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Interviews with fascinating people who are making a difference in our lives with their insightful and innovative talents.

Interviews with fascinating people who are making a difference in our lives with their insightful and innovative talents.
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Interviews with fascinating people who are making a difference in our lives with their insightful and innovative talents.




Energy Stew - Are you born to live multi-dimensionally?

Many children are born with extra-sensory abilities and experiences but not all find their use later in life. Laura Powers has made use of these powers and is fulfilling their potential. We all do have multi-dimensional abilities although it's not apparent to most and they haven't learned how to tune into them. For some of us, it's much easier and we can make a life of it. Laura certainly is living in the fullness of angelic energies and is using them to help many people. She has fascinating...


Energy Stew - A scientific study of near death experiences

Many of you have heard about near death experiences and some of you might have had one (or even two). It appears that a majority of people who have come very close to death have had them. They generally need to be without vital functions for a short time, including brain activity. It's more common nowadays for people to be revived so there are many more who have had them. Dr. Melvin Moore, as a pediatrician, was working in a children's hospital and discovered this happening to children,...


Energy Stew - Forecasting 2019 - What are its energies?

This new year will have its own personality and we'll be immersed in it. Maybe it's a good idea to uncover some of the energy patterns at play for the year. Alexander Dunlop and I will examine the major themes for 2019 and you'll be amazed at how understandable and predictive they are. I was very surprised to see what showed up and how clear these patterns explain themselves. Alexander will talk about the numerological energies at play and show how they manifested last year and are now...


Energy Stew - Where will you find sacredness this new year?

In this new year, we'll all need to discover or enhance the more peaceful nature that resides in us. We're in stressful times but there are many compartments within ourselves to handle life in different ways. Perhaps the most important is our peaceful center so we can collect ourselves and live in more light. This takes mindfulness to find the presence of being while in chaotic times. Bill Dennis is a retreat leader and helps people find their inner vibes that sustain them. He'll be speaking...


Energy Stew - Meeting with your family. Are you ready?

Everyone has some family issue or another. Maybe everyone tried their best when you grew up but they might have done better. So many different personalities and needs were present and somehow we got through it with some of us in much better shape than others. Now is the time when many families reunite and try to have a good time together. It's usually not so simple. What are your expectations and what are theirs? Often, we're plugged into the consciousness of our inner child and many of our...


Energy Stew - Hearts and spades will make the holidays sing with feeling

The holidays are a time of deep feelings of all kinds. They certainly play out differently for everyone as we are all living different life stories. Those stories are amplified when there are so many social gatherings and most are very meaningful. Holiday spirit can be very uplifting which can help many people who are having a tough time. Whether you're on the giving or receiving end, or both, it's the time to connect deeply with all those around you, even strangers. I love being out on...


Energy Stew - You can tap your way through the holidays

Steve Gottlieb is back and will talk about managing emotional stresses we may find ourselves in during this very social season. Even if everything is going well, it's a busy time and can lead to overwhelm. Tapping (EFT) is great to shift your energy and find new strength and calm. For many, there are a multitude of holiday factors including parties, food, gifts, transportation and just getting along with family, friends, associates and even strangers. Managing health issues during this...


Energy Stew - Where are YOU right now? Really!

Living in the present sounds like a great idea but are you always able to stay there? Do you often wander into the past or the future? Maybe it's a good idea to think back on wonderful experiences and the opportunities the past has given you. Perhaps it's also a good idea to think ahead to a great future and make plans for it. So then why is there an emphasis on staying in the present? It's all about how you hold the past and future and their effect on your emotions. If you're drawn to past...


Energy Stew - Transaudio electronic voice phenomena will amaze you

There's a great service being offered by a group of young people on the other side who are trying to help parents grieve for their lost children. Their group is called "The Big Circle" and they connect with these children and have them send voice communications to audio devices on our side. We can actually receive voice messages in recordings from those we've lost. I'll be playing a few of them on the show. I know it's hard to believe but the technology is real and the voices sound very true...


Energy Stew - Do you know any Soul Dogs?

Every dog is special and here to offer love yet some dogs appear to be much older souls and can connect at unusually deeper levels. Elena Mannes, the author of "Soul Dog", had such a pet who changed her whole understanding about consciousness and spirituality. She then began a path to learn more about the spiritual realities that our pets can present to us. After working with many animal communicators, she discovered the unusual bonds we have with our pets and the beautiful souls they...


Energy Stew - Learn How To Use Your Mind To Become More Powerful In Life

Are you ready for a tuneup and live even smarter? Do you feel you're in your full power? Can you truly claim it? How about some very practical tools to upgrade your life? Barbara Berger's newly revised best seller is "The Road to Power, Fast Food for the Soul" and truly deserves its popularity. Her book indulges in so many lifestyle applications that you can really fine tune yourself. Every one of her 36 chapters is a different kind of power to use better. How about the power of "deep...


Energy Stew - Robert Moss says to wake up and dream

Robert Moss truly gets around and much more than any of us. He travels to other times and places that we can only read about. He even can do it with others who also have this great gift to explore reality outside of the time we're in. His new book, "Mysterious Realities. A Dream Traveler's Tales from the Imaginal Realm" will totally fascinate you. You'll have a wonderful appreciation about how real our imagination is and what it can teach us about many worlds and parallel lives. Robert is a...


Energy Stew - In our society, who are we all at war with?

Tom Goddard is a writer and teacher of integral philosophy and evolution who understands the underlying principles of the many cultures that presently exist in our society. Each culture has successively evolved through time and ideally we should learn from them and morph into new ones. Unfortunately, humanity doesn't function so wisely and many people remain stuck in older cultures that have had many limitations. These different cultures are now at war with each other and none of them...


Energy Stew - Find out why Human Design can create the clarity you need

Many of you have heard about the Human Design System and are still trying to figure out its worthiness. It's a powerful tool to decipher the mechanics of your personality and help you understand why you are who you are which you can't change. You can only get better at being yourself. Not only can this help you do it but you'll learn how everyone relates to you and why they behave in certain patterns in your life. They don't realize they're reading your design and helping you play out the...


Energy Stew - Are you a precog? Can you become one? - 10.12.18

Dr. Julia Mossbridge specializes in precognition and has done extensive research to understand its potential in our lives. She even has a research project that you can join to discover your own precog ability and to help her create a consensus of the results. Premonition has always been a powerful tool for leadership as many successful people have had the right instincts to make the right choices. Precognition, you might say, is a more conscious approach to premonition and Julia presents 6...


Energy Stew - Richard Rudd interview about contemplation

Richard Rudd, the founder and author of Gene Keys, is one of the most profound individuals I've met in this life. He can uncover the deepest truths of our psyches and spirits and present them in deeply understandable writings. His latest presentation is the book "The Art of Contemplation, gentle path to wholeness and prosperity". We'll talk about the practical uses of contemplation to open up new avenues of revelation in life. Some people think this is about mindfulness but it takes that...


Energy Stew - How has love evolved through our evolution?

Tom Goddard is a writer and teacher of integral philosophy and evolution who has a primary focus on the understandings of love. Probably the most telling observation we can make about the different cultures through time is how we relate to each other. What is the language of love that we speak? Even now, we wonder where love lies in our mainstream and how the public makes its choices the way it does. Older cultures haven't completely died away and many of them are still prominent in our...


Energy Stew - Rupert Sheldrake talks about science and spiritual practices - 09.21.18

Rupert Sheldrake is a well known biologist who has written a lot about morphic resonance and the morphogenetic field. It's about how intuitive patterns are created and followed in all life forms. We evolve through these developments. In his new book, "Science and Spiritual Practices, Transformative Experiences and Their Effects on Our Bodies, Brains, and Health", he examines how we can scientifically explain the positive nature attained through living a spiritual life. Rupert has disturbed a...


Energy Stew - Are you stuck in a rut or have you missed the tide? - 09.14.18

Alison Smith has learned to use many of our expressions about trouble in nature and translate them into trouble in life. With these narratives, we can examine the quagmires we're in and imagine how we would find solutions to get ourselves out of seemingly impossible situations. Her book, "Can't See the Wood for the Trees" is published in the UK so they use the word "wood" they way we use the word "woods". Or maybe we can say, "Can't see the forest for the trees". How many times are we stuck...


Energy Stew - Which colors create a sense of wellness? - 09.07.18

We're back talking with Jacob Liberman again and we're bringing colors into the conversation. It's all about how we live in the full spectrum of color and light and that certain colors can make us uncomfortable. Perhaps to live at ease, we need to be fully color balanced. Are you? We'll talk about the colors that can become problems for us. Jacob Israel Liberman, is the author of "Luminous Life, How the Science of Life Unlocks the Art of Living". Jacob has studied colors and wellness and...