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Episode 36

1. Unrequited Love, 2. Beastmaster, 3. Destination Oasis - (Baali Soda) 4. Superzoomy Space Ships - (Jaicee Rentz) 5. In the Grass - (Ocean Potion) 6. Baby - (Basement Revolver) 7. She Don't Say Goodbye - (Goosebump) 8. Modern Day Privateers - (...And We All Die) 9. They Used to Make Out - (In The Parking Lot) (Fighter Jets) 10. Dream Reader - (Frankiie) 11. We Are Fucked - (Flesh Eating Foundation) 12. Taller Than Me - (Jackson Reed) 13. Fool - (Sara Diamond) 14. Hawaii - (Maff) 15. 3 AM...


Episode 35

1. True Survivor - David Hasselhoff 2. True Survivor - Luke McQueen 3. Cosmic Brain - CUP 4. Meant 2 Be - Michael Paradise 5. Dismal Universal Hiss - System Corporation 6. Midnight Rendez-Vous - Das Mortal 7. L.Y.D.I - Kid Swim 8. The Fall - Autumn 9. Grown From Good - Ace of Wands 10. Trepidation - Shimmer 11. Black Dog - Philippe Petit 12. Faster Interactions - Jaunt 13. Rhodendron - Grassfight 14. Submerge - Bubble People 15. Into Those Woods - Bragolin 16. Heartbreaker - Night Vision...


Episode 34

1. Love Kills - Levinsky 2. Father's Day - Nona The Band 3. Salem Witchs (extended) - Actroid 4. Tree Trunks - Basement Revolver 5. James Dean - Alphacub 6. Atlas - Good Kid 7. Lunar Warrior - Evanton 8. Birds - JonoJosh 9. Yellow Bird - Ben Stevenson 10. No Other (Feat Davey) - UNBLOOM 11. Chances - UNBLOOM 12. Can't Get Over You - JENNA Nation 13. Knights - Sibling 14. Lifetime - Straight White Teeth 15. Walk the other way - Bend Sinister 16. Vandal Moon - Baby Sounds (Remix) 17. Vandal...


Episode 33

1. Obstacles - Blurred City Lights 2. Make It Happen - The Teenagers 3. Try Too - Secret Attraction 4.'She Put A Spell On Me' - Timothy Dark 5.'Apathy Is Easy' - System Corporation 6.'Reverie' - BVSMV 7.'Don't Give Me That' - Little Good Bad 8. 'Head Down, Heart Up' - Towers and Trees 9. 'Scarlet Fever' - Skye Wallace 10. 'Run All Night' - Roxi Drive 11. 'Undone' - Soft Science 12. '1-800-273-8255' (dancefloor version) - GiGi La Mare 13. 'Wendy' - Tennis Club 14. 'Apparition' - Cup 15....


Episode - 32

1. Long Road - Niterunner 2. Medicine Sword - Straight White Teeth 3. Forget About Yesterday - Ajay Mathur 4. Ordinary Neon - The Neon Droid 5. Lather, Rinse, Repeat - Black Cassettes 6. Acid Sunrise - BURGESS 7. Seeing You - Rosegarden Funeral Party 8. Strange Stubborn Proud (Ft. Kurt Harland of information Society) - ELYXR 9. Don't Call It - DEGA 10. Here We Are - Mystery Loves Company 11. Remember Now - Goodnight, Sunrise 12. Anxiety (in the depths of Northern Ontaio) - 1971 13. Your...


IncendiaryAmerican - EP030

Please support these artists and DOWNLOAD these tracks! - 'Pretty Cage' [] by (SUMif: - 'Fenris' [] - (LEVINSKY: Check out for another LEVINSKY track we played! - 'Plastic Wedding' [CHECK OUT VIDEO HERE>>>


I'm A Bitter Little Bitch, Late Night Battle Instigator And My Twenty-Fifth Reintroduction

I celebrate my twenty-fifth episode by not celebrating at all with an episode for those with short attention spans and rather, reintroduce myself to you and demand that someone squash wittle ole me by creating a competing Late Night show, so I can go back to my regular life. Oh, and new music from... Awakening (feat Mokison) by Flowers by on Song & Dance by...


17 Days Later: Co-Host Hunt, PayPal Sucks And The Nite Show!

Seventeen days later shifting into another phase as I venture out into the city to find a Nite Show co-host. Check out what happens when almost gets me killed with his Oklahoma bit while we riff off of each other and a thorough examination on how PayPal screwed things up for me big time! credits: "Come Alive" by The DangIts "You know I do - LOAFERS "101 (ZDJ REmix)" - WALLA "The Priest And The Poet" - UN Chien "chill out" -...


"The Gloves Are Off, Throw Me The Mic!"

After twenty hours of "exporting," it's pretty clear this episode is more complicated than ever! Along with great local music -- new and old, I due long-form with some issues about actors, naysayers, writing fiction and a tribute to Leonard Nimoy by inner city geek boy Logan Swanson a.k.a. Jordan a.k.a. 214scifi!!! ( CREDIT: 1. "Come Alive" ( by The Dangits...


MONTH-A-THON - Bishop Arts, Singleton & Down-To-Earth Bands - Day 9

Wow! I've got something to say about West Dallas. All captured while I was on my way to the great Bishop Arts where I had my first Mardi Gras and good times while prospecting new location for live shows. CREDITS: 1. "Come Alive" ( by The Dangits ( 2. "Tangled" ( by 3. "Bond" ( by...


MONTH-A-THON - Friday The 13th Excitement! - Day 8

On this Friday the 13th, I express briefly within too small a time, how it should be celebrated like Halloween is. Then, I get excited about tonight's killer bill with me, two comedians and two amazing bands! I'm so stoked! CREDIT: "Come Alive" by The Dangits ( "Drone Mother" by "Solipsism" by "101" by "Tangled" by...


MONTH-A-THON - Remix Update - (Birth)Day 7

I might just throw in the towel on this MONTH-A-THON since it's become a real chore to keep up, or I could just buckle down, tell my family I'm busy or record us yelling and screaming at each other... hey, that's an idea! Check out the latest updates on's remix project CLICK FOR DETAILS: (, and dreampop band is still looking for a bassplayer!...


MONTH-A-THON - Back On Track - Day 6

What? Back after the one week of a month-a-thon fail and why it was worth it, how musicians are like contractors and (of course) featuring some new, obscure and local musics! GUYS! Don't forget that you have until #Fridaythe13th to download's "," and get a chance to be on their remix album due later this year! Stems are available through this link:, DO IT! GO ON, BE SOMEBODY! CREDITS:...


MONTH-A-THON - Serious Test Run - Day 5

One good thing about podcasting daily is that I have a chance to test out my format and get it right. Tonight, I give you more of "the skinny" on tonight's show: plus, i actually wrote the script for this one, nothing is improvised and some new(ish) music, you've never heard! ALERT!!!! 1. Be a part of the #remixzelfel project, download Zelfel – Fields-work-in-progress before their Feb 13th show at BST ( when it expires to be part of the compilation...


MONTH-A-THON - Nuwave Comedy - Day 4

Yep. This is a short one. Still playing with the concept of the show. In this one, we revisit and introduce a second comedian for the LateNITE shows. Plus, new music from near and far. ALERT!!!! 1. Be a part of the #remixzelfel project, download before their Feb 13th show at BST ( when it expires to be part of the compilation later this year! Stems are available through this link:...


MONTH-A-THON - A Shorty But A Goodie - Day 2

Yes, this is a short show by what... a few tracks? Still, we cover me and my thoughts about friendship and relationships plus, is looking for a bass player (, the Zelfel DJ remix project ( what's coming up this weekend. Stems are available through this link: CREDITS: "Come Alive" by The Dangits...


MONTH-A-THON - My Comedy Career - Day 1

What a way to start off a week! This is the first episode of the month-a-thon where I talk about the local music I love, the shows we've had and the one's coming up, plus, get updates on how my stand up comedy career might or might NOT be going? CREDITS: "Come Alive" by The Dangits ( "Tangled" by "Dreamwaves" (Sferro Remix) by


My Mom Is A Surprise Guest, This Month's Shows and Throwing A Band Under The Bus

Okay, my attempt at a three hour episode is cut down by two hours and ten minutes, but I do get a chance to do earn my brand title by calling out a band for its bullshit, my mom is a surprise guest, I talk about my new LateNITE show and menudo fans are warned. "Come Alive" by The Dangits ( "Swish" by The Sulky Brunettes ( "A Song for Sara" by Nick Pozderac ( "Suck A...


Apologies, Getting My Bell Rung And Testing A New Format

In this episode, I catch everyone up on the events from the holidays and talk with Drew Harakal of Mammoth King/Shake The Moon fame about Dallas and being classically trained. Plus I try out a new segment. CREDITS: "Come Alive" by The Dang-its ( "Fran AMB Trieste" by Kerouac's America ( is under CCA-license ( "Aye Mas Tiempo Que Vida"...


The Incendiary American Podcast - The Late EP004

WHOA! BACK with another show! This one was originally recorded over the last few weeks and posted late, "Crammed it in" before the end and into the beginning of the new year... Ooops! In this episode, we start getting a little more personal about goings on with marketing, eBook publishing, conflicts and earning the incendiary title, right before we really get into it in time for the next episode. Yes. I throw my own people, under the book bus in this one. If you don't want to hear that,...