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The Pulse is a podcast discussing issues impacting the disability community across Canada on AMI-audio. Host Joeita Gupta, who is blind, also works full-time at a nonprofit in Toronto, specializing in housing/tenant rights.




The Pulse is a podcast discussing issues impacting the disability community across Canada on AMI-audio. Host Joeita Gupta, who is blind, also works full-time at a nonprofit in Toronto, specializing in housing/tenant rights.






Disability in Animation

What is Crip Animation and how does it challenge ableist perceptions? On this episode of The Pulse with Joeita Gupta, Joeita welcomes Slava Greenberg. The two discuss how animation can subvert norms and challenge ableist perceptions, inviting audiences to rethink their understanding of disability. Slava Greenberg, the author of 'Animated Film and Disability: Cripping Spectatorship', explains that cripping spectatorship involves reimagining film theory and spectatorship to include all senses and perspectives, not just vision. They also explore the value of blinding and deafening the spectator in films to challenge the primacy of vision and create a more inclusive cinematic experience. The conversation touches on the intersections of trans and disabled experiences and the potential for animation to evoke transformative and imaginative futures. Overall, the discussion highlights the importance of crip animation in creating a disability-inclusive world. Link to Slava’s book: “Animated Film and Disability: Gripping Spectatorship” - Episode Highlights “Spectatorship” in Film Theory (2:28) What does “Cripping Spectatorship” mean? (5:00) How experience of being trans and disabled led Slava to animation (9:09) “Blinding and Deafening the Spectator” in cinema (11:17) Value of shifting the gaze away from able-bodied perspective in filmmaking (17:00) Slava reads excerpt from his book 'Animated Film and Disability: Cripping Spectatorship' (23:18) About Slava Greenberg Slava Greenberg is an Assistant Professor of Film in the Department of Media Studies at University of Amsterdam's Faculty of Humanities and Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis. Previously, he served as a Casden Institute postdoctoral fellow at the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts and Department of Gender and Sexuality Studies. Greenberg's research and practice, grounded in disability studies (particularly Crip theory and Mad studies), transgender studies, and feminist film theory, concern the potential of emerging media forms to produce embodied transformative experiences for audiences. Greenberg is the author of Animated Film and Disability: Cripping Spectatorship (Indiana University Press, 2023). His articles have been published in journals such as Film Quarterly, Transgender Studies Quarterly, Animation, The Moving Image, Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, Review of Disability Studies, and Jewish Film and New Media. He regularly contributes to various field-defining anthologies, including those on disability and documentary, accent studies, queer television studies, and new media. Currently, he is writing his second book, Gender Dysphoria: An Unauthorized Biography, which examines the trans-crip histories and cultures of dysphoria from the Reed Erickson papers to contemporary pop representations. Reference:


Accessibility at the 2022 FIFA World Cup

This week, Joeita speaks to Ahmed Habib, an accessibility consultant based out of Doha, Qatar about the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and the legacy of access left behind by the game. This is the September 16, 2023 edition


Designing Inclusive Post-Secondary Education

This week, Joeita speaks to Patty Douglas, inaugural Chair of Student Success at Queen's University about disability-inclusive approaches to higher education.This is the September 9, 2023 edition


Disability and Transnational Adoption

This week, Joeita speaks to Lydia XZ Brown about disability and transnational adoption. This is the August 31, 2023 edition


Annahid Dashtgard on "Bones of Belonging: Finding Wholeness in a White World"

This week, Joeita speaks to inclusivity coach and social justice activist Annahid Dashtgard about "Bones of Belonging" her collection of essays exploring being a woman of colour. This is the August 24, 2023 edition


Rena Katz: Exploring Intergenerational Trauma and the Holocaust

This week, Joeita speaks to author Rena Lipiner Katz about her new book "A Life Inherited: Unraveling the Trauma of a Second-Generation Holocaust Survivor".This is the August 17, 2023 edition


Blind Painter John Bramblitt: Painting in the Dark

This week, Joeita speaks to award-winning blind painter John Bramblitt about his artistic process, techniques, and sources of inspiration. This is the August 10, 2023 edition


Disability Representation Behind the Camera

This week, Joeita speaks to disabled filmmaker Nasreen Alkhateeb, about some of her ongoing projects and why disability representation behind the camera matters. This is the August 3, 2023 edition


Disability on Stage

This week, Joeita speaks to playwright, actor, and director Debbie Patterson, who is the first wheelchair-using performer at the Stratford Festival. This is the July 27, 2023 edition


Let's Rent a Train: A new documentary on the League for Socialist Action

This week, Joeita speaks to Doug Williams, producer, director, and writer of Let's Rent a Train, a new documentary exploring the history of the League for Socialist Action in Toronto. This is the July 20, 2023 edition


Making Braille Art

This week, Joeita speaks to blind visual artist Clarke Reynolds about his artistic journey and why he incorporates Braille as an artistic medium. This is the July 13, 2023 edition Explore Clarke Reynolds' art at his website:


Making Pride Disability Inclusive

This week, Joeita speaks toAlan Martino from the University of Calgary about ways Pride Month can be made more disability Inclusive. This is the July 6, 2023 edition


Disability & Housing, Part 3: Home Ownership

This week, Joeita speaks to Angela Fox, creator of the Accessibility is Home podcast and author of the book "My Blue Front Door" about her journey to home ownership as a wheelchair user. This is the last of three episodes on disability and housing. This is the June 29, 2023 edition


Disability & Housing, Part 2: Accessible Housing

This week, Joeita speaks to Tracy Odell, from the Accessible Housing Network, about why Canadian politicians, developers, and housing activists all need to embrace universally designed homes. This is the 2nd of 3 episodes on Disability & Housing. This is the June 22, 2023 edition


Disability & Housing, Part 1

This week, Joeita speaks with Ricardo Tranjan, from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, about his new book "The Tenant Class". This is the first of three episodes on Disability & Housing. This is the June 15, 2023 edition


Birding While Blind

This week, Joeita speaks to wildlife accessibility consultant Jerry Berrier about birding while blind. This is the June 8, 2023 edition


Stephanie Cadieux, Canada's Chief Accessibility Officer

This week, Canada's Chief Accessibility Officer, Stephanie Cadieux, about her role and her thoughts on disability inclusion in Canada. This is the June 1, 2023 edition.


Disability & Working in Non-Profits

This week, Joeita speaks to Alexis Beuttgen about her research into employment for people with disabilities in the non-profit sector.This is the May 25, 2023 episode.


Exploring Disability History in pre-Civil War America

This week, Joeita speaks to public historian Nicole Belolan about the history of disability in pre-Civil War America and the artifacts left behind. This is the May 18th, 2023 episode.


Disability and Cycling

Joeita speaks to researchers Glen Norcliffe and Ron Buliung about their investigation into adaptive cycling for people with disabilities. This is the May 11, 2023 episode.