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Interviews with fascinating people who are making a difference in our lives with their insightful and innovative talents.

Interviews with fascinating people who are making a difference in our lives with their insightful and innovative talents.
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Interviews with fascinating people who are making a difference in our lives with their insightful and innovative talents.




Energy Stew - Are you living a quantum reality life? - 08.10.18

Dianne Collins, the author of “Do You Quantum Think?” is back on Energy Stew to talk about how our new understanding of quantum science teaches to think and behave differently. Physics tells us our universe is intelligent and consciousness is the key to our reality. So, how do we use our consciousness to align with this new understanding? How does it shift our reality? As we heard in last week’s show, we are in a new 9th wave of consciousness so Dianne’s purpose is to help us develop new...


Energy Stew - Who’s in control? - 07.27.18

How much are you able to control your life? Do you ever stop trying? Maybe it’s a hopeless battle as life seems to take its own course. Then again, we’re here to fulfill some purpose so how can we be assured we’ll accomplish our goals? We need to make our choices and get life to bend to our needs. How powerful are we? Jacob Israel Liberman, the author of “Luminous Life, How the Science of Life Unlocks the Art of Living”, is back and we’re going to talk about the level of control we can...


Energy Stew - Psychedelic medicine vs psychiatric medicine - 07.20.18

Our society has long tried to manage people who don’t think and behave according to social approval. Prisons, institutions, straight jackets and many other methods have been used. Then came drugs that could suppress unwarranted behaviors and feelings. Maybe you’ve tried some for yourself. For most, they’re a disappointment. At best, you get to decrease your depression and anxiety for a while. What is the mental and psychological cost of this? What if you could use some medications that...


Energy Stew - What’s the relationship between your mind and your soul? - 07.13.18

We’re multi-dimensional beings and are operating on these different levels at all times simultaneously. We don’t realize it because our conscious minds think they’re taking care of business. They are fully integrated with our sub-conscious, unconscious and soul and those are working with a lot more information about our life purpose in ways our minds and egos haven’t yet discovered. Our souls clearly know what we’re here for and are in league with our sub-conscious which has a much larger...


Energy Stew - True awakening with psychedelic medicine - 07.06.18

We’ve been misled for decades about the great value of the psychedelics that can allow our society to become more enlightened. Science is now catching up and realizing that these medicines can open our brains to higher knowing and allow us to see ourselves as members of a universal consciousness. The medicines are healing in many ways and Dr. Richard Louis Miller has compiled a book of his interviews with leading scientists who are doing important work in this modality. Many of us have had...


Energy Stew - Tricia McCannon is back to talk about Universal Truths - 07.02.18

Tricia McCannon is one of the deepest people I know. Her books are always major works of profound research and inspired thinking. Her new book, “The Angelic Origins of the Soul, Discovering Your Divine Purpose”, is a wonder-ful opportunity to know so much more about ourselves. In this new interview with her, she’ll talk about how to relate to our current times through the prism of our spirituality This show aired today at 11:30 AM but this promo wasn’t sent out on time. The archive is...


Energy Stew - Develop your Creation Frequency - 06.22.18

Our ability to manifest is always in question. Can we really get all that we want? Actually, it’s a lot more complicated than just asking for anything. Maybe we need to be a lot smarter about it. Mike Murphy, the author of “The Creation Frequency” has written a wonderful book to understand the parameters of manifestation so we can actually make it work. Don’t miss this show to learn how to become more powerful in your life. We’re all efforting to make life work the way we want. Maybe we...


Energy Stew - What are your eyes really seeing? - 06.15.18

Jacob Israel Liberman, the author of “Luminous Life, How the Science of Life Unlocks the Art of Living”, has been a student of our eyes most of his life. As an eye doctor, he discovered that they are working as a window to our souls. We don’t realize that as our consciousness guides our eyes, our eyes are also guiding our consciousness. They see much more than our conscious minds can comprehend and alert us to what our souls are seeking. He can tell us so much about this window to...


Energy Stew - Wisdom for the Seeker’s Soul - 06.08.18

Sara Wiseman has written a deeply wise book, “Messages from the Divine, Wisdom for the Seeker’s Soul”, about living true to yourself and your soul purpose. This is about being open to the universal part of yourself and staying connected. Sara can really tell you how to live in more freedom to explore life without fear and worry by explaining the miracles of your everyday experience. Her intuitive awareness has helped her see the abundant gifts we are constantly shown and she helps us to...


Energy Stew - The difference between pain and suffering - 06.01.18

How much pain can you live with without suffering? Maybe a lot. It all depends on your frame of reference to it. How well are you nurturing you spirit?Perhaps if you believe in yourself enough, you can champion life and overcome many types of pain that can lead to suffering. Can you make the pain an objective obstacle on your way to more wholeness or is it a subjective obstacle that eats away at your heart? So much of our suffering are the limitations we place on trust in life and our...


Energy Stew - Your dreams can save your life - 05.25.18

Dreams can warn us of serious health issues and, in fact, have saved many lives. Kat O’Keefe-Kanavos and Dr. Larry Burk have worked together to research and compile hundreds of examples of women who have had dreams that showed they had breast cancer. In most cases, they had no idea about their problem and often doctors discounted their dreams when they couldn’t find obvious signs of the cancer. The dreams wouldn’t stop coming and so many women had to insist on more testing which proved...


Energy Stew - You’re more powerful when you can see your shadow - 05.18.18

Everyone is reading your energy vibes on an unconscious level and is responding to them. These are your personality frequencies and an excellent window to them are the playing cards you’ve been born to live out. When we know our cards, we know why people behave the way they do with us. This depends on how their cards want to play with our cards. They don’t have to know anything about cards to be playing with them unconsciously. Fortunately, we can find out about our cards using our birth...


Energy Stew - What shall we worry about next? - 05.11.18

We live in fearful times and the future appears unknown. There’s so much to worry about. How can we make life easier? What’s the secret to a quiet mind? Maybe it’s all about how we hold life. Can we trust life? Can we have faith in it? Do they both mean the same thing? What if they don’t? Maybe understanding them can help us live in more ease. Listen to this deep journey with Jason and see what you can do to re-figure your fears. Let’s live like we’re our own masters. Jason Gregory has...


Energy Stew - Tapping Is A Hidden Secret To Life - 05.04.18

Steve Gottlieb is back and will talk about handling everyday life to uncover what is blocking us to live in full freedom. Using EFT can actually manifest so much more than you can imagine. It changes energy at the deepest levels of your being and can free you from many if not most of your limitations. Try it. We all have past memories and conditioning that can inhibit us and limit our sense of power, health and well-being. We’re just not using the full power available to us. Steve...


Energy Stew - Is it possible to trust in the future? - 04.27.18

Do you Wu Wei? I bet you’d like to. It’s a form of living in full trust and moving through life without effort (force). In this second interview with Jason we’ll climb deeper into the concepts of synchronicity and serendipity to under-stand their power in our lives. So many of you have seen unexpected miracles happen when you’re at your wits end. Were you open to them? Did they really make things better? Wu Wei believes they did. Maybe it’s like those parking spaces that just show up or...


Energy Stew - Deep lessons of a Navajo Medicine Man - 04.20.18

Charles Langley, the author of “Spirit Land” has dedicated years of travel with an authentic Navajo shaman/medicine man and has had many unbelievable experiences. He has witnessed a culture that lives with strange and magical phenomena that are made real by their belief systems.. It was only through observing hundreds of ailing natives who were brought back to health through techniques that are not understandable but work. Originally a lifelong journalist and editor of one of the largest...


Energy Stew - Can we trust that everything will work out in our lives? - 04.13.18

Do you Wu Wei? I bet you’d like to. It’s a form of living in full trust and moving through life without effort (force). Maybe life is working out in its own way for us and we only think we have huge hurdles on our path. Maybe the hurdles are the way and we can let them bring us wonderful results beyond our limited thinking. I call it slip-sliding through life - slipping past the illusion of what we think are hurdles but are really opportunities. So why worry? The famous Taoist philosopher...


Energy Stew - Sandra Mendelson will tell us more about talking with animals - 04.06.18

Sandra is back again to tell us more about what the animals have to say. What if you worked with horses and all of a sudden started receiving telepathic messages from them? This is how it all started for Sandra Mendelson, the author of “We Walk Beside You, Animal Messages for an Awakening World”. Then it continued with other species using her open channel to start delivering their messages as well. What she has been hearing is very profound and helps us learn more about them and ourselves...


Energy Stew - Mas Sajady will talk about our truest selves - 30.30.18

Every day we get a taste of how real life is and how complicated. It’s a difficult path for us all and we need to find the strongest part of our selves. This will be a very deep interview with Mas Sajady about being true to your path and believing in your deeper self no matter what you’re opposing. This will be a show about managing life from a higher context of our soul growth and development. Many of you know of Mas and his work and know he’s had a couple of Near Death Experiences when...


Energy Stew - Mark Nepo will talk about awakening to a deeper life - 03.23.18

Mark Nepo is a #1 best selling author who has written many books. He’s a deep thinker and a poet. Each page of each book is a treat to our minds and hearts so speaking with him is an opportunity to think and experience a deeper reality. If you want to live a richer life, listen to Mark’s words about every nuance that life offers. Join us for this profound excursion into life’s wonder. Mark will be in NYC the weekend of April 6th, 7th and 8th at ABC Carpet’s event room. The workshop is...