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Featuring Etsy seller stories and businesses serving the Etsy seller community.

Featuring Etsy seller stories and businesses serving the Etsy seller community.


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Featuring Etsy seller stories and businesses serving the Etsy seller community.




347 ~ Catching Up w/Nicole McKinley of Palm To Pine Design

It's been just over a year since Nicole was last on the podcast and in our convo we discuss what she's been up to since then. Buy Me A Coffee - Connect with me on Instagram - Be My Podcast Guest -


346 ~ Finding Success on Etsy with Niche Digital Products with Michelle of The Better Grind

Michelle created a niche for her Etsy shop in a market that she understood after she tried fitting into one that she didn't. She shares in our convo what it took for her to figure out her lane on Etsy and how she has now not only found success, but is sharing tools and a course that helps other sellers find their own profitable lanes on Etsy also. Buy Me A Coffee - Connect with me on Instagram - Be My Podcast...


345 ~ Keyword Research Strategies for Running a Successful Etsy Printable Shop with Julie Berninger of Gold City Ventures

Julie and the team at Gold City Ventures offer a wildly successful course teaching how to sell printables on Etsy. In our convo, we talk about everything, from what the course offers (and it's a lot), to the keyword research strategy they teach students to help them grow successful Etsy shops selling printables, all without the need to rely on social media, and so much more. Buy Me A Coffee - Connect with me on Instagram -...


Special Announcement: E-Shop Makeover Course Flash Sale

Angie White from Episode 340 is having a 5-day flash sale on her Etys shop re-branding and makeover course. If you haven't yet picked up a copy, you can get ie now for $50 off for the next five days - July 16th, 2022 through July 20th, 2022. Grab your copy at


344 - Becoming An Etsy-Made Millionaire w/Cat Hutchings of Spotlight Jewelry and Moonlight Supplies

Cat Hutchings runs two Etsy shops and combined and after years of selling on Etsy she has become an Etsy-made millionaire. Buy Me A Coffee - Connect with me on Instagram - Be My Podcast Guest -


343 - Becoming a Top 1% Etsy Seller by Selling High Value Fillable Printables w/Sasha of Your Frugal Friend

Sasha is a Certified Management Accountant who has left her corporate job and is now a full-time top 1% Etsy seller. We talk all about how she accomplished that in our convo. Buy Me A Coffee - Connect with me on Instagram - Be My Podcast Guest -


342 - Falling Into Etsy Success w/Chrissy Lane of Bloomers Trading Co

Chrissy's Etsy journey started with her trying to get rid of a flower wall. And now, four years and almost three thousand garlands later, Chrissy is making over 6-figures a year and going strong. Buy Me A Coffee - Connect with me on Instagram - Be My Podcast Guest -


341 - Growing Beyond Etsy with Sue Monhait of Gift Biz Unwrapped

Sue Monhait runs her own product-based business and in the process found an educational gap that women in business were experiencing. This led her to create Gift Biz Unwrapped and in our convo this week she shares how she uses both her podcast and her platform to help women in business grow to six-figure businesses and beyond. Buy Me A Coffee - Connect with me on Instagram - Be My Podcast Guest -...


340 - Rebranding Your Etsy Shop w/Angie White of The Celebration Bird

Angie runs the Etsy shop The Celebration Bird which she opened in 2020 as a side hustle doing something she loved - graphic design. Now with almost 3000 sales (at the time of our convo), she's also created a very helpful course for Etsy sellers about how to up the branding of their shops. Connect with me on


339 - Falling Into Etsy Success With Tess of Tessyla & JewelByTessyla

Tess is a veteran Etsy seller who's been selling on the platform since 2008. She's found organic success by putting in the elbow grease and going with what the market asked for. Listen in to hear her journey. it's fascinating! Connect with me on


Etsy Listing Description Update 2022

Etsy just announced an update to listing descriptions and how Etsy Search will work going forward. Listen to get the details in this bonus mini episode of the podcast. Connect with me on


338 - Typewriter Tim of The Vintage Man Cave

Typewriter Tim, like his name implies sells vintage typewriters on Etsy and has found great success in this unique niche. Tune in to hear the story of his Etsy journey. Connect with me on


337 - Becky Chipera of Chipera Creative

Becky is a returning podcast guest. She's gone from Etsy seller to social media manager and this week is sharing the story of her journey from one to the other. Connect with me on


336 - Abby Glassenberg of Craft Industry Alliance

This week I chat with Abby Glassenberg, President & Co-Founder of the Craft Industry Alliance. From her early days as an Etsy seller to creating the foremost organization for craft industry professionals, we discuss Abby's career progression and how the organization she co-founded is helping to advance and support the crafting industry. Connect with me on


Rebroadcast - Studio Jewel

Rebroadcast - Studio Jewel Connect with me on


Rebroadcast - Charming Tree Stationery Boutique

Rebroadcast - Charming Tree Stationery Boutique Connect with me on


Etsy Fee Hike - Your Opinion Matters

In this short episode I talk briefly about Etsy's new increase in fees. I give my own opinions about it and I invite you to share yours as well. Listen to hear how you can make your voice and opinions heard right here. Connect with me on


Rebroadcast - Kikiverde Design Studio

Rebroadcast - Kikiverde Design Studio Connect with me on


Rebroadcast - Aeon

Rebroadcast - Aeon Connect with me on


Rebroadcast - Lala's Party

Rebroadcast - Lala's Party Connect with me on