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Episode 107 / Community Records

This week we turn our ears towards Community Records. Based in New Orleans, the label began in 2008 and has been growing strong since. We chat with two of its founders, Greg Rodrigue and Daniel "D-Ray" Ray about the label's first ten years and what's coming up! 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 01:37 - “Filigree” - Kellen 05:50 - Community Records Interview 60:00 - “summertime” - NEW AIR 62:55 - “if you were mine” - NOVA ONE 66:38 - “Granddad” - Hikes 72:22 - “Scary Heaters” - Fishplate 75:33 -...


Episode 106 / Felte

This week we're featuring the LA-based label, Felte, and speaking with its founder Jeff Owens about their first 5 years, latest releases, and the upcoming two-night party celebrating the label in LA on November 16 and 17th. 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 01:27 - Mercy - Public Memory 05:52 - Felte Records interview 46:35 - “Trouble Fun” - Gold Class 50:55 - “Prologue” - AUTOBAHN 53:03 - “Nothing Is Revealed” - Devon Church 58:47 - “Hate” - 61:00 - “One” - Odonis Odonis 65:51 - “Black...


Episode 105

New music time! Check out brand new songs from Sat. Nite Duets, Sunshine And The Rain, The Dirty Nil, Papercuts, Pill, and more this week as we take a brief detour from our usual record label features. 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 01:57 - "Local Idiot" - Sat. Nite Duets 04:23 - "Altar (featuring Anna Burch)" - Fred Thomas 06:50 - "It's Hard To Tell The Difference When You're Afraid of Literally Everything " - Thin Lips 10:14 - "I Shall Love 2" - Julia Holter 15:27 - "It's All In Your Mind"...


Episode 104 / Pioneer Works Press

Pioneer Works is a non-profit cultural center in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The arts institution recently launched a record label under their publishing umbrella with new music from Miss Information (Miho Hatori) and Marijuana Deathsquads. Justin Frye (Director of Music Programming) and Greg Fox (Music Curator at Large) join us for a chat about the new label's unique approach to releasing music. 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / Pioneer Works 02:01 - "Theme" - Miss Information...


Episode 102 / Father/Daughter Records part 3

This is a first: we're checking back in on a previously featured label for the THIRD time. Father/Daughter Records is a great one, and it's been another busy year for them, so we're getting a look at new music from Rose Droll, Moaning Lisa, Sir Babygirl, and Tasha along with others from the label. For the second half of the show, we get acquainted with new releases from Tallies, Yowler, John Grant, Young Jesus, and more! 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 00:26 - Father/Daughter Records 01:33...


Episode 102

This week we're checking out new music from Cat Power, Adrianne Lenker, Wild Nothing, Madeline Kenney, and Molly Burch while digging into the playlist archives to show some love to more tracks from labels we've featured on the show in the past. 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 02:30 - “No Weekend” - Madeline Kenney 05:26 - “Speakwrite” - SOAR 09:44 - “Honestly” - Hippo Campus 12:21 - “Them” - Baked 15:23 - “It's You” - Space Mountain 19:09 - “The Weather” - Robert Earl Thomas 21:54 - “You...


Episode 101 / Captured Tracks Interview

This week on the show we revisit Captured Tracks, catching up on their new releases since the last time we featured the label, and chatting with founder Mike Sniper about the label's beginnings, it's 10th anniversary celebrations, the music industry's relationship with streaming and social media, what bands trying to get signed should and shouldn't do, and much more. Watch "Fitchburg State" by Lina Tullgren on BTR Live Studio. Watch "Try" by Molly Burch on BTR Live Studio. Watch "Barcelona...


Episode 100 / Exploding In Sound Redux

For our 100th episode, we're revisiting Exploding In Sound Records, the label we first featured back on episode 52 with our first record label interview. One year later, we're catching up on the many great release they've put out, including Fond Han, Human People, Big Ups, Yazan, Baked, and more, as well as checking out some other (non-EIS) new releases. 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 00:28 - SubInev on BTR / Exploding In Sound 01:51 - ”Jenny" - Human People 04:55 - “Imaginary Dog Walker"...


Episode 99 / fugureight Records

Figureight Records is a fascinating new label and collective connected to the Brooklyn-based studio (Figure 8) and Shahzad Ismaily. Here, we spend an hour with label manager Hildur Maral via Skype, where we talk about the label, finding the right frequency, and put out a call for more women musicians to share their work. 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 01:19 - “December” - indridi 04:43 - Figure Eight Records interview 53:12 - “Bang” - Aaron Roche 56:31 - “Moonchild” - Evolution 60:00 -...


Episode 98 / Dadstache Records

This week we're taking a look at the Rochester, NY-based label, Dadstache Records. Currently in its 5th year, owner JT Fitzgerald joins us on the phone to talk about the label's beginnings, the changes he's seen and felt over these 5 years, the Misra Records label group, and some general Rochester goodness (yes, we do discuss the infamous garbage plate). We also highlight new and recent releases from Calicoco, The Sharp Shadows, Forevers, and more! 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 01:18 -...


Episode 97 / Castle Face part 2

This week we're revisiting Castle Face Records, diving in for a full episode with plenty of music from the deep catalogs of Thee Oh Sees, OCS, Oh Sees, and much much more from the label. 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 00:23 - SubInev on BTR / Castle Face 01:41 - Enrique El Cobrador - Oh Sees 05:30 - I’ll Be Fine - Once & Future Band 11:50 - Rise Up From The Center Of The Rising Sea - POW! 13:07 - Animal of One - The Fresh & Onlys 17:04 - SubInev on BTR 17:53 - Nite Expo - Oh Sees 20:46 -...


Episode 96

A selection of long songs for those hazy end-of-summer days. 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 01:10 - An Admission - Dreamend 11:05 - Godsend - Beat Happening 20:23 - White Moon - Kikagaku Moyo 28:38 - SubInev on BTR 29:13 - all these worlds are yours - HOLY 37:50 - 3attam Babey - Jerusalem In My Heart And Suuns 46:25 - The Hustle - Lambchop 64:05 - Infinite Rise - King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard 74:13 - SubInev on BTR 74:34 - Choir - Blood Warrior 82:55 - Street Wheels (Acoustic) - Land Of...


Episode 95 / Grand Jury

This week we're taking a look at Grand Jury, an independent record label founded in NYC in 2014. Robbie Mackey (half of the team leading the label, along with Craig Winkler) joins us in the studio to talk about some of their releases, what they look for in an artist, and how industry experience and the help of an established label enabled them to get a solid start. 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 00:50 - “All Over Me” - Bedstudy 04:19 - Grand Jury interview 23:29 - “Bambi” - Hippo Campus...


Episode 94

This week we're catching up on new releases and recent favorites once again, with great new stuff from Oh Sees, Odetta Hartman, The Beths and more! 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 03:13 - “Song of the Sad Assassin” - WHY? 07:23 - “Enrique El Cobrador” - Oh Sees 11:11 - “Spit” - Odetta Hartman 12:56 - “Evil Sin” - Shy Boys 15:20 - “Craving Art Droplets” - Kalbells 19:55 - “Not For You” - Echo Courts 23:11 - “You Wouldnt Like Me” - The Beths 26:41 - “whole world girl” - Free Cake For Every...


Episode 93 / Northern Spy

Northern Spy has been "Documenting Modern Music Since 2010" - the eclectic Brooklyn record label is known for releasing interesting, challenging music in a variety of genres from jazz to rock and pop and everything in between (and beyond)! Co-founder Adam Downey stops by this week to talk about the label, from its roots at ESP-Disk to the latest releases from Wilder Maker, Odetta Hartman, The Necks, and more. ​​ 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 00:26 - Northern Spy intro 01:25 -...


Episode 92 / Greenway Records

It's been a year since we checked in with local NYC label Greenway Records, so we invited founder Harry Portnof in to share some new music and chat about the label and it's short but busy three year history, including the Greenway Hall of Fame, the state of pressing vinyl and creating unique pieces, the value of music as art, and the labels that inspired him. 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 01:16 - “Demolition USA” - Jane Church 04:39 - Greenway Records interview 20:49 - “Taxman” - Las...


Episode 91

Here we are, once again, with our semi-regularly-scheduled "catching up on new music" episode of the show! With some great new stuff from the labels you know and love (from listening to this show, of course) as well as tons of other great new music that's just, well, great on its own! Dig in and enjoy! 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 01:57 - “1 2 3 4 5 6” - Kalbells 03:33 - “Hey Joel, Where You Going With That?” - Segall & White Fence 06:27 - “Wring Me Out” - Neighbor Lady 12:12 - “The...


Episode 90 / NNA Tapes

This week we head north to the excellent New England music town of Burlington, VT to chat with Toby Aronson from the 10-year-old label NNA Tapes about formats (they don't JUST release tapes), aiming for high quality music over getting stuck to a genre, streaming, and the label's newly-announced Centennial cassette box set! 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 01:24 - “Wonder” - Kalbells 05:24 - “Sweet Dreams” - The Cradle 08:03 - NNA Tapes interview 65:56 - “Contrails” - Tigue 73:44 - “A Dance...


Episode 89 / Refresh Records

Josh Higgins of the Charlotte, NC-based label Refresh Records joins us by phone to chat about the 3-year old label. We check out music from Echo Courts, Emily Donohue, Cuzco, and more before digging into some non-Refresh jams from Neighbor Lady, Hotpipes, The Beths, Ari Roar and more! 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 00:29 - Refresh Records interview 17:43 - "Take Away" - Echo Courts 20:29 - Refresh Records Interview 34:25 - "Mistakes" - Emily Donohue 38:23 - SubInev on BTR 64:46 - "Anybody...


Episode 88 / First Half of 2018

We're halfway through 2018, so it's time to take a quick look back at the past 6 months of new music! Think of it as a refresher as we head into the second half of the year of listening - by no means is this an exhaustive list of everything that's come out or caught our ears, but rather a taste to remind us that there's been a ton of great releases in 2018, and we're only halfway thru it! 00:00 - SubInev on BTR/intro 01:44 - "Plinth" - NADINE 06:01 - "Take Everything" - Ought 11:06 - "Sea...