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Loops of Life_#042 - Åres // Part #1

So happy to have him back. After his latest set under his old alias "Leger" from Latz & Leger, he is now making music under his new name Åres but still with the old known power and energy. Already playing some shows through the main city of techno he is destroying the German dance floors in Frankfurt. Obviously one of those guys you should definitely keep an eye on. You'll probably hear a lot from him in the near future. But first he's here. Loud, heavy and with a lot of vibes. 01 The Doors...


Loops of Life_#041 - MarmorMetall // Live

In fact that I'm still on my holidays I decided to pick this one and a half hour session I've recorded last weekend at a very nice private party. I had the pleasure to play there and party with lots of very nice people and friends of mine. It was a spontaneous gig and I have nothing special to say about this episode. Just a big thanks to Julius who hosted this party and to everyone I had a great night with. See you soon guys! *for tracklist ask me MarmorMetall: Instagram:...


Loops of Life_#040 - MarmorMetall

I hope you guys had a great weekend. After the last two techno filled Loops of Life episodes from my last performance at the AK44 club I want to give you guys an hour of groovy chilled House Music to calm down but keep your feet tapping. I mixed a couple of newer house tracks with a few melodic all-time favorites of mine. I hope you'll enjoy this one. 01 Dj Deep - Tuesday Record Shopping in Paris | Kaoz Theory 02 Nerdjack - Underground Diva (Matt Sassari Remix) | Kling Klong 03 XtetiQsoul -...


Loops of Life_#039 - MarmorMetall // Live @ AK44 Part #2

I don't have that much to say about this second part of my last live session at the AK44 Club. I just want to thank all my friends who celebrated my birthday there to the fullest and the Gießkannesoundsystem crew who made all this possible and of course big thanks to Chriso & Nic Palpatine. Without them this evening would not have been what it was. And last but not least I have to thank everyone who came over to dance and enjoy the music with us. It was a pleasure to be there with you guys...


Loops of Life_#038 - MarmorMetall // Live @ AK44 Part #1

I'm so fucking happy about what happened last Friday. I turned 23 and decided to spend this evening with all my friends at the AK44 Club in Giessen. Chris & Nic Palpate from Casting Sounds hosted this awesome event and they invited me to play on the main stage. All my friends came around and danced and partied with me the whole night. The club was completely packed and every single person brought such good energy. The vibes were incredible and personally, I could not have spent my birthday...


Loops of Life_#037 - Hecha

I haven't been this excited since the start of the Loops of Life Podcast. This is not our first international artist on the podcast but for me personally he is definitely one of the most remarkable artists in his genre. I actually got in touch with his music while partying in Amsterdam and I've never experienced such a style in mixing elements of chilled party vibed music with house elements. This is the first set of this type of mixed genre and I'm really happy to share this with you guys....


Loops of Life_#036 - MarmorMetall

Hello guys! I hope all of you have already recovered from the longest Monday after New Year's Eve... the January. Today I'll give you my last pre-recorded Set I have because these are my last two weeks in one of the most beautiful cities Europe has probably to offer: Amsterdam. I really fell in love with this city because all the people here are like from a different kind of universe. I've never felt so warmly welcomed and cozy as I feel in this city. A friend of mine once said that...


Loops of Life_#035 - MarmorMetall // presents Vollrausch

Another year full of music and inspiration is coming to an end. Because that I’m still working in Amsterdam for an internship and have nothing with me to record a fresh set I chose another very melancholic mix of mine to share with you called "Vollrausch". This is one of the very first sets I’ve ever recorded and now it’s nearly 5 years old. Many of my friends in Germany with whom I spent a lot of time during this period of my life are still saying that this is one of the best sets I’ve ever...


Loops of Life_#034 - Patze // Part #2

Because I couldn't just pick one hour of Patze's incredible two-hour set I decided to split it and present you the second part of her massive techno chased Set for the Loops of Life Podcast, today. The world of techno is increasingly influenced by incredibly talented women and the scene welcomes this with open arms. To make sure that you don't miss something from Rhein-Mainz's rising star Patze you definitely need to catch her playing at Wiesbaden Schlachthof's party called Zirkustechno....


Loops of Life_#033 - Patze // Part #1

She is back! After her great debut on our Loops of Life Podcast, I'm super excited to tell you that Patze is back again and she is bringing an energized two-hour set with her. Meanwhile, Patze from technocafé Mainz is quite established in the techno scene in the center of Germany. Her sets are well structured with a great pacing and always an awesome collection of nice and heavy techno tracks. Well, let the music speak. Here is the first hour of Patze's two-hour adventure of pure techno....


Loops of Life_#032 - Chriso & Nic Palpate // present Deep Inn Techno Part #4

The journey is coming to an end. Chriso & Nic Palpate are finishing their 4 hour set packed with Deep House and Techno from their own Deep Inn Techno series with this last enjoyable part. I'm proud that the Loops of Life Podcast is a part of this. So let the music speak for itself and I hope you enjoyed this special from my good friends Chris and Nic especially for our Loops of Life Podcast. And be aware of our next special guest I'm super excited about who will present her second Set on our...


Loops of Life_#031 - Chriso & Nic Palpate // present Deep Inn Techno Part #3

Hey, guys, I think I have to say no more. The fact that Chriso and Nic Palpate are a fundamental part of the Loops of Life family is not a big secret anymore. So as I promised you guys the journey is not over yet. I don't want to talk too much so just enjoy and be prepared for this penultimate insane part of Chriso & Nic Palpate's Deep Inn Techno session here on the Loops of Life Podcast. *for tracklist ask Chris & Nic All eyes on Chriso and Nic:


Loops of Life_#030 - MarmorMetall // Mixtape

After 2 years and 30 episodes, I have a something like a special mixtape for you guys. I want to thank everyone who enjoys, listen to or support this and make this thing even more fun for me. Today I present you an older special mix of mine that is actually more like a mixtape. It contains many older tracks which I like a lot and which reminds me of something special in older times which means a lot to me. So I hope you gonna like this one and enjoy the tracks in a different kind of way as...


Loops of Life_#029 - Chriso & Nic Palpate // present Deep Inn Techno Part #2

Hello everybody. I've nothing special to say today because like I teased last time we will get to enjoy another three parts of Chriso & Nic Palpate's Deep Inn Techno Session. So I'm super excited to have this little piece of a different kind of music here as a part of the Loops of Life Podcast. So if you are a fan of a good selection of any kind of electronic music during a long nice mixed set you are gonna be definitely a fan of Chriso & Nic Paplapte too. Stay tuned. Part 3 and 4 will come...


Loops of Life_#028 - Chriso & Nic Palpate // present Deep Inn Techno Part #1

Today I’ve got something special for you guys. This is the first hour of a four-hour special live set by Chriso & Nic Palpate. Chriso & Nic's well established Elektronische Klangprodukte sessions are known for good and passionate Techno parties every Thursday at the Scarabée Club. After that, they also took over the weekends at the Gießen club scene with their new party series: Deep Inn Techno. So I’m really proud to present you one of many great live-sets of their new series which you...


Loops of Life_#027 - MarmorMetall // Live @ Oberursel Open-Air

This time I just present you the first hour of my two-hour Set which I’ve played at an Open-Air in Oberursel nearby Frankfurt that was organized by a friend of mine. It was quite early for me as usual and I didn’t know to expect. It was really hot and there were many different types of people, adults, teens and also kids. I decided to play a bit more Deep House stuff to don’t scare off the people out with some Techno bass. It was pretty fun in the end because at least the kids enjoyed the...


Loops of Life_#026 - Felix Hug

Maybe some of you had already noticed that the local Techno scene of Karlsruhe is getting stronger and stronger and Felix Hug is another example for this. Today Felix presents you some really nice Techno tunes in his Loops of Life Podcast and gives the mix a fresh touch with his own kind of mixing technique. I think we probably gonna have to keep an eye on Karlsruhe and his Techno scene and definitely gonna support our local music scenes in any case. So I hope you gonna enjoy this one as...


Loops of Life_#025 - Nic Palpate

So for the first time, I can proudly present you Nic Palpate’s first Solo-Session here on the Loops of Life Podcast. After some B2B Sessions with him and Chriso who has also released some Podcasts on the Loops of Life station, he is going to give you a look into his own style of mixing. Nic is an awesome dude who is easy to be around with and he’s also a great DJ who plays every Set with passion and a lot of fun. Nic Palpate is a guy you should see when he is playing I can tell you it is...


Loops of Life_#024 - MarmorMetall

After all these House, Tech House & Deep House Sets in the last months I've decided to play a raw Techno Set again. This time I just put some of the tracks into this set I've discovered in the last time and like a lot. I don't want to talk too much this time so I hope you enjoy this one and stay up to date because after this one I'm excited to have Nic Palpate's first solo guest mix in the Loops of Life Podcast. Have fun and see you soon. 1. Danny Fontana - Furaki (Steam Shape Remix)| Orange...


Loops of Life_#023 - MarmorMetall // Live @ Unter den Eichen

Today's episode is actually a bit different from the ones I've recorded yet. This one-hour recording is a snippet from my two-hour closing set which I played live at the summer open-air at "Unter den Eichen". After half of my playtime, the police interrupted the event and we had to turn down the volume so much that I had to switch from House and Techno to some classic Deep House to don't f*** the bass out of the music system. So it was a bit muddled this evening but at the end, it was fun as...