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Your working day is always better with a bit of craic in it, and Dermot and Dave are your guaranteed beam of daily light relief. They're always up for a laugh, mad for mad stories, and only too happy to slag themselves off as well - no sacred cows here. Guaranteed to leave you smiling all afternoon.

Your working day is always better with a bit of craic in it, and Dermot and Dave are your guaranteed beam of daily light relief. They're always up for a laugh, mad for mad stories, and only too happy to slag themselves off as well - no sacred cows here. Guaranteed to leave you smiling all afternoon.


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Your working day is always better with a bit of craic in it, and Dermot and Dave are your guaranteed beam of daily light relief. They're always up for a laugh, mad for mad stories, and only too happy to slag themselves off as well - no sacred cows here. Guaranteed to leave you smiling all afternoon.






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Dermot & Dave's Best Of Podcast-23/04

Dermot & Dave's 'Ah Sure Lookit Wasn't That It' podcast is the perfect thing to keep you company over the weekend, whether you're out and about in the car, getting stuck into jobs at home or if you need to stick some earphones in for an hour to drown out the noise of your kids for some well deserved 'me time' (no judgement here!) Jam-packed full of all the bits you may have missed the Ah Sure Lookit Wasn't That It podcast is your one-stop shop for all things Dermot & Dave. This week Dermot...


Irish Wrestler Finn Balór Explains What Life Is Like In The WWE

Are you a fan of the WWE? Or have you kids that love wrestling? If so, then this interview will be for you! In the hot seat for 'Ask Me Anything' on Dermot and Dave is Professional Wrestler Finn Balór. Finn who's a Bray native reveals all, including what his parents think of his very unique job. You can listen to the full chat below: [audio mp3=""][/audio]


This Is One Of The Most Iconic Irish Movies Ever Made

The classic Irish film 'Michael Collins' starring Liam Neeson will be on our screens this weekend. For Maria's Telly, Producer Maria Devereux told Dermot and Dave what's on the box this weekend, including another game show that all the family can watch! You can listen to the full chat below: [audio mp3=""][/audio]


Cartoon Saloon Reveal How The Oscars Are Coming To Kilkenny

Sitting in front of Kilkenny castle at 3am wasn't how the gang at Cartoon Saloon might have imagined celebrating their latest Oscar nomination but they're delighted to be taking part. Co-founder of the Kilkenny based animation studio Paul Young confirmed to Dermot and Dave that they'll be tested across the weekend, a crew from Waterford will be filming and Kilkenny Castle will be in the background as they wait to see if Wolfwalkers will nab them the prize at the Academy Awards. It's been...


How 'Revenge Bedtime Procrastination' Is Keeping You Up At Night

Do you wake up wrecked every morning and say 'I'll be in bed at 9 tonight' only to find yourself sitting up at 1am watching a boxset on Netflix or scrolling endlessly on your phone? For some people, it's a bad habit but for a lot of people, it's something called 'Revenge Bedtime Procrastination'. The phenomenon is a response to working long days in the office, or at home, and feeling like you've no time to do anything for yourself. So you take revenge on what you've missed out on during the...


Will It Be BBQs And Beaches For Ireland This Weekend?

It's been four hundred years of winter but there's rumours afoot that it could be warmest weekend of the year so far. So, is it time to take out the BBQ and stock pile ice cream? Our resident weather expert Alan O'Reilly from Carlow Weather joined Dermot and Dave with his forecast for the next few days! A little frosty this morning but up to 18c in the West today. The sunshine will be hazy today for many but still a lovely day and a great weekend ahead. I hope the shops have stocked up on...


Could You Fall In Love With Someone Before Meeting Them?

Has the Lockdown affected your love life? Have you had to resort to online dating? Could you fall in love with someone you have never met? Apparently 2 in 3 Irish people believe that it's possible! Naomi Wakeland from Bumble joined Dermot and Dave to talk them through some interesting stats around 'Lockdown Love'. You can listen to the full chat below: [audio mp3=""][/audio]


This Guy Claims He Can Change Cloud Shapes With His Mind

Once again, Dave has found something very very strange on the internet. For Dave's World, Dave introduced us to a man called 'T.Chase'. A man who claims he has a strange power... the ability to 'change the shape of clouds'. You'll have to listen below to understand what is actually going on. [audio mp3=""][/audio]


Move Over Dermot Whelan, Noni Announces Autobiography

It's been a big week for our Dermot, his book 'Mind Full' has rocketed to the top of the best-seller charts. But, there's competition on the way, and it's coming from a surprising place. Limerick's favourite chaaaaaaaawkkkkklitttt seller, Noni Considine, has announced that she is releasing her own book about her 'long and hard' life. Noni joined Dermot and Dave to formally launch her autobiography from birth to pram and everything in between. Catch all the craic by clicking play below:...


Top Midwife Explains The Importance Of The Fourth Trimester

For a lot of pregnancies, the main focus for parents is getting to the end of the third trimester when the new baby arrives into the world. But something that isn't often given a huge amount of consideration is the 'fourth trimester'. In fact, recent studies have show that three quarters of Irish mothers don't even consider making a post-birth recovery plan for their physical and emotional recovery. Lesley Gilchrist is the founder of My Expert Midwife and is also one of the many reassuring...


How You Can Get Involved In Ireland's Hedgehog Survey

Did you know that a hedgehog can cover around 1-2km every night around your local area? There's so much we don't know about the prickly little things, and now, an Irish college wants your help to get more information. The gang at NUI Galway have just launched the second Irish Hedgehog Survey for the summer and they want people all around the country to get involved. Researchers are asking volunteers to place ten footprint tunnels, a small tunnel made from corrugated plastic containing two...


Dog Expert Shares Top Tips On Stopping Separation Anxiety

As schools go back, and as we look ahead to the possibility of things opening up to some sort of normality, there's one family member who won't understand what's going on. Whether you've had a dog for years, or you've recently become a dog parent, you've probably been spending way more time than usual with your pooch. But what's going to happen when you start leaving the house a little more often? Dog trainer Chris Hanlon told Dermot and Dave about the impact separation can have on our furry...


Remember Snake? Nokia Is Making A Comeback

It was probably your first ever mobile phone or the phone you borrowed off your parents to play the game ‘Snake’. Nokia had a special place in the hearts of the Irish people. Well, Nokia have recently announced a range of new smartphones and it had Dermot and Dave thinking about why Nokia was so popular for people here in Ireland. Tech expert, Jasper Hamill joined Dermot and Dave to talk about the history of Nokia and why people loved them so much. You can listen to the full chat below:...


These Sounds Might Freak Your Pet Out

The internet can be a terrible place but sometimes it can be wonderful. It seems that Dave always finds the wonderful in it. For Dave's World, Dave brought us some lovely musical performances by some very talented animals. Here are the videos he's talking about: @giorgio_lp_#duet with @quchengaoe - what a voice d/c @hirokisan79♬ original sound - Giorgio Lo Porto @hirokisan79@monkeylifelove さんと一緒に #デュエット 元動画は音源ボタンから #おうちで過ごし隊 #monkey #song #music #piano #伴奏付けてみた #猿 #歌うま♬ original sound -...


Leo Varadkar Says It'll Be 'Hard' For Euro Games To Go Ahead In Ireland

We've already faced the disappointment of not qualifying but Tánaiste Leo Vardakar has admitted that it will be 'hard' for the planned Irish games of Euro 2020 to go ahead unless there are changes in relation to the capacities for host cities. Speaking to Dermot and Dave on TodayFM, An Tánaiste said that while they were still awaiting the decision on minimum capacity for crowds, June 'is too soon' to commit to having stadiums 25% full. An Tánaiste was reluctant to give any concrete...


Say Stuff That Suits The Music

It’s Wednesday. You know what Wednesday means? It means it’s time to Say Stuff That Suits The Music! Dave plays the tracks and Dermot says whatever comes into his head. This week we hear from the Glenstal Abbey Monks along with their good friend Dizzie Rascal.. Dermot's mind is quite unique! Hit play to hear the sketch in full. [audio mp3=""][/audio]


How This Gorgeous Dog Is Helping With Anxiety

Sadie is a lot of things, a Retriever, a beloved pet, a fan of food and a big fan of walkies. But her talents don't end there! Sadie has become a massive support for her human, Lily and the face of a gorgeous Instagram account which speaks openly and honestly about dealing with issues such as anxiety. Photos courtesy of @Sadie_Pink Lily, a student based in London, set up the Instagram account after seeing her friends setting up their own. As someone who has suffered with anxiety since she...


Dave's World Bad Jokes

Dave rapping Charles Dickens is all you'll ever need to cheer yourself up! He was on fire today for Dave's World Bad Jokes! You can catch all the craic by clicking play below: [audio mp3=""][/audio]


Bernard O'Shea Shares His MORTIFYING Nightclub Memories

Remember the nightclub? The cloakroom, the carpet, the end of the night curry. From Bondi Beach Club to the Danny Mann, Jets to Cho Chos, there were some absolute gems around the country. Bernard O'Shea joined Dermot and Dave to share his favourite memories, including one humiliatingly encounter involving a walled mirror. You can catch all the craic by clicking play below [audio mp3=""][/audio]


Vicky Phelan Reveals How Irish Support Has Kept Her Going

Irish campaigner Vicky Phelan has been in the United States for a number of months now, receiving specialist and experimental treatment for cancer. Vicky has revealed in recent weeks that her planned six month stay will likely be much longer, and it could be late this year before she'll be reunited with her family. Speaking to Dermot and Dave, Vicky explained her reasons for keeping the longer stay private from both the public and some of her loved ones, and her dreams that she will be able...