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drinks coffee and chats with remarkable people.

drinks coffee and chats with remarkable people.
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drinks coffee and chats with remarkable people.








Glenn Shorrock (Music Legend)

You will be 'Reminiscing' with this chat which is sure to be 'A liittle ray of sunshine'. A 'Cool change' in fact. Founding member of Little River Band, and many other successful bands, Glenn Shorrock shares the ups and downs of his remarkable career. A career which has taken him all over the world. He has played with the best and even shared a recording studio with The Beatles. While this ten pound Pom doesn't have regrets, he does remember a few occassions where he could have made...


Senator Fraser Anning

Sometimes, it's the controversial topics that are the ones we should be talking about. There is an argument that our politicans don't take a hard-lined approach because it doesn't win votes. Qld independent senator, Fraser Anning doesn't seem to care. Outspoken about immigration, same-sex marriage and other equally sensitive topics, Senator Anning made headlines and was labelled a racist when he attended a protest where demonstrators made nazi salutes, but he says he just wants the best for...


Shane Webke (Bronco's Great)

We often think our sporting superstars have it easy. One of the greatest Brisbane Bronco's of all time, Shane Webcke is living proof that it takes monumental effort, bravery and courage to overcome life's challenges. Even after his playing days and transitioning into a sports reporter for Channel 7, Shane still didn't think he was good enough. Add to that a tragic farming accident which killed his father and you have a man who has defied the odds to become one of the country's greatest...


Hayley Bateup (Ironwoman)

When former Coolangatta Gold winner and Ironwoman, Hayley Bateup first started competing she didn't even tell her parents. She excelled in the water and then as Gladiator, Nitro on the hit TV series. Now as a passionate fire-fighter, Hayley's fitness and career have always been a simple, straight forward focus. Sadly, it hasn't been the same for her personal life. As a gay woman, Hayley shares what it was like for her and her partner as they rode the emotional wave while Australia voted on...


Deb Frecklington (LNP Leader)

Politicians are constantly in the public eye, but ironically we rarely see the person behind the politician. In their in-studio Coffee Chat, Deb Frecklington shares with Matt a side of the State Opposition Leader few have ever seen. They discuss coffee choices (obviously), her past jobs, what will change for Deb and her family if, and when, she becomes Premier of Queesnland. And what she really thinks of the haters who hide behind their keyboards.


Rachel Pope (Gifts from Grief)

Grief is an emotion we all struggle with. We all deal with the loss of a loved one differently. Rachel Pope has had deal with more death, loss and grief in her life than any one person should have to. in their Coffee Chat, Rachel shares with Matt how she coped after losing her father, a boyfriend, her brother and then her husband. How this business owner was able to keep it together for her children and those around her. Rachel has written a book on her experiences with grief called, Gifts...


John Hopoate (Most Suspended Sportsperson)

John Hopoate is one of the most talked about sportspeople in the world, but for all the wrong reasons. He is currently serving a ten-year-ban from the sport of rugby league for a fight on the field. But that isn't why you will remember Hoppa. He made world-wide headlines with his infamous finger and was kicked out of the NRL after a sickening tackle which left his opponent concussed. In their chat, Hopoate shares with Matt who he is away from the headlines and his upcoming boxing match with...


Chris Walker (Former NRL Star)

When Chris Walker ran on to the rugby league field, both the fans and his opponents took notice. So much so, that the call would go across the ground that 'Walker's on'. But this former State of Origin representative lost his way after leaving the Brisbane Broncos and moving South to follow his soap actress star girlfriend. Walker speaks about this time in his life as well as a closed-door meeting he had with Russell Crowe who said, 'Whatever is said in this room, stays in this room.'


Ben Hawkins (Autism)

No matter who you are, we all face various challenges in life. The secret is to squeeze the most out of your days regardless of what is against you. One person who knows how to do this better than most is Ben Hawkins. Ben was diagnosed with Autism when he was only two. This disorder affects the way Ben communicates and interacts with others. A budding architect, Ben is in the final year of an architecture degree and looking forward to a long and prosperous career once he graduates.


Bec Fisher (40 Jobs in one Year)

For some people, turning 40 is a terrifying point in their lives. For others, it is an opportunity to turn a new page and see what other exciting things life has in store for them. Bec Fisher chose the latter. For her fortieth year, Bec tried her hand at 40 different jobs. in their Coffee Chat, Bec shares with Matt why this passionate school teacher was so eager to see if there was another career she could get her teeth into.


Willie Tonga (Former NRL Star)

We all struggle with dark thoughts on occasion, some more so than others. Professional football stars are no exception. In this raw and candid conversation, former rugby league star, Willie Tonga opens up about his experience with depression and how he tried to hide it during his playing days for fear of being branded 'soft'. The Qld State of Origin representative knows first hand how serious depression can get after saving the life of his teammate and friend, Reni Maitua who attempted to...


Alwyn Doolan (Message Stick Walk)

When a man or woman is passionate for change, nothing will get in their way. Indigenous ambassador, Alwyn Doolan is one such man. He is currently on a 7000km journey on foot, starting from the tip of Qld and walking all the way to Parliament House in Canberra to hopefully meet with the Prime Minister and discuss current indigenous issues. Through his Message Stick Walk, Alwyn is making many friends and collecting a large and loyal following as well as confrontations with caravans, cassowary...


Russell Morris (Music Royalty)

You would think after 50 years in the music industry, a swag of hits and a truck load of awards, ARIA Hall of Fame artist, Russell Morris would be confident of his talent. But as his shares with Matt Collins in their Coffee Chat, he still doubts his abilities. Still touring and making great music, Russell says he owes a lot to plain old luck and one Ian 'Molly' Meldrum who tapped him on the should as a teenager and asked if he could manage Russell and is band. The rest, as they say, is...


Liam Wilson (Professional Boxer)

Liam Wilson's last amateur boxing match was representing his country at the Commonwealth Games. He recently fought and won in front of 30,000 people as an under card at the Mundine v Horn fight. Liam's boxing career is even more remarkable when you hear his story. His father was an alcoholic and Liam was kicked out of home when he was only 15. Before his father died, Liam made a promise to him that he would win a world title and he intends on keeping his promise. This shy and quiet guy...


Tom Curtain (Country Musician)

Tom Curtain's Katherine Outback Experience is a popular NT tourist destination. But it wasn't always that way. When Tom first floated the idea with friends, they thought he was mad and he almost didn't do it. In the first year, attendances to Tom's show was in the single digits. But he persisted. And these days, with a list of hit songs and the who's who of country music as friends, Tom Curtain has every reason to smile. He is currently touring with his 'Speak Up' show in honour of the late,...


Martin Bella (Councillor and Former Rugby League Great)

Martin Bella represented his state and country in the sport of rugby league. As a councillor with the Mackay Regional Council, Martin tackles the region's issues with the same level of hard-hitting honesty and integrity. In their Coffee Chat, Martin shares with Matt what he thinks it takes to thrive in both sport and in life. Oh yeah, and he gives an honest account of what he thinks of the state's Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk.


Nathan Foley (Entertainer & Original Hi-5 member)

Can you believe it's been 20 years since children's group, Hi-5 first danced and sung their way onto our TV screens. Original member, Nathan Foley looks back on his time with the group with fond memories. In their chat, Nathan shares with Matt how he got started with the group, what a former fan said to him in Bunnings recently and how he managed to maintain his relationship with fellow hi-5 member, Kellie for all those years. But what is everyone's favorite hi-5 member up to these days?


Bianca Saez (Tourette Syndrome)

[WARNING: This conversation contains language that may offend] Bianca Saez was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome as a young girl and she courageously lives with her severe condition every single day. Bianca's tics and colourful language are a part of nearly every sentence. In their chat, Bianca shares with Matt how her tourettes has gotten her in to trouble on many occasions from dealing with shocked passers-by to what she did to the owner of a Subway restaurant. Like any twenty-something...


Fr Chukwudi Chinaka (Nigerian Catholic priest)

When Father Chukwudi Chinaka first came to Australia from Nigeria he experienced a lot of things for the first time including his first snag on the barbie. But he very quickly acclimatised and found his calling. He has spent time at various churches throughout Australia. In their chat, Fr Chukwudi shares with Matt why he moved to Australia, what he tells himself each morning when he looks in the mirror and he doesn't back away from the sensitive topics like celibacy and sexual abuse within...


John Killick (Prison Escapee)

Many would argue that rehabilitation in our prisons is not working. John Killick is one such person. He spent a good portion of his life behind bars. A former bank robber, John made international headlines when he broke out of jail in a hijacked helicopter. John has written three books relating to his life of crime and his third book, On the inside focuses on his life inside Australia's most notorious prisons. John is genuinely remorseful for his past actions and now helps others not make...