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drinks coffee and chats with remarkable people.

drinks coffee and chats with remarkable people.
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drinks coffee and chats with remarkable people.








Russell Morris (Music Royalty)

You would think after 50 years in the music industry, a swag of hits and a truck load of awards, ARIA Hall of Fame artist, Russell Morris would be confident of his talent. But as his shares with Matt Collins in their Coffee Chat, he still doubts his abilities. Still touring and making great music, Russell says he owes a lot to plain old luck and one Ian 'Molly' Meldrum who tapped him on the should as a teenager and asked if he could manage Russell and is band. The rest, as they say, is...


Liam Wilson (Professional Boxer)

Liam Wilson's last amateur boxing match was representing his country at the Commonwealth Games. He recently fought and won in front of 30,000 people as an under card at the Mundine v Horn fight. Liam's boxing career is even more remarkable when you hear his story. His father was an alcoholic and Liam was kicked out of home when he was only 15. Before his father died, Liam made a promise to him that he would win a world title and he intends on keeping his promise. This shy and quiet guy...


Tom Curtain (Country Musician)

Tom Curtain's Katherine Outback Experience is a popular NT tourist destination. But it wasn't always that way. When Tom first floated the idea with friends, they thought he was mad and he almost didn't do it. In the first year, attendances to Tom's show was in the single digits. But he persisted. And these days, with a list of hit songs and the who's who of country music as friends, Tom Curtain has every reason to smile. He is currently touring with his 'Speak Up' show in honour of the late,...


Martin Bella (Councillor and Former Rugby League Great)

Martin Bella represented his state and country in the sport of rugby league. As a councillor with the Mackay Regional Council, Martin tackles the region's issues with the same level of hard-hitting honesty and integrity. In their Coffee Chat, Martin shares with Matt what he thinks it takes to thrive in both sport and in life. Oh yeah, and he gives an honest account of what he thinks of the state's Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk.


Nathan Foley (Entertainer & Original Hi-5 member)

Can you believe it's been 20 years since children's group, Hi-5 first danced and sung their way onto our TV screens. Original member, Nathan Foley looks back on his time with the group with fond memories. In their chat, Nathan shares with Matt how he got started with the group, what a former fan said to him in Bunnings recently and how he managed to maintain his relationship with fellow hi-5 member, Kellie for all those years. But what is everyone's favorite hi-5 member up to these days?


Bianca Saez (Tourette Syndrome)

[WARNING: This conversation contains language that may offend] Bianca Saez was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome as a young girl and she courageously lives with her severe condition every single day. Bianca's tics and colourful language are a part of nearly every sentence. In their chat, Bianca shares with Matt how her tourettes has gotten her in to trouble on many occasions from dealing with shocked passers-by to what she did to the owner of a Subway restaurant. Like any twenty-something...


Fr Chukwudi Chinaka (Nigerian Catholic priest)

When Father Chukwudi Chinaka first came to Australia from Nigeria he experienced a lot of things for the first time including his first snag on the barbie. But he very quickly acclimatised and found his calling. He has spent time at various churches throughout Australia. In their chat, Fr Chukwudi shares with Matt why he moved to Australia, what he tells himself each morning when he looks in the mirror and he doesn't back away from the sensitive topics like celibacy and sexual abuse within...


John Killick (Prison Escapee)

Many would argue that rehabilitation in our prisons is not working. John Killick is one such person. He spent a good portion of his life behind bars. A former bank robber, John made international headlines when he broke out of jail in a hijacked helicopter. John has written three books relating to his life of crime and his third book, On the inside focuses on his life inside Australia's most notorious prisons. John is genuinely remorseful for his past actions and now helps others not make...


Matt Golinski (Celebrity Chef)

Sometimes we forget we only have one life and it is there to be lived. Celebrity chef, Matt Golinski knows that more than most. In their chat, Matt shares with Matt Collins his journey from naughty school boy to one of the first tv chefs. They talk coffee, food, music and so much more. Matt opens up about the tragic event that occurred on Boxing Day 2011 when his wife and three beautiful daughters were killed in a house fire. Knowing he has his family's love and support, these days Matt is...


Donna Thistlethwaite (Suicide Survivor)

From time to time, we all struggle with that little voice on our shoulder telling us we are not good enough. But for Donna Thistlethwaite, that voice on her shoulder become so loud she could see no other option than to end it all. In 2012, she drove to Brisbane's Story Bridge and fell from the iconic landmark. Miraculously Donna survived the fall and since then she has become a crisis counselor and a motivational speaker assisting others who are going through the same painful journey she did.


Natalie Pearson (Pop-Country Artist)

Like every so-called overnight success, there are years and years of hard work and challenges that the majority of us never see. And so it is with the rising star of pop-country music, Natalie Pearson. She has already worked with some of the biggest artists in the business and is off to Nashville in the near future to further perfect her musical talent. In their coffee chat, Natalie shares with Matt the ups and downs of her musical journey so far and what is the ultimate goal for this...


Bren MacDibble (Book of the Year)

You'd think when Matt sat down for a Coffee Chat with a Book of the Year winning author it would be a conversation filled with stories about getting lost in the literature and the remarkable adventures you go on when engulfed between the pages, but not so with Bren MacDibble. Author of 2018 Book of the year for younger readers, for her book 'How to Bee', Bren has deservedly enjoyed high praise for her book but it is her personal life where the story really starts to get interesting...


Laurie Lawrence (Olympic swim coach & Kids Alive founder)

Arguably the greatest swim coach this country has ever produced, Laurie Lawrence is the epitome of success. But does this master motivator have any failures? Does he think he could have done a better job with his Olympic athletes? Laurie shares a chat with Matt and opens up about his time playing rugby union for Australia and why he pushed a paralympic swimmer into the pool when she didn't want to swim.


Scott Darlow (Musician)

Scott Darlow's music career started when he was five and his parents were Salvation Army officers and he fell in love with the brass band. Fast forward to current day and he is an accomplished singer, songwriter, guitarist and didgeridoo player. In their coffee chat, Scott shares his emotional relationship with his alcoholic father, the strong connection to his indigenous culture and why he resigned from teaching to focus on his music career.


Pip Johnston (son's limited life)

Pip Johnston and her husband Paul are your typical hardworking couple. Pip is a vet and Paul works on the land. Their lives were as close to normal as you can get. That was until their third born, Tommy, came into the world. This little bundle of joy looks just like any other cute baby boy, but sadly, little Tommy has been diagnosed with a rare genetic disease. Doctors have advised it is unlikely he will live to see his teenage years. Tommy's mum, Pip talks about life with her remarkable...


Keith Campbell (Regional Mayor)

Politicians are often in the public eye but ironically rarely do they give an insight into their personal lives. Mayor for the South Burnett region in Qld, Keith Campbell sat down with Matt to break that mould. He shares parts of his life from outside of council including what makes him tick, what he does to relax and how he deals with the constant complaints from residents about their roads, rates and rubbish. It's an interesting insight into a side of the mayor he rarely shows.


Luke Bourne (Stage 4 cancer)

Luke Bourne was just like any other active bloke. He loves cars, fishing and his wife. In 2015, Luke started getting headaches which gradually became more severe. It wasn't long before a doctor advised him there was a lump in his head and he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Luke shares with Matt what the last few years have delivered for him and his remarkable wife Rachel.


Johanna Hemara (Yodeler)

Before her 10th birthday Johanna Hemara had already performed on stage to massive crowds. The famous yodeler is the self-proclaimed 'black sheep' of the music industry and has no plans of 'playing the game' like so many others have done. Johanna shares some great stories with Matt like what happened when Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson got her on stage to perform one of her yodeling hits to his raucous crowd.


Brad Butcher Podcast

Spending his early working years in the mines, Brad Butcher knew his life was destined for so much more. Picking up the 2018 Golden Guitar for new talent, Brad has stayed humble and his music was always just a way to pay the bills. Brad shares with Matt his influences and what took him out of his comfort zone when he toured the U.S. Enjoy this coffee chat with a great musical artist and an absolute gentleman. You can catch Brad with other top Australian artists at this year's Murgon Music...


Mona Hecke (Medicinal Marijuana)

Mona Hecke is well known as the 'Aussie Health Girl' and as well as sharing her popular insights on healthy living, Mona is forging a path forward for the healing powers of medicinal marijuana. Mona's son has a form of epilepsy and he was adament he did not want the convential treatments as they were doing more harm to his body than good. This lead Mona to research the controversial medicinal qualities of cannabis and they are very happy with the results.