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A podcast featuring Etsy shop owners.

A podcast featuring Etsy shop owners.
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A podcast featuring Etsy shop owners.




226 - Exploring Selling Wholesale with Wholesale-In-A-Box

Wholesale-In-A-Box is a great way to dip your toes in the wholesale arena if you're a seller looking to expand into retail stores. Emily Kerr-Finell is the co-founder of WIAB and in our conversation she explains what this service offers sellers who want to go this route. Visit for show notes and more information. Subscribe to The Seller's Resource - an all-audio content library of Etsy tutorials, Etsy news, & updates.


225 - Book Publishing to Complement Your Etsy Product Line

Have you considered book publishing as a way of expanding your product line with complementary offerings and sets? Shah Bahpyu did just that and is sharing how and why in this episode. Visit for more information. Subscribe to The Seller's Resource - an all-audio content library of Etsy tutorials, Etsy news, & updates.


224 - Crystal Henson of Le Rustic Chic Making an Etsy-Based Business Work No Matter What

Crystal Henson started her Etsy shop at a time when her only choice was to make it work... And she... And did it excellently well by the way. Visit for more information. For all audio tutorials about how to sell on Etsy and up-to-date Etsy news, visit The Seller's Resource to subscribe.


223 - Balancing Art & Business w/Artist Michelle Farro of Michelle Farro Studio

Michelle Farro left a 15-year career as a hair stylist to pursue a full time career in art and this week we talk all about her journey so far. Visit for more information. Visit for audio Etsy tutorials.


222 ~ Running A Business As An Introvert w/Thea Orozco of Introvertology

Thea Orozco owns Introvertology and she helps introverts grow a business they love. Since a good number of creative business owners tend to self-describe as introverts, she's on the podcast this week sharing tips for running a successful business as an introvert. Visit for more information.


Major Announcement: New Audio Etsy Seller's Resource Launched!

The brand new audio Etsy Seller's Resource has now officially launched! Learn more about it in this mini episode. Visit for more information and to sign up.


221 ~ Starla Moore of Handmade Alphas Talks Etsy & More

Starla Moore leads the thriving Etsy community ~ Handmade Alphas ~ which is all about training Etsy sellers to be better and more successful when it comes to running their Etsy shops and creative businesses. She's doing some wonderful things within and outside of her Etsy community and this week we get to talk all about what she's up to and what's coming down the pike... So exciting! Visit for more information.


219 ~ Creating A Clear Brand Message & More with Alisha Jemelian of One Blushing Bride

Alisha Jemelian runs the Etsy shop and ecommerce site One Blushing Bride and not only does she make beautiful and unique veils for her brides but through her unique branding and customer service, she is creating a movement to empower her clientele on their wedding day and beyond. Visit for more information.


218 ~ Evolution of a Successful Etsy Shop Zebrano Wood Craft

Danial Rees followed his passion and it led him from full-time employee to full-time business owner. He runs the Etsy shop Zebrano Wood Craft and this week he's sharing his Etsy journey and how he gives back to the larger Etsy community as well. Visit for more information.


217 ~ Creative Courses for Etsy Sellers with Trissha Taylor Creative

Trissha Taylor has an eye for spotting Etsy trends and a knack for creating courses that teach people how to build and run successful shops in up and coming Etsy niches. She's sharing all about her most popular courses and giving some insight on current Etsy trends this week. Visit for more information.


216 ~ Facebook Live for Etsy Sellers with Camberley Woods

Etsy sellers most definitely have a place when it comes to Facebook Live and FB Live & Video Strategist Camberley Woods is on the podcast to share just how Etsy sellers can leverage this up and coming social media outlet. Visit for more information.


220 ~ Business Conferences For Creatives 2018 >> Maker's Biz Summit 2018 w/Deborah Engelmajer

It's a new year and a new opportunity to attend business conferences specifically geared toward handmade and creative business owners. In this special episode, I am highlighting Maker's Biz Summit 2018 and I'm joined by Deborah Engelmajer who shares all about this free online conference. Conference info available at Visit for more information.


214 ~ Smartphone Marketing for Etsy Sellers w/ Tabitha Carro of Smartphone Marketing School

Tabitha Carro started and runs the Smartphone Marketing School. She teaches Etsy sellers and other business owners how to use just their smartphones and some apps to up their social media marketing game. Visit for more information.


215 - Renae Christine of Cupcake Trainings Talks Handmade Titan University & So Much More

Renae Christine of Cupcake Trainings stops by to share success tips for handmade businesses, talk about her Handmade Titan University, and so much more. Visit for more information.


213 - Finding Etsy Success by Simply Focusing on One Thing with Michelle Rohr of Secret OWL Society

Michelle Rohr decided to make a radical change with her Etsy shop by simply focusing and being intentional about her strategy. The result is a very unique Etsy Success story. We discuss her journey in this episode and so much more. Visit for more.


212 ~ Growing Your Handmade Biz w/Steffanie Housman The Handmade Business Coach

Steffanie Housman is not only a handmade business owner (she runs a handmade soap company Old Town Suds), but she is also The Handmade Business Coach. This week she shares how she helps struggling women handmade business owners grow their businesses and break through barriers so that they can start making money online and at markets and fairs. Visit for more information.


211 - Adjusting to Etsy Changes in 2018 & Beyond

Justin Page Wood is my guest and with well over 46,000 sales in 8 years on Etsy, he and his wife Melinda have learned a thing or two about how to weather the changing tides of Etsy. Tune in to hear his advice to other sellers. Visit for more information.


210 ~ Expanding a Family Etsy Empire w/Dennis Blume of Rustica Displays

Dennis started off helping his wife with her Etsy shop by building displays for her handmade jewelry. Now he's turned that into a full-time business of his own and also sells in his own Etsy too! Listen to hear the story of his Etsy journey and new handmade creative business. Visit for more information.


209 ~ Picking The Best eCommerce Platform for Etsy Sellers

Rebecca of is my guest this week and we're talking all about how Etsy sellers can go about selecting the best eCommerce platform to use for building their own websites. Visit for more information. Connect with me: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook group: Facebook page:


208 - Smirking Goddess Studio & Suzanne Urban Art | Etsy | Arts & Crafts | DIY | Ecommerce | Handmade | Crafting | Online Shopping | Entrepreneur Interviews | Internet Business | Online Business

Suzanne Urban runs the Etsy shops Smirking Goddess Studio and Suzanne Urban Art and this week she shares the story of her Etsy journey, including how she transitioned into a full-time entrepreneur running her business on Etsy. Visit for more information.


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