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Microtechno Podcast showcase some of the best music in the subgenera's of Techno and House. Featuring downloadable, clean, sophisticated mixtapes with over one hour of exclusive electronic music.

Microtechno Podcast showcase some of the best music in the subgenera's of Techno and House. Featuring downloadable, clean, sophisticated mixtapes with over one hour of exclusive electronic music.
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Microtechno Podcast showcase some of the best music in the subgenera's of Techno and House. Featuring downloadable, clean, sophisticated mixtapes with over one hour of exclusive electronic music.






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Azire - Microtechno Podcast

On this new episode we invited Azire, he was born and bread in London and although he sees himself more of a producer than a DJ, this artist is no stranger to the decks, he's been known to throw it down at parties leaving listeners in awe. His connection to music, as he says, “started at the 16 when my brother had no where to keep his turntables my room was used to store them. I set the turntables up, began spinning his soulful house collection of records and thats where my interest in being...


Alejandro Vivanco b2b Felipe Venegas - Microtechno Podcast

On this episode we feature an outstanding back to back by two of the most prolific electronic music producers in Chile: Alejandro Vivanco & Felipe Venegas, the episode is a cut of a live performance at Complot Nights in the beautiful city of Valparaiso, Chile. Alejandro Vivanco (@telepong) >> was born in Viña del Mar, and since his early childhood, he developed an interest in music, as his father used to play tenor sax and owned a huge jazz records collection. At the early age of 7 years, he...


Jamie Woods - Microtechno Podcast

On this Episode Jamie Woods... Curious sounds in a minimalistic form. A sound that has grown to eventually become what it has now; characterful and discerning. Sometimes restrained and sometimes uninhibited, with a desire to stir imagination as much as the dancefloor. A previous resident for For No Reason in the UK; an intimate gathering of like-minded people that held host to the likes of Move D, Makam, Subb-an, Adam Shelton and more, and becoming a resident for Departure while residing...


ARiS - Microtechno Podcast

On this episode we feature a vinyl only session from our friend ARiS, he was born in Patras (Greece) but resides in Italy since the year 2000, ARiS took his first steps with turntables in the early 90's however his career as a DJ started around 2004. He is also a part of Vinyl Spin Division a community of vinyl only DJs. Soundcloud: @aris81 Vinyl Spin Division: http://www.vinylspindivision.com/aris/


Ochu Laross - Microtechno Podcast

On this episode we feature Ochu Laross, born on 1991 in the former Yugoslavia. In a very early age he was getting more and more interested in electronic music. The first mixes are from the year 2003. His parents wanted him to be a musician, for his father is a musician and a music teacher. He went to music school, and played drums, but in 2007 gave it up, and decided to be a DJ. He played music at smaller parties, and his friends liked his music. One year later he got the chance to play at...


Microtechno Podcast - Sebastian Olano

On this new Episode a close friend of the house, a second session of the Argentinian Dj and Producer Sebastian Olano. Seba has produced for many well known labels, including an EP for our sister project Moon Lake Records, his EP in Moon Lake included a remix by Alejandro Vivanco, certainly one of Chile's greatest electronic music producers of all time. Soundcloud: @sebastianolano


Microtechno Podcast - Francisco Gonzalez

On this new episode our close friend Francisco Gonzalez from Santiago, Chile.


Eczema - Microtechno Podcast

After a long medical license and catching up after that, we start once again with the podcast releases. This week's episode features Eczema, an Ukranian project who will soon be releasing in our sister project Moon Lake Records.


Kamilescu - Microtechno Podcast

On this episode we invited Kamilescu, a record lover based in Warsaw, Poland. Half of DeepStation - independent duo that makes deep minimal parties for conscious minds. His music selection is full of sci-fi soundscapes and relaxed grooves which lead to a peaceful state of mind. Soundcloud: @kamilescu


Flo Pirke - Microtechno podcast

On this episode we invited Flo Pirke, one of Berlin ́s upcoming forward-thinking sound designers. Flo’s music is Fresh and impartial and has been released on labels such as Klangwild, Zoned and other imprints. He has been playing all around Berlin ́s underground scene and as part of the "as usual“ crew, he has a residency at their weekly Thursday event in Crack Bellmer. Since he moved to Berlin he started to get more involved in the Electronic Music scene. His first regular Gigs in Clubs...


Monophaze - Microtechno Podcast

This week we invited Lapo Boccianti aka Monophaze (Crossing, Phunk Junk, Raw Paper Records, Subwoofer Records, System UK Digital, Unt Records) from Florence in Italy. On this episode Monophaze is inviting us into a 90 minutes journey to the lands of techno. Enjoy Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/sid85 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/djsid85/ Rondo: https://app.rondo.me/artists/monophaze


IOAN - Mircrotechno Podcast

On this episode we invited IOAN from Riga, Latvia. He has a minimalistic approach to techno music and on this episode he invites us to listen to a fine musical selection. Enjoy @ioanartist in Soundloud Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ioan.artist/


Fedotov - Microtechno Podcast

On this episode we invited Fedotov, from Warsaw in Poland, today he is considered as one of the most unusual polish producers of minimal electronic music today. His work has been released on labels such as Vandalism Musique, Dushe Label and Conceptual Records. Enjoy! Soundcloud soundcloud.com/vladfedotov


Yanush - Microtechno Podcast

On this episode we invited Yanush from St. Petersburg (Russia). He has been in music for about 10 years. Currently he favorites different styles within the house genera's and vinyl is his weapon of choice.


Hippnotik - Microtechno Podcast

This week an amazing session with the the Romanian Rotaru Stefan aka Hippnotik, He is from Iasi and surprised us with this fine selection of music, enjoy. SoundCloud: @hippnotik-1 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stefanstepr


Thomas Carmody - Microtechno Podcast

On this news episode of Microtechno Podcast we invited Thomas Carmody from Minsk, Belarus. Enjoy @thomascarmody https://www.instagram.com/thomas_carmody/


Galo Akun - Microtechno Podcast

On this episode a session with a close friend, the DJ, Producer and owner of one of the oldest underground parties in Santiago (Martech), Galo Akun, The session was recorded at a live performance in Club La Feria. Enjoy


Microb - Microtechno Podcast

On this episode we invited Sergei Kuznetsov, a.k.a. Microb, he is a techno and electro music lover from Vladivostok, Primorskiy region of Russia. Microb started as a DJ in the beginning of 2010 and now he’s one of the residents of the oldest Far East dance music festival 'MostRave' (Khabarovsk) and many other events like United Movement team production (Vladivostok). In his sets, he prefers atmospheric and hypnotic sounds, always influenced by his techno roots. During the last two years he...


Thorgerdur Johanna - Microtechno Podcast

On this episode we invited the Icelandic and Oslo-based Thorgerdur Johanna (Þorgerður Jóhanna), she is no newcomer when it comes to music, as she's been playing the piano since she was 9 years old. With classical background she had what it took to smooth her way into the art of DJing, and she's been spinning records in clubs since 2015, after only a few months of catching the technique behind the decks. She's one of three members of OsloGround (www.osloground.com), together with Nordiks and...


Mario Urien - Microtechno Podcast

On this week’s episode we delight you with a vinyl only session by Berlin based dj and producer Mario Urien, as per today Mario has positioned himself as an emerging artist in the German capital . Passion, technique and experience between decks, along with an exquisite musical taste shapes this artist’s soul. Clearly influenced by the roots of Techno and House sounds from 90’s and 80′ . During the last years, he has managed to catch the attention of Berlin’s music scene, performing in clubs...