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Your working day is always better with a bit of craic in it, and Dermot and Dave are your guaranteed beam of daily light relief. They're always up for a laugh, mad for mad stories, and only too happy to slag themselves off as well - no sacred cows here. Guaranteed to leave you smiling all afternoon.

Your working day is always better with a bit of craic in it, and Dermot and Dave are your guaranteed beam of daily light relief. They're always up for a laugh, mad for mad stories, and only too happy to slag themselves off as well - no sacred cows here. Guaranteed to leave you smiling all afternoon.


Dublin, Ireland




Your working day is always better with a bit of craic in it, and Dermot and Dave are your guaranteed beam of daily light relief. They're always up for a laugh, mad for mad stories, and only too happy to slag themselves off as well - no sacred cows here. Guaranteed to leave you smiling all afternoon.






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Dermot & Dave's Best Of Podcast-17/09

Dermot & Dave's 'Ah Sure Lookit Wasn't That It' podcast is the perfect thing to keep you company over the weekend, whether you're out and about in the car, getting stuck into jobs at home or if you need to stick some earphones in for an hour to drown out the noise of your kids for some well deserved 'me time' (no judgement here!) [audio mp3=""][/audio] Jam-packed full of all the bits you may have missed the Ah Sure Lookit...


Collectible Or Rubbish? Our Favourite Antiques Expert Evaluates Your Stuff

We recently met Rody Keighery. the straight talking expert from RJ Keighery Antiques in Waterford. [audio mp3=""][/audio] View this post on Instagram A post shared by R J Keighery Antiques Ireland (@antiques_ireland) After Rody played a quick game of 'collectible or rubbish' with some of the bits that were sitting in homes around the country, we knew we had to get him back to evaluate some more pieces! Rody joined...


The Most Controversial GAA Jersey Ever: An Update

''You'll have no excuses now'' [audio mp3=""][/audio] Cathal from the Dermot and Dave team was in search of new jersey's for his new Dublin GAA Club - 'Kevins'. Well, Dermot and Dave answered the call and presented him with what they thought were lovely new jerseys, Cathal thought differently. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Today FM 💛 (@todayfm) Thankfully for Cathal's sake it was all a joke and the...


How To Not Stink Out The House When Cooking Fish

Do you stink of fish? These are the kind of tough questions we ask here on the Dermot and Dave show! [audio mp3=""][/audio] In the hot seat for Ask Me Anything this week it's the turn of Fishmonger, Tadhg O'Meara from Kish Fish joined Dermot and Dave to answer all your fishy questions. He also shares what his favourite fish is. You can listen to the full chat by clicking the Play button.


Gordon Ramsay Isn't The Only Talented One In The Family

It seems like Gordon Ramsay isn't the only talented one in the family, his daughter is now stepping into the lime light by taking part in the latest season of BBC's Strictly Come Dancing! [audio mp3=""][/audio] For Maria's Telly, Producer Maria Deveruex told Dermot and Dave what's on the box this weekend including a new Tommy Tiernan show on RTÉ about the iconic Dublin venue 'Vicar St'. Click Play to hear the chat in full


Heading Back To The Office? You'll Need These Tips

A long time ago, thousands of workers around the country packed up their desks and made the move to remote working for a 'few weeks'. It's been nearly 18 months and over the coming weeks, a lot of people will be returning to the office and praying they haven't left a piece of fruit on their desk! [audio mp3=""][/audio] But, what will it be like? Productivity coach Niamh Brady says it'll be just like your first day of...


Would You Wear A Pair Of Glasses That Can Record Everything You're Seeing?

''Would you want big Zucker being able to peer through your sunglasses when you're out at night?'' [audio mp3=""][/audio] Do you remember ‘Google Glass’, those ‘’cool’’ smart glasses that Google thought everyone would wear? Well, now Facebook have released their own version of these weird smart glasses but to make them look ‘’cool’’, and they’ve teamed up with Ray-Ban. Tech Journalist, Jasper Hamill joined Dermot and...


''I'm Not Going Anywhere'': Brave Dublin Mother On Her Cancer Diagnosis

''I'd originally been given two and a half years by the doctors.. now I'm at two years and honest to God, I'm not going anywhere in the next six months!'' [audio mp3=""][/audio] Aisling McConnell from Swords in Dublin joined Dermot and Dave to chat about her Cancer diagnosis and all about the important work that the people who provide Palliative Care do. This week is Palliative Care week and Aisling who was...


Follow Noni's Exclusive VHI Women's Mini Marathon Training Plan

She's a chawwwwwklit seller, the biggest customer of both Donkey Fords and Chicken Hut and the most running she's done in the last 50 years is away from the Munster team's security but now our Noni has gotten into fitness. [audio mp3=""][/audio] This Sunday, she'll be joining the thousands of women around the country taking in a special virtual VHI Women's Mini Marathon. While event usually sees 80,000 participants pegging it...


Why Ladybirds Are One Of The Smelliest Animals On Earth

Ever had a good sniff of a ladybird? No, us either. [audio mp3=""][/audio] But, turns out there's a good reason why we should avoid getting our noses too close to them. In Dave's World, we found out loads of facts from smelly ladybirds to what pigeons are really saying. Impress your mates with some decent pub quiz facts by clicking play above!


Top Telly Show Comes To Dingle To Play Ancient Irish Sport

If you haven’t heard of Road Bowls by now, you’re going to very very soon. [audio mp3=""][/audio] The cast of A League of Their Own were in Dingle this week to film a special piece all about the ancient Irish sport. @roadbowlsinireland##roadbowlsinireland ##roadbowling ##irish ##sport ##viral ##jamieredknapp♬ original sound - Michelle Smith 😘 Michelle Smith from Road Bowls Ireland joined Dermot and Dave to explain the...


This New Irish TV Show Is Teaching Kids About Online Safety

For parents, navigating the online world and their children can be tricky. They're usually a step ahead, and battling things that most parents have never encountered, but, it's also not going away and instead, we have to learn to live alongside it. [audio mp3=""][/audio] Now, a brand new Irish TV show is hoping to explain to kids the tools they need to understand and tackle problems with the online world. Speaking to...


Say Stuff That Suits The Music

It’s Wednesday. You know what Wednesday means? It means it’s time to Say Stuff That Suits The Music! [audio mp3=""][/audio] Dave plays the tracks and Dermot says whatever comes into his head. This week we hear from a very intense knitting class, a gritty Dublin crime drama and a funky new bar called 'Club Zappone' You can listen to the full sketch by clicking the play button.


Some People Take Scrabble Very Seriously

Are you a dab hand at Scrabble? Or so you try and make up words with the hope they are an actual word? [audio mp3=""][/audio] For Dave's World, Dave shared a mad take with Dermot and Maria about one particular scrabble competitor. I know it doesn't sound too exciting but it's actually quite interesting! You can listen to the full chat by clicking Play above.


Meet The First All Civilian Crew Going To Space

It's been a massive year for space travel. Firstly, we had not one, but TWO famous billionaires go to space and now, the first all-civilian crew of astronauts will blast off for a three day jaunt around Earth's orbit. [audio mp3=""][/audio] Inspiration4 is the latest project being run and it's a collaboration between Space X and billionaire tech guru Jared Isaacman. The crew of four feature Jared, a doctor and two...


Andrew Maxwell Can't Wait To Play To Irish Crowds Again

It's been a long time since we all had a good laugh and Andrew Maxwell can't wait to bring the giggles to Galway this October. [audio mp3=""][/audio] In his first visit home in almost a year, the London based comic stopped into Dermot and Dave on his way to 'Kilkenny with a sea view', or Galway to us. Andrew is just one of around 80 comedians who will be performing at the Galway Comedy Festival this October Bank...


Dave's World Bad Jokes

Without spoiling anything, a word of warning, this might not be one for Mayo fans! [audio mp3=""][/audio] Needless to say there were a few in this week's Dave's World Bad Jokes. You can catch the craic by clicking play above.


Irish Rugby Legend Peter Stringer On Becoming An Army Leader

We're used to seeing Peter Stringer in full control on the field as one of Ireland (and Munster's) most well known rugby players, but on our screens at the moment, we're seeing him under a LOT more pressure. [audio mp3=""][/audio] Peter is one of the celebs taking part in 'Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week', and for charity is putting himself through the selection process for the Army Ranger Wing. Speaking to Dermot...


You Might Want To Update Your iPhone After This Latest Security Breach

Are you an iPhone user? Have you downloaded the new update that might protect you from having someone hack into your camera and microphone? If you haven’t already, then you might want to! [audio mp3=""][/audio] A cyber surveillance company based in Israel have developed a tool to break into Apple iPhones with a never-before-seen technique and it has promoted Apple to take swift action. Chris Koentopp from Cyber365...


Have You Ever Tried Any Of These Sleep Hacks?

''I've seen people put sliced onions on their feet before going to bed'' [audio mp3=""][/audio] Comedian, Bernard O'Shea joined Dermot and Dave to chat about some of the sleep hacks he's come across online including a strange idea where people clingfilm sliced onions on their feet to try help them sleep better. You can listen to the full chat by clicking the Play button.