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Drinks coffee and chats with remarkable people.

Drinks coffee and chats with remarkable people.




Drinks coffee and chats with remarkable people.








Wanita (Queen of Honky Tonk)

**Adult language and content warning** Wanita is certainly no shrinking violet. The much loved 'Queen of Honky Tonk' has lived many life chapters. In their chat, Wanita shares with Matt some of her journey and she leaves no stone unturned. Topics include music, motherhood, sex work, abuse, alcoholism, autism, suicide, unhealthy relationships... You know, all the normal stuff. Wanita has a new album and documentary out now.


Keith Potger (The Seekers)

The Seekers will go down in history as one of Australia's greatest ever musical groups. From performing in front of 200,000 fans to Australians of the Year, The Seekers did all there is to do as a group. In their chat, founding member Keith Potger chats with Matt about why he first moved to Australia from Sri Lanka as a boy, what he honestly thought of Judith Durham's voice when he first heard her sing, and what he did when the crowd gave them a standing ovation before they had even played a...


Dan & Steph Mulheron (My Kitchen Rules)

Dan and Steph Mulheron set out to win My Kitchen Rules and use the prize money to fund their IVF treatments. They proved fairy tales do come true when they won the hearts of the country and the prize money. Shortly after they welcomed their baby girl Emmy into the world. In their chat, Dan & Steph share with Matt an honest behind the scenes look at reality television, why they think they won the series and what they got up to during the filming of their new show 'Travel & Eat with Dan &...


Casey Barnes (Country Rock Musician)

Casey Barnes moved to the Gold Coast to pursue his music dream after a childhood in a footy-mad Tasmanian household. In fact, at one point he had to decide whether he would follow his natural talent as a footballer or chase his musical dream. His adoring fans are glad he chose the latter. In their chat, Casey shares with Matt the time his wife performed on stage with an international music star and the event that left him shocked after he performed at The Day on the Green.


Matt Day (Actor and Filmmaker)

Matt Day received his big break on the long-running television soap A Country Practice - when he auditioned for the show he had never even heard of it. Day went on to feature in Muriel's Wedding, Rake, Wolf Creek and many more films and television series. In their chat, Matt shares how he got his big break, what is was like working with Woody Allen and his honest thoughts on the entertainment industry in Australia.


Rosie Batty (Australian of the Year and campaigner against family violence)

In 2014 Rosie Batty's 11-year-old son Luke was murdered by his father Greg Anderson. Seven years on and Rosie believes family violence is still a national epidemic. In their chat, Rosie Batty shares with Matt her English upbringing, her relationship with Luke's father and her advice for someone who is the victim of domestic violence.


Julia Zemiro (RockWiz)

Popular host of RockWiz, Home Delivery and the new series ‘Australia’s Biggest Sing-a-long’, Julia Zemiro has become a much-loved star of Australia’s small screen. Not bad for a girl who moved here from France when she was only two. In their chat, Julia shares with Matt why working in her father’s restaurant gave her the inspiration for presenting, and what was the first album she ever bought.


Jack Jones (Southern Sons)

Irwin Thomas (aka Jack Jones) has certainly ridden the ups and downs of a music career spanning four decades. In their chat, he shares with Matt his relationship with his stage persona Jack Jones, why he bought a church and how he thinks he fits in to the group The Fabulous Caprettos with Thirsty Merc's Rai Thistlethwaite, Russell Morriss and Daryl Braithwaite.


Gavin Cooper (Former NRL star)

A proud Murgon boy and one of the North Queensland Cowboys’ favourite sons Gavin Cooper enjoyed a stellar NRL career including an integral part of the 2015 Grand Final victory. In their chat Gavin shares with Matt why he owes his start as a professional rugby league to his brother, why he felt at home in North Queensland, and why a police officer followed him onto the roof of the Murgon Mustangs grandstand.


Peter McGuiness (Teen son's crash left five dead)

In 2012, Peter McGuiness' 18-year-old son Jordan died after he crashed into a packed car on the highway. Four of the five people in the parked car were also killed. Jordan had alcohol and drugs in his system and he was driving 30klms over the speed limit. Peter and his wife Melissa now run a youth road safety awareness program called You Choose. They travel the country presenting to schools spreading the message of road safety for our young drivers.


Fred Brophy (The Last Showman)

To explain what happens in Fred Brophy's boxing tent is not something you can put into words - it has to be seen to be believed. Fred has been around boxing tents since he was five years old. Now, he has the last travelling boxing tent in the world. With his tent and his loyal boxers, Fred Brophy travels the country taking on all comers, both males and females. In their chat, Fred shares with Matt his concerns about his legacy and why he cut off his finger with an axe.


Lee Carseldine (Former Cricketer and Survivor Star)

Going through a family tragedy is an emotional time for anyone. But having to navigate your emotions on National television adds an extra unwanted challenge. Former cricketer and Survivor star Lee Carseldine shares with Matt the ups and downs of his cricket career, his numerous business ventures and how he dealt with the news of a family tragedy and his consequent removal from the Survivor Island.


Adam Hills (Spicks and Specks)

The host of Spicks and Specks is back! Alongside Myf and Alan, Adam Hills is back for another season of ABC's Spicks and Specks. In their chat Adam shares with Matt how a politician helped him score the gig on the show all those years ago. He talks about being born without his right foot and the day he spent at Russell Crowe's house. This episode of Coffee Chats is supported by Nanango Star Motel.


Will Connolly (Egg Boy)

Will Connolly aka Egg Boy made worldwide headlines in 2019 when he cracked an egg on the back of former Senator Fraser Anning's head. Life for the then teenager has never been the same since that infamous day. In their chat, Will shares with Matt the reason behind the egg incident, what he is up to these days and if he has any regrets about the egg attack.


William McInnes (Logie Award-winning Actor & Author)

A main stay in popular television series Blue Heelers, Sea Change, The Time of Our Lives and many more, William McInnes has won multple Logie Awards for his acting but he still believes he has 'lucked' his way through every job he has had. In their chat, McInnes shares with Matt why he changed his name and why his father believed he would never make it as an actor. It's a very funny chat with an iconic Aussie personality.


Steady Eddy (Australian comedy legend)

He has had his fair share of challenges over the years, but stand-up comedian living with cerebral palsy Steady Eddy has had Australia laughing for close to 30 years. In their chat, Christopher Widdows aka Steady Eddy shares with Matt what school life was like, how he got started in stand-up comedy and what fame and celebrity means to him.


Dexter Kruger (Australia's oldest man)

Dexter Kruger is Australia's oldest man, but to talk to him you wouldn't know it. The vibrant, hard-working and sometimes cheeky 111-year-old has a zest for life not seen in some people half his age. In their chat, Dexter shares with Matt how he met his beautiful wife, why he never officially retired and his ongoing contact from the Queen.


Julia Morris (I'm a celebrity, get me out of here)

Julia Morris is one of the few female comedians who knows what it takes to stay successful in the industry. But it hasn't been without its challenges. In their chat, Julia shares with Matt how she Was treated in her early days of comedy, what her kids think about seeing their mum on tv and what she really thinks of the celebrities on the show.


Tim McCallum (Quadriplegic, national anthem singer at 2020 AFL Grand Final)

A beach accident left talented singer Tim McCallum in a wheelchair for life. But if the day he became a quadriplegic was supposed to define his future someone forgot to tell Tim. The AFL tragic proved people power is alive and strong when thousands of Aussies got behind him in his quest to sing the national anthem at the 2020 AFL Grand Final. In their chat, Tim shares with Matt the inspirational story behind his national anthem experience. Tim's Christmas album Let your Heart be Light is...


Tim Freedman (The Whitlams)

Hello music lovers, it's time to 'Blow up the pokies' with an in-depth interview with The Whitlams frontman Tim Freedman. You'll need 'No Aphrodisiac' after listening to this chat. In their chat, Tim shares with Matt his parenting tips, his favourite songs and what he believes the other members of The Whitlams really think about him. Tim Freedman is currently performing around the country with his solo tour launching the Whitlams new single "Ballad of Bertie kidd." Get your tickets at the...