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Episode 36 - How Much Is Eating Out Costing You?

Jami and Brian talk about the costs of eating out all the time. It's not just expensive in terms of money. Jami shares some of her favorite go-to meals that you can make quickly and easily when you don't feel like spending a lot of time cooking. Brian talks about the latest updates on the farmhouse. Plus lots more.


Episode 35 - Dealing with Invasive Blackberries + Farmhouse Updates

Jami and Brian talk about the bane of Northwest gardeners--the invasive Himalayan blackberry and how they've dealt with it in the past. This time around they've had to take extreme measures. They give some updates on the remodeling progress of their hundred year old farmhouse fixes. There's food coming in from the garden, so Jami shares some early harvest recipes. Plus some cool things they've discovered and lots more.


Episode 34: What We've Learned From DIY Remodeling

Jami and Brian discuss Remodeling Magazine's list of remodeling projects that give you biggest and smallest return on your money when you sell your house. Then they talk about their own projects compare and the "you have to live there" factor. Jami shares recipes from the garden for spring, and they both discuss a riveting book series they've been listening to together.


Episode 33: Is Your Car Costing Too Much?

Jami and Brian talk about how much average people are spending on new cars and how you much more freedom you have in your life if you don't spend that much. They discuss what they've found to be the used-car "sweet spot," not too cheap but still nice, and then list off the things you need if you're going to drive used vehicles--like a mechanic you can trust. They give a wild goldfish update on the Farmhouse, plus talk about cool books and TV shows they've recently discovered.


Episode 32: Is That Kitchen Gadget Worth It?

Jami and Brian talk about the kitchen gadgets and small appliances that are worth taking up storage space and spending $$ for. The bottom line is it has to do something really useful or replace one of the more standard small appliances. Jami talks about the advantages of freezing your garden produce. Brian discusses health sharing ministries as an alternative to high insurance rates. And much more.


Quick Announcement About A Schedule Change

We are going to an every other week schedule for releasing podcast episodes.


Episode 31: Sights and Sounds of Austin, Texas

Jami and Brian recorded this episode on their street-level balcony near downtown Austin, Texas. Because they were staying in the busy Red River District, you hear lots of cars, an airplane, and even some panhandlers asking for money. Jami and Brian talk about some of the great experiences they had over the course of a few days, including some of their favorite places to eat. Because they're on the road, they recommend some travel items that have worked well. And lots more.


Episode 30: What To Buy In Thrift Stores

Brian and Jami go back in their history to the heyday of thrift store shopping (eBay changed everything) and share some of their all-time favorite finds. Jami shares a list of "Things You Should Never Buy At A Thrift Store" published in a major magazine, and has a good laugh. Plus, she lists recipes you can make in a vintage cast iron pan--one of her best thrift store finds. And so much more!


Episode 29: Farmhouse Fixer Yard & Garden Plans

Jami and Brian talk about their garden plan for the farmhouse. Their first city garden was too small. Their first country garden was too big. So this one is going to be just right. Exactly like Goldilocks. They discuss sunlight, deer, raised beds, paths and other things to think about. Jami has some great garden-to-table recipes to share. And then they talk about some cool things they've discovered lately.


Episode 28: Updates From Past Episodes And The Farmhouse

Jami and Brian share updates on a variety of topics from past shows, including wood countertops, grilling with infrared, and what's happening with the hundred-year-old farmhouse. They talk about items from "This Is Really Cool" that are still working great. Plus, updates on some food videos.


Episode 27 - How Turmeric Continues To Help Our Dog

Jami and Brian are joined in the studio by their 13-year-old dog Samson as they talk about how turmeric has helped him overcome injuries and stay active. Brian recounts how Samson was found wandering in the forest. Jami discusses his knee and hip problems (which are common for larger dogs), the other medical remedies we tried, and how adding the spice turmeric to his food was the thing that finally helped him. Brian explains why an impact wrench is so useful (except he keeps calling it a...


Episode 26 - Garden Lessons

Jami and Brian talk about planning for their third garden. They discuss what they learned from planting a tiny city garden and then planting a probably-too-big country garden. And now their upcoming farmhouse garden is going to be "just right." (Like the porridge in Goldilocks.) Jami lists off the vegetables and flowers she WILL grow again. And the ones she WON'T grow again. Plus they talk about great garden food and some recent discoveries.


Episode 25: A Day In Our Work-At-Home Life

Jami and Brian talk about what it's like to have jobs where they don't commute to an office. When you can determine what you'll do every day, having a set schedule is SO important. Even then things will come up EVERY DAY that try to throw it off. In case you're curious about what it would be like, they share their schedule (and what actually happened) for a typical weekday. Plus, food ideas and some cool new discoveries.


Episode 24 - Tips For Making Exercise A Habit

Jami and Brian talk about all the benefits of regular exercise (you probably know all that) but then they get into how they've made it a habitual part of their lives. They approach it from completely different backgrounds. Jami shares some great food ideas for getting into better shape and then discusses the old question, "Can you simply exercise yourself to a healthy weight?" All this, plus the best CHEAP vacuum cleaner you've never heard of.


Episode 23 - LIVE From Inside The Farmhouse Fixer Upper

In a FIRST for their podcast, Jami and Brian record this episode "live" as they walk through the hundred-year-old-farmhouse they're going to be fixing up. (OK, technically not really live. But with enough background noises to sound live.) They give a quick tour, starting on the front porch, talking about what needs to be remodeled and what they love and wouldn't change. Like the views. Plus, food ideas for Sunday's big game and big news about Jami's Flexible Planner.


Episode 22 - How To Get Rid Of Stuff

We would have titled this one "How To Get Rid Of JUNK," except that it's easy to rid of useless stuff. It's a lot harder to get rid of stuff that's valuable but still needs to go because it's cluttering your home and your life. Jami & Brian discuss how they've been able to break that emotional attachment, and then what's worked for selling, donating or giving away. Plus big update on the old farmhouse. Recipes for getting rid of leftovers. And some cool discoveries about fiber and free...


Episode 21 - All About The Farmhouse Fixer

Jami and Brian tell more of the story of how and why they're buying a nearly hundred year old farmhouse out in the country--that's going to need a lot of work. They talk about why they sold their converted ranch, why it took them 15 months to find this new property, and what their plans are. Plus some wonderful, classic holiday films they've added to their must-watch list. And more!


Episode 20 - Budgeting Tips: How We Think About Money

Jami and Brian talk about their life before they were serious budgeters. What was the event that caused them to get really serious about tracking their finances and saving for things. And now having made it a habit, what have been the benefits of keeping to a budget and planning for the future. Since neither of us are spreadsheet-nerds, we found a system that's doable and sustainable for us.


Episode 19 - Use Goals To Make This Year Your Best

It's time to look forward to the New Year and make a fresh start with your finances, personal development, weight, and everything else. Brian and Jami talk about the remarkable effectiveness of setting goals--and actually writing them down. Of course, it's not always that easy to change. Brian tells about the time he thought a handheld PDA was going to keep track of their checkbook. And Jami recalls the diet where she could eat all the papaya and mango she wanted, and that was it. They...


Episode 18: Christmas Movies, Wrapping Tips, Quick & Healthy Dinners

Jami and Brian talk about their favorite Christmas movies and TV specials. Brian really likes Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" of which there are about two dozen versions. Among her many other favorites, Jami explains why she likes "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" but not "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer." Then they discuss the time-saving gift-wrapping system Jami discovered. And Jami talks about how to offset holiday treats with simple, healthy dinners. Plus a hot sauce favorite and healthy...