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Getting Closer to Puck Drop!

Do you miss hockey as bad as I do? Hopefully this time next month (in August of 2020) we are watching hockey. Even if it’s only from our couch. I’ll take it! The post Getting Closer to Puck Drop! appeared first on .


Hub Cities. NHL is back baby!

I don’t know about you but I am excited to have hockey back. No matter how it’s done, we need sports back! The post Hub Cities. NHL is back baby! appeared first on .


Pull Your Goalie, I am back!

Let’s do this VGK fans! The post Pull Your Goalie, I am back! appeared first on .


Taking a Break

Due to a death in my immediate family, taking a break from the podcast for the remainder of the season. The post Taking a Break appeared first on .


Playoffs, Yes. Finals, No. (Bring Pirri Back!)

This team will make the playoffs and that is it. Unless they decided to play hockey like we know they can. And ZERO reason, ZERO, to reassign Pirri. Not happy with this team right now. Prove me wrong Vegas Golden Knights! Photo Credit – SB Nation The post Playoffs, Yes. Finals, No. (Bring Pirri Back!) appeared first on .


Repeat of Last Week

Again, a bad game with two good games. Will this be enough to keep VGK in the playoff race? Next week, I will be predicting our chances. Win these next four games, and things will be looking up. Still not playing strong 60 minutes of hockey. But guess what. Vegas has hockey! GOKNIGHTSGO! Photo Courtesy... The post Repeat of Last Week appeared first on .


One Bad Game. Overall, Good Week

Welcome back for another weekly recap. If you are new to the pod, thank you for stopping by. You will hear the week that was for your Vegas Golden Knights from a local fan perspective. Is this team making the playoffs? Do you like physical hockey? You got some against the Caps. I also share... The post One Bad Game. Overall, Good Week appeared first on .


Blowouts ARE fun!

When you can beat a team 8-3 in the National Hockey League, WHO CARES how we looked or struggled, if we even did!. Better we win 8-3 than lose 5-0. We are still in the playoff hunt and having Nate Schmidt back helps. Really Ken? Goalies are not part of the team? Here are the... The post Blowouts ARE fun! appeared first on .


This is the Golden Knights we all know!

What a difference a week makes. Once hanging out with the Kings, now the Knights are making noise and are making a push to become King of the hill? The Knights found their game running off three straight and letting everyone know, do not count this team out. I also share some “listener” feedback, not... The post This is the Golden Knights we all know! appeared first on .


The Good and The Bad. Part 2

Here is your bonus edition of the Vegas Knight Life podcast and honestly, I could have you listen to last episode and just switch out teams. Recap the Edmonton good game and the Flames bad game. Why this team is not playoff ready or possibly even bound. This is not a sugar coated episode. Save... The post The Good and The Bad. Part 2 appeared first on .


The Good and The Bad

The short two game home stand was a microcosm of our season so far. I send a shout out to one of our listeners and talk about a BIG upcoming road trip. Also, why this podcast is early and why you will get two episodes this week. GOKNIGHTSGO! Photo credit to Knights on Ice The post The Good and The Bad appeared first on .


This is not a playoff hockey caliber team. Right now.

Yes. It is early. No. I am not panicking. I do have some concerns about the current state of the team. Let’s recap the week that was a flop. A few periods of good hockey but overall suck. We have a lot of work to do and it needs to start soon with a string... The post This is not a playoff hockey caliber team. Right now. appeared first on .


The Week In Review: 11/3/18

Is it desperation time for the Vegas Golden Knights? Is the season lost? Will hockey work in Vegas? IT’S PANIC ON THE STRIP! Tune in and I will share a little known fact that will answer this burning question. GO KNIGHTS GO. The post The Week In Review: 11/3/18 appeared first on .


The Week In Review – 10/28/18

There was good and bad in this home stand. Battling back. Overtime win. But then playing from behind and continuing to struggle on the power play. Play good hockey for 20 minutes, bad the rest. But it is week two. No need to panic. Injuries don’t help but that is part of the game. My... The post The Week In Review – 10/28/18 appeared first on .


The Week in Review – 10/21/18

Week 2 in review as your Vegas Golden Knights kick off a five game home stand. Please stick around toward the end for two important messages. Thank you for tuning in. Until 10/28/18, GO KNIGHTS GO! Photo credit to Kevin Hoffman- USA Today Sports The post The Week in Review – 10/21/18 appeared first on .


The Week in Review – 10/14/18

Welcome to official start of the weekly review for your Vegas Golden Knights Hockey. Enough of the pleasantries, let’s drop the puck! The post The Week in Review – 10/14/18 appeared first on .


Sloppy Knight. Season Two Home Opener

Welcome to season two of Vegas Golden Knights hockey and season two of the Vegas Knight Life hockey podcast. A now live streamed, locally recorded, produced and unofficial podcast for your VGK. I try my hand at a YouTube live stream and a new format for the show that will be explained at the end.... The post Sloppy Knight. Season Two Home Opener appeared first on .


Reviewing 2018-2019 Schedule

Here is the replay from the livestream yesterday (6/21). There was a bit of a snafu with the source I used to go over the schedule so I cut out 11 minutes. At the start, you will get to hear from the four winners from the NHL Awards show on Wednesday June 20th. Get your... The post Reviewing 2018-2019 Schedule appeared first on .


Vegas Golden Knights Livestream Podcast 6/21 2pm PT!

If you have time, I would love for you to stop by and say hi! Quick update what you will be hearing. GO KNIGHTS GO! Link for the YouTube live stream Spreaker livestream Please subscribe to the podcast: [saf itunes=”itms://″ align=none] [saf android=”” align=none] [saf podcast-only rss=”” align=none] [saf...


Countdown To Season 2

Ok, I lied, I will be back a little earlier than October. Quick little update on what will be coming up here on the Vegas KnightLife Hockey podcast. Your locally recorded and produced unofficial Vegas Golden Knights hockey podcast. Love to hear your thoughts about last season and who you would like us to puck... The post Countdown To Season 2 appeared first on .