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Touching the Jaguar with John Perkins

I speak with renown author and activist John Perkins about his role in the worldwide transition from "death" to" life" economies and reintegration of humanity with nature, John has written several best-sellers including Confessions of an Economic Hitman in which he details his past as a part of the financial underworld beneath geopolitics and several books on shamanism. He has just completed a new book called Touching the Jaguar about the power of overcoming fear and the path to...


Riding the Meaningwave with Akira the Don

I am pleased to bring you a conversation about motivation, magic, and meaning with visionary producer Akira the Don, who has refused to leave "the zone" of hyperproductivity and has probably finished at least 3 tracks while you were reading this. Akira grabs deep wisdom from all over the human timeline and makes it available to everyone in a form that satisfies the body and sticks in the mind. Akira is generous with his genius both on the decks and in this interview. Enjoy the...


Living Up in the Sky with Christopher Knowles

Christopher Knowles has spent decades writing about the subliminal and the subconscious, the underbelly and the undercurrent. His books include The Secret History of Rock and Roll, Our Gods Wear Spandex, and a new offering: He Will Live Up in the Sky. His blog, The Secret Sun, plumbs depths of potential meaning behind our current chaos unseen elsewhere. We discuss culture, cults, conspiracy and consciousness, and what one can do about it all in day to day life.


Illustrating the Invisible with Cody Kuiack

Cody Kuiack of cosmeffect.com joins the show to relate his story of glimpsing infinity and trying to bring pieces of it home to share with the rest of us through visuals, writing, music, and ongoing discussion via forum. We talk panpsychism, virtual reality, the limits of language, and the healing power of art.


Glitching the Matrix with Nick Hinton

How random is random? Are we in a matrix, or do we just act like it? What can putting GPS on shuffle do for your mental health? Is Saturn more than a planet? What's the deal with owls? All this and more with Nick Hinton of the Randonaut/Fatum project. Follow Nick: https://twitter.com/NickHintonn Try it: https://bot.randonauts.com/


Exploring the SENSORIUM with Kep Taiz

Kep Taiz lets me test drive an incredible sensory therapy device of his own design. I left my body, went into my core and came back to tell y'all about it. The part that I could get at with words, anyway! Join us for a discussion of a modality that could do wonders for damn near anybody in need of sensory immersion, addiction recovery, trauma release, drugless "tripping" and remembering authentic self.


2020 | 20/20

A musing.


The 12 Rants of Christmas

OK actually, this was *going* to be the 12 Rants of Christmas but I burnt my throat out so I'll have to owe you 4. You can decide if they're rants. Headphones ideal. In any case, take what you need from these into the new year. 1. Bingo Gas Station Motel Cheeseburger and You'll Be Gary Indiana* 2. What To Do When You Feel Invisible 3. Curriculum 4. The You Inside "You" 5. Not Crazy, Not Doomed 6. "Busy" Signals 7. Cheat Code 27C 8. Parasight *The movie is Greaser's Palace.


Separation Anxiety

Thoughts on feeling like a stranger in an ever stranger world. May you be led from drifting to gifting and far from those grifting. Don't give up, you have allies you've never met. music: "calling home" by skincage from the album Things Fall Apart


Be Not Afraid

A little caution and comfort for the seekers out there. Use as internally directed. Repeat as necessary.


Running the Canyon with John McAfee

John McAfee joins the show via Skype from a Faraday cage in an undisclosed location and with a personality visible from space. We discuss provoking of governments and thwarting of intelligence agencies, running for President while on the run, lamentations on an over-wired world and the pursuit of freedom right up to flight itself. He makes both wild claims and solid points, though I'll leave it to you to decide which is which. I went in without expectations and was pleasantly surprised by...


Saving Seeds with David Thrussell

David Thrussell is a composer, performer, writer and apocalypse enthusiast, living out on the fringe beyond the cringe while he sends us all messages like a curmudgeonly canary in a cosmic coal mine. Put on your most comfortable tin foil ensemble because we go deep, y’all. No worries though, there is no Kool Aid, only kindness and wonder with a bit of healthy disdain for the inverted world we walk. Enjoy! Visit apocalypsefatigue dot org for more. Thank you for listening.


Finding the Beginning in the End with Guy McPherson

My guest today is Guy McPherson. We talk climate change, extinction, and the urgency of excellence and compassion in what may well be the last days of the human race. Buckle up and dive in!


Finding Balance with Mike Jenney

I talk with Mike Jenney of Alter Der Ruine and Assemblage 23 about learning from the shadow self, performance as a gateway to the spiritual experience, random acts of kindness, and gratitude. We reminisce about our youth and I tell the story of how I survived falling to the bottom of a missile silo. Mike's a luminous dude and it was a pleasure. He'll be back and we'll get weirder. Check out ADR's new EP Doom Soother, out now, and if your dog is metal, check out Beelzebuddies! Opening...


Blipvert 2: Light a Candle from the Pyre at "The End of the World"

September 23rd is the end of the world! So sayeth the internets. It's probably not, actually, but it was too ridiculous of an idea to leave alone without having a little fun.


Finding Sanctuary with Bobbi Brinks

I talk with Bobbi Brinks about her mission to rescue big cats, bears, and other refugees of the exotic animal trade. Bobbi travels the world saving animals and has created a sanctuary called Lions, Tigers and Bears which sets the bar high.


Finding Your Voice with Morgan Sorne

I speak with Morgan Sorne on his way to perform at Tucson's All Soul's Procession. He is a super-human vocalist, artist, and teacher with a down to Earth view of how to heal self and the world. We discuss the urgency of listening, the method of finding our voices, the welcoming of silence, and the rediscovery of awe in everyday life. In short, the way out of fear and the way into presence.


Finding Speciesism with Mark Devries

Mark Devries, creator of Speciesism: The Movie and I talk about the grim realities behind the smokescreen of Big Ag, the true cost of animal exploitation, veganism as direct activism, and the future of mankind. You know, just regular Thursday coffee talk.


Finding Fatherhood with Steev Hise

The show gets broken in with an inaugural interview. Steev Hise (video wizard of Negativland fame and detritus.net) and I talk about fatherhood, media activism, and working with your heroes.


Blipvert 1: Consider the Seed

A meditation on the perils of emotional armor.