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Disability Issues and the Election

In this 1-hour election special where we ask your questions to Conservative Raquel Dancho, Green spokesperson Kimberley Vance-Mubanga, Liberal Carla Qualtrough, New Democrat Daniel Blaikie. This is the September 10, 2021 episode.


Towards Inclusive Museums

Melissa Smith is Assistant Curator of Access and Learning at the Art Gallery of Ontario. She shares her passion for making museums and galleries inclusive spaces by working with People with Disabilities as co-creators of a multi-sensory experience. This is the September 4, 2021 episode.


Genetics and the Human Eye

A special 1-hour episode with Fighting Blindness Canada where we hear from experts and patients about genetics and the human eye. This is the August 28, 2021 episode.


Beauty For All

We meet Victoria Watts, founder of Victorialand Beauty. She discusses her passion for making her products accessible to blind people and the value of universal design in creating beauty product packages. This is the August 22, 2021 episode.


Disability and Climate Change

Activist Marlena Chertock discusses the linkages between climate change and disability justice. She argues that a disability-inclusive lens creates greater resilience in fighting climate change This is the August 21, 2021 episode.


Making Travel Accessible

We speak with Tarita Davenock, founder and CEO of Travel for All. She discusses the origins of her company which specializes in accessible travel for People with Disabilities. She expands on her philosophy that travel should be an exciting and inclusive experience. This is the August 15, 2021 episode.


Protesting the Olympics

Social justice educator and author Helen Lenskyj discusses the history of protests during the Olympics. She talks about efforts to reform the International Olympic Committee and the legacy of games for host cities. This is the August 14, 2021 episode.


Representing Disability in Film and TV

Filmmaker and disability activist Dominick Evans discusses disability representation and inclusion in film and TV. They talk about their journey as a trans disabled filmmaker and what their role as a Hollywood consultant. This is the August 8, 2021 episode.


Drafting Logan Mailloux

Gianluca Agostinelli is a PhD candidate at Brock University. He discusses whether the Montreal Canadiens legitimized rape culture by drafting defenceman Logan Mailloux. This is the August 7, 2021 episode.


Disability Activism Through Art (Illuminating part 2)

Two contributors to the "Illuminating" exhibit, hosted by Holland-Bloorview Kids Hospital, discuss how their art is meant to be a vehicle for social change. Each discusses their feelings about sex, relationships, and dating and offer tips on how healthcare professionals can better address sexual health with People with Disabilities. This is the August 1, 2021 episode.


Blindness: The Play

Hannah Thompson is a professor of French and Critical Disability Studies at Royal Holloway University in London. She discusses her role as a consultant on the play "Blindness", which premieres in Toronto in August 2021. We also find out why she thinks of herself as "partially blind". This is the July 31, 2021 episode.


Do We Need Disability Pride?

Multiple Sclerosis patient communicator Ed Tobias says Disability Pride Month isn't for him. We find out why. Ed Tobias is a retired broadcast journalist and the author of "We're Not Drunk, We Have MS: A toolkit for living with Multiple Sclerosis." This is the July 25, 2021 episode.


Illuminating: Sexual Health & Disability

Dr. Amy McPherson of Holland-Bloorview Kids Hospital, discusses a new online art exhibit featuring the work of youths with disabilities navigating sexuality within the healthcare system. Dr. McPherson makes the case for a conversation about the positive experience of sex for People with Disabilities. This is the June 24, 2021 episode.


Making Accessibility Fashionable

Kate Mior is a performer, living statue, DJ, and a fashion designer whose corsets function as accessibility support braces for people with scoliosis and other back conditions. She talks about making accessibility fun and fashionable, and about her varied career. This is the July 18, 2021 episode.


Disability Pride is Revolutionary

Anthony Frisina is a disability activist and author of a new book, "Above & Beyond". He discusses his book and offers his take on Disability Pride Month, calling for disability revolution. This is the June 17, 2021 episode.


Loving Disability

University of Calgary instructor and researcher Alan Martino talks about the barriers faced by people with intellectual disabilities in pursuing and maintaining romance. This is the July 11, 2021 episode.


Explaining Bill C-35

Carla Qualtrough, Minister for Employment, Workforce Development, and Disability Inclusion and Jewelles Smith, Communications & Government Relations Officer for the Council of Canadians with Disabilities join us to discuss Bill C-35. If enacted, the Bill would create a federal disability support benefit for working-age adults with disabilities. This is the June 10, 2021 episode.


Disability Advocacy at the UN

Laverne Jacobs is with the Faculty of Law at the University of Windsor. She has been recently nominated to serve on the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. She discusses why it's important for Canada to have a voice on an international committee. This is the July 4, 2021 episode.


Mumilaaq Qaqqaq on Decolonizing Politics

Nunavut MP Mumilaaq Qaqqaq joins us to reflect on her term in the House of Commons and her future plans. She discusses the housing crisis in Nunavut as well as disability issues. This is the July 3, 2021 episode.


Busting Reopening Anxiety

Psychiatrist Arlene MacDougall has tips and tricks to combat reopening anxiety. She says it's important to undertake self-care practices and keep lines of communication open with friends and family. This is the June 27, 2021 episode.