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Ep 58 // The Planes + Adeline Hotel + Coco Verde

We have new music from The Planes, plus session tracks from Adeline Hotel, who are playing at Union Pool in Brooklyn. We also have session tracks from Coco Verde, who are playing a residency at Carmelo’s in Brooklyn and session tracks from Fruit & Flowers, BIRDS, and Max Pain and the Groovies -- all of whom are joining them during the run of dates. 00:00 - // StereoactiveNYC / BTRtoday ID // 00:40 - // Welcome / About The Plane’s ‘Sleep Like A Noble’ // 03:09 - “Caught In The Rain” - The...


Ep 57 // Take 3 w/ El Jezel

For our first episode of 2019, we a very special conversation with two of our favorite people. A little while back, we spoke with Jess and George Flanagan, two-thirds of the band El Jezel, about their history as a band. It was a lot of fun to talk to them, to reminisce, and to learn things about the band that we hadn’t known before. 00:00 - // StereoactiveNYC / BTRtoday ID // 00:40 - // Welcome / Intro to El Jezel Interview // 01:57 - “Balconies” - El Jezel 08:48 - // Jess & George...

Ep 56 // 2018 Year In Review

For our final episode of the year, we’re looking back on some music by local artists that came out in 2018. This is music that made an impact on us and we hope it has or will make an impact on you. And we wholeheartedly recommend you support these artists by buying as many of these releases as you can: Ava Luna - ‘Moon 2’ Big Ups - ‘Two Parts Together’ Gracie Mansion - ‘Dreams In Color EP’ Jesse R. Berlin - ‘The Bitter Tears of Jesse R. Berlin’ Kid In The Attic - ‘“More” (single) The Mad...


Ep 55 // Farewell to Big Ups

Big Ups recently announced they’re going on indefinite hiatus and they’ll be playing their final shows in January 2019 -- with their final show being at The Bowery Ballroom in NYC on Friday, January 18, 2019 w/ Guerilla Toss, Washer, and Bethlehem Steel. To celebrate one of the great NYC artists of recent years, we devote the episode to their music, including live session tracks from their two visits to Serious Business in BTR back in 2012 and 2014. Congratulations and good luck to Big...


Ep 54 // Sunday for SAVI, Milagres, +More

Shilpa Ray, NO ICE, Crazy Pills, and more are playing ‘Sunday for SAVI: A Thanksgiving Concert’ to benefit the Mount Sinai Sexual Assault & Violence Intervention Program (SAVI). Milagres has new album out called ‘Ziggurat’ and a show at Elsewhere Zone One. Shannon Shaw is playing Brooklyn Bazaar. Mount Sharp is playing East Williamsburg Econolodge. And Operator Music Band is playing Alphaville. 00:00 - // StereoactiveNYC / BTRtoday ID // 00:40 - // Welcome / About SAVI // 03:41 - “Morning...


Ep 53 // 5 Years of Pet Rescue / Mancino Returns!

Brooklyn DIY spot Pet Rescue is celebrating its 5th anniversary, so founder Brian LaRue is here to talk to us about the history of the venue as well as what’s in store for the future. Also, old friends Mancino return with new music after many years away! 00:00 - // StereoactiveNYC / BTRtoday ID // 00:40 - // Welcome / About Mancino // 02:23 - “Bad Things” - Mancino 05:55 - “Hetchie Hutchie Footchie” - Mancino 08:55 - “People We Meet” - Mancino 12:40 - “L’Amour (or Less)” - Mancino 17:17 -...


Ep 52 // Jesse R. Berlin: Bitter Tears & Witness Protection

The legendary Jesse R. Berlin stops by to talk about his illustrious career and why he’s decided to end it and go into witness protection. He shares details about his final show, his new album, his scrapped feature film project and thoughts on Elliot Gould, Jeff Goldblum and much more. 00:00 - // StereoactiveNYC / BTRtoday ID // 00:40 - // Welcome / About Jesse R. Berlin // 04:17 - “Jep” - Jesse R. Berlin 08:21 - // INTERVIEW BEGINS / Jesse R. Berlin: The Early Years // 11:14 - // JRB: The...


Ep 51 // Nikkie McLeod / Feral Scouts / Fred Thomas / Anna Burch

New music from Nikkie McLeod and Feral Scouts. A big block of Fred Thomas and Anna Burch. And a dash of Shana Falana, too. 00:00 - // StereoactiveNYC / BTRtoday ID // 00:40 - // Welcome // 04:11 - “Quarrel” - Nikkie McLeod 10:03 - “Deep Cry” - Nikkie McLeod 15:07 - // Mic Break // 17:19 - “Phoenix” - Feral Scouts 21:42 - “Where R U” - Shana Falana 24:51 - “Heavenstay” (BTR Live Studio, 2018) - Shana Falana 27:11 - // Mic Break // 29:47 - “Ridiculous Landscapes” (feat. Common Holly &...


Ep 50 // October Live Shows in NYC

October is upon us. Ohmme and Renata Zeiguer play C’mon Everybody on 10/2. Lomelda plays The Bowery Ballroom on 10/7. Gracie Mansion plays Gold Sounds on 10/18. Oh Sees plays Warsaw on 10/19. Guided By Voices plays The Bowery Ballroom on 10/20. 00:00 - // StereoactiveNYC / BTRtoday ID // 00:40 - // Welcome // 01:56 - “Peach” - Ohmme 04:50 - “Left Handed” - Ohmme 09:13 - “Follow Me Down” (BTR Live Studio, 2018) - Renata Zeiguer 13:37 - “Neck of the Moon” (BTR Live Studio, 2018) - Renata...


Ep 49 // Late September Shows

King Pizza Records ends the summer with its Psychic Luau party at City Reliquary. PowerSnap is at Alphaville. Neko Case is at the Beacon Theatre. Henry Jamison plays The Wild Honey Pie’s dinner party at Le Fanfare. Slaughter Beach, Dog is at Rough Trade. And we also hear a couple of songs off of The Duke of Surl’s latest album. 00:00 - // StereoactiveNYC / BTRtoday ID // 00:40 - // Welcome // 03:44 - “Dreamin’” - ¡Vamanos! 05:37 - “Speed Dial” - The Fucktons 07:32 - “Delta 88” - Coach n...


Ep 48 // More Aug/Sep Shows

Toebow and Maia Macdonald are at C’mon Everybody. The New Restaurants are performing as “Taylor Slow” for Covers 4 Causes at the Footlight to race money for RAICES of Texas. Jennifer Castle is at Baby’s All Right. Katie Von Schleicher and Ava Luna are at Music Hall Of Williamsburg. Let’s Eat Grandma is at Baby’s All Right. HYUKOH is at Irving Plaza. 00:00 - // StereoactiveNYC / BTRtoday ID // 00:40 - // Welcome // 03:52 - “Spirit Mane” (BTR Live Studio, 2018) - Toebow 08:17 - “Starfucker”...


Ep 47 // Around Town in Aug/Sep

BTRtoday photographer and videographer, Jeanette D. Moses, is having a 30th birthday party at Our Wicked Lady, featuring 4 bands very familiar to this podcast (LUMPS, The Royal They, Darkwing, Thick). We check in with Office Culture, who’ll be at C’mon Everybody soon. And then back over to Our Wicked Lady for Las Rosas, Max Pain and the Groovies, and BIRDS. 00:00 - // StereoactiveNYC / BTRtoday ID // 00:40 - // Welcome / Jeanette's 30th Bday @ Our Wicked Lady // 02:58 - “Not Dead” - LUMPS...


Ep 46 // Reheated Spaghetti BBQ +more

Reheated Spaghetti has a stacked show at DRTY SMMR for their 2nd Annual summer BBQ. Speedy Ortiz is playing with the Breeders at Celebrate Brooklyn. Chad Valley will be Knitting Factory. And Waxahatchee will be at Le Poisson Rouge. Plus, a song from the show that may have been and may still be at some point in the future... 00:00 - // StereoactiveNYC / BTRtoday ID // 00:40 - // Welcome / 2nd Annual Reheated Spaghetti BBQ // 05:02 - “Love Complex” - Parlor Walls 08:26 - “Isolator” - Parlor...


Ep 45 // Courtney Barnett, Nikkie McLeod, & Recent NYC Sessions

We’ll be checking in with four local artists who’ve recent visited us for BTR Live Studio sessions: Pale Ramon, LANZ, Trace Mountains, and the Rizzos. Also, my old friend Nikkie McLeod had a new project and a show coming up, so we’ll listen to their new single. And Courtney Barnett, Julien Baker, and Vagabon are playing a show together at BRIC’s Celebrate Brooklyn summer series, so we’ll listen to exclusive recordings from when each artist visited us for a session. Hear an interview with...


Ep 44 // Take 3 w/ Robot Princess / Independent Venue Week

Independent Venue Week is a festival that began in the UK in 2014. This year it spreads to the states with StereoactiveNYC and BTRtoday presenting its New York City showcase at Pianos on Thursday July 12th. The bill features plenty of artists who’ve been featured heavily both on the SANYC podcast and the BTRtoday platform generally, along with a couple of artists a bit newer to the mix. One of the artists playing the show is Robot Princess, so we spoke with band members Beau Alessi and...


Ep 43 // Around Town: Late June + Early July

The Planes are playing songs from their album, Wax Diamond, at El Cortez on 6/27, with the lineup that played on the album. Then Kanine Records is throwing a summer party on the rooftop at Our Wicked Lady on 6/29, featuring Weeping Icon. Lina Tullgren is also playing 6/29 over at Alphaville. And Maneka is at Elsewhere’s Zone One on July 5th. Hear all those artists here, along with some local NYC/Brooklyn musicians who’ve been in for sessions of BTR Live Studio recently: Kino Kimino,...


Ep 42 // Northside Fest Preview

This episode essentially functions as something of an itinerary for this year’s Northside Festival, offering suggestions of artists you can see each night at various venues around town if you’re into some major show-hopping to see and hear as much music as you can. And it all starts with BTRtoday’s very own showcase at The Knitting Factory on Thursday, June 7th, with Lou Barlow, Shana Falana, and The Goon Sax. 00:00 - // StereoactiveNYC / BTRtoday ID // 00:40 - // Welcome / About the...


Ep 41 // Shana Falana + Black Moth Super Rainbow + The Stargazer Lilies + Lazyeyes

BTRtoday is presenting a showcase at the Northside Festival in June that will feature Lou Barlow, Shana Falana, and the Goon Sax playing at Knitting Factory. We’ve got a big block of Shana Falana songs for you here. Also, Black Moth Super Rainbow and The Stargazer Lilies are coming to town (Music Hall of Williamsburg to be exact) and Lazyeyes has a new album called Echoes coming out, with a release show at Secret Project Robot coming up. 00:00 - // StereoactiveNYC / BTRtoday ID // 00:40 -...


Ep 40 // PizzaFest V

Once a year, the King Pizza Records universe fully descends from its pizzafied plane of existence to deliver a weekend of unadulterated rock and roll madness upon our lowly terrestrial orb. It’s called PIZZAFEST. Specially, this year, it’s Pizzafest V and it’s happening May 17-19 at The Gutter in Brooklyn, New York. This episode of the podcast features as many bands that are playing the three day extravaganza as we could pack in, so listen up then get your tickets and go! Full lineup and...


Ep 39 // Neuromancer+More

Another new track from Parlor Walls in advance of their EP release show at Alphaville. Also, Holy Tunics is at Mercury Lounge, Soccer Mommy is at Rough Trade, Forth Wanderers and Trace Mountains are at Market Hotel, and GIVERS are at Baby’s All Right. 00:00 - // StereoactiveNYC / BTRtoday ID // 00:40 - // Welcome // 03:07 - “Neuromancer” - Parlor Walls 05:51 - “Low Vulture” - Parlor Walls 09:14 - “Forget Your Love” - Holy Tunics 11:59 - “Clutching the Straw Map To Your Heart” - Holy Tunics...