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Dr Jennifer Stewart Jenquine

In this episode I am playing for you a live interview that I did at a local horse expo, this was put on by a wonderful charity called Equine Action Qld. It is an annual horse expo where they bring in speakers of such a high quality to talk about all things horses. I was lucky enough to interview Dr Jennifer Stewart from Jenquine. I only had 20 minutes with Dr Stewart so you will her the interview for 20 minutes and then you will hear her wonderful talk on big head, or as she would now like...


Andrea Datz Integrative Horsemanship

In this episode I speak with Andrea Datz from Integrative Horsemanship. There is so much gold in this episode. I am so happy for you and your horses that you have tunes into this one. From learning to listen to your horse, to understanding the principles of dancing the Tango and taking them into your time with your horse, and to the beautiful gift that I received during this podcast, calmness. Andrea was so calm and clear I her communication throughout this podcast that after a night of...


Callie King CRK Training

In this episode I speak with Callie King from CRK Training. Just like so many other trainers I’ve interviewed on this podcast, Callie wanted to find a better way to do things after the experience she had with a difficult horse. So today I wanted to first of all, pay tribute to those horses, the ones who are on the frontline of absolutely stubbornly refusing to respond in any positive way to old training methods of domination and negative reinforcement, they are forcing us to make the...


Top 5 Horse Training Tips so far

In this episode I have gone back over the trainers that I have spoken to in each previous episode and found the Top 5 Horse Training Tips. What I love about these tips is that they all have a similar focus. These trainers are from varied disciplines and from all over the world, yet their foundations are similar, their naming of it may be a bit different, the way they do it may be slightly different, but the intention and end result are all very similar. They all work with calmness and...


Anna Blake Relaxed and Forward

In this episode I speak with Anna Blake who is a dressage trainer, author and blogger. Her blog, Relaxed and Forward has a weekly entry since 2011, so if you like what you hear today, as I know you will, and you want to immerse yourself in what Anna teaches, her blog is a great place to start. She has also written 4 books and coaches people all over the world in dressage, one of the amazing things Anna brought to the horse world is the awareness of calming signals. These are signals that we...


Tanya Bevilacqua Mindfully Mounted and Fit

In this episode I speak with Tanya Bevilaqua from Mindfully Mounted and Fit. I found this talk fascinating. Tanya uses the Alexander technique which I have heard about before but never took the time to understand. It fits completely with the values I love to promote on this podcast. It works to find the root cause of the problem and then gives the body an opportunity to do things differently. It requires empathy and sensitivity. It is gentle and profound. Tanya found this technique for...


Tanya McDermott HERO

In this episode I speak with Tanya McDermott from HERO. In conjunction with Harness Racing Victoria she is working to make sure all Standardbred horses have a life after racing. Whether they are retired, never made the track at all or have just had enough and don’t want to race anymore. The best part about this program and what Harness Racing Australia are doing, is that they can start to gather real stats about where their horses are going that are being registered for racing. This is...


Kim Walnes The Way of the Horse

In this episode I speak with Kim Walnes from The Way of the Horse. This one is along one folks, I thought about doing it in 2 parts but couldn’t make you wait that long for this incredible story. Through most of this interview I had a lump in my throat and at the end of it I just wanted to reach through the internet, all the way across the ocean to America and give Kim an enormous hug and say “My word you’ve been through a lot”. Kim Walnes knows what it’s like to live your dream at be at...


Rod Lockwood EQUITANA Australia

In this episode I speak with Rod Lockwood the man who brought EQUITANA Australia to our shores 20 years ago. Having run my own businesses over the years I am one of those people who goes out for dinner and calculates the seats in the restaurant and staff and meal costs to see how profitable a business like this is. I go to QSEC and look at the same thing, the staff, the overheads with equipment, the planning and promotions and I do a few sums in the hope they are being profitable. I love to...


Mosie Trewhitt Liberty Horsemanship

In todays episode I speak with Mosie Trewhitt from Liberty horsemanship. Mosie is someone who gives me great hope for the future of horses on the planet. She is young and had the courage to understand there was a different way of being with horses from a teenager, and as a natural part of the social media generation, has a large following on Instagram, and is showing the world of horsepeople young and old, what is possible through choice and positive reinforcement. She is still young and...


Valence Williams Soul Horse Revolution

To connect wth Valence go to her Soul Horse Revolution Facebook Page.


Fiona Darroch-Speedie Dancing with Horses

In todays episode I speak with Fiona Darroch Speedie from Dancing with Horses. Fiona spent her early life in north western queensland and where her sense of freedom and adventure was nurtured and horses, and relaxed baby boomer parents, were the facilitators of that freedom. On moving to Brisbane she began dancing lessons and became an instructor, but it was the time that she found a true Latin dance teacher that her life with dancing changed for good. In time Fiona decided that dancing,...


Gary Wells Emmett 4 Animals

In todays show I speak with Gary Wells an Emmet Therapist for horses and humans. Gary’s name in the horse industry is held very high. Any time I’m on social media and see people ask for a body therapist, his name is always in the mix so when I started this podcast his name was one that I always kept in the back of my mind for approaching for an interview. And now you can find out why. Gary’s spent a lot of time in the horse racing industry and I am so glad that there are people in the...


Kate Pilcher Globetrotting

In Episode 12 I speak with Kate pilcher from Globetrotting. Kate is a person who not only loves horses, but loves to travel the world, and after a spiritual crisis in her young adult years, she trekked off around the world riding horses along the way, and decided to make a living out of her two loves. Hence globetrotting was born. When we become mothers, business owners and horse owners it can be easy to let the every-day grind stop you from doing the things that you love. Kate has kept...


Donna Anderson One horse Life Australia

In this episode you will hear from Donna Anderson from One Horse Life Australia. Donna is at the end of many years of learning and is at the beginning of her teaching journey with horses and people. Donna started her life with horses as a lot of people did by getting her first pony when she was young. Then there was the catalyst that changed her horse training for ever. When one of Donna’s horses died while she was in the UK visiting her Mum, she felt lost and unable to go on with horses...


Elaine Heney Grey Pony Films

On this episode you will hear from Elaine Heney from Grey Pony Films. Elaine has grown up with horses in Ireland and is lucky that her Father has a gentle hand, however it was on her travels around the world that her horsemanship changed forever, when in New Zealand Elaine saw a horse being ridden bareback with a single rein. It’s the old saying you can’t be what you can’t see. Once Elaine’s eyes were opened to this new way of being there was no going back for her, she then travelled to...


Sandy Robertson SEQ Brumby Association

On today’s episode you will hear from Sandy Robertson from SEQ, that’s for South East Qld where she is located, Brumby Association. Sandy has always had a place in her heart to rescue horses and find them a loving home. She hasn’t ever seen a problem horse, just misunderstood horses who need some time and kindness. Sandy has worked for many years in land conservation so knows a lot about how to take care of the land and is someone who has spent her life giving to others. When she was asked...


Tony Robinson The Wanderer

In this episode you will hear from Tony Robinson The Wanderer. I have a feeling you may be a surprised as I was to hear what Tony has to say. An Australian country kid, growing up in Narrabri, the only horse riding lessons he had was to not fall off, or if you did fall off, try and figure out why and try to make sure it did not happen again! He met some interesting people, way ahead of their time using chiropractic methods on horses and cattle, this was to be his new path and he spent many...


Maxine Ellison Horses and People

Maxine Ellison is the co-owner of Horses and People magazine. Maxine is one of those people, who never leaves you wondering what she is thinking. I can see why horses love her as congruence and honesty is what they crave. Maxine is a natural leader who is on the forefront of standing up for horses and speaking out where others may hold back, especially when it comes to her love of harness racing. This is an enlightening talk many wonderful things about Maxine’s life with horses, we go...


Cristina Wilkins Horses and People Magazine

One of the reasons I chose to do this podcast is because I believe that everyone has a great story to tell. We have all lived interesting lives and I love to hear the path people have taken to get to where they are. Cristina is one of those surprise packages that I was fascinated by! She has a wonderful story to tell about her childhood in Spain. She recounts being a small and timid child and how her mother, who did not want her to miss out on a life with horses, decided she should learn to...