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Your working day is always better with a bit of craic in it, and Dermot and Dave are your guaranteed beam of daily light relief. They're always up for a laugh, mad for mad stories, and only too happy to slag themselves off as well - no sacred cows here. Guaranteed to leave you smiling all afternoon.

Your working day is always better with a bit of craic in it, and Dermot and Dave are your guaranteed beam of daily light relief. They're always up for a laugh, mad for mad stories, and only too happy to slag themselves off as well - no sacred cows here. Guaranteed to leave you smiling all afternoon.


Dublin, Ireland




Your working day is always better with a bit of craic in it, and Dermot and Dave are your guaranteed beam of daily light relief. They're always up for a laugh, mad for mad stories, and only too happy to slag themselves off as well - no sacred cows here. Guaranteed to leave you smiling all afternoon.






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Dermot & Dave's Best Of Podcast-21/01

Missed some of your favourite bits during the week? Want to catch up on the craic from Dermot and Dave? Well look no further than the Dermot and Dave Best Of podcast, your home for all of the messing with none of the music! [audio mp3=""][/audio] Whether you’re on a drive, out on a walk, getting stuck into the gaff or garden or looking for a bit of distraction from work, the Dermot and Dave Best of podcast has just some of our...


Pamela Joyce, Today FM's New Lunchtime Presenter Answers Everything

'If you had to be stranded on a Desert Island with one Today FM presenter, who would you choose?' [audio mp3=""][/audio] Pamela Joyce was in for an Ask Me Anything special with Dermot and Dave ahead of her new lunchtime show next Monday. We wanted to know Pamela a little bit better so the lads asked her all the important questions like, How did you react when you heard the news you were getting the job? What was your...


One Of Your Favourite Childhood TV Series Is Making A Return

Were you a fan of Fraggle Rock? Oh the nostalgia! [audio mp3=""][/audio] Producer Maria told Dermot and Dave what's on the box this weekend including a new series Ozark! The Netflix smash hit is back for another season and it looks like it's only getting better. All seasons are up on Netflix if you haven't seen any of it already, and Maria highly recommends it, so it must be good! Click the Play button above to hear all...


Meet The Man Who Lived Every Irish Person's Worst Nightmare

Picture the scene, you're on the way out for the day and you have that realisation. [audio mp3=""][/audio] You have left the immersion on. To any person who has lived on the island of Ireland, that's enough to bring you out in a cold sweat. For Keith Doyle, that nightmare became a reality recently. I'm in complete meltdown...just realised our immersion has been ON FOR SEVEN YEARS !!! Lovely neighbour pointed it...


'Matches': Diarmuid Gavin's One Tip For Dermot's Man Cave

No, we can't believe it either, but Dave is building Dermot a mancave. [audio mp3=""][/audio] Yep, they are such besties that Dave is donning his workman pants, his hi-vis and his hard hat and living his best DIY life. Dermot, in return, is making tea and a decent sausage sambo. There is a small complication however, and that is Dermot's garden which was recently expertly done by none other than Diarmuid Gavin. Needless to...


Rubber Gloves Out! Noni's Doing A Spring Clean

Yes there might be some pretty unique things in the back of the wardrobe, but have you ever thought about what might be lurking in the back of Noni's wardrobe? [audio mp3=""][/audio] She's our famous chawwwwwklit seller from Limerick, but she's lived a wild, and very long, life. Noni joined Dermot and Dave live from her gaff where she was working away and revealed some of the treasures she's found. You can catch the craic by...


Here Are Some Of The Best Ever Interviews Given By Sports Stars

''Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad'' [audio mp3=""][/audio] For Dave's World, Dave brought us some of the best interviews given by some of the biggest sports stars in the world. Dave re-lives a classic from Brian O'Driscoll that involves Tomatoes and a fruit salad. There's also a great one that sees one manager just ramble on and on, one line is ''Terry's...


Living Rent Free And Getting A Tan: The Benefits Of Teaching Abroad

''If you come to the gulf, it's tax free'' [audio mp3=""][/audio] Dermot and Dave recently had a chat with Andy Dixon who gave us some tips on what we need to retire. Well, another thing you could do is emigrate to somewhere really sunny and make a load of cash! Ex Pat Teacher and Career Coach Sorcha Coyle is someone who is doing just that and she joined Dermot and Dave from Dubai to share how we can all do the same....


''Do You Need A Bat Or A Hurley?'': What Is Pétanque?

''Brendan is 91 and is still playing the game and enjoying it'' [audio mp3=""][/audio] Pétanque player, Colin Delaney joined Dermot and Dave to chat all about the sport of Pétanque. Colin explained to the lads how you play Pétanque and just how popular it is in Ireland. It's more popular than you might think! Colin explained how Pétanque isn't recognised as an official sport by Sport Ireland. He mentions how the...


Microsoft Have Bought Activision But What Does This Mean For Candy Crush?

Will I lose all of my hard-earned levels on Candy Crush? [audio mp3=""][/audio] What’s the story with Call of Duty? Microsoft are buying video game maker Activision Blizzard for a mere 68.7 billion dollars! But what does this actually mean? Is it just numbers and stuff? Writer and Producer Triona Campbell joined Dermot and Dave to explain what this all means for the gaming industry and try and predict what this means...


Thinking Of Doing Some DIY? Popular Quantity Surveyor Shares Her Do's And Don'ts

Dermot is letting Dave build him a 'Mancave'. What could go wrong? [audio mp3=""][/audio] Quantity Surveyor, Lisa O'Brien joined Dermot and Dave to share some of her top tips for when it comes to doing any sort of home building project. I think it's fair to say the lads are not as prepared as they first thought. No doubt this story will continue for another while! Click the Play button above to hear the full chat.


Ireland's Incredible Connection To Avocados

They're the staple of any fancy brunch, they're farmed by some of the world's biggest names and Miley Cyrus loves them so much she has one tattooed, but did you know the incredible Irish connection to the avocado! [audio mp3=""][/audio] In Dave's World, we learned all about the Irishman who named the fruit, what celebs are known to grow them, and what you can do with those big seeds! Plenty of show-off chat for your next...


Say Stuff That Suits The Music

It’s Wednesday. You know what Wednesday means? It means it’s time to Say Stuff That Suits The Music! [audio mp3=""][/audio] We never know what to expect when Dermot opens up his brain, and his mouth. But if we can guarantee one thing, it's that it'll leave you giggling. If you haven't heard it before, basically Dave plays the tracks and Dermot says whatever...


Thinking Of Retiring Early? Here's What You'll Need To Know

When we think about retiring, the questions are usually more about how quickly we can do it, what sandy island we’ll live on and whether or not we’ll buy a convertible. [audio mp3=""][/audio] We tend to think less about how we’ll actually get there. To start us on our road to retirement, Dermot and Dave were joined by Andy Dixon from Harvest Financial Advice to explain when and where to start, and if you could be retiring...


This 5 Minute Routine Could Be The Perfect Start To The Day

It’s cold and dark outside and yes, the bed is warm and snuggly but the alarm isn’t going anywhere and you know you need to stir, and start your day off right, maybe even do some form of physical activity? [audio mp3=""][/audio] What about starting your day by getting a yoga practice in, without even having to take off your jammies? Hazel O’Sullivan from The Yoga Tree has devised the perfect combination of comfort...


Wellness Expert Pat Divilly Explains How To Listen To Yourself

If you really think about it, the person you speak to the most, the person we listen to the most, is ourselves. [audio mp3=""][/audio] But, why do we take what we hear as gospel? A new book is hoping to explain how our own inner voice can be the most critical. Pat Divilly is the author of the best-selling ‘Fit Mind’, a brand new book which hopes to get you to listen to your inner soundtrack, understand it and tune into...


Dublin Artist Raises Over €100'000 For Women's Aid In Memory Of Ashling Murphy

''I wanted to see if could I do anything that would help prevent something like this happen again'' [audio mp3=""][/audio] Since Ashling Murphy's tragic death last Wednesday, there has been a national outpouring of grief, anger and support not just for Ashling but for the 243 other women who have died violently since Women's Aid records began in 1996. Inspired by the stories being shared by women around the country, and...


This Must Be One Of TV's Trickiest Dating Shows

A dating show where you wont be able to understand what your date is saying, what could go wrong. [audio mp3=""][/audio] For Maria's Telly, Producer Maria filled Dermot and Dave in on what's on the box this week including a new Sky documentary called 'The Devils Advocate''. It tells the story of one lawyer who actually wasn't a real lawyer but he fooled a lot of people! I'd imagine they regret choosing him now. You can...


Meet The Galway Woman Rowing Across The Atlantic Solo

Hammerhead sharks, German sailors singing Happy Birthday and making friends with some Storm Petrel is just the average day for Karen Weekes! [audio mp3=""][/audio] The Munster Technological University lecturer is currently making her way across the Atlantic, completely solo. View this post on Instagram A post shared by karen Weekes (@shecando2021) Dr Weekes is hoping to become the first Irish woman to complete the trek,...


How To Talk To Children About Tragic News Stories

The country has been reeling since the horrific killing of Ashling Murphy. As we try to understand what happened, and why, the story is everywhere in society both on our screens, our radios and in conversation. [audio mp3=""][/audio] But, when you have small ears at home, things can be incredibly tricky. Trying to explain to children such immense tragedy might feel almost impossible, and questions are almost certainly...