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200th Day of the Year

Toronto outfit Dilly Dally is back with a track from their forthcoming album, Heaven, which will be out on September 14th via Partisan. Plus, new tunes by The Ophelias, Sean Henry, The Nude Party and more! 165 days left in 2018. Stay tuned! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:29 - Adult Video - Uni 05:04 - Girl - The Parrots 07:50 - In The Key Of Me - The Essex Green 11:35 - Grease a Cake Pan - Mo Douglas 14:20 - Belong on the Bed - Momma 18:31 - Astral Man - The Nude Party 24:04 - The Jaunt on BTR...


The Summer "Achoo!" Cold Edition

The Summer Cold Edition of The Jaunt features me, Lottie, with a stuffy nose. You'll also hear new music from Johnny Marr, guitarist and songwriter of The Smiths, The Milk Carton Kids, and a tune from the debut solo album by Shannon Shaw of Shannon and The Clams. Plus, I kick off the first set with a track by Marc Ribot from the forthcoming new album of anti-Trump material, Goodbye Beautiful/Songs of Resistance 1942-2018, which will be out September 14th via ANTI- Records. Stay tuned! 00:00...


The Best of the First Half of 2018

This edition of The Jaunt will feature songs from the best releases from the first half of 2018! You'll hear from Ed Schrader's Music Beat (make sure to check out their Hear and There session!), Middle Kids, Hop Along, Idles and more! Also, will you be in NYC on July 12th? StereoactiveNYC + BTRtoday Present Independent Venue Week at Pianos // Thursday, July 12th. For more info, check out the latest edition of StereoactiveNYC or click here. Stay tuned! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 01:01 -...


Summer Summer Summertime

Hear it here first: new music from Spiritualized, The Essex Green, The Rock A Teens and more. I will also be debuting a track off of Villagers forthcoming album, The Art of Pretending to Swim, which will be out on September 21st via Merge Records. Stay tuned! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:37 - A Trick of the Light - Villagers 04:41 - A Perfect Miracle - Spiritualized 09:23 - Pasture - Postdata 13:43 - Called In - Ari Roar 14:49 - Breakfast Epiphany - Boy Azooga 17:18 - Cool Moon - Little Lamb...


Summer Solstice

It's the first day of summer. Get stoked! Today's playlist celebrates the summer solstice with songs dedicated to your favorite season. 00:00 - The Jaunt (First Day of Summer Edition) on BTR 00:44 - Summer Solstice - High Sunn 02:58 - Hot Summer - Cool Ghouls 06:38 - Seasons - Dusted 11:53 - Stumptown Summer Heartthrob - Walter Etc. 14:32 - This Summer - Fletcher C Johnson 16:50 - The Jaunt (First Day of Summer Edition) on BTR 17:15 - Another Weekend - Ariel Pink 21:23 - Closer to the Sun -...


Dear Nora is Back!

Do you remember Dear Nora? Well, they are back! The Portland, Oregon - based outfit released Skulls Example on Orindal Records in May. It is their first release in 10 years and it's fantastic. Also, The Jaunt will feature new tracks from PMS & the Mood Swings, Bernice, Drahla and more. One week until Summer! Stay tuned! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:41 - Desert Horse - Melody's Echo Chamber 05:53 - Doubtmouth - For Esmé 10:11 - Face Behind Her Cigarette - Boy Azooga 13:30 - It Is Silly - Boys...


June Comes Around Every Year

Northside Festival is happening in NYC and the BTR showcase is tonight, June 7th, at Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. For more information and tickets click here. Hope to see you there! Today, I'll be featuring tracks from two of our headliners, Lou Barlow and Shana Falana. Also, stay tuned for Bernice, Ari Roar, Wons Phreely+ The Horses and more! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:44 - Anniversary Song - Lou Barlow 04:51 - Last Lion Of Albion (background vocals by k.d. lang) - Neko Case 08:25 - The...


Then Came the Last Days of May

We are ending May on a high note here on The Jaunt with songs by our Artist of the Week, The Amazing, a new album by Camera Obscura and Cry Baby members Tracyanne & Danny. We also have tracks courtesy of Atlanta outfit, Neighbor Lady, The Magic Numbers, Postdata, Deeper and more! Also, do you remember the band Sports? Well, they are back with a new name - Remember Sports! Stay tuned for track from their latest release, Slow Buzz, which is out now on Father/Daughter Records. 00:00 - The Jaunt...


Spring has Sprung

Spring has finally sprung here in NYC and the new music is flowing like a warm mid-season rain. Expect to hear fresh tracks courtesy of Ty Richards, Boys, Remember Sports and more. Plus, stay tuned for the the new album by Jennifer Castle, who you might remember as Castlemusic, called Angels of Death, which is out now on Paradise of Bachelors. Stay tuned! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:34 - 21 - Samia 03:42 - King Size - Peach Kelli Pop 06:26 - Perodafodil - Le Rug 10:17 - Those Last Words -...


Thursday's Child

After 12 years, The Essex Green will be releasing their fourth studio album, Hardly Electronic, on June 29th via Merge Records. Stay tuned for a track from that! Also, new tracks from Bombino, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Mutal and SC Mira. Will you be in Brooklyn on June 7th? Come to BTR's Northside Festival show with Lou Barlow, Shana Falana and Goon Sax. Info here! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:43 - Never Start - Middle Kids 03:58 - Wild Rain - Jess Williamson 08:12 - Hole Again - Yours Are...


Happy (Early) Mother's Day!

The Jaunt celebrates Mother's Day a few days early with an all-female playlist. You'll hear tunes from Shana Falana (a band playing our Northside Festival show), Middle Kids, Hop Along, and Annalibera, an artist I featured on my recent edition of Spotlight on The City. Stay tuned! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:41 - Mexico - SC Mira 04:30 - Wherever (Album Version) - Halo Maud 09:51 - Best Thing - Haley Blais 14:17 - Tell Me Something - Middle Kids 17:30 - The Instrument - Wye Oak 20:50 - I...


The Lusty Month Of May

May 3rd brings you new tunes by Chicago band Joan of Arc, guitarist and composer Yonatan Gat, Memphis Songstress Liz Brasher and so much more. Also, if you liked the song I played by Anna Burch from her BTR Live Studio session, make sure to check out the video here. Stay tuned! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:46 - Punk Kid - Joan of Arc 06:08 - I Don't Have To - Sibille Attar 10:54 - Catherine - Animal Electricity 13:02 - Buck Me Off - Speedy Ortiz 16:00 - Go Easy On The Fellow - His & Her...


Oh Honey!

Alexis Taylor, the lead singer of Hot Chip, released a solo album on 4/20 called Beautiful Thing. Stay tuned for a track from that today on The Jaunt! Also, songs by Sibille Attar, Stef Chura, High Sunn, Post Animal and Sloan. By the way, have you seen our latest BTR Hear & There with Erika Wennerstrom? Check it out here! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:29 - Generation L(ost) - L.A. Salami 04:17 - Tire Eyes - Post Animal 07:21 - Soft Spoken - High Sunn 09:53 - Voices Sound - The Amazing 16:01...


Happy 4/19!

Today on The Jaunt, songs about love, loss, friendship and life. Also, songs from the latest albums by Peach Kelli Pop, L.A. Salami and The Amazing - a Swedish outfit featuring members of Dungen. Stay tuned! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:47 - Long Road Back To You - Courtney Marie Andrews 06:42 - Be Hurt - Eels 14:29 - Part of Me - Bonny Doon 18:58 - A Man; A Man Without Warning - L.A. Salami 23:53 - How You Got Your Limp - Hop Along 26:22 - Rewind - The Amazing 31:16 - The Jaunt on BTR...


Bark Yo' Head Off!

Today on The Jaunt, brand new albums by BTR faves, Hop Along, Mo Douglas, Mourn, Sama Dams and UK based outfit, Idles. Make sure to check out the video we with Idles here. You'll also hear a couple tunes by artists from Calgary, Alberta that I featured on my recent edition of Spotlight on the City. Stay tuned! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:34 - Look of Love - Hop Along 06:42 - Monogamy - Child Actress 09:43 - Cool - Soccer Mommy 12:53 - Mea Culpa - Caroline Says 15:43 - Deerslayer - Daniel...


Kitty Pizza Party

Today I'll be premiering a track of off Sam Evian's sophomore album, You, Forever, which will be available on June 1st via Saddle Creek. You'll also a hear a new song by Bombino from his forthcoming release on Partisan, Deran. The album was recorded in Casablanca, Morocco and will be released on May 18th, 2018 on Partisan Records. Plus, tunes by Mo Douglas, No Thank You, Amen Dunes and Columbia, South Carolina band, Turbo Gatto. I'll be playing their fun tune, "Kitty Pizza Party." You can...


Used Future

Today's edition of The Jaunt will feature new music from Austin band, The Sword. Their latest release, Used Future, is out now. You'll also hear a track from Sloan's 12th studio album 12. Plus, tunes from Oneida, of Montreal, and Melissa Laveaux. Stay tuned! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:43 - Sea Of Green - The Sword 06:21 - PO - Mythless 11:05 - Jursey - Jouska 16:53 - Judgement - Nap Eyes 21:04 - Binge - BOYO 24:00 - Androgynous Love - Denis The Night & The Panic Party 28:37 - Countess...


Sweet Unknown

Today's edition of The Jaunt features a song from the debut solo effort by Erika Wennerstrom, the lead singer of the Heartless Bastards. The album, Sweet Unknown, will be out tomorrow, March 23rd on Partisan Records. You'll also hear a track from of Montreal's 15th studio album, White Is Relic/ Irrealis Mood. Plus music from Yamantaka//Sonic Titan, CHAI, Mythless and more! Stay tuned. 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:34 - Letting Go - Erika Wennerstrom 05:30 - Hi Ho to Righteous - Jonathan...


Tracey Thorn is Back!

Remember Everything But The Girl? Tracey Thorn, 1/2 of the chart topping 90's duo, is back with her first album in 7 years, Record. Plus, new music from Brooklyn rockers, Oneida, Austin outfit, The Black Angels and Paradise of Bachelors artist, Nap Eyes. You'll also hear from bands and artists that I featured on my latest edition of Spotlight on the City - Columbia, South Carolina. Stay tuned! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:40 - Half Believing - The Black Angels 04:54 - Gloom Tomb - Prism...


Five, Six, Seven, Eight!

We have two New Jersey bands with new albums on The Jaunt today. Titus Andronicus released their sixth studio album, A Productive Cough, via Merge Records on March 2nd. Screaming Females, is back with their latest effort, All At Once, which is out now on Don Giovanni. Stay tuned! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:33 - I Love You, But I Need Another Year - Liza Anne 04:13 - Steed (for Jean Genet) - Joan As Police Woman 08:19 - Lulu - Jackson MacIntosh 13:09 - My Fault - Robert Earl Thomas 16:25 -...