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Drinks coffee and chats with remarkable people.

Drinks coffee and chats with remarkable people.




Drinks coffee and chats with remarkable people.








Dexter Kruger (Australia's oldest man)

Dexter Kruger is Australia's oldest man, but to talk to him you wouldn't know it. The vibrant, hard-working and sometimes cheeky 111-year-old has a zest for life not seen in some people half his age. In their chat, Dexter shares with Matt how he met his beautiful wife, why he never officially retired and his ongoing contact from the Queen.


Julia Morris (I'm a celebrity, get me out of here)

Julia Morris is one of the few female comedians who knows what it takes to stay successful in the industry. But it hasn't been without its challenges. In their chat, Julia shares with Matt how she Was treated in her early days of comedy, what her kids think about seeing their mum on tv and what she really thinks of the celebrities on the show.


Tim McCallum (Quadriplegic, national anthem singer at 2020 AFL Grand Final)

A beach accident left talented singer Tim McCallum in a wheelchair for life. But if the day he became a quadriplegic was supposed to define his future someone forgot to tell Tim. The AFL tragic proved people power is alive and strong when thousands of Aussies got behind him in his quest to sing the national anthem at the 2020 AFL Grand Final. In their chat, Tim shares with Matt the inspirational story behind his national anthem experience. Tim's Christmas album Let your Heart be Light is...


Tim Freedman (The Whitlams)

Hello music lovers, it's time to 'Blow up the pokies' with an in-depth interview with The Whitlams frontman Tim Freedman. You'll need 'No Aphrodisiac' after listening to this chat. In their chat, Tim shares with Matt his parenting tips, his favourite songs and what he believes the other members of The Whitlams really think about him. Tim Freedman is currently performing around the country with his solo tour launching the Whitlams new single "Ballad of Bertie kidd." Get your tickets at the...


Ian 'Dicko' Dickson (Music Industry legend)

For a former window washer, Ian 'Dicko' Dickson's amazing career in the music industry came as a surprise even to him. The former Australian Idol judge won his fair share of fans and enemies with his honest feedback to young aspiring singers. These days Dicko has donned the cowboy hat as the host of Dicko's Country Spit Roast. In their chat, Dicko shares with Matt if he thinks he ever went over the top with his sometimes harsh assessments on Idol and the future for reality television. Get...


Ali Oetjen (SAS & Bachelorette)

The past couple of years have been a rollercoaster of emotions and pain, both physically and mentally, for the 34-year-old reality TV star Ali Oetjen. The fitness influencer signed up for the gruelling SAS Australia series after her relationship with her Bachelorette beau Taite Radley deteriorated. In their chat, Ali shares with Matt what she is doing to "heal" after the break up and what were the most confronting things she had to do on SAS.


Fletch and Hindy (Fox Sports)

There have been many legendary sporting partnerships throughout the years. Fletch and Hindy are not one of them. Nathan Hindmarsh and Brian Fletcher were fierce competitors on the rugby league field. But the loveable larrikins quickly went from foes on the field to best mates on our screens once their NRL playing days were done. In their chat with Matt, the NSW State of Origin stars share how they first met and who really was the better player out of the two.


James Boggia (Bachelorette)

Bachelorette contestant and professional wakeboarder James Boggia was keeping his cards close to his chest when he spoke with Matt before the start of this year's season. He has travelled the world on tour and therefore the dating scene hasn't been too high on his list of priorities. Until now. in their chat, James shares with Matt what his "perfect date" looks like. As well as the three words he thinks his ex-partner would use to describe him, and how he thinks he'd fair surrounded by 20...


Bec Cvilikas (The Bachelor)

She entered the show as an intruder and immediately ruffled Bachelorette's feathers - with one contestant suggesting "she was too pretty to be on the show, surely she can find her own boyfriend in the outside world." In their chat, make up artist Bec Cvilikas shares with Matt why she went on The Bachelor, her honest thoughts on Bachelor Locky Gilbert and she reveals how long she thinks their relationship will last. This is a must listen episode for reality television fans thanks to our...


Noni Hazlehurst (TV royalty)

Only two women have the distinguished honour of receiving a Hall of Fame Logie Award. One is Ruth Cracknell, the other is Noni Hazlehurst. But the Australian actress, director, writer, presenter and broadcaster believes television is not in a good place. After over 20 years on Play School, Noni says there's not a day goes by when she isn't recognised. Noni hosts the second series of Every family has a secret which premieres on Tuesday, September 22 from 7.30pm on SBS.


Justine Adams (Farmer wants a Wife)

Mother of two Justine Adams is still on Cloud 9 after matching with NSW farmer Neil in the latest series of Farmer wants a Wife. But the whole experience has been bittersweet for Justine after a barrage pf nasty comments from social media's keyboard warriors. From comments on her appearance, to opinions on the longevity of her relationship with Neil, viewers of the reality TV show did not hold back their feelings. In their chat, Justine shares with Matt the impact this had on her and her...


Bianca Anderson (Private Investigator)

Bianca Anderson is a former parole officer and private investigator. Throw in a stint on the reality TV series Australian Survivor and you can safely say Bianca Anderson knows how to read people pretty well. In their chat, Bianca shares with Matt how she knows when people are lying, the times in her career when she was genuinely fearful, and what happened the time she was in a room alone with a certified psychopath.


David Littleproud MP

Sometimes we forget our politicians have the same emotions and go through the same challenging times as anybody else. Deputy Leader of The Nationals David Littleproud MP has had his fair share struggles over the past 12 months, but you would never have known. DLP strives forward each day despite a marriage break down and threats against his children. In their chat, David shares with Matt what motivates him to continue the fight each and every day, and does he want to be Australia's next PM?


Craig Reucassel (The Chaser)

After years of tormenting politicians on The Chaser, Craig Reucassel has turned his focus to the environment. Hot off the success of The War on Waste, the presenter, prankster and positive planet-promoter is back with his new TV show Fight for Plant A, to once again inspire our thinking and challenge our behaviour. In their chat, Craig shares with Matt where his passion for the environment comes from, and what happened the day he approached then Prime Minister John Howard with a...


Paul Clitheroe (Money expert)

He is one of the most well-known and respected money experts in the country, but that doesn't mean Paul Clitheroe hasn't had regrets with money. In their chat, Paul shares with Matt where the majority of Aussies could make improvements with their finances, and what guilty pleasures he splurges on.


Matt Preston (Food critic)

Former Masterchef judge Matt Preston is known around the country for his colourful suits and cravats, and as Matt found out, he's also one of the nicest blokes walking this great earth. In their chat, Preston shares with Matt his top tips on hosting a dinner party and how he is coping with COVID lockdown. And of course, there was no way Matt was going to Invite Preston onto Coffee Chats without talking about coffee! Preston shares more helpful hosting tips inside the Ultimate Winter Dinner...


Nikki Vee (Sex Worker)

Matt had been searching for years to find a sex worker who was comfortable enough to discuss their profession on-air. When he finally found Nikki Vee she did not disappoint. Nothing was off limits in their open, honest and sometimes controversial conversation. Matt asks the questions you always wanted to ask. Open relationships, girlfriend experiences, and what happened with her very first 'client' that made her think she would become a statistic. *This chat contains adult content.


Andrew and Jason Moloney (Pro boxing twins)

Professional boxing twins, Andrew and Jason Moloney give new meaning to sibling rivalry. Back in Australia after their title fights in Las Vegas, they both had plenty of time to chat while they endured two weeks lock down together in a Sydney hotel room. In their chat, Andrew and Jason share with Matt just how serious the competition is between them both. What awards mean to them, as well as what life has in store for the twins after boxing. Andrew opens after his very first professional...


Wayne Cleveland (Convicted drug smuggler)

Big wave surfing, smuggling large amounts of drugs into the country and travelling the world with notorious surfing group The Bra Boys. It sounds like scenes from a Hollywood action movie, but these are merely chapters in the life of convicted criminal Wayne Cleveland. In their chat, Wayne shares with Matt what got him into the dark world of smuggling and selling drugs and how it all inevitably come undone. He talks about his involvement with The Bra Boys and he opens up about his biggest...


TOBiAS (Musician)

Described as a little bit of Beck, Paul Kelly, Bruce Springsteen and Ben Lee all meld into one, Toby Robinson, aka TOBiAS, has cemented his reputation as one of Australia's leading indie/folk pop artists. He has played alongside Missy Higgins, Jen Cloher, Archie Roach, Fanny Lumsden and Neko Case just to namedrop a couple. In their chat, TOBiAS shares with Matt his emotional journey overcoming alcoholism and a great yarn about why he so greatly admires another great Aussie talent Gotye....