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Kate Nelligan Conscious Rockstar

In this episode I speak with Kate Neligan from Conscious Rockstar. Kate’s story is fascinating. She works with people and horses as a coach for humans to bring about their real self and to live the best life that they can. You’ll hear how horses have taught Kate so much and how she is now able to now support others in the lessons her horses taught her. Kate is a beautiful woman who is connected to all things ethereal and is deep. She is also a very clear communicator and owns every part of...


Adele Shaw The Willing Equine

In this episode I speak with Adele Shaw from The Willing Equine. Adele is a horse trainer who works in a completely holistic way with horses. She teaches her clients that a horse needs a good environment, a good diet, a body that feels good and a human that is aware of their body language before even getting to how to train a horse. All this before even getting into the saddle. Ahhh imagine if all horses were afforded the same respect? This is an interesting conversation with a refreshing...


Welcome to 2019

Just a quick drop in to let you know where I was for the last part of 2018 and how I brought in the New Year with insights, totems and a very large Wombat! A bit about who you can expect to hear from in the coming weeks and more about my intention for 2019. And a big thanks for Coming Along for the Ride with me and hoping that 2019 is going to be bigger and better than ever as we strive to bring consciousness to the horse world.


Dr Anne Bondi Saddle Research Trust

In this episode I speak with Dr Anne Bondi, not only has she set up the saddle research trust but she also has had a really interesting life and career with horses. And in this episode we cover it all. If you’ve ever wondered about saddle fitting and what the research is and how far we have come and why it is so hard to find scientific proof of some things we may feel intuitively, then Anne may very well answer that for you today. Anne’s trust is working hard to have a voice for horses and...


Thank you for an amazing 2018!

It's a quick one where I drop in to say thank you and read you some awesome things that people have sent to me over our first year of this podcast and I give you a little insight into next year. Have a safe and wonderful holiday season, I'll be in the snow in the north pole somewhere when you are listening to this, and get yourselves strapped in for an awesome and abundant 2019!!!


Emma Booth Para Equestrian

In this episode you will hear from Emma Booth who is a truly extraordinary human being. She has represented Australia at the Olympics and this year at WEG as a para equestrian. Emma has been at the forefront of my mind for an interview since I heard her story through another podcast so I was thrilled when she said “yes let’s do it tomorrow” at EQUITANA when I asked her for an interview. Some people might take pity on people who are not fully able bodied, or have been through the kind of...


Pedro Torres and Emma Booth at EQUITANA Australia 2019

In this episode we wrap up the wonderful EQUITANA Australia VIP Super Ticket Holder events with Pedro Torres and Emma Booth. I have introduced Pedro in the 1stepisode of this series, so go back and have a listen to more about this Portuguese Working Equitation and Dressage star. Emma Booth is Australia and she is our international representative para equestrian. Emma is one person I’ve wanted to interview for a long time and I was lucky enough to do a full interview one on one with her at...


Vicki Wilson, David Manchon and The Rooftop Express Team at EQUITANA Australia

In this week’s episode I’m thrilled to bring you day 3 of the EQUITANA Australia VIP super ticket holder sessions where I was the MC for the event. In this episode you will hear from Vicki Wilson from New Zealand, Vicki competes at the highest level of show jumping, she starts horses and also does Equine Therapy, by that I mean body work for horses. In my opinion Vicki is changing the way people all over the world, see horses with what they consider to be bad behaviour. In 2017, Vicki...


Chris Burton, Stacy Westfall and the Dan's from Double Dan Horsemanship at EQUITANA Australia 2018

This week’s episode is another gem from the 4 days at EQUITANA Australia 2018 where I was the MC for the VIP super ticket holder event. This one is a cracker! On this day I was lucky enough to have Chris Burton who is one of Australia’s best eventers of the modern times. He represented Australia at the 2010, 14 and 18 World Equestrian Games, the London 2012 Olympic Games and the Rio 2016 Olympic games where he won a bronze medal on his young horse Santano II. Stacy Westfall the super...


Stacy Westfall and Pedro Torres at EQUITANA Australia 2018

This episode is a little bit different. If you follow me on social media, you will know that I have just spent 4 days at EQUITANA Australia. And I was there to be the MC of the VIP Super ticketholder events. The first event I was fortunate enough to interview Stacy Westfall and Pedro Torres. For anyone who does not know who that is, I’ll give you a bit of the intro from EQUITANA’s program. Stacy Westfall is one of the US’s top clinicians and competitors. She is a specialist in reining but...


Sandra Poppema HippoLogic

In this episode I speak with Sandra Poppema from HippoLogic. And no, she does not work with Hippo’s! Her business name is rooted in her history and lineage and it beautifully reflects the work she does in helping horses, by helping their humans. Sandra, like a lot of us, knows that any issues with the horse can usually be traced back to us in some way, and that if she works on the confidence and self esteem of the humans as well as the thought processes in their training, then the horse...


Dr Lena Clifford Animal Biomechanical Solutions

In this episode I speak with Dr Lena Clifford from Animal Biomechanical Solutions. Lena studied veterinary science in her homeland of Germany, doing a doctorate there before coming to Australia to be with her now husband Darrell who is an extraordinary horse person in his own right. You will hear how Lena felt the vet world taught her scientific skills but there were holes to be filled, she found a teacher and mentor in Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM and her world changed forever. Lena...


Tracy Malone My Story so far

It has taken me 31 episodes but I've finally taken the time to record my story so far. I've told this story a few times in the past weeks to various people so I thought I'd record it as an episode to save my voice from having to say it many more times! This is how my life began with horses. It is how I did my horse journey in the reverse order to most people and why that needed to be. It's about the reason I started this podcast and where we go from here. It also has a treat at the end...


Karine Vandenborre Horsefulness Training

In this episode I speak with Karine Vandenborre from Horsefulness Training. Karine has, over the years, put mindfulness and horsemanship together. The thing I love about Karine is that she has a breadth of experience in horses, and it’s her choice to always put the horse first and see what fits for them, that makes her a great trainer in my eyes. When I ask her about why she rides bitless, she says it’s simply because all the horses she rides prefer it that way. Even though she’s trained in...


The Impact we have on our Horses.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the impact that we have on horses as their owners and riders and I wanted to highlight that in this episode. So I’ve gone back over the interviews I have done since the beginning of this podcast and I’ve selected what I believe are some pearls of wisdom. The main reason I want to do this is to get you thinking more about the impact we have on horses. Like I said before, I’ve been pondering it A LOT and wanted to open the conversation with you guys. As I...


AJ Millions Leading the Way International

In this episode I speak with AJ Millions from Leading the Way International. AJ does one of my passions, she has an experiential horse facilitated learning centre. AJ works with people of all ages and from many different walks of life. Her experience in life is extraordinary. It began on a large ranch in Canada with her Grandfather, learning how she did NOT want to train horses. You will hear how AJ worked with first Canadian elders in a womens correctional centre where she assisted in an...


Dr Tauri Simone Aboriginal Stockwomen; Their Legacy in the Australian Pastoral Industry

This interview is with Dr Tauri Simone an Aboriginal woman who has spent years writing a thesis on Aboriginal Stockwomen; Their Legacy in the Australian Pastoral Industry. Tauri is not only an incredibly well-educated woman, she is also a stockwoman, who lives in the outback of western Australia on a property that is 1.3 million acres. She musters cattle, no longer on horseback, but she used to. She lives a privileged life compared to the women she writes about. In this interview you will...


Dr Jennifer Stewart Jenquine

In this episode I am playing for you a live interview that I did at a local horse expo, this was put on by a wonderful charity called Equine Action Qld. It is an annual horse expo where they bring in speakers of such a high quality to talk about all things horses. I was lucky enough to interview Dr Jennifer Stewart from Jenquine. I only had 20 minutes with Dr Stewart so you will her the interview for 20 minutes and then you will hear her wonderful talk on big head, or as she would now like...


Andrea Datz Integrative Horsemanship

In this episode I speak with Andrea Datz from Integrative Horsemanship. There is so much gold in this episode. I am so happy for you and your horses that you have tunes into this one. From learning to listen to your horse, to understanding the principles of dancing the Tango and taking them into your time with your horse, and to the beautiful gift that I received during this podcast, calmness. Andrea was so calm and clear I her communication throughout this podcast that after a night of...


Callie King CRK Training

In this episode I speak with Callie King from CRK Training. Just like so many other trainers I’ve interviewed on this podcast, Callie wanted to find a better way to do things after the experience she had with a difficult horse. So today I wanted to first of all, pay tribute to those horses, the ones who are on the frontline of absolutely stubbornly refusing to respond in any positive way to old training methods of domination and negative reinforcement, they are forcing us to make the...