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Interviews with Yogis & Yoginis worldwide

Interviews with Yogis & Yoginis worldwide
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Interviews with Yogis & Yoginis worldwide




Episode 86: Tara Stiles

Episode 86 is with Tara Stiles is the founder ofStrala Yoga. This interview was revived from the Yoga Peeps Archive, in honor of the Tara’s new cookbook, launching in just over a week’s time on November 3rd. Strala is a Swedish word, that means “to radiate light”. Its also a system of practice whichguides people through yoga posses and movement, focusing on tuning inward and encouraging flowing with ease. Thousands of Strala yoga guides are leadingStralaclasses around the world in partner...


Episode 85: Jennifer Wolfe Prenatal Yoga

In Yoga Peeps Episode 85, Jennifer Wolfe, Doula and Prenatal Yoga Instructor, discusses her best selling prenatal dvd, poses for breech baby turning, and ones to avoid, to set intentions, finding where the intensity is in a pose or in pregnancy, exploring with consciousness, the fear/tension/pain cycle, how pleasure reaches the brain before pain, knowing […]


Episode 84: Clive Mayhew, Founder Yoga Aid

In Episode 84, Clive Mayhew, the Founder of Yoga Aid, and Lara talk about the cultural differences of giving, Yoga Aid in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Italy, US, Wanderlust in Tahoe in July, to raise money for Off the Mat into the World, how yoga has changed his life, and how making time for it […]


Episode 83: Michael Taylor Strala Yoga NYC

In this episode, Michael and I talk about his desire to be for health instead of sickness, yoga connecting you to you, the best teachers connect you to you, �how you tune into you, advice for teachers-Do a lot of yoga, tuning into yourself rather than tuning out, paying attention, to stop separating things into […]


Episode 82: Claire Missingham Vinyasa Flow UK

In this episode Claire and Lara talk about Sufism, seeing people as love – �all consuming love, the wonderful discipline involved in a daily yoga practice, �Tantra, to intend, parenthood improving her teaching, the feeling state – the bhavanam, feel yoga instead of “doing it”, to find the authenticity in each one of us, the […]


Episode 81: Eoin Finn Blissologist

In this episode Eoin and Lara talk about�Hammock Enlightment, Blissology – the art of being happy, balancing with the web of life, love as a force in the universe like gravity, his work with Lululemon and Olympic athletes, his new DVD The Pursuit of Happy Hips, as well as Everyday Yoga shot in Bali (coming […]


Episode 79: Laura Colvin-Brown Flagstaff Yoga Festival

In this episode Laura and Lara talk about Kundalini, Tarot, Archatypes of Universal Experience, The Flagstaff Yoga Festival, childcare at the festival, making the festival accessible for everyone, parenting as the deepest yoga you can do, filling your own cup first, finding your own path in yoga, bringing in all types and paths of yoga, […]


Episode 77: Jane Austin Prenatal Audio

In this episode, Jane and Lara talk about Prenatal yoga, her new DVD, a time to slow down and atune with their bodies and the babies inside them, findng your passion, immediate relief for everyone, especially pregnant women, getting yoga access everywhere, letting go, softening, opening, birthing lessons applicable to mothering, silent meditation, creating sacredness […]


Episode 76: Sadie Nardini Audio

Episode 76 is an interview, with Sadie Nardini, of Brooklyn, New York and Lara Hedin, Founder of Yoga Peeps. In this episode, Sadie and Lara talk about Integrity being super fierce, transforming a little bit at a time, core strength vinyasa, how not to leak your energy, her YouTube videos, The Guru is thy Self, […]


Episode 75: Mark Freeth Freestyle Yoga Project

Episode 75 is an interview, with Mark Freeth, of Birmingham, England, and Lara Hedin, Founder of Yoga Peeps. In this episode, Mark and Lara talk about living in his bus, teaching students of mixed abilities, inspiring people, minor miracles in each class, having a beginners mind, struggles with backbends, and vinyasa krama, breath and movement […]


Episode 74: Deborah Adele YogaNorth, Duluth, MN

Episode 74 is an interview, with Deborah Adele, Author of The Yamas & Niyamas, and Co-Owner of Yoga North, in Duluth, Minnesota and Lara Hedin, Founder of Yoga Peeps. In this episode, Deborah and Lara talk about her beginning of yoga at age 48, being the owner of Yoga North for 12 years, the richness […]


Episode 73: Maria Scrivan, Author: Dogi the Yogi

Episode 73 is an interview, with Maria Scrivan, of Stamford, Connecticut and Lara Hedin, Founder of Yoga Peeps. In this episode, Maria, author of Dogi the Yogi, and Lara talk about avoiding injuries, yoga as a full body massage, relaxing into your breath, let go to go deeper, staying with it, savasana just as important […]


Episode 72: Elena Brower Audio Interview

Episode 72 is an interview, with Elena Brower, of New York City, and Lara Hedin, Founder of Yoga Peeps. In this episode, Elena and Lara talk about the height of hope, responsibility as a yoga teacher, teachers who care, helping to find the abundance that is already within you, being as authentic as possible, speaking […]


Episode 71: Faith Hunter Audio

Episode 71 is an interview, with Faith Hunter, of Washington, D.C. and Lara Hedin, Founder of Yoga Peeps. In this episode, Faith and Lara talk about working through pain to make us who we are and become stronger, teaching from your own practice, connection being the best thing about teaching, finding the time to practice, […]


Episode 70: Arthur Klein YYoga Movie

Episode 70 is an interview with Arthur Klein, creator of YYoga Movie, and Lara Hedin, Founder of Yoga Peeps. In this episode, Arthur and Lara talk about how the yoga teacher is your guide – the yoga is your yoga, yoga as a personal experience, to keep coming back, as we age the practice is […]


Episode 69: AK Kennedy Hyde Clothing

Episode 69 is an interview, with AK Kennedy, of Hyde Organic Yoga Clothing, and Lara Hedin, Founder of Yoga Peeps. In this episode, AK and Lara talk about how she got started, about going organic, healing her running injury with yoga, her favorite teachers, satya and santosha. To listen click: YogaPeeps_061109_AKKennedy_HydeClothing Subscribe with iTunes ShowNotes […]


Episode 68: Jaimal Yogis Saltwater Buddha

Episode 68 is an interview, with Jaimal Yogis, of San Francisco, California, and Lara Hedin, Founder of Yoga Peeps. In this episode, Jaimal and Lara talk about how thoughts can pound you down daily, riding life with grace, Jack Kerouac, dharma, negative ions, surfing, dynamic moving spirals of energy, freedom in this life, and self […]


Episode 67: Ayurveda Doshas – Finding Balance

Episode 67 is a discussion of the Ayurvedic Doshas, with James Bailey, Ayurvedic Doctor, in Santa Monica, California. In this episode, James and Lara talk about how yoga systematically smooths out the flows of prana, the doshas, finding balance, deranged doshas, pancha karma, vaiyus, prakriti and krititi. To listen click: YogaPeeps_051909_AyurvedicDoshas Subscribe with iTunes ShowNotes […]


Episode 66: Hala Khouri Audio

Yoga Peeps Episode 66 is an interview with Hala Khouri, of Exhale, Venice, California. In this episode, Hala and Lara talk about how yoga keeps her in check, being willing to take what arises in the practice, teaching at-risk-youth, all being one, not being interested in fancy yoga any more, as she’s gotten more advanced, […]


Episode 65: Kathryn Nicolai Ethos Yoga Audio

Yoga Peeps Episode 65 is an interview with Kathryn Nicolai, of Ethos Yoga in Holly, Michigan. In this episode, Kathryn and Lara talk about, high rates of depression, unemployment and obesity in Holly and Flint, Michigan, with the yoga practice your bad habits drop you, recognizing the element of change, a new epiphany daily, everything […]