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Drinks coffee and chats with remarkable people.




Drinks coffee and chats with remarkable people.








Tahir (Comedian)

From Istanbul, to high school teacher, to Australian comedy star and television favorite. Tahir moved to Australia when he was three and has forged a successful career in the spotlight, involved in some of the most popular television comedies over the past 20 years. From Fat Pizza, to Housos and Here come the Habibs, Tahir's comedy has helped pave the way for many multicultural Australian comics. Tahir is currently performing across the country with a host of international comedy stars in the Multicultural Comedy Gala - get more info here.


Royce Simmons (Rugby League great)

Back in 1991, the Penrith Panthers won their first Rugby League Grand Final. Panthers legend, Royce Simmons scored two tries that day and announced his retirement after the final whistle was blown. Over thirty years later, and despite his recent diagnosis with dementia, Royce is still involved in the club and the town he loves - and that loves him. Royce's Big Walk is a fundraiser he begun in 2022 that raised over $1 million for Dementia Australia. It is back in 2023 and knowing Royce's passion, drive and determination, it is sure to be bigger and better.


Kora Kurvacious (Drag Queen)

Luke (aka Kora Kurvacious) is one of Australia's prominent drag queens. But regardless of her talent, she is still victim of bullying and is concerned for her safety when she is out at night. In their chat, Kora and Matt discuss sexuality, bullying, the dark past of Sydney's Mardi Gras, and the unusually long time it takes for Luke to turn into Kora.


Jade Hurley

Jade Hurley has been entertaining music lovers for over 65 years. Australia’s King of Country Rock, Jade called Johnny Cash and Johnny O'Keefe friends. In fact, the Man in Black once said: 'He’s one hell of a showman and entertainer this Aussie … and he can sure play that damn piano.' In their chat, Jade shares with Matt how his music career started when he was a drunk 14 year old, the famous singer who changed his name to Jade, and the dark time in his life when he almost lost everything.


Kevin Bloody Wilson

WARNING: Adult language and concepts While the rest of the world was getting offended by 60's television shows or brand names of cheese, for 35 years Kevin Bloody Wilson has continued to not give a f***. In their chat, Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson shares with Matt 'Bloody' Collins his thoughts on cancel culture, what Alan Bond's wife said about his song Living next door to Alan, and where does D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F really come from. Kev is currently touring NSW, get your tickets here.


David Collins (Umbilical Brothers)

Once they established that they could possibly be related, David Collins and Matt Collins shared a wonderful chat about the Umbilical Brothers remarkable career. One of Australia's greatest entertainment exports, David opens up on his upbringing, performing in front of 100,000 people at Woodstock '99, why he didn't talk for the first four years of his life, and what he said when he met the Queen. The Umbilical Brothers are currently touring Australia. Get your tickets here.


Wendell Sailor

'Big Dell' is one of the greatest rugby league players the world has ever seen....just ask him. But it's true. He has the stats to prove it. In fact, after he did everything he set out to do in the NRL, he switched codes and become one of only a handful of players to represent Australia in both League and Union. In their chat, Sailor shares with Matt the truth behind the ego, his favourite Wayne Bennett stories, how he dealt with retirement, and why he is more proud of his son Tristan than of anything he ever achieved on the playing field. Wendell Sailor, Mark Geyer and Triple M's Anthony Maroon will take the stage at the Trangie Sportsman's Dinner on Saturday, February 4. Get more information here.


Damon Gameau (That Sugar Film, 2040)

With the highest grossing Australian documentary under his belt, Damon Gameau knows a thing or two about what gets people to take action. It's a good thing he uses that power for good and not evil. After huge success with That Sugar Film and 2040, the former actor Damon Gameau has a new doco called Regeneration Australia - which looks at how much the planet could potentially thrive over the next ten years. Gameau shares with Matt what he believes we need to focus on to see massive changes to our planet. They discuss (among other tings) politics, the effectiveness of electric cars, and of course, coffee...


Monique Juratovac (The Hairdressing Bricklayer)

Like so many other students, Monique Juratovac was not a fan of high school and she left to begin a hairdressing apprenticeship. But once she completed the trade, she realised hairdressing was not her true calling. But what she wanted to do next was not encouraged by her father. She wanted to become a bricklayer. Considering only two per cent of bricklayers are women, it is no surprise her father had his doubts. In their chat, Monique shares with Matt what her first boss said to her the day she started, and how she is treated by the many people of the opposite sex in the work place. This is a great chat for any one thinking of a significant career change or who just wants to break society's so-called 'rules'.


Brian Cadd (Aussie Music Legend)

Brian Cadd is one of the great songwriters. He has written songs for some of the greatest artist of our generation - and thankfully, he has kept a couple of hits for himself as well. In their chat, Brian Cadd shares with Matt how a night with The Easybeats changed his career forever, he discuss his songwriting philosophies, and reveals where the iconic tune Little Ray of Sunshine comes from. Brian Cadd will be performing at the Parkes Elvis Festival. Get more information here.



Paulini Curuenavuli moved to Australia when she was just four-years-old. The next several years for the Aussie singer were tarred with racism and the murder of her oldest brother. In their chat, Paulini shares with Matt her memories from that traumatic time, how she honestly felt after the offensive comments about 'that' gold Australian Idol dress, and why she bribed a government official to get her drivers license. Paulini's new song We are one is out available now. The dance floor hit is Paulini's single for the Eurovision - Australia Decides competition.


Daryl Braithwaite

Daryl Braithwaite on getting COVID, his father's disapproval at his choice of career and his honest thoughts on his hit song The Horses.


Ross Wilson (Daddy Cool/Mondo Rock)

He penned one of the greatest Australian Rock songs of all time, but he is not about to rest on his laurels. Daddy Cool and Mondo Rock front man Ross Wilson is the brains behind classic songs like Eagle Rock, Come said the Boy and many more. In their chat, Ross Wilson shares with Matt how Daddy Cool started, his transition into Mondo Rock and why university students around the country drop their shorts whenever Eagle Rock is performed. Wilson is currently touring around the country with the 50 years of Eagle Rock tour. See dates and venues here.


Mahalia Barnes (Singer)

Mahalia Barnes is a tremendous Aussie singing talent, but coming from the Barnes family, that probably comes as little surprise. In their chat, Mahalia shares with Matt her introduction into music - which includes the infamous Tin Lids, how she got by during COVID lock downs with no where to play, and of course, you can't talk to the daughter of one of Australia's greatest rockers and not ask what it is like to have Jimmy Barnes as your dad.


Claudia Karvan (Acclaimed Aussie Actor)

Claudia Karvan knows her way around a film set. So she should, she has been doing it her whole life - but it was never her in intention to be in front of the camera. In their chat, In a 'behind the scenes' chat, Claudia shares with Matt her latest gig hosting the ABC series 'The Books That Made Us', as well as her big goals for the future and why she thinks one of her television series was axed.


Could you survive on $40 per day? Caleb Bond and Jenny Leong

In this episode of Coffee Chats, journalist and Sky News commentator Caleb Bond along with NSW Greens politician Jenny Leong share with Matt their experience after they spent nine days living with individuals and families who are surviving on the breadline: or the equivalent of $40 per day. It is all part of a three-part document called Could you survive on the breadline? The show airs on Wednesday, November 17 on SBS and on SBS On Demand any time.


Sam Thaiday (Brisbane Broncos)

In professional sport circles, only a small minority enjoy a long, successful career. With over 300 games for the Brisbane Broncos and an integral member of the infamous Queensland State of Origin team which won 10 out of 11 State of Origin series, Sam Thaiday is one such player. But it hasn't come without its challenges. In thei chat, Sam shares with Matt the emotions surrounding his retirement, what he would like to say to the current crop of players and his honest thoughts on the Broncos' future. Sam Thaiday will be the guest speaker at the South Burnett Suicide Prevention Working Group's 11th birthday celebrations. Get your tickets and more information here.


Vika and Linda Bull

A music career spanning over thirty years is sure to have its fair share of ups and downs. For singing sisters Vika and Linda bull they have had their fair share of both. From finding huge success with Joe Camilleri and the Black Sorrows to walking off stage without receive any applause, the girls have experienced both sides of the music industry. Their new album The Wait is out now.


Jay Lagaaia (Play School/ Star Wars)

Jay Laga'aia struggled with reading when he was at school. So it is a little surprising he is the host of SBS show Lost for Words - a three-part documentary focused on Australia's poor literacy levels. In their chat, Jay shares with Matt how his time on Play School helped with his reading, his first embarrassing encounter with Star Wars director George Lucas, and why he has no parenting advice for his eight children.


Murray Cook (Original red Wiggle)

The original red wiggle Murray Cook shares an in-depth chat with Matt about how The Wiggles began, why he decided to walk away from performing with the group and what he thinks about the direction the Wiggles are going in today.