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Jon and Dave Fisher make Tim Allen look like a wuss without a tool-belt. By the time you're finished listening to Jon's show, you'll wish you had more chores in the job-jar. Saturday mornings are for home fix-it-ups. Or for procrastinating on them so you can listen!

Jon and Dave Fisher make Tim Allen look like a wuss without a tool-belt. By the time you're finished listening to Jon's show, you'll wish you had more chores in the job-jar. Saturday mornings are for home fix-it-ups. Or for procrastinating on them so you can listen!
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Montreal, QC


Jon and Dave Fisher make Tim Allen look like a wuss without a tool-belt. By the time you're finished listening to Jon's show, you'll wish you had more chores in the job-jar. Saturday mornings are for home fix-it-ups. Or for procrastinating on them so you can listen!






1717 boulevard René-Lévesque Est Montréal (Québec) H2L 4T9 514-790-0991


July 7, 2018

Topics: Relative Humidity and comfort -- keeping cool during a heat wave; Gluing panels to a basement ceiling -- Quick Grab adhesive; Cleaning a fiberglass deck -- the key is a bristle brush; What caulking to use for a fiberglass deck to the wall -- Polyurethane caulking; Installing panels in an unheated garage - any moisture problems?; Window air conditioner with no drain -- my homework; Who repairs blown off shingles; Radiant heating for ceilings and floors; How to clean a condo garbage...


June 16, 2018

Walter Assi is sitting in for Jon Eakes.


June 9, 2018

Topics: Stainless steel screws and rust; Removing stains from a fiberglass bathtub; Water inflitration from driveway drain in a slopped driveway; Roof shingles for high winds and dealing with ice dams on a cathedral roof; Refinishing a porcelin bathtub; Sealing cracks in the foundation from the inside or outside; What is causing those cracks in the foundation; Water run off away from the house.


June 2, 2018

Topics: Legal reference for condos; Lining a wood burning chimney; Prepairing for a housing inspection; Technique for re-gluing counter trim with contact cement; Fixing a power line support unlodged by the wind; How to change a gate post without removing the concrete in the ground; Building passageways to hide bathroom fan ducting; Making edges "dissapear" by using round drywall corners; Which deck surface to use and finishing a deck. Sunday: How much water flows through a pipe?; The Farm...


May 26, 2018

Topics: Talking to mice; Concrete spalling around the swimming pool; Keeping leafs out of heat pump; Dealing with small red ants; Finding the leak in a window; Do I need to change the indoor side of a heat pump when I change the outdoor part; Thermal pane window dirty on the inside; Painting a laquered floor; Leak showing on ceiling but doesn't seem to come from the roof. Sunday: Working with Sandpaper


May 12, 2018

Topics: 110v on electrical stove not working; Painting over stud ghosting to block stains; Is dry ice a legitimate way to clean up mould - yes?; How to choose an inspector for a condo; Water hammer arrester; Carpenter Ants; More Ants with rot under patio door; Washing machine control not working at one setting.


May 5, 2018

Topics: Hiding a crack patch in stucco; Using a butterfly damper to separate multiple clothes dryer air streams; Dealing with Carpenter Ants; Baseboard or wall mounted heaters in a basement; Deck needs refinishing too soon; Re-roofing - Asphalt shingles vs. metal; Ant Solutions - Raid Ant Killer Liquid & Diatomaceous Earth; Choosing double or triple pane windows.


April 28, 2018

Topics: Roof shingle replacement - felt or fiberglass; Cutting aluminum railing; Crack in wall caused by other half of duples is moving -- moulding to hide moving cracks; Paving stones sinking - EnviroSand; Toilet valve making noise; Concrete bird bath cracked; Caulking masonary. Sunday: Cleaning siding and protecting building paper.


April 21, 2018

Topics: Re-staining a pressure treated wood deck; Mambrane or asphalt flat roof; Preventing Carpenter ants; New Dishwasher systems; Making strong backs at every age -- on my WebBroadcast -- on Gorkhale's Newsletter; Where to find DAX for cleaning Electronic Air Cleaners; Strange pipe into sump pump; Smell from Toilet.


April 7, 2018

Topics: Kitchen sink smell; Raising a sagging main beam; Fireplace insert with condensation; Quotes from roofers - which shingles to use; Water coming in the top of the basement window -- seal the balcony above; What a good roofing inspection sounds like.


March 31, 2018

Topics: Removing stains from shingles; Plumbing stack with no flashing; Water in fireplace - aluminum paint over plastic cement -- close off the top; Corner of large granite tile lifting; Sump pump replacement; Radiant ceiling panels joints cracking -- camouflage; Identifying insects; Open a sink trap to get jewelry.


March 24, 2018

Topics: Roof Shingle underlayments; What are the best shingles; Concrete Spalling -- sump pumps; Cooking odours from neighbour; Sump Pump and floor mold spreading; Refinishing a spalling garage floor -- Top & Bond; Paint peeling off a ceiling in a concrete condo; Is a metal roof better than shingles; Installing a new sewage drain -- all or only part.


March 17, 2018

Topics: Good concrete in outdoor steps; Xypex - when to use, when not to bother using Crystalline Growth Waterproofing; Using self-levelling polyurethane to repair a cracked window sill; Sump pump exit freezing; Balancing furnace dampers.


March 10, 2018

Topics: Wood burning stove rules in Montreal; Water powered sump pumps SJ10; Furnace oil smell occasionally - combustion air; Air changer in the attic dripping; Noise from new flat roof; Refinishing cupboard doors -- use Re-Finisher when possible; Precisions on the Montreal Wood heating; Furnace room remodel with oil gone; Replacing old skylights and installing bathroom vents when re-doing the roof -- coordinating contractors to work together.


March 3, 2018

Topics: The sound of running water even with the main valve turned off; The Heat Pump warranty only covers a small part of a repair; Insulating a cathedrial ceiling made of 2x4's to stop condensation; Can I place hardwood over parquet flooring; Moving a toilet across joists in a bathroom renovation; Putting plumbing into an outside wall; Filling the 2" space between the wall and the basement slab; Repairing parquet flooring water damage; Insulating a sunroom.


February 24, 2018

Topics: Tri-Energy heating developments; Window installation developments; Furnace fan control; Is one large or two ordinary furnaces best for a large house; City giving fines for thermal pumps in view from the street; In slab, under slab or over slab radiant heating -- Schluter Bekotec; Bad rumble from time to time in house; Y joint in basement toilet drain line in backwards.


February 17, 2018

Topics: Sump Pump needed; Flea won't die; Salt on garage floor; Water leak from behind rain gutters -- the drip edge; Is there mould in walls after a small roof leak; Baseboard heaters not heating; Roof leak from ice dams.


February 10, 2018

Topics: Toilet noises -- maybe the shut-off valve; Double kitchen sink poor drainage - maybe the un-used garburator; Changing the glass in a thermal pane window; Changing a 2 prong electrical plug for a 3 prong plug; Water powered water pumps; BP Class action suit; What kind of ridge vent; Getting drywall dust off the tile floor; Radon remediation.


February 3, 2018

Topics: Removing linoleum tiles; Tub girgling when faucet runs; Insulating a garage door; Condo with really wierd hot water problem; Where to drain the furnace humidifier; Use CRYSTAL or CATALYTIC floor finishs for dogs; Leveling space where tiles have been removed; The level of water in the toilet bowl -- MAP toliet efficiency testing; Fixing fogging in thermal pane windows; The tub spout doesn't stop when the shower is on.


January 27, 2018

Topics: Efficient Heaters - Baseboards & Thermostats; Kitchen door upgrade; Warming up ceramic tiles in the kitchen; Pyrite and resale; Loud thud at night from roof; Testing for Pyrite; More cracking noises in the roof; Radon testing.