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Join Bobby Falkenberg on Cause of Action every Thursday for interviews on real life issues, some inspirational self-help, podcasting tips, and music reviews, including interviews of artists and musicians.

Join Bobby Falkenberg on Cause of Action every Thursday for interviews on real life issues, some inspirational self-help, podcasting tips, and music reviews, including interviews of artists and musicians.
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Join Bobby Falkenberg on Cause of Action every Thursday for interviews on real life issues, some inspirational self-help, podcasting tips, and music reviews, including interviews of artists and musicians.






Cause of Action Ep. 49: Chick’s Meat Market; New Billy Gibbons Music Review “The Big Bad Blues”; Should Christine Blasey Ford Testify?; #fakenews

Welcome to Cause of Action Ep. 49! Bobby talks to Brandon Chick, owner of Chick's Meat Market. We talk prime cuts, fun events coming up, and what it takes to run a successful business and provide an great product. Should Christine Blasey Ford be forced to testify on the Hill without an FBI investigation? Robert's Rant - How does a Mother get charged with THEFT for taking away her daughter's cell phone??? #fakenews Bobby reviews the BRAND NEW ALBUM by Billy Gibbons (of ZZ Top) called Big Bad...


Cause of Action Ep. 48: Muff; Bobby & Tommy Talk Nike, Kaepernick, Kneeling & The Unarmed Man Shot in Dallas; #fakenews

Welcome to Cause of Action Ep. 48! On this episode, Bobby and Tommy discuss/debate Nike, Kaepernick, and NFL kneelers, and how they tie into the division in America over race, especially in light of the recent shooting of an unarmed black man in his apartment by an off-duty police officer. #fakenews - What is real, anyway? Podcasting Tip: Be flexible Bobby reviews Muff's new EP released August 20, 2018. Hey, they're from Austin! Check 'em out! #rockwall Thank you for stopping in! RJF...


Cause of Action Ep. 47: Faith, Tommy and Me; Prison, Priests & Scandals in the Church; Review of Hana Vu

Welcome to Episode 47 of Cause of Action! Faith c0-hosts the pod with Bobby. Tommy comes on for the first integrated Raw & Unkutte Segment of Cause of Action (EXPLICIT LANGUAGE WARNING FOR THAT SEGMENT, SEE SHOW NOTES FOR TIMES). They talk about the Catholic Church molestation issues, prison and consensual situational homosexual relations. Bobby and Tommy discuss all sorts of stuff. Bobby's podcast tip for the week: Just Do IT. Hey, it worked for Colin Kaepernick! Bobby reviews Hana Vu's...


Cause of Action Ep. 46: The Jessee Lee Interview; Robert’s Rant; #fakenews; Podcast Tip: Be You; Jessee Lee Review

Welcome to Cause of Action Ep. 46! Jessee Lee talks to Bobby about her upcoming album and the "how and why" of her writing and singing. Born and raised in Nashville, Jessee is working hard to make Texas her musical home. Robert rants about the division in America and how people are too cynical. #fakenews - which one is true? Podcast Tip: Be You. Jessee Lee Review and interview. Thank you for stopping in. RJF 00:00:00 Intro 00:02:23 Bobby Introduces Jessee Lee 00:12:57 Upcoming Episodes...


Welcome to Cause of Action Ep. 45: Thunder from the Mountain; The Braydon Zink Interview; Robert’s Rant; #fakenews; Review of Braydon Zink’s “Too Small to Be Me”

Welcome to Cause of Action Ep. 45 with Bobby Falkenberg! This week starts off with thunder from the mountain. Bobby introduces and interviews Braydon Zink, a Texas transplant from Iliff, Colorado. Braydon plays three of his tune and talks family, home, music and shares a few laughs with Bobby. We'll tell you who's coming up on future episodes of COA, plus we've got a Robert's Rant and some #fakenews for you! Then Bobby reviews "Too Small to Be Me" by Braydon Zink. Thank you for stopping in....


Cause of Action Ep. 44: The Bill Bradley Interview; New Music by Amanda Shires; Robert’s Rant; #fakenews; Podcast Tip – Sandbaggin’. HOTLINE (830) 484-8839

Welcome to Ep. 44 of Cause of Action! This week Bobby interviews Bill Bradley, a two-time former All Pro defensive back in the NFL. His experience and stories go for days. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Bobby reviews new music by Amanda Shires, including her new tune, "Parking Lot Pirouette." Robert shows up with a rant. Don't be stupid. Get you some #fakenews and guess the imposter. Podcast Tip: Sandbaggin' - for when you want to get away. Thank you for stopping in. RJF 00:00:00 Intro...


Cause of Action Ep. 43: Tracy Talks Her Views on Transgender; Robert’s Rant; #fakenews; Review of Trophy Eyes: Friday Forever; HOTLINE (830) 484-8839

Welcome to Cause of Action Ep. 43! Bobby talks transgender with Tracy Shannon. Tracy's husband decided it was time to "transition" during their marriage with children. Tracy talks about what it was like to discover her husband "coming out of her closet." She also talks about trying to work through it and save the union and then ultimately how it affected her kids and her marriage. We'll give you highlights on upcoming content, including Bill Bradley and Breydon Zink. "Robert" comes on for a...


Cause of Action Ep. 42: Go Where Everyone Knows Your Name: The Max Bordelon Interview; #fakenews; Review of Jim Lauderdale’s “King of Broken Hearts”

Welcome to Episode 42 of Cause of Action! Bobby has a laugher-filled conversation with Max Bordelon, a local business owner. Max is the proprietor of Max's Roadhouse in Spring Branch, Texas. One of eight kids from San Antonio, Max shares his perspective on many things, as well as shares some of his family's history, including how his uncle, William J. Bordelon, received the Medal of Honor for actions in the Pacific Theater of World War II. We'll get into some #fakenews - Which Headline is...


COA Week 42 Special Episode: Aaron Jannetti Interview, author of How to Survive an Active Killer: An Honest Look at Your Role in the Age of Mass Violence

Welcome to this Special Episode of Cause of Action. We care about safety, especially the safety of our children, teachers, staff and administrators in schools. Cause of Action and Marcus Wenner are bringing you this episode to HELP YOU learn how to be more safe, and how to find the gateway tools you need to teach your family members the same information. If you are breathing, you need to listen to this interview. You also need to read Aaron Jannetti's book. It could save your life or the...


Cause of Action Ep. 41: Drew Moreland Interview; Robert’s Rant; Review of “You Call it Texas, I Call it Home” by Drew Moreland; Podcast Tip – Take it Seriously; #fakenews HOTLINE (830) 484-8839

Welcome to Cause of Action Ep. 41! SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE On this episode, Bobby interviews the tireless Drew Moreland, a San Antonio native. Drew played 256 dates last year - Bobby gets tired just thinking about that! Drew introduces us to a single off his upcoming self-titled album called "You Call it Texas, I Call it Home," and he gives a live performance of "Bench Seat Revival" and "5 o'Clock Somewhere Kinda Love." He also talks songwriting, married life in the music biz, and the...


Cause of Action Ep. 40: Wade Lowry, Story of a Modern Rancher and Entrepreneur, Review of Cody Johnson’s “Hurtin'”, #Fakenews HOTLINE 830 484-8839

Welcome to Episode 40 of Cause of Action with Bobby Falkenberg! What is a Rancher? What is ranching? Is it just the production of livestock? Or is it much, much more? After this interview, you'll understand that buying beef from a modern day independent rancher isn't just a beef purchase. You're buying a story. Cody Johnson's "Hurtin'" - check him out at Which weird headline is real? Check out our new segment: #fakenews Thank you for stopping in! RJF 00:00 Intro...


Special Report 2: Cause of Action After Hours, Raw & Unkutte with Bobby & Tommy

Back by popular demand, here is the unabridged edition of Special Report 2. Remember, the Special Report is the darker side of Cause of Action. Probably not a good idea to let your kids listen. Unless you want them to be awesome. Bobby and Tommy just talk. We don't interview anyone here. We don't censor our language. And we don't rent pigs. B&T.


Cause of Action Ep. 39: David Lee Nashville Songwriter Interview; Upcoming; Cussing; Which Weird Headline is True; Review of “John Wayne” by David Lee

Welcome to Episode 39 of Cause of Action with Bobby Falkenberg! Sorry it's a few hours late, but technical difficulties reared their ugly head! Today Bobby proudly brings you his interview with well-known singer/songwriter David Lee. This is a hell of an interview, not to mention three great original in-studio live performances! DON'T miss it! David spent 24 years writing songs in Nashville, and penned hits such as "Letters from Home," recorded by John Michael Montgomery, "Lucky Man,"...


Cause of Action Ep. 38: Clete Bradley Interview (of Clete Bradley and the Mood); Should Recreational Marijuana Be Legal In Texas; Review of Kings of Leon “Arizona”; Podcast Tip: Be Organized HOTLINE (830) 484-8839

Howdy my brothas and sistas from a few million otha mistas! This week Bobby interviews Clete Bradley, a Texas troubadour. Clete already has an EP called "Dangerous" out on iTunes, and he's currently working on a concept album to be released in 2019. Clete talks shop with Bobby about various things, including meeting Bill Murray, working in the oil field, and singing a few of his songs live. Bobby talks about the legalization of recreational marijuana in Texas, and includes the social media...


Special Report: Bobby & Tommy: After Hours, Rawe & UnKutte

June Twelfth. Tommy brought Jack Fireball, vodka and some fizzy clear soda. We let the muse guide us. We wandered around the conversation park and turned over all the stones. Stuff was said. No format followed. See y'all. B&T.


Cause of Action Ep. 37: “Mom” Part 2; A Weird Headline with Broken Glass; Review of Wye Oak’s “Lifer”; Podcast Tip: Say it from the Heart Hotline 830 484-8839

Welcome to Cause of Action Ep. 37! Today Bobby finishes up Part 2 of "Mom." Don't miss it! We look at how two married men battled it out in the broken glass in Ohio. Bobby reviews Wye Oak's latest release "Lifer" off of their new album, The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs. Podcast Tip of the Week: Say it from the Heart. Show Notes: 00:00:00 What is Cause of Action & Intro 00:00:39 Brief Discussion of "Mom" 00:08:09 Upcoming Episodes, Jury Pool, Jury Panel, Patreon 00:13:10 One Weird...


Cause of Action Ep. 36: with Jennifer Starr; Review of Johnny Cash’s American IV; Podcast Tip: Fairly Using Fair Use HOTLINE 830-484-8839

Welcome to Cause of Action Ep. 36. On this episode Bobby talks to Jennifer Starr about, her digital newsmagazine. Bobby reviews/discusses Johnny Cash's American IV, and the Podcast Tip for the week is how to legally put music on your podcast and some rough information on Fair Use (NOT LEGAL ADVICE!). Don't forget- "Mom" Part 2 released next on Ep. 37, Thursday, July 28, 2018. With Clete Bradley's interview to follow on Ep. 38! Check out for more...


Cause of Action Ep. 35: “Mom” Part One; Cody Jinks Review (Wish You Were Here); Podcast Tip: Background Noise; Upcoming HOTLINE 830-484-8839

Welcome to Cause of Action Ep. 35! Join Bobby for "Mom" Part One. Bobby and his mom, Patty, discuss her life growing up, what it's like to send your child off to war, meeting my dad, and much, much more! Bobby also reviews Cody Jinks's music, including his 2017 cover of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here." Check out so you can get up to speed on my interview next week with Jennifer Pucci Starr! And don't forget my interview with Clete Bradley ( is in...


Cause of Action Ep. 34: Austin Meade Singer/Songwriter Interview and Music Review; The Worst Obituary Ever; Podcast Tip: Let the Space Breathe; Upcoming Episodes HOTLINE: 830 484 8839

It's Episode THIRTY-freakin'-4!!! WELCOME to Cause of Action with Bobby Falkenberg! It's great to be here with you all. For this episode our guest is Austin Meade (, a singer/songwriter from Texas with a couple albums under his belt and lots of miles on his van's tires. Join Austin and me to talk his music, his band, the stories behind some of his songs, and some good ole' Texas back-and-forth. We'll also talk about the darkest obituary ever written, and I'll tell you in...


Cause of Action Ep. 33: Calling an Audible; Tommy and Bobby Talk Overcoming Obstacles; Review of John Prine’s “Hello In There”; Podcast Tip – Who Are You Trying to Reach; Bobby Talks Solo Camping

I have to call an audible. We planned to release Part One of "Mom" today. Unfortunately, my father was hospitalized for a minor, yet painful illness yesterday, and he will be there until Friday. He is going to be fine. As such, we will not be releasing "Mom" until Episodes 35-36. We apologize for this change. We will release our entertaining and interesting interview with Austin Meade next week on Ep. 34. Episode 33 Show Notes: 0:00 What is Cause of Action 0:40 Audible 3:00 Intro and...