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Jon and Dave Fisher make Tim Allen look like a wuss without a tool-belt. By the time you're finished listening to Jon's show, you'll wish you had more chores in the job-jar. Saturday mornings are for home fix-it-ups. Or for procrastinating on them so you can listen!

Jon and Dave Fisher make Tim Allen look like a wuss without a tool-belt. By the time you're finished listening to Jon's show, you'll wish you had more chores in the job-jar. Saturday mornings are for home fix-it-ups. Or for procrastinating on them so you can listen!
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Montreal, QC


Jon and Dave Fisher make Tim Allen look like a wuss without a tool-belt. By the time you're finished listening to Jon's show, you'll wish you had more chores in the job-jar. Saturday mornings are for home fix-it-ups. Or for procrastinating on them so you can listen!






1717 boulevard René-Lévesque Est Montréal (Québec) H2L 4T9 514-790-0991


May 25, 2019

Topics: Class action suit against BP Shingles -- still active; Covering a strange stain on a wall that won't accept a new finish; Replacing hallway doors in a 6 unit appartment; Outdoor plug not resetting; Insulating the house from a cold attic storage room; Class action against BP; Small claims worked for me against BP; Plumbing flood from upstairs appartment and the landlord won't fix my walls; Window opening covered in new concrete foundation freezing the water pipe. Sunday: the Robertson...


May 18, 2019

Topics: Oil furnace died -- go to all electric, maybe not; Flooding from a basement well; Closed soffits and icecycles; New super heat pump with exageted savings; High efficiency furnace and chimney mis-match; Squirles in the attic; Every tap in the house making noise -- high pressure from the city?; New large island ventilation duct has a 9" duct -- how to get to the outside -- attention such powerful fans can cause backfrafting and could kill you.


May 11, 2019

Topics: How to seal electrical outlets; My window is leaking - where is the water coming from?; Flat roof Asphalt & gravel vs. Elastomeric membrane; Repairing a chimney for future use with wood burning and how to close it off temporarially; Changing brick over a door and installing a flashing under the new brick; There is a bothersome gurgilling sound in the house; Choosing portable air conditioners -- limititations due to window styles; Which brand of asphalt shingle is best?; Can I...


May 4, 2019

Topics: Most National and Québec building codes are now free!; How to evaluate an air quality test; How to test for where water enters a door; Are Shark Bite connectors really reliable? - they are good but they have limitations; Prepairing for a new concret landscaping slab; An old air exchange making noise; Ductless heat pump, or not; Patio stones or pavers.


April 27, 2019

Topics: Flood control overview -- what to do with minor to moderate flooding -- the 3 stages of basement flooding; A sink hole in an asphalt driveway -- underground errosion; The costs of all electrical forced air heating; Installing new windows; A vertical wall crack that keeps coming and going; Should I use gravel or black earth to slope the landscaping away from the house -- earth; Vinyl flooring in a basement; Baseboard heaters buzz with new electronic thermostats; Very old house where...


April 20, 2019

Topics: Sump pump defficient power supply; New low flush toilet in basement not strong enough flow to open the basement backflow damper -- full flow backflow dampers; Yard water evacuation through house drain; Tankless electric water heater; Overview guide to dealing with a flood; Window add-on for sound proofing-- good idea, but may not fit many Canadian windows (openers etc). Sunday: Keeping one part of the basement almost dry while the rest has moderate flood waters -- like to keep the...


April 13, 2019

Topics: Hot water tank and shark fittinga; Bbrick shed rotting at the bottom; Main drain repair covered in loose fill is now sinking; Residential generators -- getting the wires into the house; Noises in the roof, cracks in the drywall; Balcony cracked; Renting and wants air conditioning, do we have to have a duct to the outdoors - YES; Changing bathtub but wants one which will accept seats.


April 6, 2019

Topics: Replacing insulation after a leak in a compact roof; What covering to use in a heated basement floor; What product to use for heating a floor with electricity - FlexTherm; Can I put a humidifier on a fully ducted air changer - NO; Utility costs went way up when I changed from Dual Energy to All Electric - that's normal - what to do - look at the Tri-Energy controller for all electric heat; Basement leaks through brick with no flashing -- what is a Smart Membrane; Garage floor...


March 30, 2019

Topics: How to size mini-split heat pumps - using contractor contridictions to understand your house's needs; Toilet bowl sweating; Can a membrane roof be installed in this weather; Black soot leaking out of oil furnace air ducts; Toilet refilling by itself; Connecting a main beam support with its post; Replacing toe-nailed joists with joist hangers -- nails not screws and caution with which nails.


March 16, 2019

Topics: Window replacement questions -- see Window Replacement Overview; What kind of air conditioning for an older house without ducts; Mould clean-up -- ozone or hydroxyl; Water entry under staircase; Shooting foam over crawl space sand; Crack in the basement leaking for the first time; Major redesign of the roof; Tracing water entry into basement. Sunday: Spring flooding of basements


March 9, 2019

Topics: Montreal initiative to ban oil furnaces -- a proposition not well thought out; The city is using heavy equipment to break the ice over the street drains -- is all that banging going to damage our house; Which is better to fix a main drain pipe -- dig and replace - or -- an epoxy liner -- and what is the city responsible for; I need to put electric heat in my basement - which is better, basefoards or Convect Air higher up on the wall?; What is the lifespan for a hot water tank -- the...


March 2, 2019

Topics: Melt water into basement - Landscaping - Flood Alarms; Preventing tree roots from coming back into a house drain - escavation - epoxy liner - Biobarrier; Furnace moved leading to air flow problems; Roof leaking -- vent flashing to blame; Town house water in basements from weather patterns current ice problems -- sandless sand-bags; Removing ceramic floor tiles and thin-set mortar; Well pump buring out pumps - turns out it was a broken diapharam in the expansion tank. Sunday: Fire...


February 23, 2019

Topics: Unusual weather creating ice problems around the house and covering street drains -- prepair for more water in basements than usual as this thaws -- be ready with Quick Dam or other sandless sandbags; Is it right for a contractor to put electrical wires directly behind the drywall in the space made by strapping over studs; How to clean up mould and find mould testing companies; Does the PanFan toilet bowl filter fan really work; Choosing new windows; Butterfly dampers to stop cold...


February 16, 2019

Topics: Poor pressure from well pump; Bath tub faucet - no cold water: Eco Ice Grip - no-slip wood chips for slippery ice - where to buy it; Upstairs radiator that does not work -- the Spiro Vent for continuous removial of air from hydronic systems; Heat pump cyclying on/orr too quickly; Door to low with water coming in - can I raise the bottom of the door; Eleminating household dust; Where to find radon remedial services - scroll to the bottom. Sunday: Continuous around the corner and up...


February 9, 2019

Topics: 2 story Mongolian Yurts in Alaska; Bathroom fan dripping; Permenant disability pension and travel - CPP and QPP full permenant disability have no travel restrictions -- temporary disability and private plans may be different; Cleaning the inner tub of a clothes washer to get rid of musty smell; Sink backing up when other sinks are drained; Runing a gas furnace during a black-out -- deep draw batteries and converters -- outdoor generator and a transfer switch; Stove top vent letting...


February 2, 2019

Topics: Fixing a broken kitchen door panel where the European hinge attaches - and getting paino hinges to not fall off; Changing from oil hot water to electric baseboards -- how to choose good ones; Mistery whoo whoo sounds at night; Hot Water tank on old glass 30A glass fuses, should I change to a newer type of fuse -- NO; Washing machine smells after the rinse cycle -- clean the tub with Oil Lift; Caller has whoo whoo sounds from diesel train engins and cargo ships near-by; Where to find...


January 26, 2019

Topics: On the occasion of my 74th birthday and after 41 years of communicating scientific material - I give my great-grand-son a 50/50 chance to live to old age -- here is why (with an editorial correction: I mentioned Scoiologists and I should have said "Psychologists have gained Professional status"); Insurance company wants the house water drained when leaving on vacation; AquaTrip is an automatic valve that will stop a flood if the pipes burst, even if the power it out; How to prevent...


January 19, 2019

Topics: Gas furnace replacement - Dual energy - Tri Energy; Is the new furnace humidifier properly installed?; Insulating with foam directly under the roof deck; Natural gas or gasoline generators - and the Transfer Switch; Newly poured basement slab wetting the house; Closing off an open fireplace with a chimney baloon. Sunday: Choosing and using De-Icers for safety


January 12, 2019

Topics: Bleeding the indoor valve of a hose bib to prevent freezing; Basement flood from mid winter thaw and rain; Large cracking noise in a concrete condo; Bathtub faucet leaking even after changing the valve cartridge; Water leaks in the country - landscaping; Oil tank change-out - is it necessary? Dual Energy -- Tri Energy Sunday: Choosing a kitchen counter top


January 5, 2019

Topics: Landscaping for water run-off; Changing from Oil furnace to electric furnace; Overflow from bathroom, electrical questions and FILL alarms; Checking for asbestos in ceiling tiles; Want to glue unwelded stove pot handles back on; Heat pump not performing; Basement steps constantly wet; Heat pump cycling; Attach broken pot handle with bolts and nuts; Wood pellet stove. Sunday Notebook: Removing water or heat rings on table tops : Lacquer Finish ; Plastic Finish