the...


The Morning Bagger Episode 9 - Alaskan 4th of July

Crazy listener decides to book the red eye home from Vegas, “just to experience it.” Leafs/Islanders conspiracy brewing? Patrick Laine is a hero over the Finnish skies. Is it normal to drive cars off cliffs in Alaska instead of lighting fireworks? Is the Hot Dog eating contest the toughest trophy to win in all of sports? The boys breakdown the 14 minutes of time that Neymar has spent rolling on the ground this World Cup.


The Morning Bagger Episode 8 - The Red Eye Bagger

Its chaos in Toronto as John Tavares picks the Maple Leafs and Sully narrowly escapes an assasination attempt from the disgruntled soccer world. The boys discuss what is the biggest bagger in the world of travel? Could the NHL ever have super teams like the NBA? Columbus coach, John Tortorella goes off on Penguins, Jack Johnson and Jim Rutherford. The people who voted like donkeys for the NHL awards are finally revealed. Millsy introduces the world to the dark world of “minor league...


The Morning Bagger Episode 7 - 10 beers and a Zamboni

The John Tavares watch is full steam ahead and Sully breaks down exactly what the he would need to hear if he was in the stars shoes. What is it like to be bought out by an NHL team? The boys give their thoughts on Gary Bettman headlining the 2018 Hockey Hall of Fame inductees.Millsy dissects the big question after todays world cup exit by Germany, is Germany a hockey or soccer country? Would the Capitals have won the Stanley Cup if the NHL went to the Olympics? Millsy tells a classic...


the Morning Bagger Episode 6 - Conspiracy in Carolina

The fellas talk about the 2018 NHL entry draft. Millsy issues a statement on being passed over for the 14th year in a row. Burger King Russia in the World Cup headlines with an odd promotion. The league needs more cocky/confident players like Filip Zadina. There is a conspiracy theory brewing in Carolina and Millsy isnt having it. Millsy’s trade story from the ECHL and Sullys NHL draft memories.


The Morning Bagger Episode 5 - #DraftMillsy

The fellas touch on the NHL awards and a few of the noteworthy moments. Barry Trotz is out in Washington. The hockey equivalent of the Phil Mickelson gaffe is discovered once and for all. Does being a criminal matter in the NHL? Sully tells one of his classic bagger stories. Millsy makes a push to finally be drafted into the NHL.


The Morning Bagger Episode 4 - Do teammates send emails?

The World Cup of soccer is off and running, so the boys give the first few days a nice shoutout! The Ottawa Senators disaster rolls on as Mike Hoffman sends Erik Karlsson an EMAIL to try and patch things up. Millsy and Sully try their hand at being the Montreal Canadians GM for a few minutes and finally, whats the hockey equivalent to Phil Mickelsons dumb move at the US Open?


The Morning Bagger Episode 3 - Ottawa Senators Trainwreck

Millsy and Sully tie a bow on the Washington Capitals historic Stanley Cup bender once and for all. Sully is being attacked by the soccer world yet again. The boys defend our great game of hockey from people (losers) who think the Capitals celebration was immature and a disgrace to the game. Its chaos in the Ottawa streets as news comes out about the Erik Karlsson and Mike Hoffman scandal.


The Morning Bagger Episode 1 - Welcome to the Morning Bagger

Sully and Millsy welcome you to the first episode of Morning Bagger podcast! The boys discuss all of the noteworthy topics from game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals, as they saw it.


The Morning Bagger Episode 2 - Capitals Stanley Cup Bender

Sully and Millsy break down the Washington Capitals epic bender after their Stanley Cup victory. Everything from the keg stands to the synchronised swimming, you can find it all here!