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The Artist Connection Podcast features long form audio interviews with some of the most exciting and talented people in the entertainment business. Musicians, actors, photographers, authors...You can find them all right here!

The Artist Connection Podcast features long form audio interviews with some of the most exciting and talented people in the entertainment business. Musicians, actors, photographers, authors...You can find them all right here!


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The Artist Connection Podcast features long form audio interviews with some of the most exciting and talented people in the entertainment business. Musicians, actors, photographers, authors...You can find them all right here!




Episode 307 - Courtney Moorehead Balaker

Welcome to Episode 307 of The Artist Connection Podcast! My guest today is Courtney Moorehead Balaker! She is an award-winning filmmaker, producer, director, writer, and co-founder of Korchula Productions. Her latest project “Little Pink House” is available now for streaming, VOD, and DVD. It tells the true story of one woman’s struggle to save her home from corporate redevelopment in her area. She is up against Pfizer and the government in this emotional tale of the importance of fighting...


Episode 306 - Ben Rauch

Welcome to Episode 306 of The Artist Connection Podcast! My guest today is actor & musician Ben Rauch! His latest track “The Emoji Song” has recently won Best Comedy Song in the USA Songwriting Competition. It also won four Silver Medal awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Global Music Awards. This praise and recognition is well deserved. It is such a fun song! Be sure to check out the video, as well. Both “The Emoji Song” and Ben’s holiday hit “Jersey Christmas” are featured with...


Episode 305 - Jason Klahr

At long last...The wait is over...Episode 305 of The Artist Connection Podcast is here! My guest today is musician Jason Klahr. We have been friends & brothers for 36 years and I am so excited to share his story with you. We start at the very beginning and discuss his earliest musical influences, his time in the US Navy, the places that he has called home, and his life in Hawaii. He is one of my favorite guitar players, and the first person to make music a tangible thing for me. Songs went...


Episode 303 - Mark Slaughter

Welcome to Episode 303 of The Artist Connection Podcast! My guest today is music legend Mark Slaughter! I have been a fan of his since the 80’s, so having the chance to speak with him was a real thrill for me. His new solo album “Halfway There” is available now. Three tracks from it are featured throughout this episode, along with a Van Halen cover that he recorded in 2007. After you listen to the interview, be sure to pick up your own copy of the album. I will provide links below. We also...


Episode 302 - Joie Calio

Happy Independence Day to all of my fellow Americans celebrating on this beautiful 4th of July Weekend! I have a very special episode on deck today. Musician Joie Calio returns to the show to catch me up on all of the work that he’s been doing with dada and 7horse. He and his bandmates are about to kick off a new set of dates for the dada tour. I will be there when they come to Philadelphia in September. Learn more at Joie allowed me to feature some of my favorite dada...


Episode 301 - Brad Williams

It is hard to believe that the 6th anniversary of this podcast is only a few days away. I have met some amazing people along the way and I am honored to have the opportunity to share these conversations with you. Today’s episode starts off with “Swagger,” the brand new single from the band 7horse. Learn more about them at, and be sure to stop by Amazon or iTunes to grab your own copy of the song. After that you will hear my interview with comedian Brad Williams. I had...


Episode 300 - Stewart Kenny

Welcome to Episode 300 of The Artist Connection Podcast! My guest for this milestone is my good friend Stewart Kenny. Stew is a singer/songwriter from Dublin Ireland, and longtime listeners know him from his many appearances over the past several years. It is always great to catch up with him. His brand new album “A Better Place” is available now at iTunes ( Please check it out and pick up a copy of your own. If you connect with...


Episode 299 - Jim McCarty

The Artist Connection Podcast is back and bigger than ever! Today’s guest is musician Jim McCarty. He is best known as the drummer for The Yardbirds, but there is so much more to the story. We talked about his early double life as a London Stockbroker by day and drumming Mod by night, and his family’s reaction to his career in the music business. He shared stories about his life post-Yardbirds, and how it all came back around for him. Jim also has amazing solo albums available. I sprinkled...


Episode 298 - George Hrab

Today’s returning guest is a musician, podcaster, author, and world traveler. George Hrab does it all! He was one of my first guests back in 2011 and his podcast was a major inspiration behind my desire to start this show. He gave me advice in those early days that has stayed with me through the years. I was so happy that he took time out of his busy schedule to stop over and catch up. George shared some highlights of 2016, why he chose to plant roots in Bethlehem PA, and his thoughts on...


Episode 297 - Chris Butler

I am very excited to share this episode with you! Today’s guest is musician Chris Butler. Even though this is his first appearance, he plays a big part in the history of the show. As I planned out the podcast back in 2011, Chris was on my original list of people that I wanted to speak with. I am thrilled that I now have the opportunity to feature this talented artist and share his story and music with you. I first learned about Chris back in 1982. He was the founder/guitarist/songwriter of...


Episode 296 - Joie Calio

Today’s guest is Joie Calio! This episode explores the many sides of this cool musician through music and conversation. I am a huge fan of his band “7Horse”, and meeting him to talk through his life and musical career was a great experience for me. He shared stories about growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, when music first took hold of him, and his many adventures in the 90's and beyond. Joie has been a working musician his whole life, and you can still hear the excitement in his...


Episode 295 - Michael Des Barres

Today’s guest is Actor/Rocker/Renaissance Man Michael Des Barres! This episode gave me the opportunity to explore the many sides of this legendary performer through music and conversation. I have been a fan of his for as long as I can remember, and meeting him was an absolute thrill! He doesn’t normally talk about the past in great detail, but he gave me a glimpse during our hour together because he knew how much it meant to me. He has contributed so much to the pop culture landscape and I...


Episode 294 - Jade Starling

The Artist Connection Podcast is back! My good friend Jade Starling returns to the show to break my summer long hiatus, and it was great to speak with her again. She has a brand new single out now on Tazmania Records. Jade joined Mike Ferullo on "Party 2 Life." Two versions of this high energy track are featured here. I love it, and I know you will, too. Jade and I covered some heavy topics in this interview. We talked through some recent events that are happening in the world which...


Episode 293 - LAW

Today's guest is my good friend LAW! He's been featured here many times and we always have a lot to talk about. It's been about six months since we last spoke, and we lost many musical greats in that time. We paid tribute to many of them during our conversation, but our primary focus was on Prince. His music meant so much to both of us and it was nice to share our memories and favorite musical moments. LAW has such respect for the people that came before him and influenced what he is doing...


Episode 292 - Emily Capell

Introducing UK singer/songwriter Emily Capell! This episode mixes music and my conversation with this dynamic performer. Her songs are catchy but also make you think. These are the same qualities that attracted me to The Clash in the early 80's. Through Emily, I learned about Winston Silcott and Smiley Culture. These may not be household names in the States, but they are very significant in England. Five of Emily's songs are featured with this episode, as well as the story behind each. We...


Episode 291 - Angela Elia

My guest today is singer/songwriter Angela Elia! She lives in NYC and we had a lot to talk about! We covered topics as varied as social media, life in the Big Apple, technology, and various social issues. The thing that linked everything together is music. Even though we just met, it was if I'd known Angela for years. Her single is called "Be Okay" and it is featured with this episode. After you hear it, I know you will want your own copy. Angela has an active presence on Instagram, and...


Episode 290 - Clay Snyder

My guest today is singer/songwriter Clay Snyder! Clay grew up in Hawaii but is now living in Erie, PA. His musical mission is to “Spread the Aloha lifestyle, the positive vibes that heal” and he more than accomplishes that goal! Three of his songs are featured here to give you an idea of what this means. It was so cool to speak with him about his life, experiences, influences, and the importance of having the confidence to get on stage and perform. Clay is very active on social media, so be...


Episode 289 - Cliff Hillis

Today's guest is Philadelphia area singer/songwriter Cliff Hillis! His brand new EP "Love Not War" is being released today, and Cliff joined me to tell me all about it. I have been a fan of Cliff's music since seeing him open for Smash Palace last year and I'm happy to share his story with you on this special day. We had a great conversation about his early days, the musicians that he works with, our shared love of vinyl records, and our common influences from the late 70's and early 80's....


Episode 288 - Rachael Sage

Today's guest is Rachael Sage! She is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, dancer, visual artist, songwriter, and producer. Rachael is no stranger to life on the road, performing over a 100 dates per year. Her latest tour begins in Austin on 3/16/16 at SXSW. Keep up to date with all of the tour stops at We had a nice conversation about her life, music, and experiences. She has been releasing albums since 1996 and I am a huge fan of her work. Three of my favorite songs are...


Episode 287 - J Smith

Today's episode features the long awaited return of J Smith to The Artist Connection Podcast! J first appeared back in July of 2012 for Ep 091. Since that time, he has been through some life changing experiences and has grown as a man and an artist. The good news is he is back with a brand new single and a new outlook on his future. J's music has always been positive but he went through some things that put his attitude to the test. He came out on the other side and is ready to impress us...