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The Money Pit is a nationally syndicated, call-in podcast that helps listeners with their home improvement and decor projects. Expert DIY'rs Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete entertain, educate and inspire listeners with an encyclopedic knowledge that just plain fun to listen to! With this team you can do-it-yourself, but you really don't have to do-it-alone. Listeners can call in questions 24/7 to 1-888-MONEY PIT (888-666-3974).

The Money Pit is a nationally syndicated, call-in podcast that helps listeners with their home improvement and decor projects. Expert DIY'rs Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete entertain, educate and inspire listeners with an encyclopedic knowledge that just plain fun to listen to! With this team you can do-it-yourself, but you really don't have to do-it-alone. Listeners can call in questions 24/7 to 1-888-MONEY PIT (888-666-3974).


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Radio America


The Money Pit is a nationally syndicated, call-in podcast that helps listeners with their home improvement and decor projects. Expert DIY'rs Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete entertain, educate and inspire listeners with an encyclopedic knowledge that just plain fun to listen to! With this team you can do-it-yourself, but you really don't have to do-it-alone. Listeners can call in questions 24/7 to 1-888-MONEY PIT (888-666-3974).








Episode # 2013: Kitchen Renos Under $1,000 | Apartment Décor | Hands Free Ways to Save Water | Plus Your Questions

Remodeling your kitchen is a project that adds value to your home, but it can also get pretty expensive. We’ve got 3 kitchen renos you can get done for under a thousand bucks to add style and convenience without draining your bank account! Plus… Moving into an apartment doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your décor desires. We’ll have simple apartment decorating ideas that will make your apartment feel like home AND still make sure you get that security deposit back at the end of your lease....


Episode #2012: Porch Popularity Surges | Keeping Lawns Healthy During Drought | Solution for Stinky Dishwashers | How to Find & Fix Roof Leaks

Porches are the perfect space to enjoy the outdoors, relax and even visit with neighbors from a socially acceptable distance! This may be why front porches are making a big comeback and we’ve got tips on how you can make the most of yours! Plus… With generally blistering heat across the nation, are you wondering how to avoid having your yard turn into a dead, dry wasteland? We’ll have the tips on how you can conserve water, restore dead patches and still have a beautiful lawn in summer...


Episode # 2011: Tips for Tackling Multiple Projects | Energy Saving Windows | Uses for Leftover Paint

Is your to-do list getting longer every day? Get tips for tackling several projects at once and save money at the same time! Plus If you’ve ever installed ceramic tile, you know that one of the hassles is dealing with the adhesive. Now there’s a much simpler way to install tile – and it can be done without glue, and lets you grout immediately. Is this the year you’re ready to replace leaky or drafty windows? With so many competing claims of efficiency, it can be difficult to select windows...


Episode #2010: Building Raised Garden Walls | Free-Up Sticking Doors | How to Finish Your Front Door | Upcycling Reno Leftovers

With all the humidity, it’s that time of year when doors swell and get stuck in their openings. We’ve got the easy fix for sticking doors. Plus. Before you can add the new you have to get rid of the old – and that can often be a costly part of any home renovation. We’ll share tips to help lighten the load and cut demolition costs And we’ll have the how to on a fun garden project – building a raised landscaping wall that useful for creating a ring around a tree or raised garden wall to dress...


Episode #2009: Selling a Home During COVID-19 | Lawn and Garden How-to’s | Stopping Basement Floods | Kitchen Backsplashes with Tile

This can be a challenging time for many things and that includes selling your house! If you are planning to do that this summer, Tom and Leslie share the key improvements that need to get done first to nail a quick sale at the highest possible price. Plus… This summer, most of us will be spending more time at home and enjoying our outdoor spaces. And for DIY’rs, there’s more interest than ever in updating and maintaining lawns. We get expert tips to help from the team at Troy-Built, a...


Episode #2008: Renting Tips for First Timers | Picking the Perfect Garden Shovel | ZERO Maintenance Building Materials | Quick Fixes for Concrete Cracks

Renting your first apartment is a big step that’s both exciting and terrifying all at the same time! Tom & Leslie share expert tips on what to look for before signing a lease to make sure you get all your security deposits back. Plus.. If you love gardening and landscaping, you might not think there’s much new to know about one of the most common landscaping tools – the shovel. Well, all shovels are not created equal, we’ll explain how they’re made and how to spot a good shovel from a piece...


Episode #2007: Preventing Summer Blackouts | DIY Stone Finishes for Worn Kitchen Countertops | Keep Kids Safe Around Electrical Outlets | Creating Beautiful Outdoor Rooms

With summer thunderstorms, blackouts are becoming more common – which is why now is a good time to think about adding a whole house generator. The costs have come down and the convenience can’t be beat. We’ll share the options and how to find the right size unit for your home just ahead If you’re looking for an easy and inexpensive way to transform the look of your kitchen, applying a decorative stone surface to your countertop can do just that. We talk with an expert that’s spent decades...


Episode #2006: How-to Set Up Your Pool for Safety | DIY Tips for New Blinds | Easy Projects to Increase Home Value

Summer marks the riskiest time of year for pool drownings, which is actually the leading cause of death to young children! In this episode, expert hosts Tom & Leslie explain the best way to backup parental supervision and keep kids safe. It’s a pool safety approach called layers of protection. Plus… Replacing your front door is a project that can increase your home’s value and increase its curb appeal. We’ll share tips on how to get that project done. If you’re ready for an easy indoor décor...


Episode #2005: Most Violated Building Codes | Easy Fix for Cracked Walks | Spool Pools

Building codes exist to keep your family safe, but only if you or your contractor follow them! Tom & Leslie have tips on how to avoid the THREE most commonly violated codes. Plus, if you’ve noticed that your walks, porches or patios look a bit worn – we’ll tell you how to resurface those at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Do you have a small backyard and looking to make the most of your minimal outdoor living space? One trendy addition can make a huge difference. Plus, answers to your...


Episode #2004: Right-Sized AC | Solutions for Smelly Water | How to Fly the Flag

Are you ready to buy a bigger and better air conditioner to keep cool this summer? Well, you may be surprised to learn that bigger is not always better for your comfort. We’ll have tips on how to pick the best one for your home. Plus… Smelly water is a common complaint among homeowners, for good reason: No one wants to drink, cook or clean with water that smells like rotten eggs. We highlight the causes and cure. Summer gives us lots of opportunities to display the red, white and blue....


Episode #2003 Best Backyard Deck Designs | Solving House Noises | Eco-Furniture from Reclaimed Lumber

The right deck design can make your home appear larger than it is – which is why adding a backyard deck can actually increase your home’s value. Tom & Leslie have tips on how to choose a deck design that works for you. Plus… Squeaks, creaks, drips, bangs and hisses – are all noises your house makes, but have you ever wondered what’s behind them? We’ll tell you how to sniff out and silence the most common house noises and whether those noises might signal a bigger problem needing a fix. Do...


Episode #2002: Build Your Own Fire Pit | Planting a Pollinator Garden | AC Tune Ups | Healthy Lawns in Hot Summers

It’s a great time of year for outdoor living and if you want to step up your space, we’ve got tips on how you can build your very own fire pit! Want a garden that not only looks good, but also serves an important purpose? Bees, hummingbirds and butterflies are all pollinators and play a big role in plant reproduction. Tom & Leslie have tips on how you can create a pollinator garden to give these creatures a place to carry out their good work! Are you ready to fire up your AC to keep cool and...


Episode #2001: Easy Garage Organization | How to Hang Pictures Without Holes | 5 Questions to Ask a Contractor Post COVID-19 | Avoiding Home Repair Re-dos

Are you ready to do one final cleanup of your garage before the summer kicks into full swing? Tom & Leslie share simple garage organization tips, plus: Have you needed to crank your AC yet? If not - great because there are 3 things you should do first - to make sure it’s set to keep you cool and comfortable all Summer long. The pandemic has changed the way we do many things, and that is certainly true when it comes to how we find and choose contractors to take on the projects we don’t want...


Episode #2000: 30 Minute Home Improvement Hacks | Best Doggy Doors | Kid Safe Window Treatments | Your Questions

This is a big episode for The Money Pit. Its show #2,000 and we can’t thank you enough for allowing us to help you make your home the best they can possibly be! Not all home imp projects require an entire weekend to get done! We’ve got 3 -30-minute home improvement hacks that can help you save time, energy and make your space look great! Do you love your dog -- but not so much having to get up in the middle of the night to let the dog out? We have tips on how to install a pet door that your...


Episode #1999: Painting Plastic Playgrounds | Quick Fixes for Home Repairs | Cordless Chainsaw Reviews

Do you have an old, faded plastic playset in your backyard? By giving it a coat of fresh paint, you can bring it back to life – it’s easy IF you use the right materials. We’ll walk through this project. Plus… With all the time we’re spending at home these days, the wear and tear shows on us, as well as our houses! And when stuff breaks, we need to be able to find the right glue to fix it fast and sometimes, that can be a real challenge. We’ll share tips on a new product that can set you up...


Episode #1998: How to Grow Herbal Medicines | Buzz on Backyard Honeybee Hives | Resurfacing Worn/Pitted Concrete

Want to grow your own home remedies, right in your backyard? Well walk you through easy to grow herbs for surprisingly effective herbal medicines. Plus… Backyard honeybee hives are becoming a huge trend. We’ll tell you what all the buzz is about coming up. Over the winter – the combination of road salt and freezing weather, can do some real damage to concrete steps, walks, patios or driveways leaving them looking old, worn and just plain dull. We’ll review a solution to restore cracked...


Episode #1997: Why Quarantines Make Allergies Worse | Easy to Build Fire Pits | Tricks for Cleaning Shades

Have you noticed that your allergies are particularly bad this year? Well it turns out that quarantines can actually make allergies worse! Learn why from one of the nation's best experts on indoor air quality. Plus, learn some places allergens hide we guarantee you never would have thought of! Also in this episode. Want to improve your outdoor space by adding an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, grill enclosure, planters or even a bench? We share a way to do that which is as easy as stacking...


Episode #1996: How to Pick the Perfect Landscape Plants | Best Paint Sprayers | Fixing Plaster Cracks | Your Questions

If you’ve been sprucing up your landscaping, avoiding high-maintenance plants that require constant pruning or suffer from pest problems is key. We’ve got tips on how to select a reliable, trouble free shrubs to spruce up your outdoor living spaces and your outlook! Plus, going green in your kitchen isn’t limited to veggies -- earth-friendly countertops can lend plenty of green as well. We’ll share which materials are Mother Nature’s favorites, coming up. Painting is one of the most popular...


Episode #1995: Small Space Veggie Gardening | End Dirty Dish Do-Overs | DIY Kits to Grow Lawns | How to Stop Dogs from Digging

Having a small yard or living in an apartment is no reason to give up on the idea of your very own garden, though. Urban and other small space gardeners are making use of containers and vertical space to grow crops like tomatoes, radishes, lettuce and other greens — we’ll show you how. Plus… · There are many, many things for your home that can be delivered in a box. A beautiful lawn however, is not one of them! But now there’s a service that delivers everything you need to grow a beautiful...


Episode # 1994: Cooking Up Outdoor Kitchens | Spring Cleaning for Decks & Patios | Weekend Mailbox Makeovers

Outdoor living spaces have never been more popular -- and that includes outdoor kitchens. But cooking and dining outside require special recipes of their own. Tom and Leslie have tips for designing an amazing outdoor kitchen. Plus… Spring cleaning isn’t just for indoor rooms. Now is also the time to spruce up a favorite outdoor room—your deck, we’ll have some deck cleaning tips later on in the show. Between bad weather, and more deliberate forms of vandalism, mailboxes can take a real...