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drinks coffee and chats with remarkable people.

drinks coffee and chats with remarkable people.
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drinks coffee and chats with remarkable people.








Nick Fredricksen (One Armed Woodchopper)

After losing his arm in a farming accident at eight years old, Nick Fredricksen didn't even want his family to look at him. But as Nick grew he realised nothing would stop him following his passion for woodchopping and nowadays Nick wows crowds around the world with his one-armed woodchopping expertise. In his Coffee Chat with Matt, Nick shares the challenges he faced growing up and his response when Matt asks if he would rather live life with two arms or one.


Abby Andersson (Former Jehovah's Witness)

Abby Andersson was born into a family of Jehovah's Witnesses. Her parents were committed to their church first and foremost so when Abby's teenage marriage broke down her parents chose their religious beliefs over their daughter and refused to speak to her again. Abby experienced many terrible things during her time in the religion, including sexual abuse which was covered up (even by her parents). These days Abby is happily married with three children and has the strength and bravery to...


Clare Verrall (Former Married at First Sight Star)

People sign up for reality TV shows for lots of different reasons; fame, money, opportunities and more. But what Clare Verrall endured from her Married at First Sight reality tv experience was nothing to envy. In her Coffee Chats interview, Clare shares with Matt a less than glamorous look behind the scenes at her time on the show. Including why she feels the only thing that matters to the producers is creating a good show and the psychological health of the contestants takes a distant...


Music & Conversation (Leukaemia Foundation Fundraiser event)

In this unique musical event, Matt Collins hosts a Night of Music and Conversation with five talented artists each with remarkable stories and songs to share. Matt is joined my Amber Goldsmith, Tony Cisneros, Laudy, Matt Wild and Ash Williamson in front of a live audience at the Nanango RSL in Qld. The event raised over $5000 for the Leukaemia Foundation which goes to show what happens when hard work, talent and good people come together to help others. Enjoy this tremendous musical...


Mandi Lee (terminal cancer)

Super heroes don't exist, but Mandi Lee is as close as they come to the real thing. Last year, at 36, Mandi was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a cancer of the plasma cells which weakens bones. Doctors advised Mandi had very little time left. In their Coffee Chat, Mandi Lee shares with Matt her thoughts for the future, the love and emotion she has for her husband and children and the one final thing she is desperate to experience with her family.


Coffee Chats does Gympie Music Muster

Matt and his boy Noah (George) cover side of the Gympie Music Muster not often seen (or heard). Sure, they chat with some amazing musicians (Lloyd Spiegel, Casey Barnes, Tim Gaze, Scarlet's Way and more) but the Muster is much more than just music. Matt shares some great chats with the people behind the scenes at the Muster but ny no means less important. Matt chats with volunteers, police officers, fellow radio announcers and more. But the best chats are left for Matt and his...


Petra Williams (Guide for Blind Adventurer)

Petra Williams grew up in a South Africa torn with racism. She was bullied at school for her appearance and went on to become a school teacher, which she did not enjoy. One could be forgiven for being surprised that as an adult, Petra is an inspiration to all she comes in contact with. As Trevor Hahn found out. Trevor is a visually impaired adventure and Petra bravely put her hand up to guide Trevor to the summit of Gokyo Ri, a mountain parallel to Everest.


Jonathon Welch (Choir of Hard Knocks)

Choir conductor, Jonathon Welch starred in one of the most heart warming television shows ever aired. The Choir of Hard Knocks is a group of homeless people who came together under Jonathon's guidance to create an angelic choir that still tours today. In their Coffee Chat, Jonathon shares with Matt why, as a gay man in the 80's and 90's, he didn't experience the same discrimination that others dealt with, why he is the guardian of his niece's children and the reason he is so good at...


A Night of Music & Conversation

In this special edition of Coffee Chats, Matt shares conversations with three remarkable music artists in front of a live audience for a 'Night of Music & Conversation'. Mason Hope, Brooke Schubert and MC Wheels share stories from their lives as well as performing some of their inspiring tunes. Each artist has experienced their own challenges and struggles, and from those struggles have come some remarkable music. Enjoy this unique musical event with three great musicians with even greater...


Beccy Cole

Beccy Cole is one of Australia's most prized country musicians and deservedly so, with ten golden guitar awards (including four Female Artist of the Year awards). But whilst music has featured strongly in Beccy's journey, it is her personal life that is just as remarkable. Beccy Cole shares a coffee chat with Matt and she discusses her failed marriage and the rollercoast of emotions she experienced when coming out as a lesbian on national television.


Donna-Leigh Perfect

As a child, Donna-Leigh Perfect saw things that children just shouldn't see. At seven years of age, Donna-Leigh and her siblings saw her father violently murder their mother. She then spent her childhood in and out of foster homes and in a lot of ways, these times in her life were just as horrific as her mother's death. In their coffee chat, Donna-Leigh shares wth Matt some of her experiences during this time and how as an adult, she has used her tragic childhood to help others.


'Kenny' (Daruk Boys Home)

The Daruk Boy's Home in NSW, Australia has been exposed as the scene of repeated, vicious and ongoing sexual, physical and psychological abuse during the 1970's and 80's. Over 80 people have come forward to share their awful experiences when they were just vulnerable children exposed to ruthless predators. One such child (who is now a very brave man) onlywanted to be known as 'Kenny' as his case is currently being heard in court. 'Kenny' shares with his horrific story with Matt and why he...


Jeff Morgan (Bank Robber turned TV Presenter)

There is a big arguement for the validity of our prison system. Does it really promote rehabiltation? One look at Jeff Morgan and the answer is a resounding yes. Jeff ran away from his family home at 12 and turned to a life of petty crime and robbing banks. He spent many years behind bars and in that time, he completed a university degree. These days, Jeff mentors inidgenous people and is an advocate for indigenous health and he stars in a fitness and health show on NITV.


Laura Descy (MS Sufferer & Body Sculptor)

Laura Descy battles daily with Multiple Sclerosis. But as a divorcee who has struggled with depression, Laura is used to dealing with challenges. As a competitive Body Sculptor, it is not uncommon to see her trainer carrying Laura from one machine to the next because of her MS. Laura takes on all this as well her career as a full time nurse. Laura Descy shares a coffee chat with Matt and she explains how she makes it all work.


Fiona Boyes (Blues Musician)

Fiona Boyes, an Australian blues guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter, has been recording and performing for more than 25 years. A veteran recording artist with 15 releases, Australia’s first lady of the Blues has a stack of awards from both the U.S and Australia. In their Coffee Chat, Fiona shares with Matt why she started playing guitar so late in life, her thoughts on gender equality in the music industry and why Matt want his own piece of the Aussie Blues legend.


Chris Bardsley (Author)

According to author Christopher Bardsley, a lot of young people go to progressing Asian countries with a disrespect for the culture. This is when they get themselves in trouble. In his new book, 'Jack was here', it tells the tale of such trouble. Chris shares why he got into fiction writing, why he got out of teaching and what he really thinks of Marvel movies.


Aaron Horsey (CleanWater Group)

Aaron Horsey has been a surfer for as long as he can remember, so keeping our oceans clean is especially important. Through his work with the Clean Water Group, Aaron has seen the horrendous effects of our rubbish in the oceans. Dead Sea life washed up on the shore and deserted beaches covered in plastic bottles are far too common. He is passionate about creating awareness of just how dangerous our rubbish is.


Wendy Miller (Step-Parenting)

Wendy Miller has it all, a successful corporate career, a loving husband and three beautiful children. She is also very proud to be the stepmother to her husband's three children. Growing up as a young girl, Wendy's childhood was tainted by her abusive stepfather so being a positive influence on her children and stepchildren is a major priority. Wendy shares with Matt the ups and downs of the crazy world that is 'co-parenting'.


Mario Fenech (NRL Personality)

Sports people will come and go through out the decades but there is one man who is still spoken about long after his playing days. Mario Fenech is one of the NRL's largest and most loveable personalities. He shares a great chat with Matt and they discuss his playing days in the 80's and 90's and how much the game has changed. Mario looks back on his time as a regular on the Footy Show and he shares the highs and lows of that time in his life and of course, Mario talks about his beloved...


Kylie Stretton (A Remarkable Journey) Part Two

In Part One, Kylie discussed her less than ideal upbringing filled with the sometimes tragic events she and her family endured. In this, Part Two, Kylie shares the toxic relationship she had with the father of her first son. She talks about why she kept going back to that relationship and what her life looks like these days with a loving and supportive husband and four lovely children (two of whom have special needs). Kylie talks about the point when she realised she was worthy of love...