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Episode 77 / Golden Brown

All the way from sunny Los Angeles, half of the team behind the young Golden Brown label, Thom Sunderland, joins us by phone to chat about its beginnings in Portland, OR, just what texture-pop is, physical formats, and how the timing of being a very chill label has worked out well. Described as an "independent label bending genres, minds and hearts," Golden Brown is off to an exceptionally strong start, and we get Perfectly Toasted as we explore some of its short history through conversation...


Episode 76 / Good Eye Records

As we round the corner in the into the final quarter of the first 100 episodes of the show, we welcome Mike Mehalick of Good Eye Records (and Speak Into My Good Eye) to talk us through the genesis of the label and his own adventures through a career in the music industry. We also hit on NJ (Kevin Smith, obviously, and beer, less obviously perhaps), what it takes to get on the Good Eye tip, how great art gets made (check out Sarah Ver Hoeve to see for yourself), an exclusive premiere of a...


Episode 75 / Fire Talk Records

Trevor Peterson from Brooklyn-based Fire Talk Records joins us this week to talk accidental beginnings, beating the algorithms, how to submit music and get it heard, and learning how to grow an artist-first label. 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 01:10 - “Of course” - Seive 02:54 - Fire Talk Records Interview 36:27 - “Whatever Brings You Peace of Mind” - Nassau 41:03 - “Gravelines” - Woodsman 45:32 - “Rise / Set” - Tjutjuna 54:29 - “Take Me Home or I Die Alone” - Dead Gaze 58:56 - Fire Talk...


Episode 74

Sometimes you need to stop, take a breath, and just listen to the music. This episode is about taking in a ton of great (mostly) new music. No label feature or interview this week, just a fun mix for you to enjoy, dig into, and perhaps find a new favorite band or song. 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 01:15 - Suzie Stop Saucing" - Swampmeat Family Band 03:22 - "(Didn't What You Want) Happen" - Palm 07:20 - "All In Due Time" - Oneida 10:15 - "Law Panda" - Weaves 12:58 - "Hulahoop" - Media...


Episode 73 / Soap Library

​This week we take a look at the Brooklyn-based holistic tape label, Soap Library, with co-founder Rachel Barnhart (her partner Kerry Santullo couldn't make it). We talk about pairing wellness objects with music, the logistics of tape production, Rachel's background in Athens and Atlanta, and being open to possibilities. 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 00:28 - Soap Library Interview 27:12 - “For Scott Kelly, Returned to Earth” - Mary Lattimore 33:09 - “Fire & Rain(take 2)” - jeff Tobias...


Episode 72 / Imaginator Records

David Rogers-Berry of the NYC-originated and now Portland, Maine-based label, Imaginator Records (launched in 2016), joins me in the studio to chat about his approach to starting the label and what they've got in the works. We also spend some time reminiscing about Apocalypse Lounge, o’death, punk marching bands, and Maine noise artists. 00:27 - SubInev on BTR / Imaginator Records 35:11 - “Because You're Dead” - Clawman 42:59 - “They Know” - ClawMan 46:00 - “Snow” - Ω▽ (OHMSLICE) 49:54 -...


Episode 71 / SXSW 2018 Preview

It's that time of the year again! Next week, musicians will descend upon Austin, TX for South By Southwest. This week on the show I've picked some of my favorites who will be performing there, in an effort to help guide your show-going if you'll be attending, and to provide a bit of a soundtrack for our coverage of the event here on BTRtoday. 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 01:22 - "Where's My Baby" - Breanna Barbara 06:34 - "Bones" - Crumb 09:43 - "Absinthesizer" - Caddywhompus 10:56 -...


Episode 70 / Forged Artifacts

In the first half of this week's episode, we check in with Matt Linden of the 6-year old Minneapolis-based label, Forged Artifacts, after his Twitter thread on submitting music to labels took off (another one revealing an embarrassing lack of BCC skills followed). We also hit on social media role in the growing independent record label community, the shift from vinyl to tapes, the Minneapolis music scene (with the requisite love for Totally Gross National Product), growing a label, and...


Episode 69 / New Professor Music

Straight out of LA, New Professor Music - The World's Greatest Record Company - founder/owner, Greg Katz, drops by to talk album art, touring, and why you don't actually need a label at all. We also listen to a bunch of great music from New Professor bands like Operator Music Band, Citris, Cheekface, and more. 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 00:26 - New Professor Music / Greg Katz 22:27 - "Shampoo" - david shane smith 26:46 - "Octagon" - LA Font 29:16 - New Professor Music / Greg Katz 57:06...


Episode 68

Another week, another sweet mix of new and recent music including Superchunk, Polica, Good Field, Hockey Dad, Joan As Police Woman, Palm, and so much more. 2018 is off to a VERY strong musical start. Come listen. 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 01:49 - Break the Glass - Superchunk 04:56 - Bully - Runaway Brother 07:23 - Open Letter to Forever - Fred Thomas 09:13 - Possession - Rainer Maria 12:06 - Flesh and Electricity - Camp Cope 16:00 - Bird - Brutus 20:20 - Usual Freaks - Chemtrails...


Episode 67 / Paper Bag Records

This week, we dig into the BTR music library and uncover an amazing label with tons of great music hiding right in front of our eyes! With the release of the new full length from Born Ruffians, we dive into their label, Paper Bag Records! For the second half of the show, we take a look at more of the incredible music that's come out in just the first month and a half of 2018! 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 00:27 - SubInev on BTR / Paper Bag Records 02:13 - "Ring That Bell" - Born Ruffians...


Episode 66 / Heavenly Recordings

This week we've got a half-show record label feature, taking a look at a handful of artists on the London-based Heavenly Recordings' roster, before getting psyched about some of the excellent new music kicking off 2018. 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro / Heavenly Recordings 02:38 - “Last Thing On Your Mind” - H. Hawkline 08:46 - “Heather” - Saint Etienne 12:35 - “Boyfriend (Repeat)” - Confidence Man 16:44 - “C - Side **” - The Wytches 20:00 - “Quit the Curse” - Anna Burch 22:49 - “Clear...


Episode 65

New music is starting to roll in for 2018, so we're skipping the record label feature this week to get into a whole bunch of new music, including brand new tracks from A. Spencer, Spice Boys, NADINE, Holy, and more! 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 01:18 - “all these worlds are yours” - HOLY 09:58 - “Veritas” - The Royal They 14:07 - “Vessel” - Spice Boys 18:15 - “Like They Do” - Glaare 22:16 - SubInev on BTR 23:00 - “Test Cheddar” - Goodfight 25:48 - “Conjecture” - Joel Gion 29:56 -...


Episode 64 / Sargent House Records

For our first record label interview episode of 2018, Cathy Pellow of Sargent House Records joins us on the phone from LA. We start with a bit of praise for Blis., and hit hot topics such as the changing music industry, a killer job opportunity (really), the great format debate, emo, Mike Watt stories, and tons of great, heavy music. 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 00:34 - SubInev on BTR / Sargent House 03:14 - “Lost Boy” - Blis. 06:09 - “Ugly” - Blis. 09:49 - SubInev on BTR / Sargent House...


Episode 63 / PNK SLM Recordings

For our first record label feature of 2018, we check out the London/Stockholm-based label, PNK SLM Recordings! Once we're acquainted with some of their output, we get into new music from The Duke Of Surl, Greg Jamie, Superorganism, and more! 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 00:26 - PNK SLM label feature 01:39 - “Ramen Waitress” - High Sunn 04:06 - “Rearranging My Ways” - Beachtape 07:02 - “Heard Her” - HOLY 12:27 - “Nothing To Show (No Reason To Go)” - Holiday Ghosts 15:00 - “Put Me In A...


Episode 62 / 2018 Label Preview

In our first episode of 2018, we take a look ahead, sampling several record labels who we'll be featuring here on the show this year. Get a taste of Company Records, Sargent House, Imaginator, Joyful Noise, Western Vinyl, HEAVENLY Recordings, Run For Cover Records, Northern Spy, TeenBeat, Punk Slime, and Empty Cellar before we dive in for the year. Bonus: new music from Greg Jamie of O’death! 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 01:18 - “This Life” - Greg Jamie 04:20 - “Star Stuff” - Chaz...


Episode 61 / 2017 Recap

It turns out that 2017 was a pretty great year for new music. In this episode, we pick out some favorite tracks and artists from the year to review before we head into a whole new year of musical discovery. 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 01:07 - “Lavender Night“ - Amy O 02:46 - “Impossible Man” - Fresh & Onlys 06:31 - “Echolocation” - Fred Thomas 09:27 - “Stay Happy” - Broken Social Scene 13:34 - “(Don't) Talk to strangers” - Agent Bla 16:31 - “Dead Legs” - Active Bird Community 19:28 -...


Episode 60 / OMNIAN Music Group Recap

Before we get to a full 2017 music recap, let's revisit the labels we've previously featured that are part of the OMNIAN Music Group: Captured Tracks (episode 40), 2MR (episode 43), Sinderlyn (ep 45), and Flying Nun (cup 49). This week, we’ll be taking a look at more tracks from each of these, in this OMNIAN feature recap. 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 00:55 - Still Beating - Mac DeMarco 03:49 - Get Lost - Lina Tullgren 07:08 - Distance To The Waves - Pale Blue 11:35 - Qualm of Innocence...


Episode 59 / King Pizza Records

This week, we take a bite out of the Brooklyn-based label King Pizza Records with the operation's Big Cheese, Greg Hanson. He stopped by to chat about the music, pizza, action figures, the Wilhelm Scream, and so much more. Dig in, it's a fun one! You can pre-order the Men of King Pizza 2018 Calendar here. 00:00 - SubInev on BTR / intro 00:28 - King Pizza interview 18:17 - “Kids'll Lose Their Heads Sometimes” - Coach n Commando 21:21 - King Pizza interview 33:01 - “Leopard Stealth (I'm...


Episode 58 / Ernest Jenning Record Co / Pete D'Angelo Interview Part 2

This is part 2 of a two part episode on the record label Ernest Jenning Record Company (check out part 1 here). The label's founder, Pete D'Angelo, stopped with a few beers and we spent a couple of hours talking about music and how the label works. In this episode, we cover a bit of the label's beginnings and maybe get a little nostalgic. 00:00 - start 00:04 - SubInev on BTR / intro 00:28 - Ernest Jenning Record Co intro 01:31 - “Love Both Sides” - Still Flyin' 05:21 - “End Times” -...


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