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Hug a Drummer Day

It's National Hug a Drummer Day. Tell your favorite drummer how much you mean to them, because without them, bands would have no backbone, amirite? Today on the show, tracks by Luke Temple, Aquarian Blood, DIIV and more. Plus, you'll hear from Aquarius Moon, a band from Worcester, MA that I featured on my last edition of Spotlight on the City. Stay tuned! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:48 - Hidden Away - Aquarian Blood 03:37 - Drift of Autumn - Daniel Martin Moore 06:58 - All We Want Anymore -...


My October Symphony

It's October and I'm previewing songs from upcoming releases by Son Little, Marina Kaye, Georgia, Elliot Moss and more! Plus, you'll hear a track on today's show from Tom Petty's former guitar tech. Stay tuned! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:46 - Crashed Cars - Devarrow 03:47 - Teenage Mascara - Ren Harvieu 06:57 - Wish We Had More Time - Alice Boman 10:34 - Barricade - Elliot Moss 14:26 - Gasconade - Will Johnson 18:55 - This Close - Molly Sarlé 22:55 - The Jaunt on BTR 24:17 - Old Enough To...


Pale September

Montreal - based musician Patrick Watson (one of my favorite artists!) will be releasing his fourth album on October 18th via Domino Records. I'll preiview one of the tunes today! Plus, new music from The Berries, Vivian Girls, My Little Hum, Darrin Bradbury and more! Stay tuned. Happy Autumn! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:40 - Dream For Dreaming - Patrick Watson 04:03 - Preface to a Dream Play - Chelsea Wolfe 07:51 - Sponge - Bethlehem Steel 11:25 - Company - Fran 15:38 - Time Is A Dark...


Nine One Nine One Nine

Cigarettes After Sex 2nd album, Cry, is dropping on October 25th - hear the first single "Heavenly" today on The Jaunt! Plus, new tunes from The Paranoyds, Jeremy Ivey, Tamino, Surf Curse and so much more. Stay Tuned! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:47 - Southern Sky - (Sandy) Alex G 03:58 - Caseys Groove - Twin Peaks 07:58 - Get Well Soon - Boy Scouts 11:38 - Champ - Rose Dorn 13:47 - Crocodile - Tamino 17:59 - The Jaunt on BTR 18:38 - Attention - Bridal Party 22:41 - Superbike - Jay Som 26:33...


Of Seasons

Longriver makes their first appearance on The Jaunt today with a song from the debut album, Of Seasons. You'll hear Tinariwen's latest release on -Anti Records, Amadjar, and a track from Twin Peak's newest record, Lookout Low, which is out tomorrow on Grand Jury Records. Stay tuned! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:49 - Bad Girl - Bethlehem Steel 04:59 - Evening Prayer aka Justice - Ezra Furman 07:52 - This Free Ride - Violent Femmes 10:03 - Snickersnee - OH SEES 13:45 - Match Bet - Squid 17:56 -...


Sorry, I'm Busy

Nashville duo, The Harmaleighs, kick off the first show of September with a song from their album, She Won't Make Sense. Plus, I have a brand new songs by The Districts. The track supports Everytown For Gun Safety, an organization dedicated to reducing gun violence. Stay tuned! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:41 - Sorry, I'm busy - The Harmaleighs 03:40 - The Bottom Of It - Fruit Bats 06:39 - Can You Really Find Me - Night Moves 10:58 - My Heart Dreams - Black Belt Eagle Scout 14:38 - You Made...



The last Thursday in August brings you brand new albums courtesy of Ezra Furman, Joyero, Reader, Prince Rama and more. Plus, you'll hear a song called "Harrypotterjuana" by Oh, Rose, a band from Olympia, Washington whose album, While My Father Sleeps, is out now on Park the Van Records. Stay tuned! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:43 - Ease Up Kid - Hippo Campus 03:23 - The Art of Revolution - Samana 08:24 - Demain - Cedrik St-Onge 12:11 - Sweetheart - Long Beard 17:40 - Rattle - M.T. Hadley...


Then I Try Some More

Oh Sees, Generationals, Peaer and Slaughter Beach, Dog will all make your Thursday awesome! Plus, make sure to check on BTRtv's short documentary feature on musician and artist Joanna Sternberg, whose new album, 'Then I Try Some More,' is out now from Team Love Records. Stay tuned! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:40 - Girlfriend - Richard Spitzer 02:54 - I Get What I Want - Violent Femmes 05:20 - Back to the City - Gringo Star 08:24 - Casual Boy - Fruit Tones 12:13 - Hazelnut Coffee - SadGirl...


Previewin' New Singles

Today we'll be listening to tracks from forthcoming albums by Vivian Girls, Battles, Ezra Furman and more! Plus, I'll be featuring a tune by Liquid Skulls, an artist from Little Rock, Arkansas. You can listen to my latest edition of Spotlight on the City where I highlights bands and artists from Little Rock here. Stay tuned! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 01:07 - Waste Me - Liquid Skulls 06:14 - Ciphers - Lisel 09:06 - Save This For Never - Generationals 12:27 - Suburban Junk Lady (Ariel Pink...


Solo Artists and Side Projects

We are celebrating solo artists and side projects on The Jaunt today. Do you like The Hold Steady, Animal Collective or The Dirty Projectors? Members of those bands all have solo projects that I'll be featuring on the show. Plus, you'll hear from solo artists that are just that - solo! Stay tuned! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:47 - Doing Alright - Juan Wauters 03:13 - Plastic Love - Divino Niño 07:10 - In The Wonder - AA Bondy 10:42 - Meet The Man - Cate Le Bon 14:35 - K.C. Yours - Avey Tare...


1st of tha Month

Did you get my Bone Thugs and Harmony reference in the title? August is here and so are new tunes courtesy of Goon, Westerman, The Soft Cavalry, Purple Mountains, What In Your Heart Can Put You In A Trance and more! Plus, you'll hear a song off of Allah - Las forthcoming album, LAHS, which will be available via Mexican Summer on October 11th. Stay tuned! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:44 - In The Air - Allah-Las 02:55 - Mummified - Versus 08:32 - Chlorine - Penelope Isles 11:35 - Fade - Doug...


Hotel Last Resort

Violent Femmes are dropping their 10th LP, Hotel Last Resort, tomorrow, 7/26, via PIAS - you can hear one of the tracks on the show today. Plus, music from Titus Andronicus, illiterates, Imperial Teen, Oceans Of The Moon and Spirettes, a Colorado Springs based 5 piece that I feature on my recent edition of Spotlight on the City. Stay tuned! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:45 - Round - Penelope Isles 05:34 - Ribboned Skies - Night Moves 11:55 - Wilderness - Jade Jackson 15:43 - Too Rich - Sarah...


Purple Mountains Majesty

Saddle Creek artist Ada Lea kicks off the show with a tune from her album, What We Say in Private, which drops tomorrow, 7/19. You'll also hear a track from Pip Blom's latest album Boat . Make sure to check out their BTR Live Studio Session here. Plus David Berman (Silver Jews) is back after ten years with his new project, Purple Mountains. Stay tuned! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:47 - What makes me sad - Ada Lea 04:04 - Joy - Hippo Campus 07:17 - Black Haze - Alex Little and The Suspicious...


Open Like 7-11

New music on the 11th day of July courtesy of Sarah Bethe Nelson, Oceans of the Moon, Modern Nature and more! Plus, Night Moves, The Minneapolis based band consisting of John Pelant and Micky Alfano, are back with their third studio album, Can You Really Find Me, which is out now on Domino. Stay tuned! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:47 - Blue Requiem - Samana 05:34 - Sincerely Yours - Stef Chura 09:50 - Natural Disaster - Sarah Bethe Nelson 13:03 - Theme From Jerome (Forgotten Words) - Kishi...


Happy Fourth of July!

We have a very special Independence Day themed show for the 4th of July! You'll hear facts about the holiday, learn about The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC) and hear some great music. Stay tuned! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR - Happy 4th of July! 00:59 - Beliefs and Prayers - Middle Kids 04:22 - Did You Need Someone - Doug Tuttle 07:10 - Honey - Drugdealer 11:33 - Leona - Strange Ranger 15:19 - How Far - Sacred Paws 18:00 - Chlorine - SadGirl 21:23 - The Jaunt on BTR - Happy 4th of...


Best of the First Half of 2019

Today on the show I will be playing all of my favorite tracks from the first half of 2019. There were so many great albums, EPs and singles released. Let's cruise into the 2nd half of the year together with some good music. Stay tuned! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:41 - PEACH MEAT - Du Blonde 04:42 - Detroit Riot - Mattiel 07:29 - Salt Eyes - Middle Kids 10:57 - Out of The Dust - Mariya May 16:22 - Blood of the Lamb - Liz Brasher 19:20 - Hold Your Own - The Herbert Bail Orchestra 23:09 - The...


False Anthem

Tomorrow is the first day of Summer AND we have a new tune by BTR favorites Summer Cannibals.Their fourth album, Can’t Tell Me No, will be this July on Tiny Engines. You can hear the lead single, "False Anthem", on today's show. Plus, tracks courtesy of SYML, Katie Dey, Clinic and more! Stay tuned. 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:51 - Call Me Snowflake - Middle Kids 04:52 - False Anthem - Summer Cannibals 07:50 - Sensitive (Not Too Sensitive) - French Vanilla 10:46 - Forgotten Kindness -...


It's Your Lucky Day!

Thursday the 13th brings you tracks by Mexico City Blondes, Katie Dey, Juan Wauters and more. Plus, you'll hear a tune from Brighton, UK-based quartet, Penelope Isles. Their debut album, Until the Tide Creeps In, is due out July 12th on Bella Union/PIAS. Hear it here first. Stay tuned! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:50 - Demur - Eva and the Vagabond Tales 04:49 - Centaur's Song - Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else 10:41 - Bedhead - Pip Blom 14:36 - Big Softy - Middle Kids 18:33 - The City -...


June Tunes

It's June and we have tons of great tunes! Middle Kids are back with a new EP, Generationals share a song from their forthcoming full length, Reader As Detective, and Kishi Bashi released an album that reckons with Japanese-American internment in the 1940s. You can hear it all on The Jaunt. Stay tuned! 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:44 - Don't Make It Difficult - Pip Blom 04:19 - I Turned My Back on the Written Word - Generationals 07:07 - Obsessed - Hatchie 12:18 - Origami Dreams - Christelle...


Next to Last

It's the next to last day of May, hey hey hey! Summer is right around the corner and we have new music courtesy of Middle Kids, Starflyer 59, Doomsquad, Hayden Thorpe and more. Stay tuned. 00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR 00:31 - Ode to Artifice - Samia 03:15 - Salt Eyes - Middle Kids 06:44 - State Of Blue (S.O.B.) - Agouti 10:24 - Remind Me - Starflyer 59 13:54 - Animal - SYML 17:56 - Calm Down aka I Should Not Be Alone - Ezra Furman 20:16 - Some Big Motor Dream - Dumb 24:07 - The Jaunt on BTR...