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CBC Radio's Tapestry is a weekly exploration of spirituality, religion and the search for meaning, hosted by Mary Hynes.

CBC Radio's Tapestry is a weekly exploration of spirituality, religion and the search for meaning, hosted by Mary Hynes.


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CBC Radio's Tapestry is a weekly exploration of spirituality, religion and the search for meaning, hosted by Mary Hynes.






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NWT family self-isolates on the land during pandemic, the sacred lives of black girls

Shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic began, Dene artist and activist Melaw Nakehk’o packed up her three sons, left their home in Yellowknife, and set up camp with her parents along the Dehcho River. She says physical distancing in town left her feeling disconnected, but isolating on the land for five weeks gave her family an opportunity to reconnect with their traditional way of life. Khristi Lauren Adams is an ordained Baptist minister and youth advocate who has devoted her life to working...


Pandemic parenting advice, how to celebrate Ramadan from a distance

Author and parenting expert Ann Douglas offers her signature blend of compassion and practical advice to parents struggling to care for their children during COVID-19 isolation. Sikander Hashmi is an imam and community leader in Kanata, ON. He shares how he is guiding his community through Ramadan celebrations despite physical isolation.


Wisdom from a war zone, music for the soul

Aisha Ahmad is a political science professor and an advisor to governments and international organizations on global security policies. During the pandemic, she has become a sort of online guide, advising her more than 19,000 Twitter followers how to stay centred and positive during the pandemic. Ahmad draws on wisdom she earned while living in conflict zones around the world, including Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, Mali and Lebanon. Professor Ahmad and Tapestry listener Suzanne Picot add...


How to prevent a pandemic-induced social recession, music for the soul

Dr. Alice Chen warns that isolation and physical distancing, while necessary now, could lead our social muscles to atrophy. She offers simple tips to keep those muscles strong and prevent a social recession. Sophie Châtillon is a pharmacist outside Montreal who’s pregnant with her second child. She shares the two songs that are helping her through this strange time.


Parody videos, pandemic grounding exercises, and music for your soul

Rugby commentator Nick Heath does funny play-by-play on everyday life. Psychiatrist Nel Wieman offers practical advice for staying centred during the pandemic. Plus four new additions to Tapestry’s Soundtrack for the Soul.


Introverts in the pandemic

Introvert Jessica Pan reflects on her ‘nightmarish’ quest to live like an extrovert for a year. American freelance writer Dan Brooks cautions against typecasting yourself. And, a Moncton couple recommends a song for our Soundtrack for the Soul that made them “laugh out loud.”


Tapestry@25: Back to the Garden

These are difficult days all over the world, so it’s a good time to hear from two wise elders. It's part of our continuing series Tapestry@25, celebrating our most-requested and most memorable interviews from the archives. Buddhist scholar Joanna Macy and gardener Marjorie Harris will offer guidance on finding the sublime in the smallest of things. This episode is all about hope, gratitude and slowing down enough to let a little joy catch up with you.


Soundtrack for the soul featuring Hawksley Workman, DIY digital Passover seder

Tapestry launches its Soundtrack for the Soul, a collection of songs to lift your spirits and calm your nerves during the COVID-19 pandemic; and rabbi Denise Handlarski leads SecularSynagogue.com, an online Jewish community.


Rededicating England to Mary, Bernie Sanders as America's zaydie

In 2020, Christians in England are rededicating their country as the "Dowry of Mary," an event that hasn’t happened since 1381 under King Richard ll. Monsignor John Armitage says reinstating this medieval tradition is an act of joy for the 21st century. Plus journalist Talia Lavin is a supporter of Bernie Sanders for many reasons, including the fact that he reminds her of a zaydie - the Yiddish term for grandfather. Lavin reflects on what it would mean to have a Jewish president and wonders...


What this writer learned about looking ahead and planning for disasters

Bina Venkataraman, author of The Optimist’s Telescope: Thinking Ahead in a Reckless Age, studies the art of looking ahead for solutions during dangerous times. It's a skill she honed while working on the Ebola Task Force for former U.S. president Barack Obama.


Junos Special

Guest host Laurie Brown speaks to 2020 Juno nominees Frank Kadillac of Neon Dreams and singer iskwē about finding their voices changed the way they make music.


Tapestry@25: life advice from Rabbi Harold Kushner

Rabbi Harold Kushner became a household name after he published his bestselling book Why Bad Things Happen to Good People. His signature blend of hard-earned wisdom, compassion and straight-talk have made him one of Tapestry’s most requested guests. In this episode, Kushner offers thoughtful, practical advice for dealing with disappointment and managing fear.


Introducing: Chosen Family

We bring you a bonus episode from Chosen Family. Hosts Thomas Leblanc and Tranna Wintour are Montreal comedians, artists, and best friends. Each week they talk to established artists and up-and-coming makers, about pop culture, all facets of identity, and how to make great art. In this episode, they spoke to Lisa Grushcow, who is gay, a mother of three, once-divorced, and a rabbi. Rabbi Grushcow talked to Thomas and Tranna about reconciling same sex desire with her calling, looking at Tinder...


The life-giving nature of language

Tim Lomas is the curator of an online lexicography of words from over 100 languages that all have one thing in common: they aren't translatable. In an interview with Tapestry host Mary Hynes, Lomas talks about how this massive cross-cultural vocabulary can help us build a more universal understanding of well-being. CBC Radio's William Firth hosts a show that is broadcast in the Gwich'in language. He tells Tapestry host Mary Hynes about how he embarked on a life-long mission to regenerate the...


Recovering from a crisis

Every so often, Mohammed Hashim gets a call to help someone who finds themselves in the news. In this feature interview, Tapestry host Mary Hynes goes deep with Hashim, who’s known as the “unofficial crisis manager” for Canadian Muslims. Victoria Yang remembers how she was treated as a Chinese-Canadian during the SARS outbreak and tells how she’s working through that shame to reclaim her heritage.


Life-changing moments

Everything changed for Dev Cuny when they came out as queer to her Evangelical parents. A tormented Cuny agreed to undergo gay conversion therapy, survived the abusive experience, and now helps other survivors. Dr. Willie Parker believed performing abortions was wrong. One day, he felt morally and spiritually compelled to do so.


Out of the closet and down the aisle

Alexander Leon, an LGBTQ activist and writer in the United Kingdom, was moved by the response to his social media post about how he found his identity and overcame the stigma attached to it. And Lauren Strapageil considers how her “dream wedding” would fit in with her queer politics.


Introducing Uncover: Satanic Panic

Throughout the 1980s, Satanic cults were widely believed to be terrorizing and torturing children. There were hundreds of false allegations and countless lives torn apart — but never any real proof. Uncover: Satanic Panic from CBC Podcasts is out now. Subscribe at cbc.ca/uncover


Tapestry@25: Rumi: Poet Laureate of the Planet Earth

Originally broadcast in September 2007, this is one of the most requested episodes we’ve ever produced. Poet Coleman Barks and the ‘modern-day mystic’ Andrew Harvey explore all the ways Rumi, a 13th-century Persian poet, speaks to 21st-century hearts and minds.


Punk rock and Passion plays

Leona Godin reflects on the strange symmetry between discovering punk rock and losing her eyesight as a girl. And agnostic Richard Kelly Kemick recounts his summer playing Herod among a cast of believers in the badlands of Alberta.